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  2. There is no specific step that says "add in x keyword here" because it would quickly become bloated with new keywords. If you just read the keywords themselves they will tell you all that you need to know. Sharpshooter 1 reduces cover by 1, that happens when you are determining cover. Impact is modifying dice results, so it gets slotted in during the attacker modifies results portion of the flowchart. Armor also modifies results so it gets slotted in to the defender modifies results step. One thing that confused me early on was what constitutes 'dice modification'. I come from an X-wing background and 'modification' in that game covers everything from re-rolling to converting symbols to adding results. In Legion 'dice modification' refers exclusively to keywords that alter hit and crit dice results such as Impact or Armor.
  3. You are not! Those look cool.
  4. Page 53 under sharpshooter explains when sharpshooter is supposed to kick in.
  5. 1) Yes, one of each. 2) A bit, most notably a month long Epic League. (It was exhausting.) 3) Absolutely, especially if the new rules are good. 4) Absolutely, they sound fun! 5) Seeing wings of different rebel fighters mixing it up with TIEs in between two huge ships duking it out!
  6. Thanks for the input, I will for sure not compete so one of each might be sufficient for skirmish with friends. Since I miss experience of skirmish I wanted some input . I have no clue if some models will lead to a better game or the lack of some makes it feel broken.
  7. Taking out of career specs is not discouraged in this system. In fact, it's pretty much expected that you'll inevitably take at least one out of career spec, if not more. Soresu is much more than using Intellect for an attribute. It's a heavily defensive form, meaning lots of Parry and Reflect, as well as multiple other defensive talents. Force-Sensitive Outcast only grants two ranks in Parry and one in Reflect; no other Defensive talents. It's all about offense.
  8. In standard tournament situations, a squad must be comprised of 2-8 ships, equalling no more than 200 points. For unofficial, casual play, of course, you and your opponent can increase those numbers however you see fit.
  9. AFAIK Aurebesh is an alphabet. The Latin alphabet is not The Alphabet. An alphabet is just group of common symbols combined to make written words. Each language can have its own alphabet, though some are shared.
  10. I play two factions at tournaments: Galactic Empire is my main, followed by First Order (because Kylo Ren is the coolest Star Wars character!!!) I have purchased 2x Galactic Empire Conversion Kit, and one each of First Order, Rebel Alliance, and Scum and Villainy. I play Rebels occasionally at game night, and Scum and Villainy has been relegated to Quick Build events or playing at home with my boys (my oldest ADORES Scum and Villainy). I would like to pick up the Resistance Conversion Kit eventually because I have the T-70s and Falcon, but I don't know if it's actually going to happen now that Epic has been announced. (On the other hand, with Huge ships converting to multiple factions, I will probably want Resistance even more!) P.S. I decided on the second Galactic Empire Conversion Kit so I could run some truly awe-inspiring Epic squads. I only have dials for 6 of my 8 TIE interceptors, but one day...
  11. I think you're close on Obi, but each die without surge should be Red .75 Black .5 White .25 That would give Obi a flat 3 in melee. Tenacity would bump him to a 3.75. His ranged would have to be two red and one black at best. So he should be a little weaker than Vader at 2.0 even. Still great. And this isn't taking any other abilities or tricks into consideration.
  12. I found it pretty weak tbh. Now, Cienna in Lost Stars (which is the best book in the new canon by quite some way) was really interesting and compelling. But, they really had to show horn in the idea that she put duty above morals and it still didn't quite work. Great book though, brilliant point of view from the cogs in both the Empire and the Rebellion. Part of the problem is that Star Wars, at it's core, is aimed at a lot of children who want the bad guys to lose and the good guys to win. To be honest, I'm the same.
  13. Fair enough, just curious where in here it specifically says that in the RRG so I can point to it at our next session. Is it Section 2 (b) Where it says that when you choose your weapon you are checking 'requirements indicated by that weapon's keywords'? I just would like to know the specific part of the RRG where it says, your card says sharpshooter destroys a cover, this is where we add that keyword into the calculation in the attack. Like it obviously makes perfect sense to me it happens before you start taking away damage from the cover, because otherwise what is the point of sharpshooter? Just need to have it laid out clear.
  14. I can certainly think of worse uses of Guardian on Obi-wan than to activate Tenacity...
  15. Arc170Chris

    Snap Shot

    range 2 instead of range 1 really makes this very different! hmm....
  16. How can we not love this wonderful character? "Icky, icky goo!"
  17. Dooku is definitely dispensable as is scimitar. Impervium too but less so I think.
  18. what is the number of ships you can field in a squad and where can i find it. right now all i see is by points. all help is welcomed and i thank you ahead of time. was wondering if i can field 10 drone fighters
  19. kris40k

    Inert Fat Han

    According to GSP he also diced a guy when a blocked Jake took 0 damage from 3 Phantom shots and then won on points 25-0 where he should have* lost. *variance happens
  20. I loved the bits in Rebels with Administrator Tua. She started out as just a paper pusher, but the water started heating up as the Empire fought the rebels on Lothal. I'd be down with a storyline where the Empire starts out actually helping a planet. Putting things right, creating peace and justice. But make no mistake, the Empire are the baddies, and eventually they crack down on the freedoms of the populace in order to enforce order, until the enforcement becomes the reason they're there, and peace and justice become afterthoughts. That is, after all, the main theme of the Republic's fall. The people become so desperate for order, that they sacrifice their freedom for it.
  21. Some campaign suggestions from the latest thread: https://www.boardgamegeek.com/thread/2158429/just-got-ia-going-through-lota-app-and-have-questi You generally need only one of each expansion. Maybe another Captain Terro pack for a Dewback Rider if you care about tokens, and/or paint and want to glue Terro and Dewback Rider permanently. Just my opinion though, other people suggest some of the non-unique packs, but they are mostly for skirmish - although for most non-unique you can use both deployment cards, ie. two packs worth of figures, you don't generally want to have two in the same campaign mission. For skirmish - any or all of the non-unique packs to get figures for two groups. If you have everything, for "friendly" skirmish you won't need second copies, although if/when you supply both/all players, extras will be good.
  22. https://ia-continuityproject.com/ Link to the PDF with the changes is on the front page. If you can't find it for some reason, let us know.
  23. Right damrod. Honestly I had forgotten he even existed for the number of time I played him. Which make me wonder if the spirit gondor ally them would be to be discarded to reduce threat based on different conditions ( number of enemies in staging area , detroyed enemy threat, progress made , explored location quest point...). I do hope no; it's seem to me the wrong theme for gondor allies. But lets wait and see what the future holds for us.
  24. So I’m no expert on odds so if anyone wants to check my numbers, please do. I wanted to compare the attack odds for Obiwan with the other saber wielders (Luke, Vader and Sabine) in average amount of hits per roll. With Vader and Obi I assumed Saber Throw and with Luke and Sabine their native range weapons. Obi-wan’s Numbers > melee 3.25 (melee with Tenacity 4.0) range 2.25 Luke’s Numbers > melee 3.75 range 1.75 Vader’s Numbers > melee 4.5 range 2.25 Sabine’s Numbers > melee 3.125 (melee with Tenacity 4.0) range 1.875 (two attacks on different targets) Vader is still by far King of the Combat monsters, but because of Critical 2 and the possibility of Tenacity, Obi is almost as much of a combat monster, but he needs to be wounded to get there. Obi also can use a defensive surge in melee where Vader cannot. I think Obi-wan is well worth his points. The only one being left behind is the poor little farm boy, but is that power creep?
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