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  2. I’ve seen a couple copies come and go from eBay already, but it’s too much for me. (One sold for $400!) Anyone here buy one or try it out at Celebration? If so, what do you think of the game?
  3. I think you’re over complicating it. If there was no Critical key word an we were just dealing with a natural surge to a hit, you would gain 0.125 per die. The Critical keyword only limits how many times that surge is applied and it should be as simple as adding that 0.125 a number of times equal to the number of the Critical keyword. If you want to see this explained better, I think the Impact X website does a waaaaaay better job than I can. https://www.legionimpact.com/blog/2018/6/10/never-tell-me-the-odds-swl-dice
  4. Can you still use Steed of Imladris if there's no active location, just for the discard? Likewise, if the active location is immune, can you still use it just for the discard? (Obviously no progress placed in that case.) Seems I can as the only real condition is hero commits to quest, but not sure.
  5. As a comment, the Canyon Krayt Dragon (of which these are the stats for) lives...go with me now...in canyons. Narrow spaces with all kinds of cover, as well as rocky outcroppings they can get cover and concealment from. The Krayt will likely hear large vehicles coming, and probably won't want anything to do with them, so it takes cover. Anyone on a vehicle that gets close enough to fight the krayt is probably within Medium range, the Krayt can then roar at them causing a fear check. If the character generates two Threat (or a Despair, honestly), the character is now immobilized. That nice vehicle that was moving at speed? Well, it now moves at-speed along it's last path of travel because the pilot can't spend a maneuver to steer, probably straight into a canyon wall. Krayts are cunning creatures.
  6. And I know the usual European delay did not happen meaning they had books in stock at release.
  7. At the end of the day, V-19s are essentially just clone troopers with wings. Ultimately disposable but not without value.
  8. Fitting the fluff to the game has been one of the most entertaining parts of the game for me. They did what they thought would sell first, and what made sense for balance second, and what fit cannon third (best guess here, I don’t work for the mouse/FFG). Sorry if it’s not how you would have done it, but it’s how this is going down.
  9. I completely agree with you. I ran pair of nekkid GSTs in my list this week. They blocked and took pot shots which is exactly what I needed them to do. Tucker is huge fun but knocking him down to 29 to 30 points would be pretty reasonable. The rest are just a bit too expensive for the stats and ho hum pilot abilities they bring.
  10. I have been thinking about making such a table. Once I create it and the rules for it's use I'll post here. You just gave me a thought to have it as the strain critical injury system.
  11. I love the way you adapt, but to fit the fluff to the game is NOT how it should work, isn't it? Specially a lore so well created, stablished and known as Star wars, isn't it? What would happen if in Journeys of middle earth game the designers of the game would have included a giant spider as a hero character? would be strange... you can imagine that it is a charmed elf or... yes you can imagine a lot of things... but, wouldn't it be better to include a ranger or an elf or a dwarf? (as they have done??) In my opinion, following the lore, and simply including the CANONICAL expanded universe, the most common option would have been to do, after the stromtroopers: - Imperial Army troopers - Imperial naval troopers And after a year or so... then you can do snowtroopers, another snowtroopers as veterans (alt sculpts, alt weapons?) a speeder bike with an snowtrooper... and then you give the players also rebel soldiers form hoth, and Veterans from Hoth, and tauntauns... then you call it the HOTH UNLEASHES EXPANSION or whatever stupid thing you want and even make a ruleset, and a snowy mat, dedicated terrain...this is how every other miniature game does things.
  12. An idea for the AT-AT. 4 hull, 1 Blasters are not strong enough: hits cannot remove shield. Only critical hits remove shields. 1 hit =1 damage. Other than that, I lime the idea
  13. Both true statements, but they can barrel roll into a red evade, which is actually very powerful for making them hard to kill. Yeah, that sounds about right. They're some of the most sacrificial fodder in this game. They have a whole lot of, "I REFUSE TO GIVE UP" in them, given they can stack the most crits out of basically any small base for its cost. Very thematically cloney, "I'm definitely going to die, but when, well, that's up to me, not you." Sounds exactly right. Ignoring V-19s is a genuine mistake. If there's several on the field, anyway. Also a very valid option. I think you've really hit the nail on the head here, to be honest. I'm glad others believe that this poor thing is overcosted.
  14. So I've finished playing the Mirkwood Cycle. This may be part laziness, but with a few exceptions, I mostly just used cards from the core set to play all the scenarios. So here's my question: Aside from the Core Set, what are the best player cards from the Mirkwood Cycle? Are there any that you consider indispensable, or at least exceptionally useful?
  15. Intentionally running over debris, still modding with piles of force, and then green hard is real. We're all so trained to not run over obstacles with expensive ships that people don't consider it. Every time I've pulled it it's either been a complete surprise or the other player said they saw it but figured I wouldn't actually do it so it wasn't worth playing around. That and recovering from the sloops, 2 points seem like a steal on an already expensive 7b. You don't absolutely need it every game but it certainly makes it easier to fly and occasionally comes in clutch. Would not be surprised at all if R4 went up in points since while it's largely a wash from a utility perspective compared to R4-P it's no contest from an ROI context
  16. No, I fit my fluff to what I have. That’s why I run snows as hazard weather troopers, the 143rd BN “Doom of Yavin” would need them in the dense swamps of the planet they would invade if the empire required them to do so. Fit the fluff to what’s out there. I don’t make the game, so I’m not gonna make demands of FFG.
  17. That's why you failed to theme your army... because you didn't believe it... XDDD That plastic toys are almost TWICE expensive simply because they "follow" that star wars brand... so the fluff is also expensive...
  18. 1) Bring two Jedi aces of choice. 2) Fill in remaining points with a pair of Gold Squadron Troopers. 3) Throw the V-19s at people and give them a choice: joust them and give the Jedi a free pass onto a flank, or let the V-19s get free shots while the Jedi go evasive and probably find their way onto a flank anyway. The i2 V-19s are fine provided you treat them like the grunts they are and don't expect the world from them. They exist to give your opponent a blob of hit points to deal with before they can safely move on to your real threats, get in some blocks (and they're better at that than they first look, given that unlike a Z-95, their barrel roll is white) and/or score some free damage. And with 2 agility, 5 health and an evade action, they actually take a reasonable amount of effort to kill. The problem with the ship is that everything except the i2 is horrendously overcosted, which makes it really one-dimensional. The i3 pays 4 points for +1 initiative and an EPT, where almost every other ship pays 2 points for that privilege. Poor little Tucker pays 6 points just to get a pilot ability -- a pretty good pilot ability, to be fair, but it's not worth that much. He's still better off than Oddball, though, who's paying 13 points for a decidedly average ability, an EPT, and extra initiative on a ship that's not really geared to take advantage of it.
  19. Nope. You need to post a winning record (2-1, 3-1, 3-0, or 4-0) at a single event to get power and chains.
  20. Known bug. Switch to "Mouse controls" to select an obstacle.
  21. These are all some great suggestions! Thanks for all the feedback. Well, I had originally thought of using three but it was just too much. The AT-ATs are actually not that much of a threat. They're not that mobile and the Rebels didn't take much damage from their 2 dice attack, which was mostly at range three, thus providing the defense bonus. So, both AT-ATs, the Reaper and one Striker had been destroyed. Two Strikers remained. No X-Wings were lost, but both U-Wings were destroyed. There was still a few more rounds before the Rebel Troops could obtain the plans. As you stated, I could try building a 100pt Rebel squad plus two generic U-Wings (without any upgrades). If that still isn't enough I could allow one U-Wing reinforcement carrying 4 more troops. I also like the "Rogue One" ship idea. I love your Felucia scenario! I've seen your Battle of Scarif. I actually studied it when I was trying to come up with my own idea. I had originally thought of the space battle involving the shield gate which would transition to the atmospheric battle over the base but it was a bit too much for me. I've tried these long epic scaled scenarios before and find them to be quite exhausting. You did a nice job on yours though. You're right. I need to make both squads an equal 100pts while the AT-ATs and U-Wings are just extra. The Imperial player has 11 Stormtroopers divided by 3 bases equaling an average of 3.7 at each base. The Rebels have 8 Troopers divided by 2 ships equaling 4 at each base. While both players can adjust the numbers between each base/ship, I feel that part is pretty balanced. Strafing runs? Humm... Perhaps Y-Wings dropping bombs? The AT-ATs actually were eliminated by the X-Wings in my test run. Eliminating Stormtroopers by having the X-Wings attack the bases might be a good way to draw attention away from the U-Wings. I haven't listened to the Shuttle Tydirium podcast yet but I'll check it out. I'm glad they look that good, but as I stated in my original post, I like the inexpensive route. The AT-ATs are actually card stock paper models that I printed out.
  22. Yeah chewie isn’t a terrible counter. I like BBQ a lot though, I would have liked to see Kyle run it at HC because I think he would have went to the top with it anyway!
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  24. Your list was the one I was thinking of it not working on, I'll give you that. Luke can still only be in one place at a time, and the Z6 is inconsistent. I expect it to do nothing when I use it so I'm pleasantly surprised when it ends up rolling 5 hits. I run Han + Chewie a lot. Chewie actually does fairly well against armor with his impact, crit surge, and easy access to aims.
  25. The beautiful blue pantoran dressed in tight fitting scarlet sheepishly said hi my name is Aris Renn could somebody tell me exactly what I stumbled slash got pulled into?
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