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  2. They can do all of the channeling, importune, elemental backlash. I guess. Don't oversweat it, the game is whatever you feel like.
  3. Aim for Melee I haven't thought of that but since mechanically its a boost die to land a telling blow. I describe it as a flurries of fast combinations and strikes. Basically going on the offensive rather than fighting defensively looking for a opening to counter.
  4. https://meta.listfortress.com/ship_combos?ranking_start=2019-03-20&ranking_end=2019-05-21&large_tournament_multiplier=true&widespread_use_multiplier=true&use_ranking_data=all&tournament_type=3&format_id=34& I'm not listing them out this time, other than maybes: 2UpsKylo: 1.7% bulbasaur + 6 vultures: 1.6% ocho vulture: .4% infil 5vulture: .9% Definitely Beef: 23.7% Including Medium Rare: 28.3% Slightly higher, still about 2.5 in 9 games.
  5. clicking that extra button is more work than I'm willing to do.
  6. Shieldless 2 red front arc primary, 3 agility, similar or same hull with a cannon and astromech slot if they stick to lore.
  7. I really want V-Wings with this. I think it could be a neat niche. Think TIE/v1 but with micro thrusters.
  8. I assumed Juke was a given. If the enemy ship rolls a focus and an evade (Luke perhaps), juke means he only gets 1 evade no matter the force count.
  9. because Sotorii has no friends. I had assumed the letter meant that the imperials still keep the Scorpion as their closest confidants. I didn't think that was specifically about Dairu. Shoju was certainly in Jodan's confidence and probably will be for Daisetsu. Kachiko clearly has Sotorii relying on her. Collectively the children of Bayushi hold significant influence in the imperial court.
  10. jesus, it unfiltered. Off I go counting again...
  11. I hope to do a video showing how to use everything, but I got so much other Genesys stuff going on I don't want to promise anything. I did want to make sure you all at least got this from me.
  12. Thanks so much just started fidling with affinity publisher yesterday this will be really helpfull
  13. Except he hasn't. A single roll is not the same as movement and repositioning. It's a lot easier to keep him in arc when you know he can only roll.
  14. It’s usually up to the player to enter that. Might need to turn a setting on to do it - most of the time I don’t use it
  15. Sure, access to ABB was a selling point for a defending hero. Still is, because shadows are what kill hero defenders. I'm just not convinced that the existence of ABB (in un-errataed form) is the reason there aren't more/better Lore defenders, and we can expect better Lore defenders now that it's errata-ed. The only characters I think might be broken in Lore with the old ABB are the allies who don't exhaust to defend. But if you take shadow protection off the table, I'm still not convinced Fastred > Rossiel or SpTheoden > LoAragorn.
  16. "...as if it were in..." cards have been around since Core. Tyler inherited an RRG that didn't include clarification of what it meant. I'm just glad we have a ruling from Tyler that covers all instances of the effect, rather than making rulings case by case.
  17. If people continue to not filter the noise out - yes.
  18. yes, and I encourage you to lose repeatedly with CIS until Vultures are 0 points
  19. Double-whammy It has the correct optional mod now. The silhouette mod was actually increasing by encumbrance capacity, not silhouette. Fixed that too. They'll both be in the next release.
  20. Whether a Typo or a Freudian Slip on your part, I agree with this statement.
  21. so what you are saying is.... If I run 4 player tournaments 7 times a week and everyone plays rebel beef every time I can seriously mess with Metawing?
  22. Oh gosh, please no... Really, just don't... Supernatural Anakin with this and an actual action afterwards would the most obnoxious thing in the game by far. Guri is barely held in check by her I5 and AdvSensors' limits. I don't know how they intend to differentiate between Delta and Eta. I'd expect dial without red maneuvers, that would be interesting. Perhaps some kind of Bullseye ability? And maybe even heavier variant as a Configuration, just like 7b... Really not sure how to make these different enough.
  23. I wasn't really suggesting it was - I'm all in favor of reining in too-good cards whether they break anything or not. But that's the claim that a lot of people are making. I think it's important to look at what the card actually enables. Is it efficient? Certainly. What does it enable? I've been playing it with Rita and honestly find that I don't have anything to use the pile of resources on. That's just not Survivor's schtick. There are likely some who would see a lot more benefit from it (Yorick comes to mind, and maybe Agnes) but even then I'm not sure that it rises to the level of needing to be fixed. Honestly, I think there's a high probability that it turns out to be a trap card, and it convinces you to fail tests you could otherwise pass in order to get resources you might not need anyway. The outcome from that is often going to be obscured because the full impact may not be apparent until much later, and you won't blame Drawing Thin when you go down. How is this broken? It's a multi-card combo with limited charges that relies on a 4 XP card that you can't even get until the third scenario of a campaign. Honestly, it's a pretty inefficient use of the Stones, as if you pull the multi-trigger you're going to be burning secrets for one damage rather than getting bigger hits out of larger card draw. And honestly, looking at the description of the deck list it seems anything but broken. The instructions for solving the Stone alone makes my head hurt.
  24. Really? WotC has outright banned cards. So what, they owe me a card now? Cause I bought a 15 cards booster but now I can only use 14 of them. And they have errata’ed cards. And yes, they’ve reprinted the cards with the errata in the next cycles (sometimes), but you still have to buy them, they’re not free. So yeah, I don’t think is that big an issue, and certainly not something that would make somebody outright quit the game, or worsen their game experience.
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