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  2. Oh yeah, the game's an approximation for sure-the realism is limited, even metaphorical.
  3. If you guys want you can go in different directions. That's up to you, I could do with a decision tomorrow if at all possible, I let this stall a little bit (my bad) and want to keep it moving.
  4. @Matt3412 Dear Sir / Madam, In order to facilitate the transaction between our parties we invite you at this juncture to consolidate your forces with ours. We now offer you 8% of our stock in recompense. Best Regards, Proprietary Limited
  5. External Racks compensates for the active redirect, which is better than your opponent keeping those side shields anyway. From there, as Cleto0 says, it's raw damage.
  6. I flew it for the first time at a 13-player event yesterday. It's good, but unforgiving if you mess it up! You can read about it here, if you're interested!
  7. Ill need to go back and check sometime, but that quote does ring a bell.
  8. That's kinda funny, actually. Can you end up with -1 pearls?
  9. I suggested this in another thread, but it'd be cool to get a config that reduced the B-wing's primary attack by 1 die to give it the Upsilon's Linked Battery ability (+1 die to Cannon attacks). The ability to fit out B-wings to be dedicated cannon carriers that pack a huge punch, and with a bullseye-restricted 5 die cannon they'd certainly feel like big ship hunters. It'd have to be a reasonably expensive config, and you'd probably have to include language to keep it from working with Autoblasters (since Linked Battery Autoblasters would just be a better 3 die primary), but it would go a long way towards giving the B-wing its own identity.
  10. Quick note: this is from a Keyforge podcast where Tyler is asked to discuss different design challenges. With that said, there ends up being more discussion of L5R than Keyforge in this episode and gives a good look into Tyler's general wordview. https://anchor.fm/kiramode/episodes/28-Banter-Session-Card-Game-Design-Insights-with-Tyler-Parrott-e42s41
  11. @Tramp Graphics, I don't intend to spend much more than a day on this planet. I want this session actually as fast as possible. I doubt the others want to sit around for two days for Korath to marinade.
  12. We will send a force with ground forces this turn. Thank you for your support.
  13. The droid would listen to Korath for a moment before tapping away at the console built into the desk. "Not particularly specific or useful, but I will do what I can". As the droid continue to work it would look back up. "Doctor Kree should be available. Go on through". As the droid finishes a door set into the wall behind it would slide open, letting the jedi pass. Walking down a long corridor Korath would see a number of rooms where doctors of various races were seeing to their patients. The technology looks very advanced, a rarity on a planet that was dedicated to violence. Eventually he would find an empty room labelled with the name 'Doctor Kree'. Heading in he would be faced by a young female Rodian dressed in a set of white robes. She was sat by a desk with a few datapads strewn over the surface. Lining the walls were a number of medical tools and glass containers, and set into the back wall was an empty bacta tank, bubbling faintly. Looking up with a smile, the doctor would move to her feet. "Ah yes, CB told me you were coming though. Physical trauma, was it? Hopefully nothing urgent, if it is you should be at the hospital". In the market the weapons dealer would fit Rei with a scowl. "If you don't want to pay the price, you can give it back" he'd state, reaching out for the knife. "You won't find better prices these days, not with those thugs from Crux buying everyone's stock". As he says this he would gesture to the other stalls that usually sell weapons, and their stock was unusually empty. Somebody must be throwing around a lot of credits.
  14. They didn’t come out before ESB, though. They were merely set before the movie in the chronology. They were all published well after ESB was released.
  15. CP9-J: Will do. We are operating under the assumption that H2 is your territory - We have no-fire orders in place for your forces, and brought no ground forces to occupy it with my fleet. We will not be sending forces to H1. It looks as though it is currently unoccupied though. Please send some ground forces to occupy it IMMEDIATELY. I cannot stress the urgency enough. Hold fire orders from my space forces will be in place until such a time as we can confirm the bugs are not trying to claim it omce more.
  16. It fits perfectly well with what happened in the movie. It’s nothing more than an extrapolation on her reading his thoughts on Vader. Remember, he was trying to prove deep into her mind in order to rip the secrets of Luke’s location from her, not just a surface probe. This opened his mind just as much to Rey. Like I said, a two way connection. This is shown explicitly on screen. The TLJ novelization just extrapolated on that, probably after talking to JJ about it, or going from the TFA script of that scene. Exactly. Rey only used Influence once, on a single stormtrooper, and failed twice before she finally succeeded, once she calmed down and focused. Had she been able to do it successfully on her first try, or kept doing it over and over as if it were second nature, you might have an argument. However, the film shows that she struggled to use the ability, and had to try multiple times before success.
  17. I actually like the idea of capping activations at 8 for tournaments. It would force people to think a lot harder about what units they are including (3 snipers? cool, now you can only have 4 corps max because you also have to have a commander) and it would help cut down the time per game which has been an issue at big events. It would also allow some of the more expensive units to be more viable because people wouldn't have to worry as much about activation count maxing. Wouldn't really effect casual play, but if you are just playing casually you and your opponent probably aren't bringing 3 snipers every game anyway.
  18. apparently during the books and comics that came out before Empire came out. so not quite the same.
  19. Thanks for the comments! Funnily enough, Sora Bulq is on my to-do list along with a couple of others from the Legends comics like T'ra Saa but I was struggling to find decent artwork for them. I want to avoid using comic book-style art (as in heavy ink outlines) wherever possible for the sake of consistency, but maybe I'll be able to throw something together in Photoshop.
  20. So in competitive play you take 3 snipers to have 6 activations of warm up between yours and enemy scouts before you can play the game? Maybe cap lists at 10 activations? It's not like the 12-13 activation lists contain a lot of unit variety we'd be losing out on.
  21. The Polaris game (a French RPG) has mankind return to the seas to avoid extinction. Humanity lives in underwater cities and nations to escape from mutagens, toxins, and radiation. Under the seas, there's politics, scheming, and all sorts of conflict. There's also a sterility issue threatening humanity to add some bleakness. Think of an underseas Firefly with a sub instead of a starship along with power armor for marines, genetic engineering for some wierd creatures. The rules are a mess, but I was considering using Genesys for it, so... Start here: https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/178184/POLARIS-RPG--Quickstart-Guide--Adventure
  22. @BiggsIRL we wish to warn you that we will be sending a fleet to H1 to combat the locusts. Please keep your forces away lest an accident occur.
  23. “Nayc ara!” Rei says, “Hokaanir ni a shukur. Gotal'ur bic has ad'etar.”
  24. I'll match your bad gamist wargamers against the bad simulationists that ran rampant through the White Wolf World of Darkness games in the 90s (and beyond). The latter are diminished in numbers but not yet extinct.
  25. LOL, after Jukey’s insight, I went and pulled out my Bilehall expansion for Descent. I was amazed to find that the Bone Horrors, Banshees and a couple of other types were perfectly scaled and actually fit into the Runewars trays perfectly. Now the trick is to come up with viable unit sizes based on these limited number of figures so that folks don’t have to spend $100 on 3 copies of the expansion...
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