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  2. Spinny. Flappy. B-wings. B-wings. That spin. And flap. No reason? You shut yet **** mouth.
  3. So Malarus travelled through time and switched sides and managed to fly a Jedi Interceptor, I must have missed that in the clone wars TV show.
  4. That does make a difference. I know I am not fluent in Aurebesh or whatever that “Galacticis, and I’m sure anyone I can get to play won’t be either.
  5. Problem is if a ship/pilot/upgrade is limited but undercosted it will become an auto include in lists. Surely it's better to have things limited for list building such as named pilots or the dotted pilots Hyena pilots/handmaidens etcetera or even the Solitary upgrades. And then make sure all those upgrades are balanced points wise rather than smashing the points into the ground and saying well it's limited so it can't be spammed this won't be broken, which I just don't agree with. Maybe have each ship type increase in points cost for each multiple you have but that just busts single or mainly single ship swarms and encourages Tie salad/Rebel Beef UXBY style lists
  6. Aris walks up to the pair and asks the gotal... Hi, I'm Aris we, gesturing towards Jonas, walked in after the fight had already started so didn't see who instigated it, but now I'm gathering that the other guy was apparent the ****** bag responsible. You up for a gave of darts? Turning to the newcomer mandalorian (Rei) who had stopped the fight, Remind me to never get on your bad side girlfriend, by the way do you want in on the game of darts too?
  7. Wave 5, not wave 4. The VCX reprint isn’t out yet. Same - I finally got a great relationship going with a LGS and a steady community is growing. I put my preorder in for wave 4 with them, and I intend to wait it out for picking it up from them. I know it won’t keep their doors open for my $100 or so, but if everyone is doing that it helps. I just had them add 2x N1s to my preorder of 2x Resistance transports. I have no reason to pick up the rereleases nor the droid
  8. Good luck with the role, I hope you have a blast!
  9. Greetings everyone! I'm Derek (aka Karneck), most of you know me as the guy who posts the youtube videos talking about explaining stuff Star Wars Armada related. With the departure of our beloved (and all around great guy) @i2xCross from the judges chair, I was recently approached by FFG and asked if I would be willing to judge the North American Championship at GenCon this year. I am (and still) totally blown away by this opportunity and I have accepted. I am extremely excited to be attending my first GenCon in August and I look forward to meeting more people from this wonderful community! I had a blast meeting so many people at Worlds. I know we're eagerly awaiting the release of the new announced expansions and looking forward to more information on the upcoming product. I can't answer any questions about that but if you DO have any questions regarding Star Wars Armada, and on how I would make any rulings, if the new expansions were to be released by GenCon. Please feel free to ask here, or if you have any questions really, I'll do the best I can to provide the most accurate information I can.
  10. I expect we'll get a ruling on the character version of R2 when that set is released.
  11. - why do you move stuff into the released when you physically aquire it, and not when it is officially released?
  12. 4-5 ships per faction max, available re-released content only. Anyone who wants more than that can play extended. Empire Tie Advanced x1 Tie Advanced v1 Tie Fighter Tie Striker Tie Reaper or Decimator Rebel T-65 B-Wing Y-Wing YT-1300 VCX or U-Wing Scum Firespray Fang Fighter Syck YT1300 or Jumpmaster Z95 or Miner Tie Resistance T70 RZ2A YT1300 ( exception to re-release rule ) Shuttle First Order Silencer SF FO Upsilon ( exception to re-release rule ) Republic Jedi Torrent Arc 170 N1 Y-Wing Separatist Vulture Infiltrator B22 Hyena Nantex Lets make this format as welcoming as possible to new players. Episode 9 is on its way. Time to get ready. Move to a 6 ship max once everything catches up.
  13. Quad Upsilons. Whisper (Juke, AS, Stealth device, Kallus), Echo (Lone Wolf, PerCop, Stealth Device, AS) and any two threat of Choice. Duchess, Pure Sabaac with shield upgrades and EPT? Loaded Crack Tomax? Vynder seems decent. Vermiel, Redline, Deathrain? Mod Jerrijord Imdaar seems funny. OGP Sloane? Honestly I could see any of the above being very effective.
  14. I don't think it was ever stated that was the case, though it may well have been something from the original designer's POV. I know more than a few game designers over the decades have written RPGs with portions of the rules done in such a way as to run counter to the long-established approaches that D&D embodies.
  15. So here's a thing with regards to how a dark sider should or shouldn't act... I don't think there's really any one defining guideline that says all dark siders should act a certain way, apart from a callous disregard for the general well-being of most others. And if you accept SWTOR as part of the equation, it's even possible to play a Sith who very much embodies the "noble demon" trope, being of the dark side but not being a cackling villain about it. To instance, we've got Darth Vader who is cold, without compassion, and pragmatically ruthless, and then there's Darth Maul who's a walking cauldron of barely-repressed seething rage during TPM and a demented vengeance-obsessed loony during Rebels. Or Kylo Ren, who has a hair trigger temper yet generally only lashes out at machines and inanimate objects. Or Palpatine who takes a frankly sadistic glee in causing the suffering of as many other beings as possible no matter how grand or small the scale. To pull from WEG lore, there's the Dark Jedi/Inquisitor character of Adalric Cessius Brandl, who is pretty much a star-crossed tragic character in the vein of Hamlet, who is undoubtedly a dark sider but isn't out and out "evil" and even goes rogue from the Empire as well as doing some good deeds along the way (not enough to even come within a light year of redemption, but just enough to show that he's not a completely callous a-hole). So it really seems that other than fueling your Force usage by drawing upon darker emotions (anger, hate, fear), there's just not a "by the book one size fits all" metric to how a dark sider should act. Which with that mind, I guess it makes sense that FFG didn't hard-code anything into the rules about how a dark sider has to act once they've fallen to the dark side. Granted, per the rules reaching redemption (i.e. no longer being a dark sider) isn't a mechanically simple thing either, since they still earn conflict for using those dark pips and need to hit Light Side Paragon status in order to be "redeemed."
  16. Anyone with a VCX-100, how does the model's removable shuttle mechanism work? Does a full Shithapeed model pop out? And can you fit an attack shuttle in there?
  17. FFG have hinted at a rotation. ships in and ships out. based on current rebel beef meta the B-wing could rotate out but who knows. FFG can adjust points of pilots themselves and effectively nerf the Wedge+BBU+Leia crew rebel beef squad. It would be sad to see the X-Wing ship itself not in hyperspace but they could do that right?
  18. Greetings @Cassian Ordo and welcome! First off, I like your idea, and (despite what some people above may say, I'm pretty sure it's plausible) R2D2's thrusters seemed to be able to lift his weight fairly easily, and they don't appear to be very large (6 inches maybe?), and we've seen small droids (like your inspiration from Fallen Order, Pit Droids, and Mouse droids) I don't see anything wrong with slapping a 3 int 2 Computers/Mechanics droid on your back with the jets attached. (3int 2x skill for balance) Stimpack application? Sure? Just make sure the droid doesn't get to do anything else that turn. Stimpacks have diminishing returns anyway. A backpack as well??? I'd say no, for a couple reasons: It's counterintuitive to the "flying" aspect (you need larger engines if you want to lift more, and more fuel would be required). As was suggested above, I'd say a couple enc max. You can still carry gear in pouches/utility belts, etc. If you think about it, that's a strong balance aspect for the droid in general (if you want your jetpack, you can't wear a backpack) Here's the point I really wanted to get to, and that's the whole "jetpack" thing. I'm not sure how experienced your GM is, but it's pretty widely accepted that there's a bit of rule wonkiness when personal scale combat intersects with vehicle scale combat. With a jetpack, you can zip anywhere up to extreme range in a single turn, which can cause all kinds of craziness in combat encounters. Might I suggest a compromise where, instead of a bona-fide Jetpack, the droid basically grants you an ability in the vein of the "Force Leap" talent in the Enhance tree, the Improved Freerunning ability in the Racer tree, or the Kyuzo leap species ability? It would give you an edge in mobility, but not have to bring in all the vehicle mechanics. And it would keep things simpler. Which is generally desirable. It also fits for a compact droid with a rocket booster, rather than a full time dedicated flying droid, or even an astromech with rockets. If you're still worried about balance, it could always be a 1-2 uses per encounter/X uses per day(or between charging) Depending on how powerful your GM wants to make the ability. Good luck, and let us know what your GM and you come up with!
  19. Until the newer factions catch up I think the question should be what ships need to leave Hyperspace. Every faction should be as equal as possible in ship count there.
  20. I’m tempted to go to the local B&N and check but I would rather support my FLGS. Our previous store closed and we didn’t have one for a year. I don’t want that happening again so I buy everything there.
  21. So an interesting tidbit regarding Form V and it's acceptance by the Jedi Order prior to its fall... Form V was accepted, but only just as it was held by some masters as being too aggressive, perhaps even more so than Ataru, which is by nature a very aggressive Form. This was due to Form V's mindset of needing to dominate/overwhelm the opponent using sheer brute force, literally battering them into submission as Anakin did against Count Dooku in Episode III. The novelization of Episode III covers that duel from Doou's perspective, and he's both alarmed and amazed at how adept Anakin has become at Form V, to the point he's seriously worried that the boy will just literally smash through the precision-based defense of his Makashi mastery.
  22. Yesterday
  23. I remember the disagreement well I think the term works well enough to refer to a particular high level and capable party, which is why I've used it in that particular context. I might mix up the language a bit as I go through the other chapters. I'm marking your comments as resolved as I fix them (in my InDesign master, fixes won't show until I upload a new PDF unfortunately), which makes them disappear, but you can set Google Docs to "Show inactive comments" if you want them back. Definitely appreciate the help!
  24. Mace Windu even said in AotC that the Jedi were keepers of the peace, not soldiers, which does imply that they weren't shy about using violence when the situation called for it. It's even been said that the true death knell of the Jedi Order had sounded the moment they agreed to service as generals to the Clone Trooper army, as they forswore their oaths as keepers of the peace to instead become soldiers, taking a much more aggressive stance as opposed to being the defenders of peace and justice as Obi-Wan described in ANH. One can't help but wonder how much bitterness there was for Obi-Wan after having had a couple of decades to mull over just where it was that things went so wrong for the Jedi and the Republic, and realizing just how much the fault was his in the chain of events.
  25. Just saw some in my local Barnes and Noble. Sadly, they were missing the one ship I want now.
  26. There was a great line in the WotC RCR supplement Power of the Jedi (which I highly recommend reading for anyone that wants to actually play character with the actual mindset of a formally trained Jedi) about why they use lightsabers as opposed to less-lethal weapons such as stun batons or stun blasters. That rationale is that for a Jedi, resorting to violence should be the absolute last response, and only employed when all other options have failed. Thus, by carrying a weapon as dangerous and deadly as a lightsaber, it requires a Jedi to really consider the weight of that action before committing to it. Even if they attack to literally disarm as Obi-Wan has been shown to do on three separate occasions, there's still the fact that the Jedi as irrevocably damaged the target. But, if a Jedi carries a weapon that only deals non-lethal damage, then the weight of using violence as a solution is lessened, which in turns can inspire the Jedi to use violence before all other options have been explored. It is similar to the real-world concerns of police being armed with tasers being too eager to engage the taser, which isn't 100% non-lethal as people have died from being tased due to the taser causing cardiac arrest; after all, if you are reasonably certain your weapon won't kill the other guy, it's a lot more tempting to go for your weapon to subdue a potentially violent person as opposed to trying to de-escalate the situation. Given the sort of power that is at a Jedi's disposal (especially in films where they don't have to worry about spending resources to learn to use various powers and effects, but can just do them), it's a very dangerous slope for a Jedi to tread, as it can lead to them being far more aggressive than they might otherwise be, which we know can lead a Jedi down the path of the dark side.
  27. Huzzah looks great for both X-wing and Legion; I missed the event there today due to house hunting. I did stop by Curio which seems very tight for playing X-wing. I'm also trying to find the NOVA X-wing Facebook group if there is one.
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