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  2. would love to see the data on this calculation And I suspect we have different definitions of "normal" players.
  3. Reminder that you lose those points again when you had delta 7B
  4. One action to accelerate one maneuver to drive: Piloting Planetary: 2eA+1eP+1eD+1eC+1eS 1 success, 1 Despair This should be interesting to say the least. 🤔
  5. Thinking… thinking… Maybe give the option for one hit automatically, or roll the dice for more. I’m not sure that would be broken, in fact it seems nearly usable even.
  6. Oh joy, another broketastic way of gaming the system with claims of being "grey" or "in the middle" 🙄 So short version, the whole notion of a "grey Jedi" is flawed, as it generally revolves around a way of allowing a PC to make use of dark side effects without paying whatever cost the system normally has for doing so. in this system, a "grey" Jedi is someone whose Morality is between 29 and 71, as they haven't chosen a side as it were, and while they don't get any perks for it, they also don't suffer any immediate penalties. Being a Light Side Paragon is generally positive, but it means that provided the GM and player are doing their jobs in engaging with the Morality/Conflict mechanic (something that is rarer than it should be), then those characters should be very wary of accruing too much Conflict lest they lose their Paragon status. Conversely, a dark sider gets more wounds and can more freely use those dark side pips, but pay costs in terms one less Destiny Point at session's start and a reduced strain threshold. Here's the main thing that makes this proposed house rule broken, is that it's incredibly easy for a PC to stay within the mid-range, so most PCs under this proposal are going to be able to freely use Force points of either type and enjoy a boost to both wound and strain thresholds. Generally speaking, if a PC earns around 5 Conflict per session, then their Morality score isn't really going to shift all that much from its starting point, again making it very easy to game this to stay in that sweet spot and enjoy all sorts of benefits. Truthfully, if the official Morality/Conflict rules are so distasteful, then I'd suggest taking the far less game-breaking route and simply not use them. I'd suggest keeping the Emotional Strength and Weakness as those make for good role-playing tools, but otherwise dispense with Morality scores, and go with how EotE and AoR handles Force usage, in that the PC is presumed to be "light side" (as most Force users are) and thus have to suffer strain and spend a Destiny Point in order to make use of dark side pips.
  7. That’s what I figured, so I cashed that in for more money to pay for gear and armor attachments. He’s basically a sniper.
  8. The critical key word would be cool to interact with the stormtroopers surge to hit ability
  9. So are the clone wars better over age? My answer No, they are not. Now that doesn't mean I don't want to see the ships and factions in X-wing, Armada, Empire@War. I'd say put them in and let us play. But as far as having to own those movies and see them again, I can go without. So did the new movies bring back Star Wars? Define bring back? I'm sorry but the low point that the franchise was left in after episode 3 the franchise has yet to leave it. I'd use to say TFA was slightly better, but in hindsight that is not the case. Granted this is all subjective opinion but as I said before, after watching episode 9 it is going to have the same lingering feeling as I just watched episode 3. Did the new movies ruin Star Wars? Well if the Holiday special didn't ruin it then nothing will. To be fair the movies outside of the OT are just meh. It is mostly fluff padding that really you lose nothing for not knowing they exist. They are almost like all of the legends books. If you didn't read them you didn't miss out on anything. I heard about the Yuzahhn Vong through the 3rd party source material but never read any of those books. So in a way the prequels and the disneyverse is just like those books that no longer matter to the canon.
  10. @OggDude , this probably got lost in my admittance of oversight earlier, but I've been having this issue for several releases now. Still having an issue with Lightsaber skill in the GM Tools. I'll make an NPC as a character and choose a Lightsaber Style. The regular character sheet will show correct, but if I go into the GM Tools and view them there, it will always revert Lightsabers to Brawn. Hopefully this one is just as much my error than an actual issue. Below is an image I put together from the compact sheet (top) and the GM Tools Stat Block (bottom). This happens regardless of character or lightsaber style.
  11. Thanks! It's actually a list I made for him, thinking it's inexpensive and hopefully good. I'm going Imps, we've already split two core sets. I'm excited to get down to business!
  12. ah jamming beam the one zero point upgrade that wouldn't be OP even if it threw 5 red-dice
  13. Yeah I play against a couple folks who use it regularly and they’re great. However, I’ve seen the ugly side more often. I agree the skill set isn’t different, but the comfort level certainly can be. It’s pretty tiring to play at a table for an extended time. Unfortunately I don’t have a TTS compatible device or I might dabble in it. I think it’s great to have TTS, especially for folks who have trouble finding opponents! I’m fortunate to have a good number of players locally.
  14. Wow. This is what you get when carrying on conversations in two different forums. Haha! Sorry.
  15. Also no damage, so yeah there is no benefit to jamming beam. Loosing an attack makes the opportunity cost for the jamming beam to be way too much. There needs to be an ability or upgrade that allows you to do an additional attack with a <beam> weapon but discard all damage that isn't ion damage.
  16. This is a bar so Aris could challenge him to a game of darts or space pool.
  17. @Shlambate, your ranged light if you are throwing, with 1eC+1eD for the difficulty. There is also an automatic to disadvantage to the check due to the improvised weapon.
  18. @Tramp Graphics, that looks ok to me, standard duty for this, so you will start with 10.
  19. Note to self: Make sure my samurai's marriage is arranged through in-clan matchmakers....
  20. @EliasWindrider and @Jonas Shaaf, are neither of you planning to do anything this round in combat?
  21. Den reaches out to take the datapad. "Will do sire, don't worry about it. I reckon he'll get himself together before this mission starts". Tucking the pad into his belt, "Agh, he must be around here somewhere" Den would mutter as he leaves the room. Stomping down the corridor, Den would head out with the others in search of their missing team mate.
  22. @Jonas Shaaf, if you want you can also use the advantage to remove terrain setback on the next check. Feel free to put the ic up. Corsec Chase: @Edgehawk: speed 2, 3s3a1d Engaged range between: Ari: 8/8 HT, 7/8 SS speed 2, 5s1t @Jonas Shaaf, speed 2, 1s3a @Tramp Graphics: speed 1, 1f2a Engaged range between: Corsec officer: 8/8 HT, 7/8 SS speed 2, 2s The next check will head into the city itself, the terrain setback will be 1 setback dice this time. @Edgehawk, @Tramp Graphics and @Jonas Shaaf, you can sort your roll for these when ready.
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