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  2. So for CIS: Nute Gunray - A political leader. Certainly not a brave or bold commander. Tended to favor waiting as he always seemed to think the money and influence he had would save him. So I’m picturing a QBT-esque effect. If an enemy ship is moving faster than you, generate a defensive bonus. Pors Tonith - he had a thin head and was head of the banking clan. That’s all I know and have no clue how he’d be an admiral. He would bring more resources to a fight, so maybe some kind of Tagge-ish ability? If Wat Tambor - Head of techno union . I’m gonna just assume he would help with upgrade slots. Like adding a turbolaser or ordnance upgrade slot to all ships that don’t have one already. General Lok Durd - He’s the ground commander who developed and tested artillery that did no damage to mechanical life forms. I feel like he’s similar to Wat Tambor, so I’m not sure what to do here. General Grievous - Terrifying fighter, capable of commanding fleets. Supposedly a brilliant commander, but he faced it armor in all his on screen appearances and didn’t deliver then. He would be the most raw offensive admiral. The CIS equivalent of Darth Vader. Admiral Trench - Brilliant CIS admiral who made Yularen throw a piss party when Yularen figures out who he was facing. He had fought cloaked vessels before and tended to predict his opponents very accurately. I’d see an auto-accuracy effect for him in ship to ship combat. Admiral. Mecha-trench - Still the same guy, still the mind, but now with cybernetics. This suggestion is just an excuse to get two versions of him as a commander so I can put him on the table in more situations. Durge- Some sociopath that the CIS has commanding fleets. Had a pathological hatred of clones and Boba Fett. I don’t know anything more.
  3. Wedge, be careful up there...somebody is gonna get hurt.
  4. JJ48

    Inert Fat Han

    It's just like that classic line from The Dark Knight: "You either lose as a casual, or you win long enough to see yourself become the meta."
  5. WGNF911

    My go at Fett

    That was Vallejo fresh blood with an extra layer of gloss just to ensure the blood is extra fresh.
  6. He says it to convince the hobbits that he is trustworthy, after they read Gandalf's letter, in Bree. He is specifically quoting the poem.
  7. The rule is you cannot use 2 unique characters with the same name. They haven't the same name, so I don't see you couldn't do this. I don't think it is the same character with a different name, it would be a bit strange...
  8. I've been having the time of my 2e life playing inquisitors lately. They're bananas fun, and surprisingly good. I will say the gas clouds have actually hampered their potential. Supernatural Reflexes and FCS, and call it a day. I've danced those bad boys around more high initiative aces for free shots than I can count. I will say this; I'm about 40/60 on wins with just 4x Inquisitors, but I'm about 70/30 wins 3x Inquisitors and some kind of ace. Ran them this week with a Gunboat against a tight XXAA list and - aside from flying one Inquisitor off the board in a distracted act of idiocy by reading the dial wrong - it took a fairly convincing win.
  9. For convergence Chewbacca, people say I should have another scoundrel just so chewy gets guardian. But what is so good about having guardian? THX 4 answering
  10. Dreadai

    Inert Fat Han

    They have shown that they are willing to act quickly to remove undesirable game elements, looking at triple Upsilon lists being smashed. Maybe they don't want to set a precedent of knee jerk reactions to internet noise ... most of the volume from this issue is still coming from a very small, very passionate and eloquent group of community 'names'. There is an incoming points change/reshuffle with wave 4, and then 1-2 months max before the promised 6 monthly points reviews to shuffle the meta. I trust that FFG will act to move the meta again, and think that right now there's an element of 'angry man yells at cloud' about all of this. On flying the list while acknowledging that it is a horrible NPE for opponents ... If you think of 'winning' as the reason you go to a tournament, then you goo with the list most likely to achieve that outcome. If you want to have fun chilled games with new people, then bring something else. I am reminded of the Ghost Fenn meta, which was dominated by podcasters spending every week decrying the list, and saying how broken it was, and building bad feelings in the community against people who opted to fly it ... and then they all went to big events flying the list ... propagating the 'meta' and reinforcing the need to fly it to do well. Anyone in a position of influence in the community needs to be careful with what they say or do ... if you want to see a reduced number of 'broken' lists, be the change, find a way to beat them (turns out swarms do OK against Han) promote that list, work using your influence to push degenerate lists out of the meta, rather than reinforcing it.
  11. If I play swiftness (ambush-next card you play gets ambush) then heightened awareness (ambush-give a character 3 shields) do I get 2 actions afterwards? THX 4 replies
  12. Thorin Oakenshield vs Thorin Stonehelm is this the same character but somehow his name it's changed ? Can we use both heroes in the same deck ?
  13. I believe that interpretation is correct.
  14. This. Ultimately, you're the one setting the manouvring problem, turning to your opponent and saying "solve that one, then." Anything you can do to make their job harder, is better.
  15. I don't know. There could be a subtle joke there on 'wave-men' by a better class of ronin considering themselves to have rudders. Which can also be 'the flu', I think. 'Yoshi of the Mildly Severe Flu' sounds a lot less impressive, though (though strangely appropriate for someone with the Jurojin's Curse Adversity).
  16. If Legacy is what I'm thinking about, then I'm not a fan of putting stickers etc on my game boards etc. Interesting idea, though...
  17. And, to be fair, happened whilst Arasou was chasing Crane who were running away back into the city after being beaten outside it. Indeed. What was supposed to be the largest Dragon Army in living memory was still massively outnumbered by a detachement of the Lion. What proportion of the two forces may be Ashigaru Levy as opposed to Ise Zuma, we don't know, but being outnumbered several times over by a relatively minor sub-commander is a pretty drastic enditement of the respective military force of the two clans. Very much so. The Lion, Crab and Unicorn are the three clans with distinctly militaristic bias. Utaku Kamoko is (amongst other things) the commander of the Shiotome Elite - essentially she's Shinjo Altansarnai's highest ranking bushi vassal, making her essentially the Unicorn equivalent of Matsu Tsuko; a "war now!" viewpoint from her is pretty much what you'd expect since it's basically her purpose. Based on the map of Rokugan, not directly - they're still shown as border Crab and Scorpion lands. That said, individual castles and minor settlements around the borders of any given clan heartland are owned by a whole patchwork of relatives, vassals and treaty-partners. I'm sure there's someone nearby who can be broadly identified as 'lion' - or if not, then a punitive expedition* can be mounted which would give the lion a stronghold in the south - something I'm sure they wouldn't mind even if it didn't come with the bonus opportunity to hoof a crane ally in the unmentionables. It's not like you'd need a major force (by lion clan standards) to knock over a minor clan, provided someone can keep the Imperial Court's nose out of the matter. That said, they do specifically talk about having the lion clan for a neighbour. Asami's actions there I have no problem with. Accepting that she's leaving because she failed is a blow to her status in the public eye, after all, but ultimately timing it so Ikoma Eiji wasn't there was the main thing. The scene does reflect poorly on Matsu Seishin's court, though. If you're planning to keep her there, then he and Ikoma Eiji could have put their heads together and figured out the pretext ahead of time whether the Lion courtier was there or not. Realising you might need to do that was part of Eiji's job, and leaving your boss to improvise in front of multiple clan's ambassadors isn't doing it. "Ensuring her security" - after all, as the fighting winds up a lot of near-brigand ronin are wandering away from the front - is one option, albeit at the risk of implying in front of other clan diplomats that Matsu Seishin is not able to garuantee the safety of lone travellers - meaning he'd have to back it up by providing large guards to everyone. Actually coming up with something to negotiate about is another - after all, whilst Toshi Ranbo is now off the table (the Emperor having taken the two clan's toys away until they learn to play nice), there must still be standing issues around the plains; after all, they talk about the lion 'being very busy not having a war with the crane', the lines are still ill-defined at best and I don't believe there's been a formal ruling on where the border should be now. Kunuzobu was being deliberately quite rude - but as noted, it was mostly a matter of pointedly getting Kenshinzen and Akihiro to glare at one another. It wasn't really 'conversational bullying' - Akodo Kage wasn't specifically trying to get anyone to agree with him; quite the reverse - everyone's in-story assumption is that he wanted to create an 'incident' where one of the Fox lost it. As noted, they can't call him on either status or by having a duellist (at least not one in Akihiro's leage) stare them down, but Kunuzobu (as a great clan member, even if only by marriage, with a Kakita in tow) can. That wasn't being diplomatic, because the subtext was basically "Shut up. Now." * Not a "war", obviously, since Great Clans are forbidden from declaring war on Minor Clans. So it's not a war. It's just....a very strenuous discussion. With some stabbing, and quite a lot of fire.
  18. Hey Phil, Just wondered if you are still working on the City of Heroes setting?
  19. Oldpara

    Inert Fat Han

    OK, I'll help you: Try to replace Kannan Jarrus with Seasoned Navigator, and then set hard2 on your dial. How many possible positions you can land? I'll spare you counting: 18!! Everything in the list with..... 22 pts bid! And with Luke Gunner to give you some additional broken mechanic/action economy. You can add prockets for fun on Jake to lower obscene bid to 15. Please bear in mind that even without Inertial Dampeners its still 17 options So its 2.0 where dials and arcs matters you say? I've got one more Hyperspace Trial already scheduled, and after this I think I am taking a brake from X-wing. It is especially disappointing that they have all the tools to fix broken combos yet they're slacking and they are accepting next two SoS (Denver and Hannover) being infested by swarms of obnoxious Phantoms (Phantom's Menace ) and broken Han. (as for dialing hard2 it is probably better to dial hard3 for "only" 12 but more spread options, but I wanted to show most disgusting option in terms of numbers)
  20. Not off topic at all! We do a Florida Man news segment every episode. Always something wacky going on here!
  21. I know its from the riddle/poem, but doesnt Aragorn say it super early in the book as well? Like, before Weathertop.
  22. Sunitsa

    Inert Fat Han

    Considering that Han pretty much needs Luke gunner to work because of the huge design mistake of not providing a linked red rotate action (without it, it's a ship which costs too much to have turns "wasted" on rotate. With it, it's a ship which should deal more with stress AND would be open to the basic xwing counterplay of blocking), how would you fix this particular Fat Han iteration? Would giving a charge to dampners stop it being an NPE?
  23. "Commentary: From the moment I picked up your book, until I laid it down, I was convulsed with laughter. Someday I intend reading it." ―HK-47
  24. Magnus, that is indeed the only description that remotely makes sense, although there really would be no river flowing south if there were a quick, smooth runoff to the south. But leaving base geographyt aside I cannot come up with a better explanation. I am still stumped by the Kaiu wall though, as (in I believe EE) the suggestion is made that it is more a defence against the Crane, using the Shadowlands as an excuse... Invasion up the unnavigable stretch of river...
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