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  2. That makes since since the 1st edition only had two different sizes, one for transports and one the corvette gunships.
  3. So now I've had a bit of time to think about yesterday's tournament here are a few things I've come up with. First off, the list I flew; I'm still happy with the squadron and it's performance over all. It was fun to fly and none of my opponents actually considered it an easy list to fly against. That being said, it is definitely far too susceptible to bad dice to be anything other than a fun list. I have to say the Afterburner was one of the stand-out upgrades on the table,the extra options it gave Guri certainly made a difference. The other upgrade that more than pulled it's weight was Advanced Sensors, several players mentioned that they just didn't have a clue where Dalan was going to end up. As a result, I'm now going to throw both these upgrades on Guri and Dalan and then see what I can fit in alongside them. Now the other things, warning this bit might get random its probably a bit obvious, but flying the list in its final form before it hit the table in round one would have been really helpful. By the time I flew against my friend in round 3 he could notice the difference in my "dancing" of the Vipers enough that he actually commented on it, and he had only played against me flying Vipers 48 hours beforehand. As Force Majeure said above in their post, I can't stress enough how important it is to keep your fluid levels up. It was very warm for the time of year in the UK and having recently read the comment meant that I was mindful of keeping ahead with fluids. Another comment from Force that defineatly helped on the day was about choosing my battles. Mostly in the first round, I was still flying the list as if I had Fearlessness on both Dalan and Xisor, and it contributed to the big loss I took in that round. After that though I was far more prepared to disengage for a turn or two. My final comment is one that I know that not everyone will agree with. I'm still not a huge fan of the format. Now having said that, I now think that it's something I will grow to like more as the roster of ships and cards changes, rather than something I will never play again. I'm not going to de-rail this thread by discussing the pros and cons of the Hyperspace format, at the moment, I'll leave it as a personal choice.
  4. Estarriol

    Inert Fat Han

    At the end of the day it’s either becoming a problem or it isn’t. We aren’t going to find out until the next major event when the WAAC crowd attempt to netlist their way to victory A quick search of tabletop to and list fortress hasn’t shown any victories but there haven’t been any extended events of a reasonable size since the UK open to give us any data. Until that happens, as Moff Tarkin said, “this bickering is pointless”.
  5. Follow-up question: say I barrel roll off of the obstacle, but my struts are still open (landing mode). Next turn, I perform a NEW maneuver and land on a NEW obstacle. By my reading of the card, I'd land safely (I ignore obstacles while I move), but then flip my card to Closed (flight mode), and have to deal with any effects of overlapping that obstacle (no shot for an asteroid, etc), and I'd have to move the subsequent turn...?
  6. With Toryn and BCC nearby, Xwings. Without upgrades from ships, maybe YT 2400s.
  7. I can’t say I agree with you @Archlyte, particularly regarding the quality of hand-crafting something vs factory construction. Something created by a skilled craftsman is typically of better quality than something mass produced, and thus, a lot more expensive to purchase.
  8. I was just thinking over this weekend "i really need another copy of improvised orders for my son" Is this the only chance of getting that card so far besides buying multiple copies if Han?
  9. If the Autopilot Drone is undocked at any point in the system phase, does it lose a charge (if it can)? Can you choose to dock it BEFORE it loses a charge? And, I'm assuming that even a chargeless Drone can still be docked, at which point it's basically a Proton Bomb?
  10. To make it even stinkier, Supernatural Reflexes Anakin can spend a force to reposition, then execute a maneuver, then spend another force to remove stress, THEN spend a third force to Fine Tuned Controls another reposition, and STILL get to perform a regular action for the turn...
  11. BigBadAndy

    My go at Fett

    He looks great @WGNF911. Tell me about the base.
  12. Yep. And yes it could take that long given that the new print run has to fit within whatever slot it can get within the printer’s existing que.
  13. Of course! Hope it helps 😄 In case you didn't see it, I pushed a new release this morning. It's mainly meant for bugfixes, but has a nice enhancement to the character creation wizard that might make it worth a re-download!
  14. I've been wondering how exactly recruiting works since we started playing the game. You draw 2 cards. you can then recruit one of the guys portrayed on the 2 cards. BUT can you then chose to put either card in your hand or does it have to be the one you recruit from? Also, my gaming logic tells me that you need to show your opponent the recruiting icons in order to verify that you actually got the guy you chose BUT then he sees your action card and potentially knows the ability on it? are we supposed to hide the text with our fingers? that seems super clumsy game design.
  15. George Lucas specifically patterned Palpatine’s rise to be power on Hitler. In both cases each rose from obscurity to the position of chancellor of their republic, then engineered getting absolute power and declared a dictatorship, essentially overthrowing the republic in question.
  16. I don't think it is going to be a hardpoint, as the devs have already gone on record that it lowers your speed. I think it will be a new type of upgrade. This is what I think the ARC will look like: ARC base stats: Speed 3, Health 4, Malfunction: -, No Hardpoint slot, 1 'Configuration' slot Sidecard upgrade (Configuration): Decrease your speed by 1. Increase your health by 2. Add 1 Hardpoint slot. This hardpoint may fire using the rear Arc. The Sidecar may also take away Cover 1 and replace it with Armor 1 or something like that.
  17. New release published on Github! https://github.com/dashnine/PaperBlossoms/releases This is a minor release in support of our anticipated 1.0, but it still comes with a few oft-requested features! In this release: Added a Summary Skill/Ring sidebar to character creation Improved character sheet pagination (particularly the curriculum page) Shrank default (blank) boxes to fit 6 techniques on a sheet Show Clan/Family skill and rings in description box during CharGen Auto-populate the description box for "standing out in your school" when selecting a ring Made multiple fixes to eliminate errors when saving PaperBlossoms in a read-only directory (e.g. Program Files)
  18. For new pilots, titles, configs, and maybe some crew/gunners, I’d buy. How to distribute these properly (by faction, by wave, by ship, etc) could be a challenge and I doubt there is a way that will make everyone happy, but I think it is worth the challenge.
  19. Which is impossible to do except with a turn (correct?) and you can now use the hash marks to complete it from the side. Long live the 3x3 box!
  20. The Nameless Thing issue remains in the FAQ: So by analogy, I'd guess that the answer to the OP question is, the trap's text is not active (essentially what @Alonewolf87 said).
  21. We play with the new mission deck but with both sides we miss a few important ones. I dont understand why we shouldn't include a few of the basic ones like dress delays or daring rescue? actually; why not just play them all? only balancing issue I can see is that you'll have a bigger deck and therefor a longer game witch might not fit the format. but then one could start with the "popularity" marker at 15 maybe. any one has anything to say about this?
  22. Finished 2 scenarios so far and really like it. Compared to Mansions of Madness 2nd Edition, we prefer the slight deck-building/deck-cycling mechanic vs. dice, the threat bar vs. the vague, mostly hidden timer element from Mansions of Madness, and the fact that the scenarios are all a part of a larger campaign. The one thing I don't like about the game are the tiny cards and even smaller print. This will be less an issue as we get more familiar with the cards, but right now we're consulting them pretty frequently and reading the fine print is a pain. Also, at a quick glance the icons for character stats (Agility, Wit, etc.) mostly look like tiny circles on the skill cards. Might stands out as it's a horn, but the other 4 need a closer look to see if it's the Agility "swirl", the different looking Spirit "swirl" , etc.
  23. Ignoring the open, I'd say something like 1 in 3. They like the reds: The positional/arc difference between a 5K/4K and a 2 sloops provides a great array of options Still having a force helps quite a bit You can red through gas with no consequence I generally prefer talon in general but Saesee helps give the sloop more utility Its no RZ2, dunno why someone would make a ship that can't shoot out the butt 🤣
  24. AlexW

    Inert Fat Han

    Lists that narrow the meta by forcing players to bring options “A” or “B,” even if A and B are very strong counters, are generally really bad for the game. The hope for 2.0 was always that counters didn’t rely heavily on list building.
  25. excited for the Charger C70 /consular class. lots of ships can fit in this category now
  26. You should feel free to do whatever you want. I’ve seen some truly excellent minis with plain bases or mono color painted bases. There was one guy one here making bases that matched the theme colors of the different animated shows that looked great too. Having said that, I enjoy experimenting with different types of scenic bases and I have done a huge variety of bases for my forces and they don’t really look that odd in game. It really is just your preference. They are your minis after all. If anyone tells you you’ve done it wrong they can f*** off.
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