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  2. All ships and pilots are broken, good, bad, or unplayable based on their cost relative to other ships and pilots. Keeping points off the cards was a very wise decision.
  3. Actually spending the destiny points on, and not on upgrades too!
  4. As you quoted, I explicitly said it's not plagiarism- rather, that you did not adequately credit those you "draw inspiration from." Obi-Wan is less "similar to existing content" than "functionally identical with a different points cost." When you've already seen someone else's work and implement something almost identical, like with the cargo slot, it's hard to argue it's trivially inspired. There are lawsuits over stuff like this all the time in the music industry where someone releases a song with similar beats/chord progressions and there are battles over whether or not the earlier release is entitled to royalties. What you, apparently, completely and utterly fail to understand is that not all references or citations are created equal. You have a brief mention in a forum post publicizing your project thanking the lead person on a previous effort for a similar project when there are frequent major similarities between the end results. There is no mention of them in the actual documentation, which only attributes the work to you and Monolyth. Given the degree of similarity and amount of work involved (and since you evidently thought it proper to mention their contributions in the forum post), it is more than appropriate to mention DiabloAzul and the overall Armada Shipyards project (which involved more people than just him) in your 'history of the project' section. At the end of the day, this stuff can't be sold so nobody is being harmed financially. It's not the end of the world- but your doubling down on your inadequate crediting of their work is wholly inappropriate. It's really not hard- grow up and rewrite the history of the project section to directly credit the Armada Shipyards team (even as a group) and their contributions or inspirations or what have you. Include a link to their Wordpress so folks can look up their work if they want. Note how their own 'about' page explicitly credits different people for the work they put into the project. Your own work is clearly heavily inspired by them at times and a downright copy in others. They absolutely have a right to be credited for their work. https://armadashipyards.wordpress.com/about/ You didn't break any laws, but what you did is still wrong. They deserve proper citation.
  5. @King_Balrog Alright, I did not realize that you were actually aiming to get 6 successes for the full power, thought you were doing that with just 3 of them and that would have been too easy, my misunderstanding, I totally get it now, cheers!
  6. Disclaimer: I have not read nor played this quest at all ... further, it is a ***LONG*** time since I have played a game of Descent. Having said all of the above, it truly startles me how much some people over think things when it comes to Descent's rules. I realize in many cases it is somewhat necessary, due simply to FFG's complete lack of consistency with terms, and their seemingly inability to make simple statements that are concise and clear. I just don't think that is the case here. The statement: "Heroes treat refugees as friendly figures" is very precise and clear to me. The Refugee is a figure. It is friendly. How can anyone interpret this in any other way? No where does it say "just for purposes of moving through", or any other clarifying text, that is being referenced by others. It seems clear to me that this statement should be taken as is, at face value. The more you attempt to read "intent" into things when it comes to FFG's games and rules, the more you are led astray in my opinion.
  7. Sometimes obvious sarcasm is hard to catch I guess? I dunno... maybe my expectations are low but I would not be surprised with something like that~ <.<;;
  8. Allow me to chime in with an alternative perspective. I have no doubt that you asked Diablo's permission and I have no doubt that he gave it to you. He loved this game far too much to hold onto things he thought would give other people joy, and I am doing my best to honor that intention in how I approach your work. However, as one of the leads on much of the Clone Wars content we created, this tone makes that intention very difficult to see through. That is my General Kenobi design presented by @elanmorintedronai. Let's not beat around the bush. Your version is a slightly cleaner wording of my mechanic, with a reduced cost. You do not acknowledge me or my work *anywhere* on your IMGUR album. Only DA is acknowledged (which he should also be as the one who actually made the card from my concept) on this thread. No alternative work is acknowledged in the IMGUR album as you claim here: No page in the IMGUR album does anything to even suggest that some of the work is based on someone else's. You say you saw the idea for a Separatist commander that allowed defense tokens at Speed 0 somewhere. That was our Nute Gunray. Regardless of whether that card was in the chain that led you to hearing/seeing that idea, it is still plagiarism to repost the card without searching for it and crediting it if you do find it. I will consider the matter closed if you accede to my two, I believe reasonable, requests. Request 1: Add an Acknowledgements section to the IMGUR document. In lieu of attempting to identify everyone who contributed to that project (I can think of eight people off the top of my head, not all of which are still involved here but all of which should be credited nonetheless) you will acknowledge the Armada Shipyards team and include a link to the thread here on the FFG forum for those that want to see the original work. Request 2: You will not misrepresent the role that Armada Shipyards and the work therein played in future communications on the subject. You have made significant efforts and engaged with many things that we either never did or did not publish as such. You are welcome to proudly display that work, so long as you continue to acknowledge the role that the older creations played in your own. Are my terms reasonable and acceptable to you both @>kkj @M0N0LITH? I would like to avoid a flame war as well, and am genuinely excited for the arrival of Clone Wars to Armada as much as you clearly are. This is a simple, clean way to end the dispute.
  9. I took Scyks and Kihraxz to the UK Open. Went 3-3 at the end of the day, but two of the defeats were insanely close run affairs (one went right down to the last roll of the dice after time was called). Of course, I've been rolling with the Cartel ships since they were released in first... My open list included Tansarri Vets with HLC and Crackshot. I know their abilities don't stack, but Crack helps make up for the 2 native dice if you end up at range one. HLC worked beautifully on them with the Black Sun Aces blocking, and was brutal against medium / large bases. Favourite moment of the day was catching a Vader k-turn with a HLC shot to finish the Sith Lord off. I'd happily fly that list again, although may swap a BSA out for Genesis Red with HLC, and Crack for Marksmanship.
  10. Interdictor or 2 is a good buy at that price. You probably don't need more than 1 more Neb B if you have the core. You hardly ever see anyone using 2, 3 is just crazy. But at that price, go wild if you want. The Vics tend to be cheap on Amazon also. Again, 1 extra is probably enough.
  11. ok, lets see here. no, the step is not finished. since it's a step of activation, there are all manner of effects that can still occur during this step. and yes, the action is finished. since it's an action it has to resolve fully before moving on with other effects in the ability queue. that's my interpretation at least.
  12. What's the fair prices for these two pilots? L'ulo is currently 38, and Grand Inquisitor is currently 56 (!!!). Some comparisons... Statlines: - Both I5 - Both 2/3/2/2, with an ability to boost to 3 primary - L'ulo gets to have a rear arc - Grand Inquisitor gets to have 2 force points - Same basic action bar, but L'ulo can link any action to boost(/rotate) whereas Inqy can only link boost and roll into focus - Force makes having a white evade way stronger Abilities: - L'ulo's requires stress and can punch up to 4 dice at R1 - Inqy's is stressless, and can apply defensively against incoming R1 attacks Upgrades: - L'ulo can take Heroic, double talents, and/or Advanced Optics - Inqy has a force slot - For 24 additional points, Inqy can have pre-dial movement, link it to a focus, do a blue, and then as an action take evade/lock - Both can take missiles - Inqy can take sensors (FCS? Adv Sens?)
  13. Tramp, let it go, trust me. Lincoln is one of those figures that you just can't have a rational discussion about. Every single political, economical, religious, and racial group has done a number of revisionist historical takes on the man. One source will tell you he wanted war and did everything in his power to instigate it, another will tell you he didn't want war but thought it was an inevitability so he didn't try to stop it, another will tell you he didn't want war and did everything in his power to stop it. They can all give you an extensive list of actions that he took, or things he wrote, said, or did that back up their interpretation. When confronted by someone that has totally bought into one of those beliefs, you are incapable of have an open discussion on the subject. Lincoln did suspend some constitutional rights. Lincoln did rise to power from relative obscurity. Lincoln however came to power before the civil war. Palpatine created the civil unrest, came to power before the civil war, started the civil war, then used the civil war to come to power only to further use the war to cement that power permanently. All of that doesn't really matter though. As stated many times. Lucas based Palpatine's rise to power on Hitler's rise to power (just as he modeled many aspects of the Empire on the Nazi Reich of WW2). Any other comparisons are moot and pointless as the person that wrote the script has been quite open about his inspiration. But it's just that, inspiration. Obviously Hitler didn't orchestrate a civil war, or get into lightsaber fights with the Jedi Council. I'd bet you anything that Lucas doesn't have any strong opinions on Lincoln or is even aware of anything besides the fact that he was president.
  14. A new article by Matt Cary. Discussing this past points change and hopes for the next one. Check it out here.
  15. Let's say I'm a musician, and I sit in a studio, and have lets say never ever in the history of ever heard Deep Purple's "Smoke on the Water". So lets say in the course of my noodling I hit on that classic riff, bum bum bum, bum bum bumbum and think it's cool, so I put it in an original song. Does it mean that it's not plagiarism? I've never heard it. I came upon it myself. It doesn't matter. Of course it's plagiarism. It doesn't matter if I haven't ever heard of it - I wasn't the first to publish it. I think you are losing perspective here just because you don't FEEL like you copied someone elses stuff and are taking these comments as personal attacks on you. They aren't. You of your own free will put something on the internet that, perhaps completely innocently but none the less, is a derivative of something that came before. You can do the classy thing and just reference that the fact that your work is remarkably similar to something that pre-existed and give credit to those people, or you can continue to make this thread more about how unique and not like those other cards your ideas are and drag it off topic. I'd suggest the first because you *have* done a lot of work so that people can enjoy a full set of cards and I'd hate to see your thread turn into a flame war and all that work both from DA, GP, and others years ago and by you now get lost in that shuffle.
  16. no. there is no indication that you could either. you and the ship you were trying to relocate on would each suffer one damage.
  17. Sometimes obvious sarcasm is hard to catch I guess?
  18. I should have expected it. I’ve worked every holiday and my birthday thusfar this year. my Birthday was the shocker, since it was a Tuesday, and it was the first week in 9 months I hadn’t worked wed-sat
  19. nope, it's good for clarity. the original rule also specifies that the devices owner chooses which ship will take the effect from a mine detonating when it's placed underneath more than one ship. devices can overlap ships as well, when placed. that doesn't mean the ship overlaps you, but according to the precedence set by the incomplete ruling on rigged cargo and the added part about proximity mines, ships do overlap devices or obstacles placed underneath them as well. nothing wrong with stating something twice. an FAQ is an FAQ and rules are rules, yes. but when an FAQ is included in the rules reference, there is no doubt that the FAQ is part of the rules. there are rules for what happens when a device overlaps a ship. it is placed under the ship. it wasn't until the FAQ entry it was clear that the ship overlaps the device as well. the same is true for obstacles, even though there was no mention of what happens when an obstacle is placed overlapping a ship in the rules before the FAQ. also note that it's not just the answers that are relevant here. it's the questions as well. object overlap and ship overlap goes both ways. they overlap each other.
  20. So maybe credit the ideas that are from that site? If its only 5% as you suggest, it shouldn't be too hard. If it's more than that (and FWIW, it certainly looks like that from my perspective - a lot of things [Including squadrons, notably the V-wing] are way too similar for coincidence) then credit them earlier - or even in the document at all. As for the "so what" accreditation is important in something like this, because it helps maintain goodwill. Taking the content [or even just the general idea of it] and then getting defensive when people call you on it does precisely the opposite. We don't want full MLA / APA / Chicago Citations, just a short shoutout to the people that inspired you in the document.
  21. I really liked it. I think the court scene in the first half was my favorite part. Two thumbs up for effectively showing a Crane Courtier getting herself out of a jam with a diplomatic solution (with the help of a sympathetic Scorpion). I feel like I want more of this stuff from the Crane fiction. I agree that unfortunately it seems like the Lion (other than Toturi) are often painted as antagonists, and are too often shown losing conflicts. I do hope they rectify that in future fictions. Clearly that can't be the status quo in Rokugan. People fear the Lion armies for a reason in the fiction. Even forced into only border skirmishes they should be performing at least equally as well as the other clans. I feel like they don't seem to focus on their victories enough in the fictions. We mostly see them from other clan POVs. Maybe we just need more fictions from sympathetic Lion POVs. I think their position is understandable. They feel like their neighbors are encroaching on territory that rightfully belongs to them. They also look to solve those solutions using their strongest option which is their military prowess. We mostly get Toturi who is removed from the day to day Lion plight considering his position and Tsuko who usually isn't very sympathetic.
  22. I've been buying figures from Legion to replace IA. Legion figures come un-based so they can easily be put on small bases. If you compare a bunch of IA figures you'll find a disparagement between the earlier ones and the newer ones. Tess is as big as any Legion figure. I have zero desire to play Legion, but I like the different poses for units, especially Boba Fett and the Imperial Guards, but also the Stormtroopers. If I had a micrometer I would measure Boba's head between Legion and IA. They look pretty darn close. I had posted a picture of them, and it is still in my attachments, so I'll put it right..... here:
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