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  2. Officially, i have no clue. However, i am officiating a "Star fighters OF Aturi", a heroes of the Aturi cluster, home game, with some house rules in play. 4 slots, each lasting 4 hrs.. So hopefully each slot, i might be able to get 2 missions off..
  3. Maybe we should lower the bar a little bit...
  4. Honestly, they'd probably do that as crew slots. Or if it ends up as a Huge ship, as it should, maybe it'll have an Astromech repair team-upgrade with several charges it can discard to repair hull or shields.
  5. At the CAC I had someone running a Sloane swarm strip the reinforce token off my RAC with the jamming beam from his Lambda-class before his swarm lit it up. Was totally worth it.
  6. Either agility or base-size scaling would work well. I could see it cheaper on the /v1 and /x1 and more expensive on the Scimitar and Ghost (by a significant margin). Agility is probably better because something like the Y-Wing shouldn't get it as cheap as the /v1 should (supposing Anakin ever got access to the dark side or an analogous ship came up for CIS/FO). Scaling based on force power isn't a good idea because that would mean it would cost the same on Kanan (with Maul) as it would on the Grand Inquisitor, which is a pretty crazy suggestion.
  7. How-to use Title "Vector" - Star Wars Armada Explained (SWAE)
  8. How-to use Title "Gallant Haven" - Star Wars Armada Explained (SWAE)
  9. Exactly, and the rule itself says that the Suffocation lasts until the target breaks free via a successful Brawl vs Brawl check. Based n that, it seems to me that the attacker just needs to forego taking any other actions, while the victim needs to actively try to break free on his turn each round.
  10. I would contend that the 3 points for ISB slicer makes JB very well worth it on a Lambda if you have the points. As-is, the crew slots on Sai and Jendon are usually empty. The problem is that 3 points worth of bid is usually a little more worth it. At 1-2 points for ISB though, this could be a very strong combo. We'll have to wait and see.
  11. Well Darkside bind lasts So I could see the same applying here.
  12. Yeah, Hate is too cheap on the named Scimitars, but not by *much*. 5 points would be right, I think - they're strong, but they still get burned down in a snap if you focus fire on them, and they're largely fairly predictable.
  13. I agreew with most of what @Donovan Morningfire said, except for number 3. I would suggest asking the Developers to get a definitive answer though.
  14. Thanks for the work. Is there also some data about activation count in that excel sheet? It may be an interesting thing to analyse as well if there is some kind of development over time and if there is some different trend going on with lists that do well at a certain point in time.
  15. I read “China Town” and I was like... 🤔
  16. Hi Michael! Some really good questions here: 1) Sure! I think you and your GM can work out necessary checks to add these in. We wanted this book to be all about spy gear and melding it into seemingly regular items. Cufflinks that are secretly garrotes, for example, would be prefect for a real world spy, so I’m sure a SW version should be a thing! 2) This could be several skill types. If you’re following a recipe, it could be Coordination. If you’re doing up a new recipe, that should be a Knowledge check—Core, Education, Lore, Outer Rim, even Xenology if it’s for a species alien to you. If you’re doing a performance where the presentation is a big part of the course, then Charm. So lots of options there; Survival would more likely be something in the woods with gathered foods. Hope these help and thanks for playing! Tim Huckelbery RPG Producer Fantasy Flight Games thuckelbery@fantasyflightgames.com Visit us at http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/ Message from: Michael J. Tampert Rules Question: I have a couple of questions. First, is it alright to install "Gear" attachments, from Cyphers and Masks, such as the Concealed Climbing Cord, Dart Gun, Hidden Compartment, or Retractable Garrote into armor? We see similar attachments in Boba Fett's armor, such as his dart guns in his knee pads, and the like. Second, unrelated question. What skill would you use to be a good cook, as in preparing well made, flavorful meals of different types, be they culturally significant, high end fare, gourmet meals, etc, as opposed to simple sustenance for survival?
  17. Since these are pictures and not renders, I am guessing the horse like mounts are practical effects? I guess you can dress up a horse like that and not be assassinated by PETA.
  18. On paper it is good. People have a hard time making use of it in actual games.
  19. Every time I see one of these it reminds me... have you heard the tragedy of Darth Kraytcoin the wise?
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