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  2. Well I guess that came off as more argumentative than I intended but what I meant was that I don't feel that the filler material is related to the original movie depictions. I think I have wandered off that trail a bit myself in my posts so I cede your point there. I will say that I feel that these authors are not working from the idea that the original depiction was good, but rather they are trying to fix it.
  3. That's getting dangerously into spoiler territory, which is something I'd prefer to avoid. You are correct that the book is recent, but you hadn't made any previous stipulation about what time frame you're willing to pull sources from. It's all equally canon, so I don't see how a more recent explanation is any less valid to you than examples from 1999-2005. To me, the fact that writers are attempting to correct "mistakes" in the prequels, even to this day, is a major strength of the franchise.
  4. A usually correct statement but like all things it's conditional/depends on the tree, for padawan I'd want to take more than a quarter but less than a half, closer to a half, right side is what I'm more interested in. Padawan is a great way to get a cheap force rating and dedication with several interesting talents at the same time. But if you want less than a quarter of a tree it's an indicator that you shouldn't take it (usually)
  5. I don't think you are going to enjoy this game if you need to have progression above any other consideration such as story or getting new equipment and money. Your GM is trying to run a game in which the players are meant to value play at the start as well as at the end, instead of just seeing the beginning character as an unacceptable state of being. If you try and force the GM to have a higher power game what will likely happen is that the GM will start to not like the characters as they become more and more powerful and he has to throw rancor death squads at the PCs to even challenge them. The GM will lose interest and the game will die as the GM starts to see it as a job instead of as a means of creative expression and fun.
  6. I think you meant 1 straight, but point well made.
  7. Ooh thanks for the clarification, I will wait then, in the mean time, is there any way to disable PCs from appearing in the GM tools as adversaries? So I can use the GM tools adversaries? If not I will make another instance of the app and that will be it, quick fix. And.. I want to ask, is there any chance you give us a way to make our own templates? I put a LOT of custom items into my game, so having templates for my players would be awesome. Also a template to make a base for individual players instead of groups (Maybe in the vehicle section, like the fortifications) would be awesome, as now I'm having to create different groups just to give my players their personal workshops and stuff.
  8. Either you don't get it or I don't follow, not sure which. No one has a problem with the B-Wing's performance; It's doing great competitively. Many of us still feel that it doesn't feel like it should, most notably because it is generally flown with not one but two empty cannon slots, whereas in lore it came stock with at least 3. But perhaps you're addressing the former specific suggestion?
  9. 1. Approaching from angles that make k turn or tallon use more awkard and less useful. Rocks in the way somehow are pretty important. 2. Partial first engagements that allow your entire list to shoot at Cassian or Wedge while only 2-3 of their ships reply. Easier to target cassian than wedge since wedge is often held back a bit. You want wedge first though. 3. Any list that can trade for Wedge and Cassian and finish the game using an ace in a 1v2 against Braylen and whatever else is left. I repeat this alot but its pretty much the win condition for most acey type lists. You kill one of the things half pt the other run to or reach time or just finish it. Its important that cassian and wedge are not one of the two things left because leia genuinely flips the 1v2 in the “good guys” favor and Wedge cant be init killed and tends to steal half points from your ace on the way out. 4. Big base blockers. Not just Upsilons. Anything that can say no to the white Ks, re-enforce and still offensive mod, then bump and shoot and make the rebels waste time while your more mobile stuff collects half points or sets up alley oop init kill doubleplays.
  10. its got to do with points nerf to key ships/upgrades such a boba, Palob,4-LOM and even jakku gunrunner. These points changes have effectively limited their options for squad building in a meta where vader, Soontir, rebel beef, hand beak han etc are rampant... scum has the ships but not the 'efficiency' to compete unless they play the same small pilots of pilots... Fenn, Boba, Guri, Scurrgs.
  11. I do. I'm not against progression but I would say I am against obnoxious desire for it.
  12. Good discussion guys thank you. I think that if Simulationist is coming up the classical definition of that term from GNS theory is the pursuit of depicting the world in the most faithful representation. So for instance if you were playing in a Lord of the Rings game you would not have Orcs and Elves in the party together. The idea of players having Narrative Control external to their character is counter to Simulationism to me only because it is more in line with a Narrativist or Gamist perspective. Narritivist use being narrative control to further the motivations of the character in what happens, and Gamist in that the external narrative control would benefit the character mechanically and help them win. I have seen the abuse of player external narrative control and as I call it Forecasting. The situation where a player attempts to force the story in ways that are outside of the scope of the actions of the character. An example would be a situation where a PC wants to open a restaurant and then attempts to dictate that the customers like the food. Also arguing with what the GM dictates has occurred, refusing to accept the GM's narrative control. I think that this is something you see in players who either don't respect the GM or are just obsessed with their character.
  13. A wacky Scum list designed to abuse Cikatro's ability to move a cloaking device around, before the relevant ship has a chance to roll to break the cloak: Emon Azzameen (76) Cad Bane (4) Proton Bombs (5) Cloaking Device (5) Stealth Device (6) Andrasta (4) Seismic Charges (3) Constable Zuvio (35) Elusive (3) Pattern Analyzer (5) Cikatro Vizago (1) Proximity Mines (6) Inertial Dampeners (1) Stealth Device (6) N’dru Suhlak (31) Lone Wolf (5) Deadman’s Switch (2) Total: 198 View in Yet Another Squad Builder 2.0 Round one, Emon cloaks, then Cikatro passes the cloaking device to the good Constable. Round two, he cloaks, then Cikatro gives the now-empty Cloak to N'Dru, who proceeds to run off and do his own lone wolfy things. Emon and Zuvio use bombing shenanigans and tractor beams to plink away at enemies, all while rolling 5+ defense dice.
  14. Empire players: why is scum complaining about lack of new ships? They have more already, and our last new ship was a year ago. FO, I’ll give. Their options are low.
  15. FO and Scum players: We need more options! FFG: They are coming, in the meantime why not buy into a new faction?
  16. From the Online Rules Reference glossary, under Ability, Card Ability: A card ability can only be initiated if its effect has the potential to change the game state. This potential is assessed without taking into account the consequences of the cost payment or any other ability interactions. (emphasis mine) Based on that, I would say you can actually chose the second option (no progress) for both copies.
  17. Cat can throw 11 dice in one round. (59) Cat [MG-100 StarFortress] (9) Rose Tico (10) Finn (6) Veteran Turret Gunner Points: 84 (66) Edon Kappehl [MG-100 StarFortress] (6) Proximity Mines (6) Conner Nets Points: 78 (38) L'ulo L'ampar [RZ-2 A-wing] Points: 38 Total points: 200
  18. So RotS came out in 2005. Near as I can tell that Master and Apprentice book is pretty recent. Some writers looked this same problem and decided to start filling in details to try and explain it. Ok so it sounds like in the book the Jedi are getting all of these warnings that something is up but they don't act on it. Acting on it would have looked like what exactly? What could they have done to avoid the Force abandoning them?
  19. No. Not to my knowledge. I haven't read Tarkin, though. The Nexus itself was buried deep below the bowels of the Jedi Temple, so how Palpatine would have reached it without the Jedi knowing, would be a feat in and of itself.
  20. Attacking from multiple directions at range three so they have to either try to gun one ship down or split up their group. If they focus one ship down, they're committing in one-ish direction and get hit hard from behind and the flank. If they split fire, their list becomes much less effective at actually blowing ships up. You want to stay at range three because rebel beef agility is all low and you can plink them to death from a distance without putting any ship in a great deal of danger.
  21. Maybe. FYI, the Padawan spec isn't a universal spec. It's part of the Jedi career. which is a new career unto itself (that appears in Rise of the Separatists), with two specs so far, Padawan and Knight. The universal spec you're thinking of is Padawan Survivor.
  22. Correction there: Palpatine didn't manipulate the nexus beneath the Jedi temple. The Jedi Temple was built upon a Dark Side nexus to begin with. It had been done in an attempt to purify it, and erase the ancient Sith presence on Coruscant. It failed on both counts.The Nexus itself is what clouded the Jedi's vision. Palpatine simply took advantage of this fact, but didn't have to do anything to the Nexus itself in order to do so.
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