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  2. (52) Saw Gerrera [UT-60D U-wing] (0) Pivot Wing (1) Crack Shot (5) Contraband Cybernetics Points: 58 (47) Cassian Andor [UT-60D U-wing] (0) Pivot Wing (1) Crack Shot (2) Leia Organa Points: 50 (45) Heff Tobber [UT-60D U-wing] (0) Pivot Wing (1) Crack Shot Points: 46 (43) Blue Squadron Scout [UT-60D U-wing] (0) Pivot Wing (2) Tactical Officer Points: 45 Total points: 199 I Ran this at a CAC event and did extremely well. No one really knew how exactly to deal with 4 u-wings.
  3. I think you were the first person to ask me to use a shared dice pool...maybe ever? 1st Ed was a blur and I only care about 2nd Ed and that was definitely the first time in 2nd Ed. No issue, makes sense, and seems really fishy if someone says "No." When TO/Judging local events, I've made it a secondary rule that a player may ask to use a shared dice pool, but then the opponent they asked can choose which pool is used. That way the player asking going in likely having no issue using any dice and in case the opponent being asked is uncomfortable letting someone else use/touch their dice (superstition or w/e), they can just use the dice from player that asked.
  4. i believe it should be used, since it's published. doesn't really matter where it's available, as long as it's available.
  5. Nice. I would not have chosen Fleet Ambush, but I'm glad you had fun with it.
  6. Creative! I love using found objects like that!
  7. Sure. If anyone asks, the NPC is revelling in the power of the Dark Side. If any player complains, shoot them.
  8. It's just a matter of moderation. An image here, a simple map there, a musical cue or stinger there, a read-aloud there. Trying to drop everything for everything is going to be a mess. Think of the movies that spent so much time on CG set piece action scenes the rest of the film is really just an excuse to get to those set pieces. Don't be that. Your players are there for the movie, not the big action scene, or the soundtrack, or any other individual component. They are there for the whole experience. An adventure where the players can follow the encounter chain smoothly and naturally, without feeling railroaded, is going to be more fun than a game with lots of wiz-bang but lacking substance.
  9. I'm hesitant to put Soontir and Trajectory Simulator bombs in the same list, since they tend to work at cross-purposes, but perhaps you can make it work better than I. A thought: if you strip the HLC, Skilled Bombardier, and Shield Upgrade, you can upgrade the Delta to Rexler and carry a 2 point bid. That feels better to me... I'm not sure the Delta in your original list is doing enough for you. HLCs are hard to use under the best of circumstances, let alone on a PS1 ship, so you'd be paying a ton of points for a survivable but not hugely scary Defender. Rexler changes the dynamic a lot.
  10. Also, the timing of you guys in this thread asking about if it would be reasonable to measure dice in real sample sizes had us pretty sweaty for a bit - I remember a lecture from @punkUser about bringing up the dice app fairness and where it would lead while he was still working on the physcal bits, haha. That being said... I TOLD YOU THIS WAS ALL GOING TO END IN RESPONSIBLE DISCLOSURE ...the original hope was to find that the dice were pretty fine, and the dice app sucked, to get people to not use the dice app. Ultimate self-rekt, chad Andrew. Utterly destroyed by yourself.
  11. My daughter recently bought herself a strawberry string sweet in a container, looking at the container, i thought, that's almost a shield generator shape. so i took the container and made the following: Looks not bad, i'm playing it as a small shield generator a township would buy to defend say a space dock from pirate attacks or the Imperial army to secure a landing pad. Want to try it yourself? Look out for - The joining section, is the bottom part of a tube of bubbles, cut down the middle and the two halves joined. just in case, it matters, I'm UK Based (The Strawberry string costs around £1 and the bubbles 50p)
  12. On further reflection of the madness that this could open up; do you gain a stress token at the start of performing a red action (Declare red action>gain stress>resolve action) or at the end (Declare red action>resolve action>gain stress)? I ask, as Resistance C-3P0 could have some fun with Nodin if it is the latter. I strongly suspect it is not this, but I wish to confirm before I go mad (and drown in Calculate tokens).
  13. OOO! I didn't think of that. I thought passive sensors would put low initiative ordinance builds on the map in a big way. However, passive senors on your target lock loving aces reduces the need for a bid, therefore you can possibly have a phat ace build... EEEEE! You 'SUCK' ;) cause now I am even more excited for this upgrade! [he says while typing this at work during a meeting]
  14. PSA: Request a shared dice pool with your opponent.
  15. So you can fit currently Tali Lulo and Greer with toys with Chewie which is interesting. I think though I'd take Lulo, Bastien, and a blue if I was taking Chewie plus three right now.
  16. So, since this rules reference still is not available on the X-Wing products page, should it be used at tournaments or should people still be using the 1.0.3 rules reference?
  17. IG-88A Ion Cannon + IG-2000 Ship total: 74 IG-88B Ion Cannon + IG-2000 Ship total: 71 Bossk Trick Shot + Ion Cannon + IG-88D + Contraband Cybernetics Ship total: 84 Total: 227 It really feels like this ought to fit, right?
  18. I think "After you are coordinated" would trigger after Nodin attempts to perform an action (success or fail). If Nodin is unstressed, you could coordinate Nodin, he then coordinates another ship which would trigger his ability twice at the same time. Even though the ability was triggered twice simultaneously, it should still satisfy once per opportunity since it was two different effects that triggered it. He would then get another red action leaving him with 2 stress and allowing for a third red action and that third stress token. Coordinate Nodin -> Nodin Coordinates (1 stress) -> Nodin performs first red action (2 stress) -> Nodin performs second red action. (3 stress) Though you could coordinate Nodin, he performs a focus or lock action and then uses his ability to perform a red coordinate giving him another red action and leaving him with 2 stress afterwards. Coordinate Nodin -> Nodin performs 1 white action -> Nodin coordinates (1 stress) -> Nodin performs second red action. (2 stress) Also, one thing to take note of is that a coordinate only fails if there are no ships in range. It does not fail if you select a ship which cannot perform actions (either it has already performed every action or it is stressed) which means you could coordinate Nodin while he is stressed and he will still trigger his ability allowing a red action after not performing the action he was coordinated.
  19. Thanks all! Now this table's is Lexical Scope's contribution to the Battle of Hoth, but between my Ice Plains table and Echo Base table, and his Hoth Trenches table we are getting ready for Legion's most thematic and epic narrative event yet!
  20. I don't think the precise timing actually matters for the stress-accumulation. Assuming that Nodin has no stress to start, you'll get a total of three stress (one from Nodin's outbound Coordinate, one for performing an action for performing the outbound Coordinate, one for receiving an inbound Coordinate). This means that while Nodin is attempting to perform the actions, they will have two (or fewer) stress tokens, only gaining the third after their final action. As for timings: I feel that in this case the timing window is the same. It forms an ugly chain, mind, which looks like this: Friendly Ship A selects Nodin as target for their Coordinate action> Nodin resolves friendly coordinate by performing a red Coordinate> Friendly Ship ? performs an action> Simultaneously, Friendly Ship A and Nodin have completed their Coordinate actions (Nodin has been coordinated, and has completed a Coordinate action)> Nodin has two opportunities to resolve their ability. (If anyone can see a hole in my reasoning, please let me know, because this seems utterly mad in a way which excites me too much).
  21. Mouldy Crow on Palob, Mist Hunter and Advanced Sensors on 4Lom for sure. That leaves you 6pts to play around with. My prefered option now is 000 and Crack on one of the G1As, but 3 Trick Shots works well too. It's one of those lists where each part in isolation feels like it's costed quite well/only a couple of points too cheap, but the whole thing feels like more than 200pts of scummery.
  22. I think it's something which doesn't go a lot past headsim for most folks. I really only got onto it because I got a frosted Chewie from Adepticon and also wanted to give the Falcon some testing time during this lull period. It's fun and offers a "joust me" approach that 5A doesn't seem to, but once Wave 4 and points cracks the Resistance wide open....who knows.
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