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  2. And I think in that situation, it makes plenty of sense to buy on amazon or some other online retailer. I think if you’re not playing at a store or in a community (ie just family or friends), then it’s not that big a deal. In my case, most of my xwing is pickup games at the LGS. I don’t pay to play either, so the only way they make money is moving product. Sure, they sell board games and sell a TON of trading card nonsense like MtG etc. I don’t fault them - it sells. Those card players help keep our store open so I don’t mind. We have enough of a game space for our group and while the xwing selection at any moment is not stellar, they can order anything for us easy enough.
  3. You can buy online and save even more - 20% off (over $40) with code FATHERSDAY. My FLGS stopped selling X-Wing right after the conversion kits - CCGs pay the bills in this college town, so no regrets here.
  4. Hmm, Hmm Officer Ackbar... "If Admiral Raddus and Caiten and Shollan are also equipped to this ship, you may equip any Rebel Title Card." 8pts. MC80L with Aspiration MC75 OC with Mon Karren or AC Liberty MC30 with Bright Hope or QS
  5. Wait, so the points update and new wave are non-synchronous? That’s a little surprising.
  6. Don't mention it, I'm happy to help where I can. I'll go through the document when I find the time. Might take me a while, since I'm somewhat of a slow reader, but I'd like to think that's also a plus when proofreading.
  7. I just checked around my area and they’re listing none in stock. Is this geographically centered somewhere in the US?
  8. PC's often split up so there is that, but I apply the same sort of survival to the Nemesis class enemies as I do the PCs so they might attempt a trap initially doing things that will affect a group like using stun grenades, etc. Also if it is a more bad guy type of BH I figure they are greedy and see it as a challenge to try and cut the shares down as long as it isn't a clearly suicidal situation to go after the PCs. The PCs in my games don't tend to be pushing anything like the power limits of the system and are not usually famous so the BH doesn't usually see them as being a murderhobo god squad. The BH is not attempting to take on the Avengers by himself. That having been said a group of PCs has a big advantage in all the actions they can take, so if they can all do volley fire against the guy each round then the BH is gonna go down fast. Choke points, traps, and cover if the group can be made to move into the area the BH wants, or overwhelming firepower and distance if trying to catch them on the move. I will have the BH typically attack the most dangerous-looking characters (Armored, carrying big weapons) who are not the Mark first. I like to use back-up troops for the BH too, but I don't feel the lone BH is something that isn't feasible, at least at the level of power we play at.
  9. Not all of us have a LGS. Closest one I know of is an hour drive, and they only really deal in MTG and Pokemon... I'm a bit rural.
  10. I think the difficulty with going 3 cores is that you miss any upgrades contained in the individual packs. For example, if you don't buy a reanimate archer or reanimates pack, you won't have access to combat ingenuity or lingering dead, both of which have their place. If you dropped 1 core, what other options are there for picking up packs? If, for example, you could do a Oathsworn/Reanimates/Reanimate Archers for about the same price, you'd have access to a good selection of tray configurations and ensure upgrade diversity.
  11. Bump the link appears to be broken.
  12. Finishing up some of my buildings. They're going to be within a mostly jungle or tropical setting, though they do look a bit like desert. This blue turned out way better than I expected. Great natural lighting 😅
  13. I also think there is a note to a GM in the book that the actual fall should be roll played in a significant way. Like if you know your player is getting close to it, make the act that does it really tick. Also The whole using JUST Dark side pips to fall to the dark side and being a perfect angel otherwise is possible on paper, but not really practical in practice. Since you are Rolling a D10 after every session against your conflict you are rolling 5.5 on average and thus need to be generating on average 6 conflict a session for 40 sessions to fall from 50 to 30. To do this with ONLY dark side pips with an FR of 2 would cause you to also take 6 strain a session and likely flip on average of 3 destiny points a session just to do this. This also means a usage of at least 3 to 4 force powers a session and given the setting the base game takes place in that much Force Power usage would bring A LOT of unwanted attention. As far as the things on the list of 9.2 there are all kinds of things on that list that I know even players playing morally good characters will depending on the circumstances. Like turning a blind eye to cruelty to avoid getting in trouble with the empire. Lying for personal gain. Theft is very common if the players have joined the rebellion, they steal from the empire all the time yes it is mitigated a little because of this, but it is still conflict. Torture is one of those slippery slopes that an evil person can REALLY EASILY justify. Like an assassin is trying to kill a high level government official and the players catch him and he is not talking. The players need to know who hired him so they can take this bounty off the officials head.... torture sounds very reasonable to any evil player even coercion and threatening with violence sounds reasonable to most good players, and what do they do once they have that answer. Again for an evil darkside player the answer is simple we kill them (Murder 10+ Conflict), **** for most players I have played with that is the answer but the system would force them to try and talk to this person and get them to back off another way besides just murder. (also I love the fact that the system does that because it allows me to have more evil megalomaniac characters that order minions to do everything for them but are basically untouchable that need to be talked down).
  14. I hear people talking about ordering from amazon all the time and feel sorry for their local stores. I don’t care if I can save a few dollars elsewhere. Without the store there is no local community thus no reason to even buy the ships. kudos to you for understanding that.
  15. Hey @Edgehawk, Castar is going to go grab some random parts from a local scrap shop (enough to mod an attachment, which is just 50 credits worth of misc parts), can he keep his ear to the ground, just to see if he gets any rumors?
  16. Will these Episode 9 spoilers never end?!
  17. Spinny. Flappy. B-wings. B-wings. That spin. And flap. No reason? You shut yer **** mouth.
  18. So Malarus travelled through time and switched sides and managed to fly a Jedi Interceptor, I must have missed that in the clone wars TV show.
  19. That does make a difference. I know I am not fluent in Aurebesh or whatever that “Galacticis, and I’m sure anyone I can get to play won’t be either.
  20. Problem is if a ship/pilot/upgrade is limited but undercosted it will become an auto include in lists. Surely it's better to have things limited for list building such as named pilots or the dotted pilots Hyena pilots/handmaidens etcetera or even the Solitary upgrades. And then make sure all those upgrades are balanced points wise rather than smashing the points into the ground and saying well it's limited so it can't be spammed this won't be broken, which I just don't agree with. Maybe have each ship type increase in points cost for each multiple you have but that just busts single or mainly single ship swarms and encourages Tie salad/Rebel Beef UXBY style lists
  21. Aris walks up to the pair and asks the gotal... Hi, I'm Aris we, gesturing towards Jonas, walked in after the fight had already started so didn't see who instigated it, but now I'm gathering that the other guy was apparent the ****** bag responsible. You up for a gave of darts? Turning to the newcomer mandalorian (Rei) who had stopped the fight, Remind me to never get on your bad side girlfriend, by the way do you want in on the game of darts too?
  22. Wave 5, not wave 4. The VCX reprint isn’t out yet. Same - I finally got a great relationship going with a LGS and a steady community is growing. I put my preorder in for wave 4 with them, and I intend to wait it out for picking it up from them. I know it won’t keep their doors open for my $100 or so, but if everyone is doing that it helps. I just had them add 2x N1s to my preorder of 2x Resistance transports. I have no reason to pick up the rereleases nor the droid
  23. Good luck with the role, I hope you have a blast!
  24. Greetings everyone! I'm Derek (aka Karneck), most of you know me as the guy who posts the youtube videos talking about explaining stuff Star Wars Armada related. With the departure of our beloved (and all around great guy) @i2xCross from the judges chair, I was recently approached by FFG and asked if I would be willing to judge the North American Championship at GenCon this year. I am (and still) totally blown away by this opportunity and I have accepted. I am extremely excited to be attending my first GenCon in August and I look forward to meeting more people from this wonderful community! I had a blast meeting so many people at Worlds. I know we're eagerly awaiting the release of the new announced expansions and looking forward to more information on the upcoming product. I can't answer any questions about that but if you DO have any questions regarding Star Wars Armada, and on how I would make any rulings, if the new expansions were to be released by GenCon. Please feel free to ask here, or if you have any questions really, I'll do the best I can to provide the most accurate information I can.
  25. I expect we'll get a ruling on the character version of R2 when that set is released.
  26. - why do you move stuff into the released when you physically aquire it, and not when it is officially released?
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