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  2. DarkHorse

    What is an "NPE?"

    NPE discussions go in cycles.
  3. No idea what the Republic version of Chopper does, but it appears to be a double sided card.
  4. I know it's been suggested elsewhere *cough @Green Knight coughcough*, but what are people's reaction to a new rule that says a ship that is activated last can not be the first ship activated in the following round?
  5. Magnus Grendel

    Snap Shot

    So....yeah. "Banana of Death".
  6. I updated my mobile Squad Builder app last night and on looking at it today, realized that ship maneuvers are now available in the Android version, at least. If you click on ships in your list or as you're building, you'll find them on the bottom left of the upgrade slots area, next to the Card display. Thanks for the update, guys!
  7. Looks like Intuitive Reflexes (I'm guessing it will be called that) is going to be a pricey pick, but could be incredibly useful. I wonder if the card covers any action, or just boosts/barrel rolls like Supernatural. But for a few words more! I'm guessing that 'Foresight' is a Force-enhanced version of Snap Shot, limited by the bullseye requirement, but with more range options and possibly being modifiable?
  8. When I see Cameron, I think more of his Shameless character than Gotham so I have an advantage there. It is unusual to seem them so closely model the in-game character model. Previous games would use their voice and have some charactersistics to help match the face capture software
  9. Basically, I'm taking a trip soon, and one of the FLGSs I'm looking at has some Genesys stuff. I'm interested in the system (I already have the base book and some dice), and according to my budget, I've got enough cash to buy another set of dice and either Realms or Shadow. So, my question is, as far as getting "more bang for my buck", which sourcebook is the best? What I mean is, in terms of getting more variant rules or equipment or ideas, or seeing ways to apply things towards my own hacks, which sourcebook is "meatier"? There is a chance, in the future, I'll end up buying the other sourcebook anyway (say, in October or at Christmas, but that's far in the future), but, which one is juicier now? My intention is to pitch a Genesys game in the near-ish future (around the end of summer really).Folks? Your thoughts and convictions?
  10. A Star Wars engineer? That’s a thing? Why have I been wasting my time with soft...ware... oh...
  11. Yup. As a callback to Leia's previous line in the movie where she also says "X-wing." Except that they both say "something," not "stuff."
  12. The limit is only on its own ability, not on other stats boosting abilities which might affect him. So a Guardian of Esgaroth with attached a Wild Stallion, a Squire Helm and Valiant Determination and considering that LeBrand is in play would be a 6 Willpower, 5 Attack, 5 Defense, 7 hit points monster ally which does not exhaust to quest.
  13. Absolutely not. No offense, but this is a terrible idea. It'll cause backlash and won't really gain anything in return. It would force people to include units they simply don't want (I hate snow troopers, and am pretty "meh" on shoretroopers, so I guess I can't have a legal army?), and it will make most people's collections completely unplayable. Worse, it won't fix anything because you're not reducing the major problem child here (strike teams) by all that much. I can easily see your "rule of two" just becoming the new staple for competitive lists, 2 of this unit, 2 of this, 2 of this, so on. Not to be overly dramatic, but such a rule would kill any desire I have to play in tournaments, and I don't even play strike teams. As for the pass mechanic, I'm still not seeing the advantages. It adds another layer of complexity ( requiring players to keep track of who has more units at any given moment) and really wouldn't fix anything besides not being "forced" to run into range. Since you are under no obligation to move, I really don't see this as an issue either. Objectives based game, fine, but just give your guys a dodge/aim/whatever and standby, and wait for your opponent to move in. Put Overwatch on for maximized standby potential. Objectives shouldn't force you to rush in and die. Let the enemy do that, then just kill them on the objective. Generally works for me.
  14. "Statement: But how is that possible, Master? I have already destroyed your planet." ―HK-47 😉👍
  15. I've seen it in my Hoth campaign, which I just started a few weeks ago
  16. On some of them the second Speed 2 Bank Right was printed as a Turn, but they may have fixed it for some batches.
  17. mazz0

    What is an "NPE?"

    Isn't it just "a game related experience I find unpleasant", but formulated in such a way as to imply (or, put generously, attempt to find) a consensus on something being one?
  18. Hi Everyone, If you are able, please enter your list from the UK system open in list fortress: https://listfortress.com/tournaments/557 Also, I'm pretty sure you don't need to enter your name (or use a pseudonym), given EU privacy laws.
  19. Unless you're on a Sil 2 speederbike with an auto-blaster. Then it's just meat waiting to be cooked. It's a serious issue whith this game when things that are the size of light freighters can't actually give and take damage on planetary scale.
  20. I dunno, that’s pretty meta for my taste in fiction.
  21. It's a nice thought. My observation is that if you're going to drop to Initiative 4, it's worth dropping everyone to initiative 4, because when you've got 5+ ships, and 3+ different ships, all with different dials, not being locked into a specific activation order is priceless. In that case, you're quite correct that the support abilities of the I4 TIE fighters are superior, but you're making up for the inability to exploit I5 against other elite generics and weaker limited pilots. Taking the equivalent pilots with their nailed-on upgrades: "Countdown" Ved Folso (Fire Control System) Del Meeko Seyn Marana (Marksmanship) Iden Versio is 192 points (you don't save that much, because "Countdown" and Iden Versio are very expensive for I4 pilots) - which essentially leaves enough for either a device or Shield Upgrade for "Countdown" or Afterburners or Outmaneuver for Ved. The three TIEs are much less shooty but are, like "Countdown", a lot, lot tougher, and can 'splash' that toughness increase onto the TIE/sk and TIE/x1, even at range 3. I guess it's a question over whether you prefer playing aggressively with a 'glass dagger' list or more conservatively with a list that's a lot tougher than its stats would suggest.
  22. That's one of the few talents that it matters with, and even then, not really so much when your opposition is largely Sil 1 peoples.
  23. Yes but by the same token calling out the Emerald Champion is a huge thing. The only one who can really call him out without consequence is the Emperor.
  24. Guardian of Esgaroth says "Limit +3 to each" but I assume that's only for the 3 attachments on him and not a max on his stats overall. Meaning, if one of his attachments is Wild Stallion, then he'd have +4 to each stat? And just as if you had ally Faramir in play, then he could be +5 willpower... but I'm not sure, as maybe "Limit +3 to each" should be viewed as an overall max on each stat. Thoughts?
  25. Energy and mass are equivalent. Displacement always involves a velocity. So energy displacement carries momentum. That is why RL Ion Engines actually have value in producing propulsion. And FYI, radiation most certainly has momentum. Conservation of momentum is what accounts for recoil.
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