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  2. Just realized techno union bombers are "Tubs" and that's adorable
  3. As much as I would like them, it wont happen. Theatres run on the business of showing as many viewings as possible with as little turnaround. Intermissions put a hamper on this. As the technology has changed, intermissions are also not needed. There are no longer film reels to change.
  4. Connor Nets are still 6 points; the same cost as Proximity Mines but they only have a single charge. I don't think I've seen a single list that uses them. Also, generic TIE Punishers still at a massive 38 points for 2/1/6/3, and need 8+ points of upgrades to make them even slightly useful.
  5. I suspect they will find their way into future packs for all factions. I wouldn't be surprised if we see force guidance with a model like Kanan.
  6. Based on the ship count you supplied, I would personally change the list like so: _______ Sinker Mini-swarm (54) "Sinker" [ARC-170 Starfighter] Points: 54 (42) 104th Battalion Pilot [ARC-170 Starfighter] (14) Chancellor Palpatine Points: 56 (38) Jedi Knight [Delta-7 Aethersprite] (2) Calibrated Laser Targeting Points: 40 (25) Gold Squadron Trooper [V-19 Torrent Starfighter] Points: 25 (25) Gold Squadron Trooper [V-19 Torrent Starfighter] Points: 25 Total points: 200 _______ Sinker's multiplicative ability makes him competitively far more valuable than two 7th Gunners, and easier to use. Palp control from the 2nd ARC confuses target priority and allows you to be extremely aggressive with your second heavy fighter. CLT on the Jedi is a staple if you're not running 7b, where Mediation can be good as well but rather as a secondary priority only when other important components already exist in the list. Overall, great start! Good luck!
  7. It's not except that one might think that other upgrades would be ignored for this purpose as well and I wanted to confirm that was not the case.
  8. Now that the initial "OMG DooooOoooOOom!" reaction has passed most players are ready to happily ignore angled deflectors. Of course that just makes me want to tinker with it. With that in mind I'm not just posting the list below for critique, but ask that everyone post their own lists integrating AD. Let's make this upgrade situationally functional people! Obi-Wan Kenobi (47) Battle Meditation (10) R4 Astromech (2) Calibrated Laser Targeting (4) Squad Seven Veteran (46) Elusive (3) Seventh Fleet Gunner (9) R2 Astromech (3) Angled Deflectors (6) Squad Seven Veteran (46) Elusive (3) Seventh Fleet Gunner (9) R2 Astromech (3) Angled Deflectors (6) Total: 197 The basic concept is obvious; use battle meditation to grant each ARC a second action to gain a reinforce token. With a bit of luck, the big guys can make it through the initial engagement with minimal dings and live long enough to disengage and recharge ... well everything. Post your lists. Kibitz. Enjoy.
  9. I pretty much agree on what have been said, the Rebel A-wing as no niche inside the rebel faction: - For a blocker you can bring a z-95 for 7 points less o go to a Blue Pathfinder U-wing that can carry a crew, and is medium size base. Also the 5s + boost is not that great for blocking, because if a) you land the block the rest of you squadron is probably R3, so not so great opportunity to do meaningful damage and b) if you miss the block (or the opponent sees it) you have a 4hp ship sitting R1 of the enemy formation. - It lacks firepower to be an effective flanker. 2 red dice are not gonna hurt to much. The talents are supposed to help compensate for this, but in such a fragile ship you don't want to spend too much on them: Outmaneuver (6), juke (7), Proton rockets (8). Cheaper talents like Crack Shot and Predator require bullseye, that is not easy to land on low I pilots. - It's a lousy arcdodger (what?): The thinks are fast, but they are not great arcdodgers like the Interceptor o Silencer. First low In, second lacks the option to link barrel roll to mod, so generally even if you dodged the arc (of a lower In ship) you are now with 2 unmodded red dice. Comparing them with the RZ-2 is very unfair, because the -2 is the only "cheap" ship in the resistance, and Heroic + Advanced Sensors help a lot to mitigate variance and finally the back arc gives them a great uptime on the targets.
  10. It is technically possible, yes. Some upgrades added to a ship can enable other cards to be added that are normally restricted. So (in the app) as long as you put the shield upgrade on the ship first, that should enable Angled Deflectors to be equipped to it. Curious, how is this relevant? Uahgreed. Its going to be a poor choice on a ship with 3 agility, and FFG knows this, which is why its cheaper the more agility the ship has. For small ships, it will be better on ships like the HWK, or a Y-wing (if you have the points, 6 on a Y-wing is a fair amount)
  11. Spot on. You don't play a card (or use an ability) if you don't believe it will give you an advantage.
  12. Zeph01

    Lying in Wait

    Hello all just a quick question on Aim I keep seeing multiple posts and references on how Bossk (hypothetically) has the capability to get 6-7 aim tokens with Lying in Wait, and then keep rolling till he gets 5 crits I thought with an aim token you can reroll two dice but you are unable to reroll a reroll. So if bossk fires and rolls 5 blank, spends 3 aim tokens and rolls 5 blank again, he cant reroll those 5 dice am I correct?
  13. Or a plot point to see if they can reset their programming without destroying them and save their investment.
  14. The game is "internally competitive enough." There are almost 70 ships in the game. If you can't find a handful that allow you to Fly And Win, or a different handful to Fly For Fun, that's on you, not the points assigned to the components. What is ridiculous is the amount of entitled hyper-perfectionism that is expected from this game. Well, in recent weeks there have been the "I Can't Play Because Points Are Changing" thread, the "Scum Is Screwed And Needs New Points" thread, and the "Now I Can't Play My YT-2400 For 6 More Months" thread. So yeah, the Every 6 Months = Points and Refresh **** show has become an entrenched feature of the game. And it is no longer strictly about balance, It's about killing meta archetypes to force players back to the drawing board. And it is about players refusing to play ships that they have decide have the wrong point value. And, IMHO, things are even worse than in 1.0. At that time, complaints were about demonstrably underperforming ships in the meta that needed some luv. Now, everybody is an expert on how their favorite ship is off by 1-5 points. As has been pointed out above, they are 2 different ships in 2 different factions. So, you are comparing a citron and a citron vert. Yeah, it does make me sad that FO/Resistance are essentially copies of Empire/Rebels.
  15. If you are looking at a pure Procket platform, the generic RZ-1s being cheaper does help. However, that is a single shot, on a generic. The second you look at the named pilots, things completely tilt in favour of the RZ-2. For a single point more than Arvel, the Resistance can get a pilot who is immune to being blocked (Zari Bangel), and at the same cost as Jake you can either get a initiative 4 pilot who can freely rotate their arc after fully executing a manoeuvre (Greer Sonnel) or an I5 pilot who wants to bullseye someone anyway (Tallissan Lintra). Tallissan is much more likely to be able to get that bullseye, sitting at a stronger initiative position than Jake.
  16. Assuming we're talking any sizable building or other obstecle, four actions is right: one to get into base to base, one to go up, one to go to the next edge, one to go down. At least on my tables, vertical walls (be they ruins, part of buildings, or wrecks) are far more common than difficult terrain.
  17. I don't think this works. Specifically, I think that the rule forbidding a ship from equipping multiple copies of a card is not a card restriction. Restrictions are specific to individual upgrades and are listed in a box on the card itself.
  18. I flew this yesterday, and it's surprisingly decent. Four ships, so you're pretty bare bones on any of them, but with 2 points left you can look a couple of options - Engine Upgrade on Palob, Crack Shot on the two G-1As, or maybe Predator on Zuckuss. Between Palob and Seevor, your opponent should be hurting for dice modification (which makes Zuckuss' extra dice all the better), and 4-LOM shuts down their options for the following turn. Matching Initiative 3 across all of the ships is quite nice as well, making it a bit easier to navigate your ships around each other. Zuckuss (45) 4-LOM (49) Advanced Sensors (10) Mist Hunter (2) Palob Godalhi (40) Debris Gambit (4) Moldy Crow (18) Captain Seevor (30) Total: 198 View in Yet Another Squad Builder 2.0
  19. Will damiyo typically only have samurai families from their Clan serving them, or will they more often have members of some other Clans serving them? IE how strange would it be for a member of the Matsu family to be sworn to a Crab damiyo?
  20. Well I find the gift giving shuji to be functional. The support system that establishes gift “value” is what is at issue here.
  21. @Wazat, taking a close look at the AG, it is helpful to compare it to the V19 Torrent. I think these may be the only two ships to have B.roll+link+red evade. Cheapest Torrent is 25. So you're paying THREE POINTS for a more open and speedy dial, an extra rocket slot, a turret and gunner slot, and very importantly, swapping one hull out for a shield. I wouldn't call it a great trade, but I'd say it's fair. In that note, I'd keep my AG cheap and use it as a Control Blocker. Doral Turret and "BT-1" gunner on the Specialist. 33 points and done. (Edit: sorry, Kestal. Maybe next time )
  22. Wondering if these cards will be in the upcoming expansions or just the new Clone Core Set?
  23. I haven't logged in for a bit but usually there is a bundle where you can get a new clone skin for all four of the classes that can equip the skin. 40K is pretty steep for a single trooper class skin. That's more a hero skin cost. Just poke around in the appearance menu for the bundle. It might be the same skin for every class. Okay, forget all of that. Found your answer on the Battlefront forums here: https://battlefront-forums.ea.com/discussion/140528/no-bundle-crates-for-the-droideka-update-clone-skins#latest Notice the post from F8RGE who is pretty much official saying it is correct that it is 240K to get all of the new trooper skins you're talking about. So no bundles. Grind for the credits or pony up real cash for crystals.
  24. I don’t think such a person would allow their H/G to sink super low, thus they wouldn’t Give you grounds to declare them honorless.
  25. I'd say what you are asking would be possible, given the ruling (which is on pg 27). As for when/how they trigger, id say they would both trigger separately, and you "decide the order they enter the ability queue" so that ship would deal 2 damage upon being destroyed.
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