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  2. The reaction window closes after the first activation, so you could not trigger the second Ivory Kingdoms Unicorn’s ability. You would not return to the same reaction window after the resolution of the immediate conflict. [Tyler Parrott, Mar 8 2019]
  3. If I break a province with two attacking Ivory Kingdom Unicorns, can I trigger both assuming I've used Hisu Mori Toride to allow a 3rd conflict? Will the reaction window close permanently after the first activation? Will we return to the same reaction window after the extra conflict?
  4. When you react with Ivory Kingdoms Unicorn and immediately declare your next conflict, if you have 2+ conflicts remaining, you do not need to specify which type of conflict is being turned into military. Your third conflict can be either military or political, assuming HMT triggered on the first (military) conflict. [Tyler Parrott, Mar 8 2019]
  5. Is his reaction creating a delayed effect that changes the type after you declare you type and ring, or a replacement effect that changes your declaration? If I declare my first conflict as Military with Hisu Mori Toride, I win the conflict and use HMT in 3.2.3 to gain an extra Military conflict declaration, I react in 3.3 with IKU to declare my next conflict right away. When declaring that conflict do I state what I am declaring, and IKU switches it to military, ex. I declare Political and it becomes Military? Can I react with IKU, use my extra Military declaration right away, and reserve my political conflict for my 3rd possible declaration?
  6. Ivory Kingdoms Unicorn’s ability triggers after step 3.3, when the conflict ends. Ivory Kingdoms Unicorn needs to be present at the full resolution to trigger. [Tyler Parrott, Mar 8 2019]
  7. At which step is Ivory Kingdom Unicorn's reaction used during the resolution process at 3.2.8 or 3.3 or other step? If I attack with Ivory Kingdom Unicorn and other characters, I move Ivory Kingdom Unicorn home with a Favorable Ground and win the conflict can I trigger Ivory Kingdom Unicorn as his text says "after the resolution of a conflict in which this character was attacking", or does he still need to be present at the full resolution to trigger?
  8. It's great to see you back in action! I've been thinkng about running a Dark Heresy campaign in Wrath & Glory for the past few months, but now that you've released this, I'm not so sure about the system. I have a minor nitpick regarding the Corruption rules: I played in a campaign last year using your ruleset, and hardly anyone retained corruption between adventures. We even fought a rogue psyker and a group of nurglings and daemonettes summoned by sorcerers, but I feel the corruption recovery is too lenient as we interpreted the rules. There is no stated difficulty for the Discipline check, is that supposed to start at Average or Trivial? If the latter, I'd suggest starting at Simple or Average, so only acolytes with high Willpower and Discipline are able to escape the downward spiral of corruption that is service in the Inquisition.
  9. Yep. The idea behind a critical strike is that you find an opening in your opponent's defense/ a weak point in their armor and mess them up. An assassin with a knife can get a critical strike against an opponent wearing heavier armor and basically ignores the physical resistance. That's the trade-off for most high deadliness weapons- they tend to inflict less fatigue, but inflict more deadly criticals. While heavier weapons like tetsubos deal more fatigue, but deal less deadly critical strikes.
  10. Hi! Question..the printed text on this card says: "Draw 3 additional cards at the beginning of the resource phase. At the end of the round, discard all cards in your hand." Is this a forced action? Or we can trigger it only when we decide.
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  12. FFG might do the same thing that they did with the reaper. Hopefully that also means some really unique additions to the game as well as the wonky timing. Had another idea for the ship, make it kinda like an imperial YT-2400, which is appropriate considering the connection to obstacles. 2 primary attack Ship ability: After attacking at range 2-3, you may perform an additional attack against the defender. So it has a sensor blindspot like the YT-2400, and a way to represent the autotrigger for the ship's guns. You could balance it with a fast dial to make it hard to range your opponent.
  13. Oh yeah, I still need to paint the rest of the Pathfinders at some point
  14. Hi all, I'll be running a campaign on a certain forest moon and the locals will have low-tech traps and such scattered around. Now I'm thinking spiked pits, shooting arrows, trip lines linked to spears etc. However I'm failing to think of trap stats and the rules mechanism to spot and disable (obviously perception and or Vigilance) them but also what difficulty these things will be at. Want to make them particularly deadly though. Any and all advice would be welcome. Thanks in advance.
  15. Awesome stuff! Really great conversions that do fantastically at capturing a moment!
  16. Check out Dooku: Jedi Lost and Master and Apprentice for some good recent examples. A heavy theme in both is the Jedi Council refusing to heed visions of the future provided by the Force because they are so afraid that seeing the future is tantamount to trying to control it. And of course, trying to control the future is the path to the Dark Side. So rather than acknowledge the warnings provided by the Force, the Jedi Council's decisions tend to be "do nothing when one of our Jedi has a vision." Great example of the Jedi losing their reverence for the Force due to their dogmatic nature.
  17. When a card such as Leia Organa - Born Leader Awakenings #28 says Remove this die to re-roll up to two of your dice does it mean just to remove from dice pool or from the game? I assume it is dice pool? Cheers
  18. It will still apply during conflicts at Sanpuku Seidō. [Tyler Parrott, Jul 12 2018]
  19. Also, does it work with Sanpuku Seidō? When at that province, characters count their glory and not their skills, but is the total still a "skill total" (to which the Disguised Protector's bonus applies), or is it now a "glory total"?
  20. Disguised Protector will add both players’ bids to their skill, even if there are no characters present. [Tyler Parrott, Jul 12 2018]
  21. Does Disguised Protector make players add their bids to their skill totals even if there are no participating characters on their side of conflict? It does not mention a restriction like Kaito Kosori.
  22. @hemblecreations Thanks a lot mate! Really happy with it. @Jabby Cheers bruh! Huge compliment. Appreciate it! @Alan Noir Thanks! It will be hard to build any lists without it haha
  23. You refill each province after playing the character, even though you’re not finished resolving the effects of Wayfarer’s Camp. You can turn one of the refilled cards faceup with the post-then effect. [Tyler Parrott, Apr 12 2019]
  24. Having done an in-depth breakdown of every movie lightsaber duel (way too much time on my hands two years ago), I can tell you that based off of choreography, Old Ben was far more offensive in ANH than he'd been in RotS, and his overall performance was better against Vader than his younger self against Anakin. Also, considering Anakin drove Obi-Wan back through all the Mustafar duel, constantly landing kicks and punches, I'd hardly claim that Obi-Wan was Anakin's equal "blow for blow." But if you view it differently, you're welcome to your opinion on the matter. Edit: Can't sleep, decided to rewatch the two lightsaber duels in question. I still stand by my belief that Old Ben did better against Vader than Obi-Wan did against Anakin, but a minor correction is necessary. In terms of punches/kicks landed, Obi-Wan hit Anakin four times, while Anakin hit him five. So that is fairly close to being equal, "blow for blow," in that regard. However, Obi-Wan very seldom delivers any counter-attacks during the majority of the duel, and is stuck merely defending himself all the way until the end, while Old Ben occasionally manages to make Vader give ground, and overall holds his ground better against the Sith. It's been a while since I watched Rebels Season 1 (keep loaning out my copy), but I don't recall Kanan saying he doesn't feel he can be a Jedi any more after having locked it away for so long. Even if he did, depending on how it's worded, he might be referencing Jedi teachings and morality, not necessarily the actual skillset. Again, the moment he pulls out a lightsaber, he performs just fine against a large number of stormtroopers. He isn't displayed ever struggling to use telekinesis, (that I recall) despite having avoided using it for half of his life. I didn't say Kylo called it "impossible," just that he believed it "pretty much" impossible. He thought that a few seconds of projection would have killed Rey. Luke held his projection for minutes. Seems pretty impressive to me, and doesn't at all indicate that not using the Force for a few years weakens you. So while those could be seen as examples that Force powers might atrophy from disuse, I personally disagree with that assessment.
  25. What is the timing for refilling the two provinces when I use the ability of Wayfarer's Camp? Will I be able to turn one of those two new cards face up with the Then effect?
  26. Yoshi takes a moment to look back at his two new traveling companions but it isn't long,"Ito-sama I am honored with your faith and trust. Your words and plans reflect your commitment to duty and compassion to your town. You show courtesy to 3 humble ronin passing through. You show courage in the face of what may be your last winter. Though I will hope the kami will grace you with a pleasant surprise... How can anyone who places any values bushido refuse such a request? First Clouds festival you say." (Well, poop. Not sure I wanted to head that direction. I was thinking about heading North. Still if this is where the wind is blowing...) ((Kazama. Kazama. Kazama the ronin... I'm Earth3/Skullduggery3. I roll 2 successes, an explosion with strife, two options and a blank. Keep the three successes (and a strife) and roll the explosion which sadly also comes up blank. Still that does make 3 success for Yoshi...seems like I've heard of that particular rogue....)
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