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  2. Thanks! Well then it’s time to get proficient with google translate (for said forum) until I can get better at the German language.
  3. Republic: If you're a fan of Anakin and Odd Ball, then have I got a faction for you!
  4. @Tokra @Darth Veggie @RealVeers I believe the answer is that there is a german language forum somewhere
  5. I worked have liked the Gungans divided into two sub-species, but apparently it's just an obesity thing.
  6. Hiemfire

    N1 Article Up

    The J-type 327, both Royal and non-Royal, would be a Huge ship (76m long...). The flying wing one from Episode 2 (J-Type diplomatic barge) huge as well (39m long by 91 m wide) but due to the sideways orientation relative to other huge ships required for the base may not be brought into X-Wing. The smaller chrome reverse teardrop ship (H-Type Nubian Yacht) Padme has in most of Ep 2 and in Ep 3 would be a large base (47.9m long).
  7. I always thought Arkanian Off-shoots were being presented by the stats of Arkanian. They have done this a few times such as the Cosian and Nu-Cosian and the Bith and Y'bith. It wouldn't surprise me if they had intended it that way. That said Xexto/Quermian and Nemodian/Duros hail from different planets and have very different characteristics physically and intellectually as well as unique history write ups and do get split. I agree with these but the others I'm not sure. I kind of wish they went the Aqualish route with some of these and just noted the differences in the stats for Arkanians if there were any. Humans and it's offshoots kind of throw me too. I get the appeal though.
  8. Here's something: if Scrubs with Passive Sensors are up at Ace-prices, that's really bad for *competitive* PS use. It's not necessarily bad for casual PS use. Someone really wants to just fly generic gunboats and not have a terrible time, they can. That's a separate issue from whether or not they're seeing use at top tables. Personally, I think a top-tables large tournaments PS Torpedo list sounds really bad for the game, but slightly-less-good ones aren't necessarily going to be bad for just hanging out at the local game store. Passive Sensors seems like the kind of upgrade that might be fine overpriced, since it'll get ships onto tables, but might not redefine the metagame. Just for some examples of longevity against 3 focused red dice: Nu Gunboat at Range 2, 4.936 shots to die, 42.6% chance of dying in 4 attacks. http://xwing.gateofstorms.net/2/ship_durability/?d=AgAAAAAAABEA&a=AgIAAA Nu Gunboat at Range 3, 6.157 shots to die, 20.0% chance of dying in 4 attacks. http://xwing.gateofstorms.net/2/ship_durability/?d=AwAAAAAAABkA&a=AgIAAA Naboo N-1 at Range 2, 4.285 shots to die, 62.9% chance of dying in 4 attacks. http://xwing.gateofstorms.net/2/ship_durability/?d=AwAAAAAAABkA&a=AgIAAA Note: counting the Evade token as an extra hull. Naboo N-1 at Range 3, 5.335 shots to die, 36.7% chance of dying in 4 attacks. http://xwing.gateofstorms.net/2/ship_durability/?d=AwAAAAAAABEA&a=AgIAAA TIE x1 Advanced at Range 2, 4.510 shots to die, 56.6% chance of dying in 4 attacks. http://xwing.gateofstorms.net/2/ship_durability/?d=AwAAAAAAwBAA&a=AgIAAA TIE x1 Advanced at Range 3, 5.745 shots to die, 33.9% chance of dying in 4 attacks. http://xwing.gateofstorms.net/2/ship_durability/?d=BAAAAAAAwBAA&a=AgIAAA It's not automatic by any means that these ships survive, but doesn't seem too improbable.
  9. another thing about 1st ed deadeye we gotta recognize is we're NOWHERE NEAR 1st ed protorps level of mods of ease of application 1st ed deadeye is LOADED with implications that simply aren't relevant in 2nd ed play. Only protorps and homing throw four dice (homing might not throw ANY dice!), APTs throw five at range 1 only, Prockets only in bullseye, Plasmas MIGHT do extra damage if they hit (in very specific circumstances), and the limited, double-missile slot Borons MIGHT do an extra damage if they hit Not to mention deadeye was available to everyone with a talent slot. Systems are markedly more rare
  10. Right. At the end of the day FFG point adjusts ships and upgrades. Those tend to actually fit neatly into one primary archetype if you break it down ( thing that ship do categories ). Yt1300s, Rz2As, and Firesprays are boosting Turrets. They do many things but that is the main thing they do. I think of them as efficent Arc Dodgers. Zero Disengagement Aces. Not just orbiting satellites. They are ships that can drive by. Passive Mod Rotate Only Turrets fit this category as well but are less concerning in spots. Bob and Nym are clear info AOE Bombs. Real Aces are mobile forward arc things that regularly fully disengage as part of their gameplay loop. Jousters are immobile or mobile punchy things that like all players/archetypes seek to care less about initative at all times and optimize shots per game. High HP can be found three ways...High Init, Beef, or Tokens. This is the least definable category because similar to pooping “Everybody Jousts”
  11. “Equally lost” as I said 😁 Still it’s fun to try to check things through to their ends.
  12. I disagree on several points, which I wanted to break down. This is a strictly worse deadeye, because until you engage you will not have a mod. That’s a big difference, given that most of the ships that can equip this don’t have 3 dice and are definitely going to take damage if they’re taking shots before engaging. And I can’t imagine ever taking the calculate if I have focus on my bar. Also, in what world are B-Wings struggling? If that’s true for you locally, that’s pretty cool, but I don’t think it’s an experience that extrapolates very well. You still should prefer initiative over late locks because of when ships are removed from the board. Initiative killing is strong, so this upgrade levels the playing field for low I generics, but they’re way more likely to get hit if they don’t have a token. And even in the Vader shenanigans case, if it’s 6+ points, I’d rather have the bid to ensure I’m second player anyway. The only ship I can see even remotely playing for a linked engagement BR/boost is Blackout (or MAYBE a FOTP), but taking this upgrade over something like Optics seems strictly worse if Passive Sensors is more expensive. We’ll know prices on June 6th when it launches with the rest of the wave. 16 days and counting. This.
  13. A recent deck on Arkhamdb uses Ancient Stone (damage when you draw cards) and Drawing Thin (to draw cards) to kill enemies before the token pull of a fight or evade action. Still seems pretty broken from here.
  14. I would love to get Bossk or some other close combat figure in there. The non-dlt DT unit is pretty good in Combat. You could lose 1 electrostaff and tenacity on the IRG to make that 1 unit pure Guardians
  15. Rebels - We haven't had a release in 5 waves. It seems we were made to suffer. Imperials - We need a new release to be good. Too late!!!! Scum - We've got a few new ships. It's no good to be dead. Resistance - Poe and some mo'e. First Order - The 2 ships of Kylo Ren, plus TIEs!! Republic - We are so cool. Oh look, another new ship. CIS - Roger Roger.
  16. @pheaver actually touched on a related topic too: when it comes to practicing, watching streams, and learning about how to play archetypes I can track my progress as an X-Wing player using these archetypes too: Prior to literally 2019, I was exclusively an Aces player. While most people think that reposition and high initiative are what makes aces, for me its the ability to look at the game state and choose a maneuver that has a high probability to get out of the enemy arc and still have a shot. Obviously, the more access to reposition and high init you have the easier this is, but really all a ship needs to do this is have a really open dial. I got pretty good at it, because my mind was taught to see the various positions on the board. And while Aces is arguably the "easiest" to play with the high init and reposition, you also need to have a fundamental understanding of where the opponent can go. I took a Sloane Swarm to Phoenix, which had a lot of elements of ace play, but because of the way the list was designed it wasn't really trying to dodge arcs but rather needed to get guns on the same target, making it a Killbox list instead. This was purposeful, because I had been practicing it anticipating a points change. After that I started playing 5A because it utilized a lot of those Ace skills as well as the Killbox skills, and I've done decently with it. I'm still hot garbage with jousting lists and turret lists. You'd think that they are easy, but the maneuver trees are quite different. More recently in the fun games I've been playing I've been playing 2 Jedi 2 V19s, which while still are an Aces list have the jousting component with the V19s to try to ease myself into learning to figure out where my jousters need to be to take on the opponent and I like to think I'm learning it.
  17. Rebels: versatile and synergistic Empire: specialized and efficient Scum: aggressive and cheaty Resistance: elite star players First Order: punishing zealots Republic: combined arms Separatists: unique tech and mixed swarms, is secretly the most fun faction They're not all good (in fact about half of them are bad), but the faction Talents (incl. battle med) are pretty representative of what those factions are, thematically.
  18. In fact Kanan has the message Obiwan sent in his Holocron.
  19. Rebels: damage tanks Imperials: Aces or swarms Scums: debuff another ship to buff your own. Resistance: The A-wing faction + Poe First order: Revenge is sweet Republic: Want to be rebels but suck at it CIS: sith infiltrators
  20. She appeared later in the show with Titus and Slavin after being interviewed with Thrawn. The three were mentioned to be part of the Lothal sector’s command staff. So it’s possible she perished in the dome, or died to purrgil, but her fate is currently unknown.
  21. I think it chains. The potency is reigned in by the extremely unlikely chance of the chain happening.
  22. Someone mentioned that Brunson survived Geonosis, But was part of Thrawns staff, so she’d still be equally lost. I haven’t verified that independently yet
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