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  2. So I am still seeing this error. It is in the Group editor. The Core Holocrons show up in the Character generator. But they don't show up in the Group editor resource page. I double checked the options.
  3. I'd say it's less "compromise" and more "consensus" among the group of how far down the rabbit hole of what is or isn't canon they want to go. To contrast to myself, a friend and fellow GM has minimal experience with materials outside of the core films, especially with regards to stuff from the prequel eras outside of the films and The Clone Wars. So any game he runs, he much prefers to stick with "movies only" and anything else is fanon at his table, which has amusingly lead to some mild frustration from one of his players who is a rabid consumer of Star Wars media and has poured through Wookieepedia like it was his job. However, the group had a discussion at their session zero of the last campaign my friend ran, and they reached a consensus that made everyone happy and prevented any arguments or bickering at the table on the topic of "well, that's not how it is in the canon!" Especially as they had enough troubles with the guy playing the Star Wars version of Jack Harkness (or at least the Devaronian version of Jack's unrestrained libido), which made for some stories that were both cringe-worthy and gut-bustingly hilarious. And on the flip-side, another GM friend of mine is pretty well-versed in the larger expanded universe, due in part to being new to the franchise (never saw any of the films prior to The Force Awakens) and is astounded at just how in-depth the lore is while relatively coherent (at least when compared to the "what is or isn't canon?" status of things over in Star Trek as he sees it). So assuming it's from the new canon, there's very little that players can truly catch him off-guard with, and if it's some obscure tidbit from Legends, he can very easily dismiss it under the broad heading of "if it's from Legends, then it's not canon at my table," though he's open to adding interesting bits of Legends to his campaign's canon on a case-by-case basis; case in point is the minor Jedi I play in his current campaign started out with a Kathracite crystal (a fairly weak type of lightsaber crystal) in his lightsaber, which is pure Legends, but he liked the idea enough to introduce the entire notion of Adegan crystals into his campaign's canon (didn't stop him from having an Inquisitor destroy that lightsaber though). But again, it was a discussion point during our session zero about what parts of the established lore he would or wouldn't accept in his game, with the group coming to a consensus that if it was from Legends, then it wasn't assumed to be true in that campaign.
  4. I don't even take it even if the slot is empty, I make a lot of reckless and brash decisions already.
  5. Good Evening all, this is Vince the host of our fine production making sure the thread stays updated while Jeff is enjoying his birthday! Episode 19 is live for your enjoyment, and it gets spicy on more than one occasion! https://wwwargaming.podbean.com/e/wide-world-of-wargaming-x-wing-episode-19-stagnation-breeds-madness/ As always, feedback/ questions/ suggestions welcome!
  6. I decided this ^ was more than I could manage, so I did my own riff on Sorta-soka (nice job, BTW, Ceilican}:
  7. I think Ard's out for real life stuff. I'll be taking control of the bugs and will begin processing.
  8. To TyrisFlare's disgruntlement... One thing that I think that needs to be clarified is at what point is a particular concept considered to be "fully realized." Myself, I don't see most concepts being "fully realized" until the character has earned 150XP (aka are at Knight/Heroic Level), as that's enough XP to have at least two ranks in at least three or four the key skills the concept relies upon and at least a half-dozen talents from their starting spec. Force users might take a bit more due to needing Force powers, but as others have shown, it's possible to build TPM!Kenobi using the rules for Knight Level, and it might even be even easier to do so now thanks to the existence of the Jedi career and Padawan spec. On this similar vein, and the reason I made the comparison to ErikB's demented rantings, is that part of TF's view is skewed by what we see the heroes of the films and media accomplish. I'd posit that even Ahsoka Tano at the start of The Clone Wars when she shows up as Anakin's shiny new apprentice is probably around Knight Level in terms of her XP, having her starting 100XP from her species and the 150XP from being Knight Level, while Anakin and most certainly Obi-Wan have much more XP. I've built a fair number of Knight Level PCs that were in the theme of "novice Jedi students" and found that the 150XP (and assumption of having Mentor as their starting group resource) goes a long way towards making a solid character that is reasonably competent in most of the points that such a concept would need, those being at least two ranks in Lightsaber, the basic powers for Enhance and Move, the base power and defensive control upgrade for Sense, at lease one rank each in Athletics, Discipline, and Knowledge (Lore), and at least one rank in Parry and Reflect (assuming the spec used offers both of them), resulting in a fairly well-realized concept of a skilled Jedi apprentice. Which brings me to another thing that I feel Tyris of overlooking, namely that the various Form Technique talents are "required" for any Jedi PC that doesn't want to have Brawn 3. One, Brawn 3 doesn't mean the character is a hulking mass of muscle; Bruce Lee was incredibly strong and resilient in contrast to his rather slim frame, so it's quite likely that a number of Jedi that we see in the films and other media have an above-average Brawn score. But, even with Brawn of just 2, that doesn't mean the would-be Jedi is going to suck at using a lightsaber in combat. Enough folks with a mind for that sort of thing have done statistical breakdowns of the math behind the dice, and generally speaking you're better off rolling more green dice than yellow dice in terms of succeeding with advantage on your combat checks. And it's very easy for a starting Jedi/Padawan with no XP beyond what their species provides to start with two ranks in Lightsaber, and with a Brawn of 2 they'd be rolling 2 yellows, which is still pretty respectable against most opposition that you're likely to engage in your first adventure. And unless the GM is super-stingy with XP awards, that first adventure should award you enough XP to buy a third rank in Lightsaber, giving you a solid dice pool of 2Y1G, which again is going to see you through most fights without much issue, and fits for a "general practitioner" mold that the Jedi career's specs (thus far) fall into. If you really want your PC to focus and specialize in a given Form, then pay the XP to purchase that particular specialization, not only to get the corresponding Form Technique talent but also to learn the various specialized tricks that the Form offers. And this is aside from the fact that having an above-average Brawn helps a Jedi character out by providing more soak at the onset and an additional point to their wound threshold, both of which are handy to have in the early going. Now, onto the (frankly unfair) comparison of the Force mechanics to how Genesys handles magic-users. It's akin to comparing eating an apple with eating a slice of watermelon; yes they're both fruits, but they're also very different types of fruits. From the earliest days of EotE, it's been stated by the designers that their intent was to mimic Luke's progression in learning about the Force, with him not displaying many of what is assumed to be standard Jedi abilities until near the end of his hero's journey in RotJ. Heck, he struggled with the basic Move power in ESB, an ability that most Jedi-type PCs in this system would have mastered at the very start of their careers. Now, this was before TFA came out and it was demonstrated that actual training was less important than the belief that a Force user could do a thing ("I don't believe it!" "That is why you fail."), and it remains to be seen if FFG will revisit how Force powers are learned/developed either in a future supplement or in a possible revised/second edition. With Genesys however, the magic system was largely meant to be much more free-form and that the PCs did all the necessary study/learning before the campaign started, not unlike how in D&D and related systems a wizard (or cleric or druid or warlock or bard) has already learned the fundamentals necessary to their class by 1st level. So again, a very different approach than Star Wars' "learn as you go." Plus, I suspect part of why FFG made it more expensive to become a capable Force user was that each of the prior RPGs, from WEG's d6 up through WotC's Saga Edition, suffered from the Force user PCs stealing the show once they reached a certain degree of competency at Force usage, with Saga Edition probably being the worst offender due to how the skill system interacted with NPC defense scores, especially at the lower end of the spectrum. As I said, it's entirely possible that FFG may revisit how the Force works in their game. I've been playing around with a hybrid of the existing Force powers and the Genesys skill-based system with elements of WEG's approach (namely having three Force skills). So far, the early drafts have some promise, but there's a lot of fine-tuning needed before I even think of moving to full playtesting. But I assure anyone still reading at this point that a Force user won't be easily accomplishing major feats of Force usage right away, and while it might be cost-saving in terms of XP compared to buying into multiple Force power trees, it's not going to be totally inexpensive to become a master of the Force either.
  9. @The Jabbawookie We waiting on someone or life just not agreeing with plans? Just curious, no worries.
  10. Today
  11. Is it easy to get into and quick to set up and play? It seems like it'd be fun, but I'm not always the most technically-minded person (I prefer console over computer for the accessibility), and my personal schedule is very tight, which make fitting in time for computer games pretty tricky as is.
  12. would love to see the data on this calculation And I suspect we have different definitions of "normal" players.
  13. Reminder that you lose those points again when you had delta 7B
  14. One action to accelerate one maneuver to drive: Piloting Planetary: 2eA+1eP+1eD+1eC+1eS 1 success, 1 Despair This should be interesting to say the least. 🤔
  15. Thinking… thinking… Maybe give the option for one hit automatically, or roll the dice for more. I’m not sure that would be broken, in fact it seems nearly usable even.
  16. Oh joy, another broketastic way of gaming the system with claims of being "grey" or "in the middle" 🙄 So short version, the whole notion of a "grey Jedi" is flawed, as it generally revolves around a way of allowing a PC to make use of dark side effects without paying whatever cost the system normally has for doing so. in this system, a "grey" Jedi is someone whose Morality is between 29 and 71, as they haven't chosen a side as it were, and while they don't get any perks for it, they also don't suffer any immediate penalties. Being a Light Side Paragon is generally positive, but it means that provided the GM and player are doing their jobs in engaging with the Morality/Conflict mechanic (something that is rarer than it should be), then those characters should be very wary of accruing too much Conflict lest they lose their Paragon status. Conversely, a dark sider gets more wounds and can more freely use those dark side pips, but pay costs in terms one less Destiny Point at session's start and a reduced strain threshold. Here's the main thing that makes this proposed house rule broken, is that it's incredibly easy for a PC to stay within the mid-range, so most PCs under this proposal are going to be able to freely use Force points of either type and enjoy a boost to both wound and strain thresholds. Generally speaking, if a PC earns around 5 Conflict per session, then their Morality score isn't really going to shift all that much from its starting point, again making it very easy to game this to stay in that sweet spot and enjoy all sorts of benefits. Truthfully, if the official Morality/Conflict rules are so distasteful, then I'd suggest taking the far less game-breaking route and simply not use them. I'd suggest keeping the Emotional Strength and Weakness as those make for good role-playing tools, but otherwise dispense with Morality scores, and go with how EotE and AoR handles Force usage, in that the PC is presumed to be "light side" (as most Force users are) and thus have to suffer strain and spend a Destiny Point in order to make use of dark side pips.
  17. That’s what I figured, so I cashed that in for more money to pay for gear and armor attachments. He’s basically a sniper.
  18. The critical key word would be cool to interact with the stormtroopers surge to hit ability
  19. So are the clone wars better over age? My answer No, they are not. Now that doesn't mean I don't want to see the ships and factions in X-wing, Armada, Empire@War. I'd say put them in and let us play. But as far as having to own those movies and see them again, I can go without. So did the new movies bring back Star Wars? Define bring back? I'm sorry but the low point that the franchise was left in after episode 3 the franchise has yet to leave it. I'd use to say TFA was slightly better, but in hindsight that is not the case. Granted this is all subjective opinion but as I said before, after watching episode 9 it is going to have the same lingering feeling as I just watched episode 3. Did the new movies ruin Star Wars? Well if the Holiday special didn't ruin it then nothing will. To be fair the movies outside of the OT are just meh. It is mostly fluff padding that really you lose nothing for not knowing they exist. They are almost like all of the legends books. If you didn't read them you didn't miss out on anything. I heard about the Yuzahhn Vong through the 3rd party source material but never read any of those books. So in a way the prequels and the disneyverse is just like those books that no longer matter to the canon.
  20. @OggDude , this probably got lost in my admittance of oversight earlier, but I've been having this issue for several releases now. Still having an issue with Lightsaber skill in the GM Tools. I'll make an NPC as a character and choose a Lightsaber Style. The regular character sheet will show correct, but if I go into the GM Tools and view them there, it will always revert Lightsabers to Brawn. Hopefully this one is just as much my error than an actual issue. Below is an image I put together from the compact sheet (top) and the GM Tools Stat Block (bottom). This happens regardless of character or lightsaber style.
  21. Thanks! It's actually a list I made for him, thinking it's inexpensive and hopefully good. I'm going Imps, we've already split two core sets. I'm excited to get down to business!
  22. ah jamming beam the one zero point upgrade that wouldn't be OP even if it threw 5 red-dice
  23. Yeah I play against a couple folks who use it regularly and they’re great. However, I’ve seen the ugly side more often. I agree the skill set isn’t different, but the comfort level certainly can be. It’s pretty tiring to play at a table for an extended time. Unfortunately I don’t have a TTS compatible device or I might dabble in it. I think it’s great to have TTS, especially for folks who have trouble finding opponents! I’m fortunate to have a good number of players locally.
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