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  2. Thank you! But I think the questions remain to be stated: 1) If the wording "after the attack" resolves after step 4 (counterattack), when does the last stand fit into all of this? 2) How can you place "one card from the test" if you already had to shuffle` (and if you set it aside, doesn't that mess with the odds in weird ways, thereby breaking up the seamless card mechanics -- eg. I could set aside a weakness to improve the negate test odds)? 3) which test is "the test" (attack or negate)?
  3. I have been toying with this. New Squadron (76) Asajj Ventress [Lancer-class Pursuit Craft] (3) Hate (11) Maul (6) Shield Upgrade Points: 96 (49) 4-LOM [G-1A Starfighter] (5) 0-0-0 (3) Elusive (2) Mist Hunter (0) Jamming Beam (10) Advanced Sensors (2) Deadman's Switch Points: 71 (30) Captain Seevor [Modified TIE/ln Fighter] (2) Trick Shot Points: 32 Total points: 199 Alot of stress flying around. I really like hate on asajj. She will take damage easily enough. I know shield upgrades are not a comkonly liked upgrade, but i find they are worth it. Deadman switch is on 4LOM. Lets face it, he will get shot up, and you want him at range one anyways.
  4. Yes, the dodge token is only used to be able to use the abbility of deflect. Then you're just defending as normal (being able to cancel hits or crits) with the only change that you convert surges to shields and every surge makes 1 damage to the attacker.
  5. Staelwulf

    Deflect Question

    Yes he can. Deflect happens as an armor save after all hit modifiers have been accounted (Crits, Cover, Dodgetoken, Keywords...). In this stage it doesn't matter if the enemy had surge, crits or hits.
  6. Thanks! I’m trying to figure out which shortcuts work. My computer/internet is so slow. Some actions take 5-8 seconds to complete. Each movement along the tool takes about 5-8 seconds. So, a three speed can take 30 seconds with clicking and waiting. Same with Set button. I can click and it won’t show up in the chat for 5-8 seconds. Doesn’t sound like much but it’s a long time when an opponent is waiting to see you do something. I’m learning and getting faster with my part though. Just got to figure out how to speed up the computer/internet. Gonna gonna go to a coffee shop or somewhere with a faster connection and see if that helps.
  7. I've got 6 factions right now. I'm holding off on the Republic until ships I like are released. I have indeed used all 6 since 2.0 has been released, though some much less than others.
  8. The secret is that TIE Fighters are significantly overpriced because otherwise Howlrunner would have to cost like 80 points. When was the last time you saw somebody just toss a generic TIE or two into a random unrelated list? (Closest thing in 2.0 is Gideon in the TIE Salad lists, but he's obviously got a very good pilot ability and a strong initiative.)
  9. There is no ruling for this but the most logical answer would be that they disembark into the direction of the closest border.
  10. I have been running this to decent success. New Squadron (60) Anakin Skywalker [Delta-7 Aethersprite] (4) R2 Astromech (10) Calibrated Laser Targeting Points: 74 (46) Mace Windu [Delta-7 Aethersprite] (16) Delta-7B (2) R4 Astromech Points: 64 (44) Saesee Tiin [Delta-7 Aethersprite] (16) Delta-7B (2) R4 Astromech Points: 62 Total points: 200 Mace and Saesee run together. Anakin does his own thing. I find CLT triggers often enough. The R2 is there to help keep him alive. If he lossed a shield, i disengage, manuever to not get targeted, and regen the shield. The R4 astromechs open up Saesees ability.
  11. I think Ion Scyks at 31 would be good, really good, down to 28 is dangerously underpriced, compared to a tie fighter only five points to get a sheild and third attack die and ability to ionise ships. HLC should come down a point, the. we'd start seeing it a lot more, especially on T70's
  12. ok thanks dwaynedauzat...but thats a shame..i am playing Star Wars, i would like to play Luke, Han, IG88 etc and not generic wookie. i had a feeling when i opened the blister pack, and there was no hero card, that i might be let down. i was hoping it might have been in a big box expansion. thxs again.
  13. I've played against the Wedge version in Hyperspace. I didn't notice myself making serious mistakes, and thought my opponent probably engaged incorrectly, and it still required a lot of creative blocking of self and Han to give me a chance to win. It wouldn't have taken much of a dice swing to lose that game, and I'm not sure I could have played notably better. I killed Wedge early and got up on points, but it was still very close. I'll note that it was on Vassal, and had a 19 round limit, so I attempted to push the engagement to finish the game instead of waiting around for 19 turns. A 75 minute game probably makes getting up and playing very conservatively more effective and palatable. I haven't played against the Jake version. I suspect it doesn't give up points as easily as Wedge, but I also suspect it leaves more work for Han to do. I might be wrong, though. Most Wedge builds are probably not getting more than 1-2 shots anyway, so maybe Jake played well can do more.
  14. KepGSU

    Deflect Question

    I know a critical hit can't be cancelled by a dodge token. If Luke triggers deflect by spending a Dodge token can he deflect critical hits?
  15. Took Imperial Aces to a top 8 finish at a HS Trial so yes, I'm still in on Empire.
  16. I've been toying with Han and Jake (plus a third - whoops) since Nathan, to be honest. Notes: When I got caught with Han, I could see it was the turn before I had messed up and limited my movement options for the present turn. Always leave multiple escape routes open Don't stay and fight, run like a coward (uhg) Jake should not normally be shot at by a squad of fighters... if so, you've not read the step before When I made the patient, correct decisions, my opponent basically spent most of the game with little to no red dice, and with stupidly bad shots. The third ship shouldn't have been in the list. It just dies. (I had Wedge with a proton torp, it was glorious to start but often put me in the hole shortly there after. Also a bombing Norra Y-Wing... similarly...) Once your down on points, it's a bit unhappy. Can't dig yourself out well enough
  17. Yeah this doesn't look good. And so many Seismic charges... there's not that many rocks to blow up! I'd scrap it and start again.
  18. E-Web Heavy Blaster Team Unit: Good old regular troops, to fit my Hoth table: @Lord Ashram: How do you like them apples...uh, eyes now? I used your recommended technique, it worked pretty nice!
  19. Looks good. One thing about S&V, each ship 99% of the time does its own thing. No handshaking, no helping.
  20. Mainly, I didn't mention her because she was fine. I have not run a Decimator that was not RAC (or any Decimator at all) which I think should be fairly evident in the article. I freely admitted lack of experience, but you don't agree with my finding that the drop in price was good? I am not convinced that the Gunboat isn't good, but rather that they are played as if they were their 1st edition iteration, trying for the parity of HLC Gunboats and Harpoon Missileboats. Instead they should be treated as a heavy swarm, either as a tankier barrage bomber list or a 5 ship Ion list. Much like a TIE Bomber or TIE Fighter, they just don't work well when they aren't en masse. Both of those list options are considerably less fun than 1st edition Starwings, but at least they are an option, unlike the TIE Aggressor. Well, most of them are fairly generalized because getting in depth on every pilot would make every three ships an article of their own. I'll also admit that some vagueness might be because of lack of experience flying certain pilots. It would be a bit disingenuous of me to offer specific advice for pilots like Oicunn, Zertik Stromm, or Double Edge without having seen them in play at all. You did specifically highlight the Defender which there was an entire article on here if you haven't already read it. Either way, you do seem to agree with me either way that the point drop in Defender's was a good move. Scum should be the most in depth article as I have the most experience flying them. As MidwestScrub said, it should be out next week.
  21. I have been 100% Scum since they were introduced. Since 2.0 has come out I have been playing other factions more and more. At this point I think I've become faction neutral.
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