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  2. Well, if a couple of XP are worth more to your players than spending the time gaming with you / their friends, that might actually be true. I don't think that's the case, though, but if it is, there are worse problems in your group than the question of how to handle XP.
  3. If a list is too good, and you respond by making a counter list too good, you haven't helped lift all the other lists up. Buffing TIE swarms to eat bunker lists doesn't do any favors to Scum lists. I am extremely nervous about the balance of TIE Swarms. I'd like to see Howl and Iden both go up to 45 points, but I don't expect it to happen. This is quick and bad napkin math, but 6-ship Howl swarms are like 5% of the meta, while Braylen is around 8% and rebel beef in general is around 15-20%. Yeah, definitely this. It gets 4 heavily modded attacks, it can beat most things in a joust, it has an I6 with a minor bid, it can freely k-turn to chase things trying to disengage, it's fairly high init (6+4, potentially plus another 4), it has a good blocker, it can stall/castle really well... etcetc. UXXYY was a cool and thematic list. I am still worried about the power level of these lists: Hence my point costings up thread being a bit more aggressive than most (Wedge +3, Braylen/Cassian +5 each, Leia +4). But these are definitely way cooler and involve more tradeoffs. These are what Rebel lists are supposed to look like, they're just way to efficient right now.
  4. Hello there ! For French and Canadian users, do nor hesitate to tell me should you see any typo or mistake I might have overlooked on the french version. Your friendly neighbourhood,
  5. Consider Biggs or Horton too, both are really legit in these lists.
  6. Some of the fiction was packaged in the Dynasty Packs. Kolat Informant kindly uploaded scans but that site is now down.
  7. Today
  8. As I see it, based on language used in the rules it is: a) Reveal dial > this is your revealed maneuver. b) Change dial from revealed to something else > this is not the revealed maneuver anymore as it is no longer the same as you revealed. it was never revealed again but changed. revealed != changed. The actual meaning of "reveal" is to make something secret/unknown/hidden be known/visible. c) Use ability that lets you use a maneuver different from the one on the dial. This is your executed maneuver, not revealed maneuver or currently selected maneuver. So executed maneuver can be any of a, b or c. The only one of these that is visible is b, which would be by far the most convenient one to use when deciding on whether you can use an ability or not. This is however not what the wording of the rules say and could have been worded as "selected maneuver" if that was the intention or "executed maneuver" (which would make most sense when you think about the ability: if I go faster Based purely on the logic and meaning of words this is the logical way to interpret this. It is however rather inconvenient to have to keep track of what happened in a previous phase (you are explicitly prohibited from taking notes during tournament, so you cant even write it down to keep track) in the turn to know whether you can use an ability or not, though this is not the only case (Corrans disarm token comes in the beginning of next round, Sarco Planc needs to know executed maneuver.... to name a couple). So, even if the logical way to read the rules is that revealed maneuver is the one selected on the dial when you revealed it, it would be more convenient to use the selected maneuver for abilities as it is actually visible but would kinda make most sense thematically to use the maneuver that got executed. All 3 cases can be argued for and thus we do need a ruling to make it absolutely clear what "revealed maneuver" means. Until that is the case, the only way IMHO is to use the meaning of the words used to write the rules, which is the maneuver on the dial when it was revealed because when we have nothing better to use, we have to use the rules as written.
  9. So I have only played this casually. Since I run the events at my local store I don't want to plat the OTK decks because I fear that it will make others not want to show up. Casually though I have not lost. I think I have played like 8-10 games and of those I can only remember once where I didn't pull off the OTK combo (my Nipinthe seed was on the bottom of the deck).
  10. List building. I've seen so many people feel intimidated by building a list, throwing their hands up and declaring it to be too difficult. I suspect this is because some people get stuck in a mental trap of finding what is best with the wealth of choices available. As for what players think is easy that is actually difficult; flying close to obstacles. I'm especially guilty of this, often flying too close to rocks and debris and paying the price for it. There are times where it has paid off (due to opponents not expecting such a ridiculously silly move, and not landing/overlapping the obstacle), but times where it has cost me a game entirely (Soontir Fel landing on a debris and getting burned down by my opponent's entire list hurts).
  11. Seriously, there a convention named Kubla Con? This isn’t just you pulling our legs? 😋
  12. For red objectives I really can't help but be drawn to Blockade Run for the SSD, to really help prevent flanking. I do like Close Range Intel too though, with the triple-tap Gunnery Teams that's plenty of shots, and the dust clouds can be a nice way to protect your flanks. Basically I'm pretty nervous about people getting into the sides of the SSD! I do like Contested Outpost in yellow though. It controls where the fight will be, and means that your opponent will have to approach your SSD. Also means you'll have a good idea which direction they'll be coming, so being out-deployed isn't too big a deal. Plus they'll have to get very close to that SSD to stop you getting points, and with JJ you should be able to almost circle the station there. Blues yeah, Solar Corona seems the solid choice here, you're not as bothered about the pseud-ECM effect since the SSD has redundant tokens, but it's nice-to-have and the out-deploy is big. Dangerous Territory definitely makes sense too though, haven't checked the measurements yet but I'd imagine you can set up the rocks in such a way that JJ is gonna let you land on 3 of them turn one! Would telegraph your deployment a little bit though.
  13. income tax was imposed on people in many countries in the beginning of 20th century, to finance "last war". It was never cancelled, but doubled or tripled.
  14. First of all, please make some effort to use the quote tool correctly so everyone can read your post easily. Take a look at everyone else´ s posts please. Second, do not distort what I have told you. You said that listbuilding does not matter. I told you that was not true. Listbuilding is important. Can you win with a bad list? Yes. Can you approach with a mediocre list to a big tournament with top tier players with top tier lists (or at least people with your level of skills) and expect to win? Fast answer, no. Maybe you can get some wins due to dumb luck or big mistakes from your rival (even top tier players made mistakes sometimes) but at the end of the day, you are going to be mopped a lot. I am sorry to bring it to you but listbuilding is **** important in this game. Is it better to be a good player than having a good list? Of course. But when you arrive to a BIG tournament you need to be good and to have a decent list at least.
  15. Yep. Tom Bombadil, Elrond, Galadriel, Even Gandalf would be better as a part of adventure! Not player characters. Much like one spesific Ranger allready is presented in one scenario allready! that is how They Are handled in the Onering rpg (the best Lotr game around IMHO ) In that game those big characters Are your benefactors, quest givers, your patrons etc!
  16. Speaking of this weekend... It's KublaCon weekend here in the Bay Area. I'll be running "Echoes of the Past" once again, Saturday at 10AM. So, if you're going to the con, sign up and have some Star Wars fun!
  17. Here ... ok picture not top quality and the set I ordered is in white versatile so some details are missing but the result is still pretty good !
  18. he executes a maneuver that's not on his dial. his ability is a replacement effect, not a change of the revealed maneuver.
  19. Again, the on-screen depictions of them as comedy relief is how they would be depicted in-universe on kids shows far further in the timeline. In my reality, the droids and Gungans are both to be taken seriously. As for Midichlorians, that was some pseudo-science cooked up in-universe to try and explain the Force to kids. Historians know it's crap, and the word doesn't even exist in the true events.
  20. What happens when ved changes to a move that is not on his dial?
  21. The game advantage of the YT-1300 and other popular ships is that there is typically an easy access to a good deck plan.
  22. Hi Thanks... Yes, I know there is a big difference in price and that is why both can fit with any top. To be honest, my first upload was with separated "ramps" and it costed more than the actual one and this is because the way of Shapeway pricing. For example the one piece is like (base price + model volume + support material + machine space"including all the emptiness around" + labour) if I divide the "ramps" you get the same volume a little less support mat and around same machine space + the extra 4 parts cost) I have tried to link them with sprue but then you are charged for the extra plastic with no use and the price was a little higher than the actual. To express my personal opinion, Shapeway offer a great service, but the pricing is not good for smooth details, even more with the last price increment (during the modelling of the mc80 it was around 110$ cad and get up to a little more than 150$ cad one week before I release it). Knowing I could make the same model and sell it for around 30-40$ cad with a Anycubic Photon I really start to think about buying one and start producing on demands... If you don't want to wait, you can order the mid part in versatile plastic you will loose a little detail, but the mid part is not the one you will see the most during a game.
  23. Enough introduction, it is time to get into this series proper! Today, the first quest of the game is discussed being played through 4 times. Even with these new rules, Passage through Mirkwood isn't too difficult, but is at least made more fun with the use of Havens, Strongholds, and slightly different rules. You can check out the article here: https://visionofthepalantir.com/2019/05/23/passage-through-mirkwood-there-and-back-again/ Next week: Journey Along the Anduin.
  24. so over the past the average time from announcingt shipping now to released has been 2 weeks. the FFG has been very reliable with this. each of them being about 14-15 days released after appearing as shipping now. someone had posted all the release up to director krennic with each status update awhile ago i have a screen shot of this but can't upload as its too big. also the average rate from announced to release is 137 days. so with bossk and sabine being announce back on 6 febraury we won't see it till june no matter what. yes the down at-st is coming out first (announced 1 week later then sabine and bossk), its also not a mini for your army also it doesn't require a rules book update so it was easier to release then the new units.
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