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  2. Your squad sounds really awesome. Mind sharing the list?
  3. Imma hold you to that. And trust me, I didn’t take it personally. I just want to make sure people understand why we got to the disparity - we (the organizers) learned some lessons this season we tried to apply to the elimination phase. As I said before, I’m excited to see how things change as the factions get more units. Sabine and Taun Tauns are going to change Rebels significantly I feel.
  4. Is that a novel? OK so the only way this could possibly make any sense would be if the Jedi are just spending massive amounts of time doing other things besides learning about the Force and meditating or whatever. Their skills atrophy as they start doing other things. But this would mean that Force ability requires constant maintenance. That if you were a Jedi and somehow had to do other things you would lose your ability to use the Force. I don't see anything in the movies that seems to indicate that this is the case. This sounds like real mental gymnastics to try and justify the fact that George didn't figure out a better way to have Jedi in proximity with Palpatine and get beat by him without resorting to Jedi Weak + Palpatine Invisible.
  5. started my own game. If anyone is interested, feel free to contact me!
  6. started a game of my own, if anyone is interested, feel free to apply!
  7. Ah got it. I see what you mean now. I think you are right that this is an old school way. I'm very partial to old school principles such as GM authority, Description as a means of doing things instead of just making a check, etc. I think there is a difference though between Players using the rules against you and trying to forecast vs. you giving them a chance to contribute to narrative control a little bit. I did have some instances where a player went a bit too far with the description at times and I had to reign it in because instead of focusing on his character, he tended to want to project the effects onto adversaries. All PC boner stuff like "I punch him and he's terrified of me," or "a pillar falls on their head and kills them." This was with Advantage though. With threat I guess it can be the same with Players trying to lowball the interpretation. "Two threat oh that's bad I guess my character feels bad for eating that extra taco at lunch." or something else that is lame. With good players you don't get this though because they understand that complications and setbacks are usually pretty interesting. But based on your explanation I imagine they would not really be able to spend their threat because a lot of it would seem like it was too external for their sense of proper player narrative control.
  8. Hi! I’m thinking of running a game(i am open to passing the gm role to another person though, if anyone wishes to gm). This game will be set pre Clone Wars and revolves around initiates earning their way to padawanhood and maybe even knighthood. The campaign will start with the PCs, all jedi initiates being stranded on a planet after their ship was attacked by pirates and their guardians defeated/killed. The sole jedi master who was on the ship with them has been kidnapped by the pirates and it’s now up to these initiates to survive and save the master. This campaign is meant to let players explore how it is like to be a peacekeeper in the galaxy, having the chance to be sent on missions with their master(NPCs. The masters will all select one padawan PC, with the players being able to indicate who they wish to be their master, though in the end, it will be decided by the gm), and exploring the galaxy as a padawan. Eventually, if the campaign lasts long enough and the players wish to, the padawans can go through the jedi trials to reach knighthood, where more dangerous and new missions will be assigned. I’m currently looking for about 5-8 players. Character creation is standard, using FAD classes and specs(since we’re all jedi). The universal padawan spec will be given for free. They will all have training lightsabers for now, and I’ll allow 2 basic force skills to be taken for free. As for armour and other equipment, I’ll look for an armour similar to initiate clothing and any other gear can be discussed. I hope this campaign interests you!
  9. Please understand, I am in no way blaming you or the other organizers of IL in any way. I think you guys run a great and fun tournament! But as far as numbers go, we’ll see how other tournaments are when Bossk and Sabine finally hit the shelves and we’ll see how the IL finishes. Also as I mentioned in my first post, it’s not just one big thing that gives Imperials an advantage. It’s an accumulation of many small tiny advantages that culminate into a bigger advantage. Tournaments like LVO didn’t have the current advantages that Imperials now enjoy (Bossk & the Occupier not to mention the Deathtroopers). Invader League has the distinction of being able to play with almost every new unit before they even hit the shelves and I’m pretty sure it’s just an indication of things to come irl. But will you (that’s plural - not just you 😁) continue to excuse these types of results when they show the same poor showing for Rebels in other future tournaments? Also don’t get me wrong, I love Legion and I think it’s a great game, but it currently has problems and if FF goes the X-Wing 1.0 way of fixing things, that problem will only get waaaaay worse. The X-Wing 1.0 way of fixing things is to come out with a more powerful unit on the opposite side to equal things out and that just unbalanced things further, because then you need to play that specific unit in order to have balance. As it is the Imperials need to play specific units to have their advantages, but the unfortunate thing is that one of those units happens to be a corps unit (Stormtrooper DLTs). Time will tell if I’m just a crackpot, or a real forward thinker.🤪😳😁
  10. I don’t think the lack of strong sentinel heroes in lore is because ABB. It seems to me it is more due to it not fitting in the sphere archetype.
  11. @OggDude Hi dude, I love your app and your commitment to it. I just got Cyphers and the two Era books and was wondering if you need any help with adding the data from the books.
  12. its for any card ability, impact, command cards, weak point or armor to kick in. as step 5 says The attacker can resolve any card abilities that modify the attack dice. Then, the defender can resolve any card abilities that modify the attack dice
  13. Today
  14. I still see them. Maybe the filter is turned off, or you have a custom data issue.
  15. Great work on all the mini's mate.
  16. This will be fixed in the upcoming release. It's not an issue with Tinkerer per se, but rather the routine that displays talent descriptions. For any talent that adds HP to something, the description method was assuming the talent was coming from a character, rather than an adversary. So when displaying an adversary with Tinkerer, the character reference is null, hence the error.
  17. Brilliant work and I especially love the different colour schemes with given the mini's.
  18. Clone Soldier should have an ability that boosts squad combat. Increasing the usefulness of the formations and possibly increasing the Soak, Defense, and/or WT of your ablative squad mate meatshields.
  19. Perception: 2eA+2eD 0 successes Perfectly Balanced As All Things Should Be anyways it’s a 0
  20. More awesome work mate and love the desert dwellings.
  21. Assuming FF keeps to the same schedule for release and types of units in their releases as they did with the Rebels/Imperial, I thought I would illustrate what that schedule would look like and what we can expect for CW. Yeah, I don’t have a life and I reeeeeeeealy want CW to be here now! 😬🥺😳 Clone Wars Release Schedule Core set release with extra trooper expansions and BARC speeder and Droideka expansions 1 month: Heavy units for each faction. Probably tanks of some kind. There are threads with lots of guesses as to what these units may be, but I’m hoping for my AT-TE.😁 2 months: Mats. Yeah, we were all surprised these came out when they did, but I would guess they won’t have this for the CW release, but you never know, they may come out with CW themed mats. 3 months: 2nd Commander and 2nd corps troop. There’s no telling which faction will be first (CIS or Republic), but it will only be one faction. For the Imperials/Rebels it was Veers and the Snowtroopers first. 4 months: 2nd Commander and 2nd corps troop for the faction that wasn’t in last month’s release. For the Imperial/Rebel release Leia and the Fleet Troopers came out on this month. 5 months: Objective/Deployment/Condition card expansion or “Priority Battlefield Expansion” - these expansions are useful to everyone, but this expansion will probably have a Clone Wars look and feel. 6 months: 3rd Commander or 1st Operative and the 1st Special Forces unit. The rebels got Han Solo as a commander, but the Imperials got Boba Fett as an Operative at this point. The special forces unit was a saboteur/sniper unit (Scout Troopers/Commandos) for both factions, but only one faction got something in this month, in this case it was Han and the Commandos. 7 months: 3rd Commander or 1st Operative and the first Special Forces unit for the faction that didn’t get anything last month. For the Imperials it was Boba and the Scout Troopers. 8 months: 2nd Support unit. Rebels got the 1.4 FD Laser Cannon and Imperials got the E-Web. 9 months: 2nd Special Forces unit and 3rd Commander or 1st Operative. The Imperials got the Imperial Royal Guard as their 2nd Special Forces unit and the Emperor as their 3rd Commander. Only one faction got their two units on this month. 10 months: 2nd Special Forces unit and 3rd Commander or 1st Operative for the faction that didn’t get anything last month. At this point Rebels got Chewie as their 1st Operative and Wookiees as their 2nd Special Forces unit. 11 months: Specialists. Both rebel and imperial factions got a 4 pack of Specialists that could be added as an extra trooper to a corps unit, the unit leader of which could also be used as a generic Commander. 12 months: 4th Commander for both factions and 3rd Special Forces unit. At this point the rebels got Jyn and the Pathfinders. 13 months: 4th Commander for both factions and 3rd Special Forces unit for the faction that didn’t get one last month. The Imperials got Krennic and the Deathtroopers. 14 months: 2nd Heavy Units. Imperials got the Occupier and Rebels got the Landspeeder. 15 months: 2nd Operatives. Since the rebel/imperial units haven’t been announced yet, this is only speculation, but good guess, it will be Sabine and Bossk. The rest is all in the future and my Crystal Ball is on the fritz.🧙‍♀️ Then again FF could put out totally different types of units each month, and just change things up on a whim. 🙄
  22. Unlimited Power is in the current version. I'm working on Cyphers and Masks right now. Still have Droids and Vehicles to go, then I should be ready.
  23. They look awesome mate and the vines/flowers just bring them to life well done indeed.
  24. That's a pretty good description.
  25. You can do it. First, add a talent: <Talent> <Key>CLEVERNEG</Key> <Name>Clever Negotiators</Name> <Description> Please see page xx of the Allies and Adversaries Sourcebook for details. </Description> <Source Page="xx">Allies and Adversaries</Source> <Ranked>false</Ranked> <ActivationValue>taPassive</ActivationValue> <SkillChars> <SkillChar> <SkillKey>NEG</SkillKey> <CharKey>CUN</CharKey> </SkillChar> </SkillChars> </Talent> Then add the talent to your Jawa species. You'll need to choose Cunning using the "Talent Choices" button on the Species pane.
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