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  2. I think it's 3 because she has 2 one-handed weapon, a Traveller's Blade and a Trident. Thank you.
  3. No. The force has always required training. Not just knowing what could be done.
  4. Gonna try these advices. Still new to the game, trying to learn the synergies. Thanks a lot for the tips!!!
  5. I third it. MagicRealms comments are very, very, very harsh, unjustified, and just down right wrong. If he had a beef about the product he shouldn't have stuck it in the shop window for all to see. All the models I have recieved from Leavon (and I have a full set, everything, the whole Kaboodle) have been of the highest quality and delivery times prompt. He even made me a larger bespoke Vampires Tower to put on my Talisman display shelf. If you read the above Leavon, I hope it does not put you off any future Talisman ideas as there are still a few blanks on the board.😉 All my scenery is now painted and looks fantastic on the board. A real enhancement to the game play. Thank you for taking the time to design this for all of us. We love you Leavon.
  6. Thanks! I went ahead and used my Dwarf decks to play The Redhorn gate, and managed to win. Tough scenario! The third stage caught me by surprise, and killed Dain! I still managed to win, but it was a struggle. I wonder how a secrecy deck would deal with that third stage. The key would be high-willpower allies, right? How many allies are 2 willpower or more, though?
  7. Both were questions. I agree on Cassian, but it is always interesting to hear reasons why. The second question, on the order: I think he should have shot 1. Drea - 2. range 2 with ion - 3. range 1 with dorsal - 4. range 1 with ion. As a more general question: When do you take range 1 shots or range 2 shots first? What is the reasoning for different situations? For example the number of your and their tokens, the amount of health remaining, or whatever else influences the decision. As always, if the question is too open, feel free to add your own constraints to narrow it down.
  8. Maybe there will be high-XP campaign advice in Collapse? Rules variants, suggestions and advice on how to handle high-powered PCs, ways to reduce the overhead of running mechanically complex NPCs... It would explain why Knight has a FR 2 prerequisite but is also a possible starting spec in all other ways.
  9. I didn't watch the game and also I might not have fully understood the question, but Cassion is always the priority target in any rebel beef that involves at least one of the 2 named Bs. So if the question was "shouldn't he have shot Wedge?" the answer is no, Cassian is way more scarier since he actually enables Braylen and carries Leia (unless of course the opponent doesn't offer wedge on a silver plate to be shot at, but you can't count on that). If the question regarded the order he took the shots at Cassian, then yes, probably he should have shot first with the R1 Dorsal carrier and only after that with the R1. My guess is he wasn't counting on the Dorsal carrier attacks being enough to secure it and wanted to kill Cassian rather than have him crippled and Ten ionized
  10. How is the TIE fighter both 7th and 62nd on the extended list? Nevermind. Forgot about the rebel and scum TIE.
  11. Nonsense Until we get ways to enable low I targetlocks baring jendon, barrage is going to fill an essential niche Fortunately we got passive sensors...so hey the punisher can be cool again maybe Funboats too, though ASLAM is action bar only
  12. Maui.

    Card Packs......?

    if you think Scum has it bad, First Order has been on four ships since 1.0 and won't get another new ship until at least December.
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  14. It's laid out in the notorious scoundrels podcast interview with the designers. The mortar has critical and suppressive and is a corps Detatchment. If you are forcing your opponent's snipers to shoot at mortars in a race against the clock then they are having an effect on the sniper war.
  15. Let's look at what has suppresive; -Mortars -Emplaced guns with specialized generators -An Angry Lizard hefting a gun that's probably too heavy for a human to fire from the hip -Being Electrocuted by an Old Man shooting lightning from his bare hands while cackling maniacally -Jyn's tonfa, a type of weapon used in riot suppression. -Specialized Ammo from a Crack Special Forces team, available in limited supply -A poorly placed gun on an AFV. Weird, but on the other hand if it's firing on you the thing's close enough to run you over. The latter two are a little weird, but from a mechanical perspective they're expensive, limited use, and unspammable. Z-6s are none of those things.
  16. Thanks for the link. I didn't know about the CSG, and I'll take a look at it. I haven't checked the GMAC or USM in quite a while, so they were probably updated since I last looked (when I created the sheet). As for your opinion on including all unofficial or none, I appreciate the critique but in the end it's my resource to manage and I hadn't seen notices that the other lists were updated so I didn't visit them to check. This was a large project, as I didn't get all the books until after most were out. I keep the unofficial stuff on its own tab so GM's can make the determination to allow them or not. I'll review the ones I'm missing and add them as I can now that it's officially current, and I have more free time to look at it. I will say, I will use FFG's version if there is an official one, even if I personally disagree with the official, so I won't include any of those on the unofficial list.
  17. I know what unhindered means. In practice, it actually has a lot to do with cover. Terrain pieces that give cover are usually difficult terrain as well. The reason to move through difficult terrain is often to get cover, especially if you want to use a unit as a short-ranged gun-platform as you suggest. Due to the mobility they get from their unhindered keyword, Wookies are in cover or out of line of sight more often than not to begin with. Duck and cover still may or may not save one of twelve wounds of that unit. The more wounds a unit has in relation to its point cost, the less valuable that one hit gets. On top of that, Duck and Cover will save far less than one wound on average. During the second ranged attack on the Wookies it is already worthless. If the Wookies already are in heavy cover to begin with it is worthless. If they pass their save for that one hit it was worthless. If you decide to charge a unit before they get shot at it is worthless. If they get suppression from any other game effect it is worthless. Duck and cover is priced for elite units with relatively few wounds and additional skills like low profile or danger sense. Otherwise i think that one game was not very telling. Other units benefit from cover and dodge in the very same way after all (or even more with nimble). If you compare 118 points of Wookies to any given core unit, it does not say a lot if the Wookies last longer on average. They have to last significantly longer than two core units to consider them more resilient, and that is only the case if the opposing attack pools have a lot of pierce. Their resilience is just average. If they get focussed, they are not better as a bullet sponge or distraction unit than other units. To consider them as a dedicated damage dealer, they have to deal significantly more damage than two core units for their price tag. However, they only do more damage against units with red defence dice (or if your opponent is standing out of cover at range 2). Your idea to limit them to a short-ranged gun platfrom might work under certain circumstances, but they are actually not outstanding in that role. There are other units that can do that particular job better. Especially in the current Meta, Wookies will often suffer vs. a reasonable opponent if you insist to move them up to range 2 of the bulk of the opposing force and start shooting. Melee is definitely not the last resort for Wookies. It totally depends on the situation which option is better in a given round. Pierce is important, but the melee attack has also a lot of important advantages: 1. Other units cannot shoot the Wookies unless the Stormtroopers sacrifice their whole activation and withdraw 2. After the initial attack with charge and tenacity, the Wookies can only be targeted by 2 or 3 black dice until they decide to finish the melee with a final blow and move on. That area control is important in a lot of objectives. 3. If you can neutralize something like a impact grenades, a sniper rifle, a flamethrower, a scattergun, an emplacement trooper or Palpatine in specific situations, that is much more sensible than using pierce. With charge and tenacity, Wookies still kill 2 or 3 Stormtroopers on average before the Storms can strike back. Stormtroopers in heavy cover will usually take less damage against a ranged attack from the Wookies. It depends on the specific situation which option is better. Short version: If you limit Wookies to short-range gunslingers, you are limiting yourself without a reason and do not use a lot of tools they bring with them and that are a huge part of their point costs.
  18. Hekasu's cheeks flush slightly. He was not accustomed to dealing with such perceptive people in his regular course of business. Gathering back his on, he gives a small seated bow, "As you say, Ito-sama. The Yasuki lands are exactly to where I'm headed, and I would be honored to assist you."
  19. I like to use holidays as a creative opportunity to put together lists and pilots I might not normally use. Mother's Day was my first exercise and loved it as one list did not do well, which I expected, but another list surprisingly came out on top against a tough list with a good player. My next holiday theme is Memorial Day, celebrating American men and women who died in battle, next weekend. The challenge is to come up with a list of pilots, co-pilots, gunners, and bombardiers who died in battle for their respective factions. Please add a list you would consider for this theme and comment on what lists have been posted. Here is my offering: T-65 X-wing - •Jek Porkins - 48 •Jek Porkins - Red Six (46) Trick Shot (2) Servomotor S-foils (Closed) (0) BTL-A4 Y-wing - •“Dutch” Vander - 49 •“Dutch” Vander - Gold Leader (39) Ion Cannon Turret (4) Veteran Turret Gunner (6) T-65 X-wing - •Biggs Darklighter - 54 •Biggs Darklighter - Red Three (48) Shield Upgrade (6) Servomotor S-foils (Closed) (0) T-65 X-wing - •Garven Dreis - 49 •Garven Dreis - Red Leader (47) Trick Shot (2) Servomotor S-foils (Closed) (0) Total: 200/200 View in the X-Wing Squad Builder Dutch has been used on other lists because of his target lock ability. I might put Biggs on his wing to absorb some of the hits and keep Dutch flying for as long as he can. Garven and Porkins can either joust or attempt to outflank opponents and then joust from the opponents' rear. Should be interesting XXX group with a Y-Wing in support. Of course all four died in the Battle of Yavin.
  20. The best information available is that FFG/Asmodee no longer has the Battlestar Galactica license, so there won't be any reprints until/unless that changes.
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