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  2. He costs as much as Poe at that point... and unlike Poe, he can't score I5/I4 initiative kills or carry you through the lategame. The price of upgrades on Grievous seem extremely inefficient. I usually just run Trick Shot and nothing else.
  3. Most of the time I'll go all out on the first attack as I don't really want to be spending all that Force on another shot unless I have to. In general I find that using mods while you have them is just easier than worrying about it and not having the opportunity later anyway.
  4. They also tie in well with Saesee Tiins ability, with that droid, any Jedi ship can dial in any speed 2 manoeuvre and if needed, change it to any other speed 2 manoeuvre.
  5. Honestly, a lot probably didn't even afterwards. There were always the odd places (generally the prosperous bits who didn't register that said prosperity mostly came from the Empire and it's corporate subordinates like the Mining Guild exploiting the heck out of the rim) who continued to think the Empire was the best thing since sliced bread until much later on.
  6. Agreed 👍🏻 I just hope they do it in a way that does not neglect existing players, particularly those who may not have the income to splash out on more than a single faction (or just don’t want to for that matter).
  7. Thanks - think it looks like it depends on the individual mini which is better...
  8. Realism? My space wizard wants a word. That word is thematic.
  9. Yeah, important distinction that counter attack is not the same as provoke.
  10. That’s very similar to what I have been using. Except I sometimes swap Lando EC for Seevor. Another iteration is Fenn - Outmanoeuvre Teroch - Fearless Lando EC - Tac Officer Seevor - nothing I am finding that 4 ships is needed to take care of Swarms and Leia BS K turns. Although they are only 2 die attacks, I am amazed how consistent Lando is. I use Seevor as a blocker and generally evade with him.
  11. I think Stun is only applied to the one attack where it is first applied. All future attacks will risk counter attacks.
  12. Kpok

    Kpoks Legion Stuff

    It was an old Mordheim Mercenary Musket + the top of an old Landspeeder antenna.
  13. Defeating one from each group in one hero activation will make the next imperial activation less powerful (only one figure activating), and then the next hero can defeat the both remaining ones. It doesn't mean you are leaving the figures on the table, just the order in which you do things. The difference is 1 less attack targeted towards the rebels.
  14. All my rebels have a Rebel Alliance starbird symbol painted on somewhere, I don't know how confident you are in your paintskills, but with a bit of practise it's really not that hard, although ymmv The Rodian and the second from the right have theirs on their back packs
  15. I know at least one local player has switched to Fenn Rau & 3 x Zealous Recruit, for maximum blunt force trauma. Concordia Face-Off - especially paired with Fenn's ability - allows some seriously suicidal-looking head-on attacks against big blocks of Vulture Droids.
  16. My biggest issue running Maul is just... never getting actions. He's so easy to block, especialy when you have to red-roll to arc dodge. Not being able to take Expert Handling hurts, but Hate makes it worth it. I'd literaly never Focus, unless I already had a lock.
  17. Nice that's exactly how I was planning to do my Fett, just haven't had the time to build the phase pulse rifle yet, where did yours come from?
  18. One thing I've noticed watching a few battles/battle-reports is that most people seem to make, in my opinion, an error when using the two Sith pilots, specifically an error in choosing actions. Multiple times I've seen players choose to Focus with an Infiltrator rather than take a Target Lock on a ship that they then will attack in the Engagement Phase; this seems to me to be a waste of the Force that the pilot has. Given that the Force charges allow for dice mods, why would you choose to take a redundant dice mod rather than a TL? Even if you want to save, say 2 Force charges on Maul for a second attack, taking a TL on your primary/1st target and then having the option to modify that re-roll with a single force seems like it would be mathematically better than simply modifying the original roll with a Focus. Am I missing some strategy/gameplan with the actions that I see others taking?
  19. ¬_¬ don't really agree with some of your findings there. Ever run a decimator that isnt RAC? Terrible... The GUNBOAT? Awful! Aside from the first week or so in v2 I haven't seen them on the table at the club at all.
  20. His ability certainly can be useful, but mostly for defending - if you're on full force and getting targetted multiple times, the chances are he means you just straight up take 1 less damage per shot, because you just call evade every time.
  21. Same here. Might join CIS in the future, but for now my money only allows me to dab into one faction (and, of course, it's the scumoolest only 😎)
  22. Hum, I have been getting a little bored with x-wing and I think this was the feeling with most of the club but the new factions have really breathed some life into it and most of us now seem to be flying the GR. BUT even with those ships due to the limited number of ships most lists are seeming to be quite samey as we are now settling on what is good. With regards to my other stuff I really don't enjoy the FO faction anymore. They are super boring and samey and well... just don't seem all that good or interesting.
  23. Hiya Guys, So my local games centre is putting on a old school Escalation tournament (4 rounds, each round the points allowance increases, and you have to take everything from the previous round), so I thought I'd post my lists up and see if I've made any terrible mistakes ! Points are 120, 180, 240 and finally 300 SCUM 120PT list / 114pts spent Torani Kulda - Cluster Missiles, R3 Astro 58pts Old Teroch 56pts (looking for that sweet extra bullseye damage and getting Old Teroch to strip tokens makes it all the sweeter! and then doubling up on it with the clusters) 180Pts /178pts spent Torani Kulda - Cluster Missiles, R3 Astro 58pts Old Teroch 56pts Han Solo - Trick Shot, Lando's Falcon Title, Qi'Ra - 64pts (Adding Han at this level to have a flanker, and also a bit of a tank) 240pts / 240 spent Torani Kulda - Cluster Missiles, R3 Astro, Predator 60pts Old Teroch, Predator 58pts Han Solo - Trick Shot, Lando's Falcon Title, Qi'Ra, Perceptive Co-pilot- 72pts Talonbane Cobra - 50pts (Upgrading the original ships, Perceptive Co-pilot for Han, Predator for Torani and Teroch, and then throwing in Talonbane as a reasonably cheap ace) 300Pts / 297pts spent Torani Kulda - Cluster Missiles, R3 Astro, Predator 60pts Old Teroch, Predator 58pts Han Solo - Trick Shot, Lando's Falcon Title, Qi'Ra, Perceptive Co-pilot- 72pts Talonbane Cobra - Predator 52pts Kavil - Dorsal Turret, Vet Turret Gunner, Trick Shot, R4 Astro - 55pts (Upgrading Talonbane with Predator, and then adding Kavil for more damage, and the potential to be a flanker as well) So.. any ideas?
  24. I don't see a need to gamble with Dooku crew on a Maul Infiltrator- take him for his extra force, not ability. Especially if you already have a target lock, it is just a waste of Force to try to get an extra hit rather than spend the TL and just re-roll (and as @thespaceinvader said, Dooku doesn't work with re-rolls). In your scenario, spend the TL and then up to two Force to mod the results- that gives you the option to still take another, although unmodded, shot afterwards.
  25. You want to apply a bit of shading, but just where it meets the red parts. Might actually be better to wash the red areas and just allow a little to collect on the side that meets the white foils.
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