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  2. And I hope that won't be the case. The AT-RT can still accomplish things that Tauntauns can't (and vice versa), so we'll just have to see what happens post-release.
  3. Battlescribe since day 2. Can be little tricky to learn but works really well
  4. As @AnomalousAuthor said, the Dark Side is indeed weaker. This is implicit in the movies as to what Yoda told Luke when the latter asked him about if it was stronger than the light. The answer was that it was quicker, easier, and more seductive, not stronger. The Light is ultimately stronger because you put more effort into it, more thought, more consideration, more care. It’s not slipshod, messy, or rushed for quick gain. That ultimately makes it stronger. This is reflected in the Force dice.
  5. That's been referred to before, but I'd like to emphasise it again - out of 37 occurrences of the word "trigger" in the Rules Reference, all 37 use this word as a verb, not a noun. Given that, I see no conflict between the two definitions we could conclude: timing [n.]: a distinct timeframe during the course of the game that can be referred to; (to) trigger [v.]: to take place during a given timing;
  6. If they want Darth Maul in the game (which they do, he's incredibly popular) they will put him in the CIS, just like they did in X-Wing.
  7. The main issue is definition of trigger. I have my intuitive one (everything before the "you (may) [verb]...") and other have theirs but it's all just speculation without and official one. As for people operating on the assumption that timing and trigger are equivalent, the distinct use of the words in Ability Que and other sections of RR just don't support that.
  8. And for allocation of those ships for the first 6 hopeful runnings at 3 ships (may just do 4 and see if i need to re-tool).. We have Spot the B-wing, Squeaky and Gruff in an X-wing starting the testing. Then it goes to Grood (B), Chaka and Jinn (X). (2nd run) Then Wilt (B), Drogo and Tin-bok (X). (3rd run) Then Doc (B), Shunt and Dozer (Y) (4th run) Then Twitch (B), Crack and Cmoz (Y) (5th run) and lastly, Snoopy (Y), Shrek and Shatter (X) (6th run). Due to how things went in mission 2. Enemies escaped to warn the imperials, so Charlie and Falcons quads will shw up for Running 4 and 5. All the other 4, do not get those 2 enemy groups. For when i am at 5 ships testing.. First is nothing but X-wings, Gruff, Squeaky, Jinn, Tin-bok and Drogo. Then 4 Y-s (Crack, Unca, Dozer and Shunt) and 1 B (Doc). (2nd run). Then a mix of 2 X-wings (Shrek and Shatter), 2 Y's (Snoopy and Unca), and 1 B (Spot). 3rd run. For the 4th running, we have a similar breakdown, with Wilt for the B, Gruff and Jinn for the X and Dozer and Shunt for Y's. 5th run will have B-wing Grood, X-wings Squeaky and Chaka, and Y-wings Cmoz and Crack. And the last running will have all 4 B-wings from my Play test group (Doc, Spot, Wilt and Grood) and the main group's B-wing Twitch.. SO this will be fun with nothing BUT b's!. Like with the 3 ship testing, there are 3 runnings at 5 ships, which will see Charlie and Falcon squads make a showing. They are 3rd, 4th and 6th..
  9. It's Phantoms... ...are you going to tell us that quad Phantoms are okay and forums are just overreacting?
  10. Yes, it absolutely can, because you can execute it *without* an enemy in the correct position, and lose your opportunity to do it later if you reposition in between. It's possible to attempt the ability and fail, so it *must* be possible to put it into the queue without knowing whether a valid target exists.
  11. I don't think "never ever seeing it on the table ever again" will be that interesting.
  12. Should these "when X, if Y" conditions be checked upon entering the queue, not at resolution time, a player would be able to place as many of "if you're not stressed, then do something you get a stress from" abilities in the queue and keep resolving them undisturbed. What to me seems more counterintuitive than placing things in the queue "optimistically" to see if they'll be able to actually resolve or not.
  13. Lol I just saw this. Yes, shame on you for killing my dreams.
  14. For the rebels, we have B-wings Grood, PS5, Fire control system, Heavy laser cannon, Munition's failsafe and Hull upgrades. Ordinance of Plasma and Advance proton torpedo, and EPT of Intimidation. Spot, PS5, Sensor Jammer, Ion cannon, Munition's failsafe and Shield upgrades. Plasma and Proton torpedo for Ordinance. Debris Gambit and Intensity for Elite talents. Wilt, PS5, Sensor Jammer, Ion cannon, Stealth device and Shield upgrades. Advance proton torp and Plasma torp for ordinances, and EPT Of Intimidation. Doc, PS5, Mangler cannon, Stealth Device for mods. Ion and Plasma torpedo for ordinance, and EPT of Predator. X-wings Gruff, PS5, R3 astromech, Hull upgrade and munitions failsafe mods. Ordinance of both a plasma torpedo and proton torpedo. EPTS of Lone wolf and Determination. Jinn, PS6, R3 astromech, Stealth device and Shield upgrades. Plasma torpedo for ordinance, and EPTS of Saturation salvo and Outmaneuver. Chaka, PS5, R2 astromech, Stealth device and Shield upgrades, Proton torpedo for ordinance, and EPTs of Determination and Predator. Squeaky, PS5, R2-D2 astromech, Vectored thrusters and a shield ugprade for mods. Plasma torp for ordinance, and the EPTs of Outmaneuver and Intensity. and the 2 new ones of Drogo, PS4, R5-K6 astromech, Engine upgrade for mods. Proton torpedo for ordinance, and the EPT of Predator. Tin-bok, PS4, R7-T1 astromech, Vectored thrusters and Shield upgrade for mods. Plasma torpedo for Ordinance, and EPT of Outmaneuver. Y-wings Shunt, PS5, R5-K6 astromech, Sync turret, Stealth device and extra munitions for mods. Ordinance of Seismic and Proton bombs, and Plasma and Ion torpedos. EPT of Wingman. Dozer, PS5, R5 astromech, Sync turret, Vectored thrusters and Shield upgrade mods. Ordinance of Proximity mine, Seismic bomb and Plasma torpedo, and EPTs of Expert handling and Outmaneuver. Unca, R3 astromech, Twin laser turret, Munitions failsafe and Stealth device for mods. Ordinance of Seismic bomb and Proton torpedo. EPTS of intimidation and Predator. Crack, PS5, R7 astromech, Sync turret, Stealth device and Shield upgrade for mods. Ordinance of Seismic bomb, Flechette and Seismic torpedos. EPT of Intimidation. and the new one of Cmoz, PS4, R7-T1 for astromech, Dorsal turret, Vectored thrusters and Shield upgrade mods. Ordinance of Proton torpedo, proximity and Cluster mines and EPT of Determination. For when substitute 'base campaign ships in' we have Y-wing Snoopy, PS5, Ion bomb/seismic bomb, proton torpedo, Expertise and Etahn Abat pilot traits/epts, Ion cannon turret, R2, Stealth device and shield upgrade X-wing Shatter, PS4, R4D6 astromech, Seismic or proton torpedo, Vectored thrusters, stealth device and EPT of Predator (replaced Marksmanship which was lost). And the B-wing Twitch, Plasma torpedo, Predator EPT, Shield and Stealth device modifications, Accuracy corrector, PS4. Does not yet have a cannon.
  15. I did that for one of my bigger conventions.. Triple checked i had everything packed, even made a cheat sheet i ticked off.. BUT still, somehow i forgot my dice bag... GRR.
  16. For a long time (until tabletop gamers got ahold of them) snow troopers were just stormtroopers with extra gear.
  17. I would rather see the T-21 introduced with another specialist pack that adds generic heavy weapon options for each faction. It could also add a generic operative (much like we already got a generic commander)
  18. Could be overstating their importance, or just that they have to "do so much, with so little". Scorpion can field a ton of people towards accomplishing a political goal, Otomo can drop a lot of imperial clout to get their goals pushed through...Deer doesn't really have any of that...and they're doing a lot of it through "visions", which implies they have to trust whoever is providing them, and when it comes to visions in stories, they're very VERY very VERY rarely ever clearer than mud. That and we're never really told how successful they are at making what they want to come about actually come about, only that they make moves based on visions for the "Good of the realm". You have to question how much is "all according to keikaku", and how much is revisionist history (We meant to do that...honest). Very DUNE-ish with the child making too...These two need to get married, so three generations down during a time of strife they'll end up producing Rokugan's Batman...and then the land's completely at peace 3 generations in and they've gotta decide if they push things over the edge to try and make Rokugan Batman, or if they just chock the last vision up to a "Whoops, our bad". I wouldn't say they're any more powerful than you or your GM wants to make them...just depends on how you play with the presented identity.
  19. Yes, absolutely. That Han is still a problem and people who think its not are still completely wrong.
  20. Today
  21. I mean it is hyperbolic humor but also straight men as a mean, not a rule, are the absolute worst at communicating with their partners. And also, there is some paternalism going on in this thread, which is all kinds of messed up But what do you mean, for my sake?
  22. Yeah I get it. You are going to make vague complaints that no one can address or discuss. Which begs the question why complain?
  23. Slipping between the ashigaru recruits' yari, Hekasu darts in and lands his bokken with a resounding thwack, leaving one ashigaru doubled up on the floor, groaning slightly in pain and fully aware that a similar blow with a live blade would have cut him nearly in two.
  24. Heh heh Well, we're stuck with green dice regardless 😛 honestly not the worst thing in the world (was MUCH more of a problem with 1st Ed's idiotic, undodgable turrets). Plus there's Hope from strain as a mechanic. REALLY dig Cody...
  25. The question isn't really about queue timing at all, it's about whether the ability can be placed into the queue in the first place without an enemy ship in the proper position. For the record, I think it can, but I can also see where the other argument is coming from. Probably needs clarification from FFG.
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