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  2. Could also switch R2 for agile gunner for even more action efficiency, but I think R2 is more valuable.
  3. same....I couldnt wait though..
  4. This. The rebel player is far too predictable. And has also only 20pts more (not even a Tie worth of points)(and points partly tied up in troop transports, while Empire can freely take a squads of pure attack ships), while Empire has 2 AT-ATs and 3 troopers more. What if the Rebel player (and only the rebel player) can do strafing runs on the ground, eliminating stormtroopers and/or the AT-AT:s? This way the Imperal player has to do something against the Rebel non-Uwing fighters, (otherwise free way for the Rebel commandos), and cannot just concentrate all fire on the U-wings. As per background, the Empire troops on the ground have no idea what the Rebel assault is for (covering the retrieval of the DS plans), and thus do not know that the U-wings are the most important target. Have you listened to Shuttle Tydiriums pod about suicide run? https://shuttletydirium.podbean.com/e/episode-102-suicide-run-syndrome/ Btw, the setup looks gorgeous. Which AT-AT model?
  5. @DrVecctor Thank you so much. This is great news.
  6. Some fantastic and well thought out advice there! I played a few tournaments in 1.0 so I'm not a complete rookie, but they are points that are always worth repeating - thank you. I did get two games in tonight, one against a complete rookie and one against a good friend of MANY years. I'm going to discount to game Vs the Rook as it was more of a casual affair, but against my old foe I took a slightly modified version of the Terok list (dropped FCS, moved afterburner to Guri) and got demolished by his triple Interceptor list of Fell, Phenir, and a Saber all with Predator, Hull+shield Upgrade, I didn't get any better effect from the Fang over Xisor so I'll probably go back to triple named butterfly's for the tournament just for the heck of it thanks everyone for the advice, and if I get chance, I'll try and post some updates tomorrow during the breaks. Worst case, I'll post something Saturday evening once we are back (there are four of us traveling to this one, so the road trip should be fun anyway).
  7. Perceptive copilot only works if have focus as an action. Hope that helps👍🏼
  8. That is the kit I used, yes. I took photos during most of the build. I'll post them soon.
  9. That is why I made own rules that allowed to play whole game from shire to mounth doom. It was / is good variant! i have 3 different variant. One is 9 location long, one is 12 and the longest is 27... the last one is too long IMHO, but I really like those 9 and 12 sites whole story variant
  10. Do You Own Huge Ships Already? Yes, four (one of each except the Rebel Corvette). Did You Play Epic in 1.0, or Were They Dustables? Once, team epic. Do You Plan to Play Huge Ships in 2.0 (in Standard/Huge/Epic battles)? No, but I may reconsider if it looks much better than 1.0 epic. Do You Plan To Play Epic Missions? No. What is Your Biggest Draw to Epic 2.0? I might be able to sell my huge ships and get some money back from them.
  11. Just think something bad about "The Last Jedi". Some mod will get super offended and butt-hurt and shut the whole thing down.
  12. You might drop the Hardened Bulkheads; small ships ramming your kitted-out Cymoon probably isn't a huge concern. A Comms Net flotilla? Krennic loves CF tokens.
  13. After considering how infrequently Lanwyn's ability triggered I opted to retry A SHadow Of The Past, replacing her with (the somewhat more thematic) Galadriel. As the result was the same (no heroes lost or replaced and Mr. Underhill and Gandalf's Delay taken, I opted not to post the write-up.
  14. Your're correct about Jamming Beam. It's like a paper napkin in your pocket; it doesn't cost you anything and you'll likely not need it but when that situation comes up where you wish you had a napkin happens, it will be right there to wipe that focus or target Lock off your opponent. Taking a Lock off of Quckdraw, a focus off Jake Farrell or an evade off a TIE Phantom sounds like it might be helpful.
  15. Good advice for anyone! I have a small Hyperspace tournament tomorrow and a Hyperspace trial in early May. Need to include the above advise in my battle plan.
  16. Yes. I'd rather trust people on the internet panicking about a list that literally was not even mentioned on here until the UK SO.
  17. I am going to be playing on many different surfaces, so I don't think it would look good to do just one terrain type on my minis. What should I do?
  18. I really like the first list with Old T, but you can also switch out Old T for an Adv. Sensor Black Crack Assassin StarViper if you're looking for triple Death-Butterflies. As far as your first HS tourney goes, set reasonable expectations. Your list is fun to fly and can be deadly too, so going 3-1 or better isn't out of reach. Take your time to choose the right target priority. Get the points value of your opponent's ships to help you make the right choice. Avoiding getting shot is better than getting a shot but exposing yourself and losing points. Take a seat to get off your feet when you get a chance. Drink water: if your're not drinking, you're not thinking Double-check your dials. Double check your dials. Choose your battle-ground. You don't have to engage right away; get into the right position/make them come to you. When in doubt, ask a judge. When unclear about a rule/interaction/etc. get a judge. Don't take your opponent or another player's word for it, even if they're right--you had a doubt for a reason--let the judge clarify the situation. When a question about arc arises, DON'T TOUCH ANYTHING. You don't want to ruin the board state by trying to help. Be friendly. Shake hands. Cheer for good rolls or awesome maneuvers. Keep an eye on the clock! Wash your hands between matches if you can, otherwise, bring a small bottle of hand sanitizer, and DON"T TOUCH YOUR FACE. You can avoid getting "Con Crud" almost guaranteed by doing this. Double check your kit: Damage Deck, Templates & Range Ruler, Dice, Ships, bases, cards, etc. & 2 print outs of your list. Bathe, set your alarm & Get a good night's rest. Make 4 new friends: Learn your opponents' names and something about them: where they traveled from, how they got into the game, etc. Thank them for the game. Enjoy yourself. You're playing X-wing--it sure beats going to work! Good luck!
  20. Ah I see. Yeah, your mistake is you're calculating the odds of rolling 3 crits on 3 dice (that would indeed be 1/512). That's different than rolling 3 crits on 6 dice. It's more complicated, and I prefer to resort to using pre-built calculators Like this one. Enter 6 in the first box and 1/8 in the second box, then add up the results of 3-6 to see the odds of more than 2 surges: https://keisan.casio.com/exec/system/1223626305 Anyway, I think we're both wrong. The easiest way to calculate this is to brute-force simulate it. Now we just need whoever wrote the LegionCalculator.exe to update it, haha.
  21. Today
  22. Thank you! That is why i was asking, just to be sure what is the right scenario.
  23. The lone vulture also comes with a relay, so this is not a positive sign. Besides if Hyena has relay slot, what is a point of Belzebub? Actuall Kraken can help a bit in turning back. It is not ideal. Picking the right relay is the other discussion, but as for now Kraken and K2-B4 are the ones worth taking. I like the idea with 2 hard combined with calculata and barrell rolll. Nice trick Actually it is not a bad idea on 1 charge ordnance. Thank You for Your comments.
  24. No smartassery taken. Afterburners are a great upgrade but they're small ship only. Keeping those .medium bad ARCs around just a bit longer was what kicked this off for me. You could be on to something there since it just says to spend a shield.
  25. The only thing I found exciting is that it builds up the hype for a Support of the Lion role to be used in my Unicorn deck. This first batch of cards is pretty mediocre. The shugenja is interesting considering that attachments move to disguised characters, but, that's a lot to pay for a 4 drop non-bushi that has average stats
  26. Couldnt help but notice that the difficulty of the contacts had pips 1,2,3 with absolutely room for 4, red color. Expansions for sure are coming.
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