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  2. Attacking from multiple directions at range three so they have to either try to gun one ship down or split up their group. If they focus one ship down, they're committing in one-ish direction and get hit hard from behind and the flank. If they split fire, their list becomes much less effective at actually blowing ships up. You want to stay at range three because rebel beef agility is all low and you can plink them to death from a distance without putting any ship in a great deal of danger.
  3. Maybe. FYI, the Padawan spec isn't a universal spec. It's part of the Jedi career. which is a new career unto itself (that appears in Rise of the Separatists), with two specs so far, Padawan and Knight. The universal spec you're thinking of is Padawan Survivor.
  4. Correction there: Palpatine didn't manipulate the nexus beneath the Jedi temple. The Jedi Temple was built upon a Dark Side nexus to begin with. It had been done in an attempt to purify it, and erase the ancient Sith presence on Coruscant. It failed on both counts.The Nexus itself is what clouded the Jedi's vision. Palpatine simply took advantage of this fact, but didn't have to do anything to the Nexus itself in order to do so.
  5. Wake me up when they announce the Maarek Stele TIE Fighter pack.
  6. The Defender already has issues making its points back. Full throttle is one of its strengths. I don't think giving up the evade is worth it
  7. The first thought that comes to my mind is a (non-sentient) nano-swarm that roams the literal surface of the world that infects and transforms those it encounters. Its programming causes it to traverse 5 feet (1.5m) above the surface of both water and land (why is that? Maybe the PCs can find out!) and its trajectory is random, so you can't predict where it will strike next. Being underwater (or underground, but if there is a way down, the swarm will traverse the underground caverns as normal since it's still the 'surface' of the earth). Thus, underwater is the safest place to be. Second thought was a less high-tech option: the apocalypse mutated animals and insects to be carnivorous. With everything on the face of the earth out to eat you, being underwater is the safest place to be. This also works for zombies, since corpses don't sink very well. Again, the trick is something that can't be predicted and has limited/no access to what lies beneath the waves. (Dis)Honourable mention: it's the aliens from Signs! They are allergic to water and thus don't traverse the seas nor delve beneath them!
  8. And, of course the reason why Rey is a badass is because of her much harsher upbringing. Exactly. Not entirely true. as others have posted, there are numerous accounts in canon and Legends of Untrained Force users capable of amazing innate uses of the Force. Yes, in the way Rey uses it. Precisely. Well said. It also had a lot of great stuff. To further the previous examples, there is also Nomi Sunrider, from Tales of the Jedi, with her natural talent in Battle Meditation, which she was able to use untrained, and used twice on Ambria, once to save her daughter from a pair of Hississ, and another time to save herself and Master Thon from pirates.
  9. Looks like I just received the last set of orders. I’ll process soon.
  10. Niklas God Nielsson won Malmo system open. He was flying Drea with 3 scurrgs.
  11. I agree. But I also think filling existing trees are an important place to start. A talent tree you own but havent filled in is not much use.
  12. I honestly think that the pose broke up the pacing and removed a good bit of tension from the situation, and that just showing the sequence after that would have been better. Thanks for the answer, though.
  13. Ok so that works great! Maro gets some friends for his mount.
  14. What, generically from a tactical standpoint, screws with Rebel beef? Asking for a friend.
  15. I'm playing this two handed solo. I'm at 49 threat and 48 threat. I have the black serpent engaged with 6 damage and the quest has 6 progress. This is going to be my last turn and I have two enemies engaged with player 1 and three other enemies engaged with player 2 who also has the black serpent with the serpents garb attached making him immune to player card effects. (The worst possible combo as I'm playing tactics spear of the citadel and gondorian spearman combos) So in this quest phase during staging I draw two encounter cards. They are both Chaos in The Night and I have no cancellation. Card reads- when revealed: the first player must choose: either raise each players threat by 3,or progress cannot be placed on quest cards until the end of the round. I choose the second effect on the first card, and I believe I had to choose the first effect on the second card as each choice has to change the game state where possible. Did I do this correctly? That's how I understand the FAQ reads on this sort of situation. Thus losing the game. That's twice now this card has lost me the game on threat 49 when victory was within my grasp in that turn. The previous time it was the shadow effect of this card. Which removed all progress from the current quest.
  16. Kyp Duron is legends and legends had a lot of dumb stuff in them.
  17. There are effects which treat a text box as blank. Mostly, when a character has damage. That results in e.g. a core Gandalf which has not to be discarded or your Erestor effect which isn't anymore. :)
  18. which is why jedi prefer to get to inphants before that is taught out of them.
  19. Thanks for the swift reply. That's brilliant news.
  20. Well, I stand corrected. Turns out I can't read Anyway, thank you so much for the amount of work you've put into this! I'm looking forward to the Chambers Militant expansion.
  21. Whisper and Soontir are both known quantities at this point, self-explanatory as you say. I like Duchess w/5th bro to round out the all-crits squad, which can be powerful by leveraging an unexpected game space. I think Duchess is an underrated analog of Whisper as both have i5, movement shenanigans, similar base stats (down one hit point), and the Gunner slot. With the lower price of Duchess you have a lot more load-out flexibility, which you've opted to put into that Gunner slot with the excellent 5thBro and Outmaneuver as a stand in for Juke. I think the more competitive option though is probably Jendon+Palp. The floating Force charge is always useful by giving one of your ships the option to do something besides focus. Jendon's turn 1 locks can give you the opportunity to focus for full mods on the first engagement or give i6 aces something to think about when they want to approach since you can hot with full mods even with them moving after.
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