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  2. Actually, the main ones featured in the old Marvel Star Wars comics were scantily clad men. There's an argument to be made that all spandex-clad superheroes are eroticism of some sort (for men, for women, for men who like men, etc.), but to be up front with male beefcake in the early 80s was kind of unheard of at the time. Dark Horse were the ones who made most of them women in crop-tops and bikinis.
  3. i agree @Lyianx. i think people don't read step 2 of activation properly. that's what i missed before changing my mind after examining again. it has massive implications. among others that "revealed" is a state of a dial or maneuver rather than a snap shot of what was revealed during the first step of activation. "Execute Maneuver: The ship executes the maneuver selected on the revealed dial."
  4. The buff itself may be underwhelming when considered in isolation, but you’re not looking at the bigger picture. where this effect excels is its potential to mess with your opponents target priorities, as they may prefer to put attacks into a target that’s rolling fewer dice and has no tokens rather than your more important ships. If using Evaans ability on Wedge means he gets a couple of turns shooting and not being shot at, while your opponent shoots her instead, it’s been worth the focus tokens! Increasing its range would certainly be a good shout, though...
  5. Got back into the fray last Monday, using my Up Close & Personal list (aka lots of black dice, no squadrons - Kuat, 2 x tooled up GSDs and 2 Gozantis). I played a friend using Raddus. I can't recall his exact list but it had Home One and Profundity, A hammerhead (in the Profundity?) and two GR75s. He plays in tournaments and as this is his tournament list I won't give any further details. Will, not sure if you're on the forum, but if you read this and I get any of the game wrong, please chip in! I had bid, chose first player and contested outpost. We deployed all our ships essentially heading for the station. I was speed 3 for the Kuat and GSDs and 2 for the Gozantis. Will had Home One speed 1 or 2, the GR 75's the same. Turn 1 we closed. Turn 2, Profundity and the Hammerhead appeared. Their positioning was such that Profundity had double arc on the Kuat, and the Hammerhead as only in one arc of the Kuat and one GSD. As first player I went with a side shot from GSD (Insidious) into the rear of the Hammerhead, and got very lucky. About 6 damage, including a natural crit for APT. This was a structural damage. After resolving defence tokens, I had exactly what I needed to destroy it before it fired. However Profundity got some revenge downing shields and scoring internals. Kuat then returned fire on both Profundity and Home One, doing some damage. Kuat was definitely the worse off though. The other GSD did some minor shield damage to Home One I think. Turn 3, Home One was severely damaged, more damage to the Kuat, leaving it on one hull I believe. However Home One got Demolisher Turn 4, Kuat activated first, destroyed Home One, and did more damage on Profundity. However, it was then destroyed by Profundity. I think I lost a Gozanti also. Turn 5, Profundity repairs like there's no tomorrow, and despite Engine techs and being to the rear of the Profundity, I cant get a shot from the remaining GSD. Turn 6, Profundity repairs some more, GSD decides to call it a day. We sort out points and I'd lost by 115 points (7 - 4). Not sure I could have done much more to be honest. There were a couple of times I had the option of which ship to activate first. Will said he might have chosen differently to me but I explained my thinking which he agreed with. Not really a right/wrong choice, just a different one. I did forget to use Intel officer a couple of times, but this wouldn't have caused too much of a difference to the final outcome, but something I must be careful to remember. I had one pic of the game (start of Turn 2 when the Profundity and Hammerhead appeared), I can't get it to load unfortunately, but if I was being hyper-self critical, one of the GSDs could have been a little closer to the Kuat. Overall, of course I'd have liked to win, but wasn't that disappointed as I was happy to how I'd flown the ships (especially compared to my last game with this list where I was demolished by a Rebel MSU Rieekan list and played badly - Poor set up, poor tactics etc). Will is a good player and pointed out a few things I am still getting wrong, which helped me in game - Just the sort of opponent I want - Helpful but a good, tough player to be against.
  6. I played in a tournament at adepticon. If I wasn't actually playing I'd have been bored sick, even as a huge nerd surrounded by nerd stuff. Imagine what a non nerd would feel. Communicate like adults and give your SO a realistic view of what the convention will be like.
  7. First, make her ability assign a condition card. It is one of the few remaining abilities that you have no way to track. The ability itself is fine. A little weak in 2.0 where you don't get green mods for days, but we don't want that day back, anyway.
  8. Hi! Question...when Ethir Swordsman comes to play (let's say there are no outlands characters in play) hiw willpower is 2? 1 printed and 1 from his effect? I assume same case for the other 3 sphere outlands allies..actually only Warrior of Lossarnach (1 printed + 1 effect).
  9. For future reference, keep in mind the wording, too. "These actions are added to the ship’s action bar " This includes upgrades like Tactical Officer. Even though a red Coordinate is a prerequisite to equip it, it ADD's a white coordinate, it doesn't replace the red one already on your bar. Meaning you can choose to perform a Red OR a White coordinate. This can become important in some situations, such as if you have a Tie Reaper, and *want* the stress to stop your Adaptive Ailerons from triggering next turn.
  10. Those X-Wings look really good. I'm a sucker for a good Red Squadron repaint. Are they second edition flappies, or original fixed? Did you completely repaint them base coat up, or have you added detail to and over the existing paint? And one last question, do you mind if I ask what paints you used? I'm slowly building up to doing some similar repaints myself, but I don't have any of the right colours and I'm not sure whether to go for Vallejo, Tamiya or something else.
  11. Really? Normally you can't have two tokens of the same type on a ship. Does Grint make an exception to that? I don't see it. I understand that the SSD already has a Raymus-like effect each turn, where it gains a matching token in addition to its dial. But I'm not sure that Grint (by himself) also allows you to have an engineering dial + 2 engineering tokens. If the Executor title is in play, that would be a different story.
  12. Keep in mind, that the "actual meaning" doesnt mean anything in regards to the rules. It doesnt matter how "the world" defines revealed, it only matters how X-wing defines revealed. For example. Hera - "After you reveal a red or blue maneuver, you may set your dial to another maneuver of the same difficulty." Hera's ability triggers after step 1 of the activation phase (reveal dial), which itself, states that a dial is put in a revealed state (indicated by the bold keyword) by flipping it face up. But Hera states "after you reveal", which is a specific step "Reveal dial". Ok? alright. So. Hera changes the dial. Its now on another maneuver. Now we continue. "Execute Maneuver: The ship executes the maneuver selected on the revealed dial." OK, now. Step 2, tells us to execute the maneuver on the revealed dial. Now that Hera has changed the maneuver, the one currently face up, in the 'revealed' state, is the one it wants us to execute. I think we all understand that, and it how all of us play her. So then why would we interpret Ric Olié's ability differently? I think people are getting confused that a "revealed" maneuver is the act of flipping it over, rather than it being in a state of revealed "ie, face up". They don't use "face up" because mechanically, that isn't officially 'revealed' (see Snoke/Informant). Revealed, much like Damaged, is a mechanical state vs revealing and suffering damage. Did FFG make that super clear? No. But it is, from my perspective, the easiest explanation that ties in with how the rest of the mechanics work. It would be nice if they didnt just point to "Activation Phase" to define "Revealed". But, the fact that it DOES have its own entry in the rules reference does indicate that it is a key word, and in this case, a mechanical state.
  13. Long-running Play-By-Post (PBP) page looking for new players (or, former players who have found time again to game!). Time requirement is checking in 3-4 times per week to post (daily if you're a GM). Especially convenient for player whose IRL groups don't meet frequently enough for their tastes. Game Openings include: A-Squad: specialist "A-Team" (1980's TV show) mercenary group trying to clear their name while doing good deeds in the Old Republic time shortly after the Sacking of Coruscant. (1 player needed) Galactic Race Circuit: galactic racing pit crew. Modding, promoting, driving, criminal underworld, crooked racers.......multiple tracks around the galaxy. (2-3 players needed) Scouts of the Republic: Clone War game. Playing Clone Troopers. See a clanker? Blast it! Scenarios mostly from the cartoon series. (1-2 players needed) Uprising: a Post-Hoth Age of Rebellion theme in the Anoat sector. Loosely based off of the never-released video game. (1 player needed) [Full Games that could open up]: Dark Academy: Students of Tyranny, Tales of the Old Republic (jedi), Dormant games that could be revived given enough player interest: Hyperlight Echoes: galactic cantina band making it on the cantina circuit while dealing with anti-alien politics and the underworld Various smaller games, some based on the published beginner games (Arda, Beyond the Rim, Escape from Mos Shuuta, etc...) Post in a game's OOC thread if interested. http://nemeses.xyz/gaming/phpBB3/index.php
  14. Because the SSD huge ship generates a matching token every time it reveals a dial. With Grint you get total 2 tokens. But you can only spend maximum of a dial+token as a single command. STM helps turn that 2nd token into a shield, so every turn the SSD-CP is effectively getting 8 total points of engineering value.
  15. I mostly agree, but maybe he isn’t a “fool” generally, but only flawed in that he so loathes the Crab Yasuki he can’t help but take every opportunity to thwart them. I think in general he’s supposed to be a skilled courtier.
  16. Believed difficult: Build optimization, namely when to stop putting upgrades on. Like Soontir: Add predator>Stop. It's easy to get carried away I guess, and I see it all where they sleep like Shields and hull upgrades to everyone. Believed easy: judging bank maneuvers? I guess? Playing since the beginning and I still don't always get them right.
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  18. I completely disagree with you there. Powercreep and bringing other ships and upgrades to the level of the current meta lists is exactly what plagued 1.0, in comparison targeted pts changes are much more recent concept and we've only gone through one season of these.
  19. Could make a case that Leia should be two crew slots (like Palp) and take away one crew slot from U-wing. That forces her back to the Falcon where she's thematically supposed to be (And also forces Falcon player into decisions of Leia or R2D2 + Kanan). It also keeps the eventual release of the Sheathipede from being an even cheaper but still coordinate capable carrier for her.
  20. The cost of an action is too much for the effect. We already had an astromech in 1.0 that allowed you to gain +1 agility by using an action, it was basically unplayable.
  21. Rebel Beef is good, but is it really ‘too good’? That’s a matter of perspective. But if we always react by crippling or killing good lists through points increases, then we haven’t really learned anything from what happened in first edition X-Wing! If we look instead at what lists could be competitive against it, and make some improvements to bring those lists on par with it, then we start to build up a pool of top tier lists instead of simply cycling from one ‘flavour of the month’ to the next. Maybe buffing swarms would be a good starting point, and potentially even dialling back some of the previous points increases that crippled or killed the various Scum archetypes that were doing well before the first round of points increases; it’d be interesting to see how Boba and Friends perform in the arena against Rebel Beef! Once you create a stable pool of top tier lists, then you can start to examine what the more marginalised ships and pilots need in order to make them competitive in that arena.
  22. Ask him what Han Solo tells officials what his job is. Han wouldn't say smuggler he'd say trader. There's no trader career...
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