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  2. There's 7 factions and you've only played rebels and resistance?
  3. You are Ebon's substitute when Pod didn't show up? I wondered whom they had gotten to represent them in the end.
  4. I think I've been too enamoured with running Gorgemaw that I haven't bothered as much with Beastmaster
  5. I have never flown any scum, ever. In 2.0, I have only flown the “bad guy” factions.
  6. Yes but you could give them a nav token for one speed change per game. Good for that crit that reduces your speed I suppose or for occasionally avoiding a collision with one of your own warships. The main objective of the scenario is for the freighters to get into the enemy deployment zone and hyperspace out so I immagine speed 2 will be the usual initial setting for them. The reason for no commands is to speed the game up. The freighters are in addition to the player's 400 points and so if each does a command each turn they behave a little more like warships able to turn well, repair or activate reasonable number of squadrons and have better flak etc. The extra rules are just to tone down their abilities to be sort of moving cargo canisters (as freighters should be). The one command token per freighter just adds a little personal preference and flexibility.
  7. I always wonder about combining Ion Cannons with Heavy Laser Cannon on Scyks or Gunboats - 3-4 Ion Cannons and 2-3 Heavy Laser Cannons (not sure on the right mix). A Heavy Laser Cannon is good for its cost on a relatively cheap, undergunned chassis, but actually getting a shot with it isn't that easy. Ionized targets are extremely predictable because it's basically 1-forward with no repositioning. That sounds like a deeply unpleasant situation when high-power boresight weapons are looking for a shot.
  8. Sadly it could be worded the same way. I asked this question because having played other games from FFG there were situations when one card said reduce by x to a minimum of 1 and another card said reduce by y without a restriction. The minimum of 1 was regarded as absolute. And so „you may include up to 2 rebel Deployment cards“ could also impose an absolute maximum. Good to know how it works in this game but it always depends on the wording the designers have established for „their“ game.
  9. We’ll be live at around 7PM UTC or as soon as the points go live and the FFG stream is over with at www.twitch.tv/teammechkillers If you can’t catch us live, follow us on Podbean or iTunes!
  10. No, pretty sure they would just die in massive numbers just trying to approach the gun line. Maybe they'd put in some work and take out a squad, but I doubt it.
  11. No, that's fair. I was specifically referring to trying to take both out with your flanking force. Hitting them in a pincer is entirely valid, though it does, of course, require you to devote at least two units to the destruction of a single sniper team, and likely not one on turn 1 or two if you're able to maneuver that far.
  12. Quite amazing the amount of work you have put into this , and it does have a lot of useful tools for co-operative play in there - so thank you
  13. That's good, but without commands doesn't that mean freighters are locked a the speed you deploy them at?
  14. Agreed. High threat, but alot of work for 52p.
  15. I get the uses of his skill. I personally struggle a bit to use it since (I think) I tend to spread my Uthuk across the board. Maim wonder what do you put on Beastmaster? Do people just run him naked and lean into his skill? Driven Fury and Tyrant’s Lash have worked for me. Have people made Cunning Strikes or Beastial Ferocity work?
  16. I am guessing that you are playing one of the factions that dislike him 😉
  17. Today
  18. You may even say a lack of table-scaling would make the Emperor....Cross
  19. I just really don’t like that haircut.
  20. I've swapped from a Mac to a PC for the game. How to I apply the downloaded update so that it updates and keeps my saved squads?
  21. Man, what's wrong with these ship designers? Must be impossible to hit something with that gun disposition.
  22. It’s basically coincidence at this point. How many lists that were near identical to some of the top 8 do you think competed in the prior tournaments and went nowhere hmm? Many. And they lost to players not running the “meta”. As @TalkPolite is fond of noting, these players put a lot of time and effort into learning to play one particular list; If they had chosen to work with a different list, that’s what would be up there. It’s not the strike teams, it’s the players. To say otherwise discounts the reality that many players using strike teams in the lower levels lost to those not using them, and it is basically saying: but for strike teams, the top 8 would be entirely different players.
  23. I was using it in December to great effect with Biggs. Modern beef is more aggressive and attacks with much greater accuracy than a plodding selfless list. I expect to see Selfless pop up again when the meta shakes up a bit.
  24. Like key positions before it , strike team spam will likely be looked at and adjusted for. I mean at the WC 23 out of 24 possible slots were used up with strike teams and 20 were snipers. That's bound to be quite telling to the developers that everyone at high level play is currently ignoring Pathfinders Wookie warriors Commando full teams Death troopers and IRG except via Entourage. Scout trooper full units. Along with that you also have the following being ignored Vader All armor All rebel leaders except the twins Chewbacca Thats a large percentage of the game unrepresented, I'm sure they are taking notice
  25. I’m saying it becomes all about positioning and maneuver then. There are going to be moves that are best when going first, and there are going to be moves that are best when going second. If you are in the position of going first, you need to either have a plan of action for attacking your opponent, one for sitting tight (and still being successful), or one for maneuver to put your opponent into a position of having to move themselves or suffer greatly on the next turn. The desire to not go first is advantageous perhaps for Imperial Stormtroopers, whose defense doesn’t rely on activating before being fired on, but it really just doesn’t fly for Rebel Troopers that need that dodge token to weather most fire.
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