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  2. I’m still a rook but this list really appeals to me. Nicely done.
  3. The sky of Hate isn't falling. This is simply the raw nerves of someone who thinks it assisted his opponent far more than it was worth (on arc locked ships of all things). Simple tears on the mat so to speak. Hate is actually cool and nicely costed IMO. I don't even fly Separatists, only Kylo a few times (with Supernatural) and Vader with Sense, so no dog here. Remember oh salty ones, one must take damage to use it and that is the name of the game for the opponent, deal damage. Maul is pretty good statistically speaking, but shouldn't he be? He's not burning the world's lists like Lea, Braylen, Lulo, etc... I just don't see this whine rag at all. ...now where's my tea?
  4. It depends. I have seen people in X-Wing that have won a Regional and go on and play in 5-6 more. I was at one where he made the cut. He dropped from the cut for the #5 persona and gave all of his OP prize support to the person just behind him (so #5, #16) so that was cool. I have heard of people winning multiple Regionals in X-Wing and not passing the prize support or bye on to anyone else. Go play, but if you bump someone out of a spot think about offering them the prize support that is just extra to you and pass if you make a cut, let someone else try to get the win.
  5. It's called a kaiju. When the japanese do it, it's cool, not dumb.
  6. Agreed, but the restriction on Sacred Arrows being a known technique is a pretty unambiguous one (nice to know they can do this...). It's more a case that specifically in the case of sacred arrows 'relocating' the point the invocation takes effect from to an enemy character or a point on the ground, a fair proportion of invocations accessible via importune invocations don't work.
  7. Not sure if nonsense or just a Poe... (Which of course is the definition of a Poe but still...)
  8. 1. That is 2 very different ships. 2. The Ep 1 Ship is as about the size of a C-ROC (a little longer iirc) and the Ep 2 flying wing can fit more than 2 Falcons nose to nose across its wing span. They are Huge ships. Padme's "little" reverse tear drop ship from Ep 2 is small enough the be a large base though.
  9. I have tried to use various versions of double Infiltrators and it is an okay list at best. If your opponent is unaware of all its tricks it is pretty powerful but once someone understands how to play against it the list loses much of its power.
  10. Though if you enjoy 4e (The final AEG edition) FFG is selling all of the books as PDFs on Drive Thru RPG, and there are a lot of them. There are reasons for playing either edition. The new edition feels more story-telling focused than crunchy, while maintaining a level of crunchiness. However, you have to buy/use custom dice, which can be a hard pass for people. The approaches system is cool (there are no longer physical/mental stats). For note, there was an official way to handle court scenes in the old game, in Emerald Empire or Great Clans, I believe, but not in the core book. However, its a little more like the mass-combat system than the skirmish system.
  11. I think Kempo might have it with Obi, 3 arcs On paper, an I 5 super ace that can soft check juke is probably the key to that matchup
  12. Isopropyl has always stripped everything for me down to the bare. The only thing I needed to actually strip were the AFs though, there was something with its surface that was causing my primer to do some... very funny things. As a very old school modeller, I keep forgetting that there's things I do that I just do, and take for granted forgetting that people don't do that anymore... (I mean, I still soap and water everything - even and especially sprues before assembly and paint) If they have changed paint formulation, then I can't say - but at least on the Armada side, I've not had anything (even the most recent MC75s) not resist the Iso.
  13. The best Republic list requires buying one Guardians of the Republic box and one Delta expansion. New player grade: A The best CIS list requires buying two Infiltrators. New player grade: A, possible disqualification for being as unthematic as possible. The best Rebel list requires (in a month) a 2.0 B-Wing, and Saw's Renegades, over the core set X-Wing; plus a conversion kit solely for pilots and Leia. Grade: C The best Imperial list is either the core set TIEs plus 4 TIE Fighter expansions, or an Advanced, a 1.0 Interceptor, two 1.0 bombers, and a conversion kit. Grade: B / D The best Scum list is, uh... Four Fangs? Maybe? I dunno. Grade: B probably, unless it needs a Starviper. The best Resistance list requires either two T-70s and two RZ-2s, or just 5 RZ-2s. Grade: B The best First Order list requires (in a month) a 2.0 Silencer, a 2.0 /SF, a 1.0 Upsilon, and a conversion kit. Grade: C
  14. Squads and Squadrons. Mass Combat is in Lead By example. Squads and Squadrons are also in Rise of the Separatists, though there's a few small differences...
  15. Legion builder for android is good
  16. @Dreadai I think you might actually get some cheers if you pulled out these wooden gunships! I really miss my Wookiee Liberators... Anyways, do you have any games in the days coming that you could try out the War Crimes list? If only as proof of concept. I'm probably one of the few, but I want the Auzi to at least have a chance out there. A points drop or an adjustment to it's available upgrades would be welcome! Being a "gunship" you'd think it could take a cannon...
  17. 5x RZ-2’s don’t care, and at I4 neither did Fenn Rau. Rip Pure Sabaac and crew 😆
  18. Legends of the galaxy has both. http://www.legendsofthegalaxy.com/Oggdude/
  19. Think I'd go for proton bombs. Not sure about the dampeners though. Boba will constantly loose life. Adding to that process is not favorable imo.
  20. Updated to reflect the new Courts of Stone preview article (https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2019/5/24/tread-softly/). Outreach has been made to the designers to confirm the Deer Clan family name (and if it is Shika).
  21. Aww too bad about delayed release oh well, we'll get it eventually! also, the n1 existing opens up hope for the silver Naboo Nubian w.e ship (the thing they escaped on in EP 1 and got asploded in EP 2) as a Republic large base crew carrier! With also like five astromech slots and a first Ed Jerjerod effect https://youtu.be/w3iex5U03SY
  22. Are you sure this is still always the case? I personally use 99% isopropyl alcohol (easily obtainable via e.g. Amazon as nail art supply in cheap 1l bottles), and it works well on many X-Wing and Armada models. I usually leave the models in a pure alcohol bath (in an old jam glass with a tight lid) over night, and then scrub them with an old toothbrush the next day. But many models in the later waves of X-Wing (and probably also Armada) seem to use another type of paint. Sometimes it even changes when a model is reprinted. I repainted my ARCs and a couple of A-Wings last year (*cough*) and decided to strip them beforehand. I never managed to remove any of the color on my ARCs (only the wash came off), even after days of marinating in alcohol. And even stranger, some A-Wings stripped down easily after an overnight bath, and some (presumably recently produced ones) behaved just like the Arcs - couldn't strip any color, just removed the wash. Sometimes you can (I think) see which ones will strip beforehand - the newer, resistant color seems to be a tad thinner... I haven't been courageous enough to try acetone yet, fearing that my models will just dissolve... (btw, Simple Greens "magic ingredients" are alcohol and soap, so don't worry if you live outside of the US and always read about it's awesome capabilities without being able to buy it yourself... ) Edit - PS: Follow Drasnightas warning guys - wear nitril or latex gloves, whatever suits you! Its the safe and healthy way!
  23. When I ran a variant of this, my biggest problem were rebel lists outjousting me. Be it torpedoes or regular rebel beef, you have to be really careful with your engagements to not get into that joust. If your opponent flies everything in formation, they have problems with the different speeds. If they form pairs, they have to do a lot of work to engage at the same time with both.
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