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  2. Nah. We don’t collect until single elims, and players submit via Table Top Admiral because it does most of the work for me. We actually just developed an excel doc that checks the lists for me and spits out data (frequency of units, command cards, etc) so that’ll be useful during Year 2 Organized play and whatnot. Ork was already able to push out an analysis article in pretty short time because of it.
  3. Yeah, exactly this. This is why cannons need to be free on the B-Wing. Because this is the only cannon they every carry and it literally never ever does anything ever at all. For any reason. On a ship whose most unique feature is its cannons. Up the cost of all pilots by 5, but give us 2 free cannons. I'm 100% down for this.
  4. #MakeJammingBeamGreatAgain 👺 In all seriousness, are there any viable jamming beam carriers who could actually make it worthwhile? I’m thinking maybe a dirt-cheap M3A (or even Sunny?) with someone like Swarm Tactics Fenn Rau boosting its Initiative sky-high...
  5. In fairness the big trappings are Japaneses but there is quite a bit of China thrown in there as well.
  6. Um... nope, never used it. And that's from an IG-88 player who actually has the double firing ability of IG-88B!
  7. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfWzFP8EjiGoLFo2YXci433j1ZNUAF_23g8nH538W-cTw59HQ/viewform?usp=sf_link guess the post-july costs of some (exactly 20) random things
  8. I dont think it's too good for the cost, but i dont get all the hate on the AT-RT...its a very viable option in my opinion since it has the same firepower as the cannon (when using rotary gun which is a must have IMO), is maneuverable with expert climber, and fairly survivable. Very worth the cost. Putting one on top of a piece of terrain overlooking part of the board can really shut down an opponents movements in a large area.
  9. That is true, but its not about how many opportunity hes gets in single turn. The idea of having so many is to ensure he almost always *can* trigger his ability. Because, lets face it, that ships dial isnt great, so making sure the target of non-combat damage is in his front arc and in range isnt always the easiest.
  10. I think it depends on how many Core Sets you have.
  11. There are a fair few people that agree with you and have been pushing an errata replacement service from FFG. I think everyone knows it's just not going to happen. 😕
  12. Yep. Im sure. From the 1E Rules Reference pg 17 The reference bolds the "not" in there, not me. You are correct about Fel's Wrath though. Here is that excerpt from pg 12
  13. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfWzFP8EjiGoLFo2YXci433j1ZNUAF_23g8nH538W-cTw59HQ/viewform?usp=sf_link Here's an auxiliary guess form - 20 less obvious cards/pilots. Everyone knows Leia will go up, but what about, say, Dash? Or Tavson? Up, down, same?
  14. We don't submit lists for the first month of Invader League, we just play them.
  15. actually, just realized I had a typo in the title of this thread. I actually did meant to put in "infrared SCANNERS", but was typing on my phone and had a swipe error I missed. ... which now makes me wish that play on words was intentional. lol
  16. I only go in the rocks when I need to with Echo. I love that pilot so much.... but normally I just bank/hard around the outside looking in.
  17. Also you can have 3d tokens for the game. A laser cutter can be used. I also went to a local store and did a home made spacer.
  18. @GM Hooly I find the range band explanation to be odd, maybe that's just me. I've always run it as this: 1. Determine distance between you and your target. 2. Count down from that distance when moving closer to the target. 3. Do the inverse when moving away from the target. So an example would be you start at long range from the Orc, you spend turn 1 taking 2 maneuvers to travel from Long range to Medium range of the Orc. Turn 2, the Orc travels 1 maneuver from Medium to Short range of you and takes a Guarded Stance. Turn 3, you Engage the Orc and attack....
  19. I really hope that there will be core 2.0 in some day, but only after we have had some rotation out in normal way. Then it may be time to think the core in new fress eyes. What is good and what is not. Netrunner core was broken IMHO and core 2.0 did fix Many of the problem of the original core. The problem was that They did keep original core too much and it did lead to some broken sets afterwards. I hope that L5R would remain healthy and somewhat balanced. And original core definitely did not do good job in that sentense so new core 2.0 would definitely help in long run!
  20. Yeah, I did recognize the threat mechanic trade off. I was running into limited efficacy with the ... surge-handout-action that I already unlocked (forgetting name atm). Probably sounded a bit more dismissive than I meant to. ^^; Good perspective with the movement points being priced at 3xp. Thanks. ^__^
  21. Jamming Beam has been a free upgrade now for almost six months, so I think most of us have probably taken it on cannon-carriers that weren't already using the slot. Has anyone ever had a clutch moment where they actually fired it, and found it to be more beneficial than just shooting your primary cannon? If so, I want to hear it.
  22. @drainsmith the color code for dark blue in the CRB styleguide seems to be off prob just a copy paste from the previous one. I get it to be R44, G66, B99 but you prob got the correct number somewhere.
  23. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2019/5/24/tread-softly/ We're back, with more Deer Clan. Looks like we're getting two Shika schools, one Shugenja one Bushi (like Mantis), and there's a new generic Shinobi school. As usual, they would like to remind you there's shuji and ninjutsu in this book.
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