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  2. My current list. 2 ship build is tough to win with. I just like the manuevers D provides when performing the S-loop. Outmanuever is there to capitalize on that anility. IG-88B + Outmaneuver + Advanced Sensors + Contraband Cybernetics + Shield Upgrade + Jamming Beam + Ion Cannon + IG-2000 / IG-88D + Ion Cannon + Jamming Beam + Contraband Cybernetics + Shield Upgrade + Advanced Sensors + Outmaneuver + IG-2000
  3. Toronto system open round 6. Had a phantom at range 3 of a B-wing. Only shot of the round so I figured why not go for the evade token and mess up his formation. Actually picked up the card to read it for the first time all day and realized it's only range 1-2. Oh well. Put the card back down and went back to forgetting it was there.
  4. Gotcha, I see what you are trying to do with this tournament. Makes sense.
  5. We need this guy. I hated him with passion during his initial run, but after seeing what's come since, wouldn't mind the ole pile of worms making a come back. Make him stupidly expensive, with a "meh" attack but high health and regen. EDIT: But please, LORDS OF LEGION, do not put Palpatine in the game AGAIN. It was silly the first time, and would be even sillier the second time. Leave galactic rulers out of platoon-level fights unless they actually participated in them. (like Dooku)
  6. It's only fair. I keep having to buy all these tournament packs just so I can play.
  7. For CIS, though? I see him in Galactic Republic, dual-sided between his Supreme Chancellor and Sith Lord aspects, just like how the character hides his true nature...
  8. I was just about to reply with the same thing, so I'm glad to see it's reflected elsewhere. The best-lived life is, I think, one of balance and variety and moderation. Life is short and free time is precious, and the last thing you want to do is squander almost all of it away on the same one narrow thing. Hobbiest/Interests generally, and geek-obsession gaming in particular, can really threaten to over-consume one's attention and energy. I, too, have that tendency where I feel like if I wasn't careful I might blink and realize I've spent the majority of day indulging in the same hobby, to the detriment of other important aspects of my life. Having a spouse who does not share the gaming hobby (but who also doesn't disrespect it) is insanely valuable, because it's like an external check-and-balance that keeps me from getting tunnel vision and wasting too much time and energy and what's ultimately a pleasant (but utterly meaningless and zero-investment no-equity) escapism time-burner. And having a spouse into other things radically expands your own social sphere and friends circles, and can also broaden your perspectives and opportunities. I know some friend-couples who are both into the same geeky hobby (e.g. D&D), and they spend soooo much of their time talking about the same thing and doing the same thing (e.g. they'll sit around and paint minis or RP little mini-sessions together every. single. night). That might work for some people, but I think it's narrowing one's life experiences, putting diminishing returns upon time and energy invested into the hobby, and will likely stale at some point and they'll have to address the fact that they've built an entire relationship upon doing one thing together--if one of them burns out or gets sick of... will the relationship be unphased? If they have children, will they be able to adapt to having to balance so many more responsibilites and huge restrictions on free time and funds with that obsession? It's a lot harder to readjust and adapt to one's new priorities if you've only had one priority for years. I know many people in the competitive X-Wing community who I would say are unhealthily obsessed. They practice almost every night on Vassal. They make (or listen) to X-Wing focused podcasts. They spend all day on the forums and FB groups (some people have 10,000 even 20,000 posts on these boards alone). They are unable to talk about anything else when you see them at events. They travel to 2-3 tournaments a month (sometimes 6 hours) and basically give up entire weekends and pay a ton on travel/housing. I mean, autonomous consenting adults can do whatever they want as long as it doesn't hurt others, but I have to think that the last thing these people need are a spouse or significant other who is also into the hobby and further validates, encourages, condones, or normalizes the obsession.
  9. The RPQ I played at had 13 players. I think the one the Fifth Trooper guys went to was similar in size.
  10. Also. Look for cards that give very narrow abilities. Rank Discipline is precise 1 at 4 points. It’s probably gonna cost 3 in a unit naturally
  11. Today
  12. I'm not sold on Darth Maul, since he was considered during much of the actual Clone Wars, and then started his own faction, the Shadow Collective. I think we are more likely to see Asajj Ventress, Cad Bane, possibly a young Boba Fett for Operatives. Especially since Jango dies in the first official battle of the Clone Wars. I think we might get a Tactical Droid Commander as the generic, then there is a whole bunch of generals that could be brought in from the cartoon listed here: https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Category:Separatist_admirals_and_generals . Edit: As a note, official Canon does not include the trade dispute on Naboo as part of the Clone Wars, which start many years later.
  13. You wanna talk PS kills.... oh man this! Redline Forever! (65) Darth Vader [TIE Advanced x1] (2) Fire-Control System Points: 67 (52) Soontir Fel [TIE Interceptor] (2) Predator Points: 54 (52) "Redline" [TIE/ca Punisher] (12) Proton Torpedoes (10) Advanced Sensors Points: 74 Total points: 195 Don’t worry about no Afterburners on Vader. He’s not going to flank. You straight joust with him right next to Redline. It’s hilarious but NO ONE will shoot Vader. They’ll go for Redline. It’s like he’s got old Biggs ability. They WILL kill Redline, but not before he gets both Torps off. Then for the late game you have Vader and Soontir. Wicked combo. Soontir is your flanker but MAKE SURE that you’re not flying him conservative: 1) he’s the lowest priority target 2) you get the Biggs effect and want to make use of concentrated fire on Redline 3) you need all guns on target to start the PS kill chain 4) if they turn their forces around to kill a 54 pt Soontir (who is still guaranteed to get his shot at ps 6) and leave Redline and Vader behind them YOU HAVE ALREADY WON! Be aggressive with this build. Good luck! Possible Variant: I am torn about FCS on Vader. Don’t know whether to drop it for bid. Benefits are you save a lock for bumps/k turns. Downside is it’s effectiveness is mitigated by the target not normally remaining long enough after a Soontir/Vader/Redline barrage. Also above is your shot order. Soontir should shoot first to strip tokens and shields followed by Vader and Reds crits. Sometimes I don’t focus/lock with Redline because Vader/Fel will ps kill before Red shoots. I sometimes have to double lock to keep options open.
  14. Would you mind an app for this game? If so what elements would you want on the app? I think just having the scenario and codex on an app would be find. You can still play without them. I think it would be a cheaper way to add more to the game.
  15. I think we will get Palpatine as well. He would be faster and have a lightsaber as well as force lightning.
  16. Another question. Squadron commands and engineering commands. Normally they have the same timing window. So which will come first?
  17. Great article! Really like how you went through your thought process in designing the list.
  18. It's not easy to find a good answer to that question! Maybe I'll try with 4 answers: 1) What ships are best for you depends on your play style. In general nearly every ship can find it's role. But there are some ships that need more practice to get along with. I think the rebel ships you can most easily adapt are CR90s, MC30c, MC75 and MC80-H1. 1 or 2 GR-75 can always be added to the fleet. 2) I think it's a good way to buy things in order they came to the game. It can help to understand they way things interact with each other. So if you're not sure which Expansion to take, you could take the "older" one first. 3) Always take the ship you think, that's most sexy! You don't like the AFII but like the Liberty? Go for it! It's a game! Have fun with it and don't try overly hard to be successful. If you like what you have and play with it a lot you will get better. If you only want to optimize, you'll fail! (Dark side of the Game!) 4) Sometimes a ship seems bad, because you only got 1 vessel of the type. But never buy more than 1 expansion to begin with it. If you got friends, then try to lend and exchange ships to experiment before you buy a second or third. Or more!
  19. Would have liked to see them named something other than Shika...
  20. Jamming beam, more playable than Barriss.
  21. This. A swarm-esque force that can sacrifice one attack to whomp a reinforce token before laying into it is the best use I've found. 3 T70s firing on an unprotected target is better than 4 firing on a reinforced one. A friend has also made use of them against phantoms - If you only have one shot at range 2, the odds are low of a kill, but the odds of a hit are reasonable. Normally the defender (echo) would accept losing a shield then bugger off into cloak at the end of the round and with his ability could be bloody anywhere by the next engagement round. With a jam token, there's no damage but next turn the phantom is stuck relying on a non-too-great dial.
  22. I have not thought of the Crack Shot/Duchess version before.... could be interesting. Recently I have been playing 2 Reaper/3 Ruthless Strikers. It is interesting.... It is a non-trivial matter of getting the Reapers to jump in and block something. If they do, and you manage to wipe something on the first engagement without losing a ship, you are usually in a good spot.... especially if you are blocking an action dependent ace. You have to know when to start slow and when to gun it from the start. If your first engagement goes wrong, you are Super Dead. If your opponent can Initiative Kill a Striker without it firing, you are Super Dead. The game can be clawed back if you lose one Reaper without losing any of the Strikers, particularly if the Reaper "helped" the Strikers, but it is an uphill battle. Today, for example, I went 1W 4L (and a bye) at a Hyperspace Trial, with at least two games being decided on the initial engagement, and one being partially dice dependent (if I throw 12+ shots in a game and deal only one damage total to mostly Agility 2 ships, I think it is fair to say dice variance was a factor in that game)... but 4-4 in our monthly league (and felt that I should have gone much better, except that I choked in the last two games). It is easy to risk a Reaper by overcommitting with Ruthless, but if you can keep them both alive for one turn, the opponent has to find a way to deal with it the next turn. It is also something I am looking to not do ever again
  23. Im still yet to try out a bellyrub with kracken and 6 vultures, as Ive been having way too much fun with 8 vultures with esc's. 4 ps 3 and 4 ps 1 is 200 on the nose. 8 esc's on the opening engagement (or rather the threat of if) is great. It also helps force target priority issues, as they are all the same.
  24. UK Games Expo is the world’s third largest tabletop gaming event with more than 39,000 visitors over three days at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham, England. https://www.ukgamesexpo.co.uk/ This year those loveable rogues from the Drawn to the Flame podcast have used their charm and panache to make some Arkham Horror LCG events happen for the first time ever! On Friday afternoon from 1 to 2 pm there will be a live recording of a Drawn to the Flame episode. This is a completely free event but is capped at 350 people. They will be revealing not one but two brand, new never seen before cards. On Saturday 40 people get to play the two part scenario Guardians of the Abyss. Part one runs from 10am till 1pm and is £5.00 entry. Part two runs from 2pm till 5pm and is £5.00 entry. You will need to bring your own Standalone deck and all the tokens you need to play, but not a copy of the scenario. On Sunday 40 people get to play “The Depths of Yoth” in endless standalone mode. The event opens at 10am and if you are still playing at 4pm they will kick you out. If you are coming with an existing group then you can drop in and get started any time before 2pm. This is also and is £5.00 entry. Tune into the Drawn to the Flame social media for any informal meetups, pickup games or whathaveyou. Twitter: @drawntotheflame Facebook: @drawntotheflamepodcast If you want this in video form then you are welcome
  25. Seems like a fun place to start! Enjoy!
  26. It looks like a fun list and I'm looking forward to trying it out How well does this work with Disarray? This list seems like it could pull it off.
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