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  2. Too many dice. it has a lot less guns than the ISD Taim & Bak XX-9 heavy turbolaser batteries(60) Borstel NK-7 ion cannons (60) Dual heavy Turbolaserturrets (6) Dual heavy ion cannon turrets (2) Quad heavy turbolasers (2) Triple medium turbolasers (3) Medium turbolasers (2) Phylon 07 tractor beam projectors (10) VS. Dual heavy turbolaser turrets (8) Medium dual turbolaser cannons (2) Point-defense laser cannons (52) proton torpedo tubes (4) Tractor beam projectors (6) I would give it: Shields: 3/2/2/2 (it has a lot worse shielding than an ISD) 94* arc Guns: 3 red and 1 black (Reds represent Turbolasers, blue represents ion cannons, which the venators do not have, and black represents torpedos and missiles) 97* arc 2 red 2 black 86*arc 2 red Anti-squad: 4 blue or 2 red 2 blue Command Values: Command: 2 Squad: 5 Engineering: 3 movement chart can be similar to an ISD I think with maybe a slightly better chart. This is because it is 400 feet smaller than the ISD, which would make it a medium base that can go speed 3. Brace, Redirect, Evade, Contain for defense tokens Hull should be 7 or 8. If we get an imperial version of this ship, I assume Motti will love it, and so will 7th fleet. 2 things left, which are upgrade slots and point cost. These go hand in hand. I think it should have one officer slot(possibly two, but that is really good), Defensive retrofit, 1 turbolasers, Offensive retrofit, weapon teams. These upgrades reflect a heavier turbolaser ship with a the ability to slot as an offensive carrier or more defensive. Points should put it at about 70, give or take 5 points, Remembering that upgrades will be a necessity, which will push its final price well above 80. You can still swarm with them, it just wouldn't make sense. These are not attack ships, but squadron ships. Most of the Clone wars was done by the squadrons, not capital ships.
  3. Boba is great. Honestly the list arose because Vader and Boba are cool - so I tried to make a list with them both in. New ways: Best use is for Royal Guard - allowing them to move 3 times and charge. Second is in snows - often at same time as Guard charge to devastate and area. Often people are still dealing with Snows etc on the turn Vader is most vulnerable, distract the enemy from Vader so he can get into position then Master of Evil and kill stuff. Alternate use is on Boba on Rescue supplies to run in grab the middle box and run away. Medic Droid then gets the wound back. On any the trick is to not overextend and get isolated and then easily killed.
  4. I think cross-era play will be allowed. They already allow Jyn Erso and Luke Skywalker to be in the same fleet in Armada, even this couldn't actually happen timeline-wise.
  5. odd indeed, especially how populated it is.
  6. Haven't been able to play any legion since the first few months of the launch. Our local area is going to do the 300 point tourney this weekend and I'm excited to jump back in. At 300 points I'm assuming an imperial officer and a couple squads, but I haven't been able to play Boba yet. Anyone been able to put Boba and a generic office in a 300 point list? I have 1 set of scout troopers Veers 4 Bikes 2 snows 1 Scout troop Stormies
  7. WAIT, Hold up. Your confused by a 19,000 meter long, likely a hundred decks tall, vessel is capable of holding thousands of fighters if fully equipped? It has a crew close to 300,000 persons. I'm more concerned at the apparent ineptitude of the Imperial officers after the fall of the Empire if they seriously thought that they could keep up their charade of massive capital ships with little to no fighter support, because 144 fighters is only 12-6 squadrons (if we go with squadron numbers of 12-24 fighters per squadron). At least a THOUSAND sounds far better than 144 fighters.
  8. I have been told by my local store that it will be in store on May 16...can’t wait 😁
  9. Really, really like these troops. Great job on all of your miniatures. I am gonna have to put a Bespin table on hiatus and go full on Hoth now that we are getting true Hoth rebels and Tauntauns. Using EA Star Wars Battlefront maps as inspiration for my tables.
  10. I still LOVE Legion. It’s so good. But X-Wing is a blast as well. To be honest, I’m a bit burned out on painting, terrain building, and community building. Being able to just play a quick game of X-Wing has been very refreshing.
  11. I'm only here to argue if the forum is a chaotic warzone or not. It isn't. It's by and large a wholesome, interesting and informative place, with odd pockets of mild friction. Anyone who disagrees is a know-nothing, basement dwelling imbecile. Fite me.
  12. Fair enough; if what we've seen so far from FFG for Legion is any indication then I'm sure they'll do the AAT justice
  13. The times I’ve flown this list Ive clown against lower Initiative ships, so it was easier to get that bullseye lined up. Also, I found that the equal initiative ships were worried about me lining it up and it affected my opponents choices.
  14. Short of news running to Gencon, this could be the big reveal at the show, and the big reason for secrecy. Due to the popularity of the Scythe's legacy expansion, this could really be a big seller. Sign me up if it's true, and colour me mega excited for the next reveal.
  15. I'm not sure if you completely understood our intentions with Diplomat. The reasons why most squadrons with it dont have any armament is so that you cant just spam Diplomats to ensure your anti-squadron defense. You have to use it in conjunction with other, armed squadrons. See it as a different take on Escort, as it fulfills a similar defensive role of protecting key squadrons. You have a point here. Maybe we will change the hull value and costs. Thanks, it was our very first design. This seems to be the general consensus so far regarding that ship. Nice to hear! Could you give a few more specifics? The Venator is the exact equivalent of the Providence in terms of hull value, shields and total attack dice and i would even argue that the venators armament is overall a little stronger given the greater range and maneuverability. Of course, the Providence becomes a real nightmare once you add crit upgrades and engine techs. But double brace on the Venator also means fewer total damage dealt to the ship, since you can easily proxy missing Redirect Tokens with Repair Commands (moving shields). Overall, the Venator and Providence are our most well balanced ships in my opinion, since we knew they would be the "flagships" (pun intended) of their respective factions and therefore a lot of though went into them. In my game experience, skipping the first 2 rounds of combat with a ship does not really put you at a disadvantage and most of the times you can even afford to do so with a ship in the first 3 rounds, if you hit hard afterwards. For the title to be worth it you have to produce 3 Vulture Droid Squadrons (=21 points) but you can still use flak against squadrons if you have targets available in lets say, rounds 2 and 3. So i think for now the cost of 19 points isnt totally off. Also, a Munificent with this title would make for a great flagship, since you usually dont wont to engage with your flagship right away. Beeing able to activate a max. of 8 Vultures with Flight Controllers (max. number in the whole faction) might sound OP at first, but you can already activate 6 TIE Fighters with Flight Controllers in the base game, and TIE Fighters have 1 more blue die than Vultures. So the total damage of the 6 TIEs with FC is actually higher, at least the potential. Vultures might have a higher damage consistency though if you add "Collicoid Swarm"(Providence title) or "Coordinated Assault" (Droid Control Slot). What exactly is it that you think is bad about it? The general idea of double scatter? The cost? Too high or too low? We might look into the cost of the generic Eta 2 and some of the aces. I dont think that "anti synergy" is a good argument against creating interesting mechanics. Sometimes having multiple different options available makes the game more interesting. The cost on the other hand has to be right for those units of course. Maybe 11 points or even 10 would be a better price for the generic Eta 2? Obiwan beeing a little too expensive i agree on. Well to be fair, STM! And TFA both dont seem much playtime, especially STM!, since Armada focuses so much on concentrating fire on one target. So i dont think those a really good arguements for Yoda beeing broken. His second effect might be problematic but i think that requires playtesting. I am open to cost suggestions though. I am not so sure about Windu beeing OP. He only really does something really strong for black dice (turning a possible blank into a double hit for each token spend). And when using black dice heavy ships such as the Acclamator or the Venator Star Destroyer Variant, changes are high that you will mostly only have hits anyway since you will probably be using ordnance experts. Vader lets you reroll any number of dice for a single token spend. I would argue thats stronger than Windus effect. And regarding the Consular/TRC/Windu combo, thats nothing you couldn't alread do with Vader/TRC boosted Arquitens or with IF!/TRC boosted CR90s. Yes Consulars are cheaper but they also have 1 less red die and are much more fragile. I am open to alternative cost suggestions for Windu, although i think 30 is pretty reasonably. You have a very good point here. I think we might change Yodas effect to a once-per round effect for one single squadron with Force Affinity. Yoda might be taken out of that equation for the most part. I dont see much of a problem with killing Obiwan. 40 Points is a massive price to pay just for squadron support. If your opponents plays smart the effects of Grit can be at least partly diminished. So you are for the most part paying 40 points for a rangeless BBC/Toryn Farr combination. Do you really think thats such a problem even with such a high pricetag? Also, we could consider Anakin only working for generics. Thanks for your feedback!
  16. I know it's not represented on the playmat in any way, but I just kinda assumed that, in the movie, all landing pads led to the Citadel Tower (where the DS plans are). Or at least the Rebels only want to land on pads that lead there. I had originally thought of having the Citadel Tower in the game but then I thought it would unnecessarily take up too much space. I just wanted to focus on the objective of the drop ship and the dog fighting surrounding that. The "Thank you Mario! But our Princess is in another castle!" concept doesn't quite fit the scenario that I have in my mind. I did, however, have a similar idea originally. The Imperial player could secretly divide and deploy a various number of Stromtroopers at each landing pad so that one pad may have only a few while another may have quite several. The number of troopers would be revealed when the U-Wing attempts to land. After seeing the impossible odds, it would have to move to another, less guarded, one. Looking at it now, I guess this is pretty much like what you suggested, just a different interpretation.
  17. AceDogbert

    why ffg?

    I see you are a man of culture as well, Arvel Crynyd is a marvellous thing to place on the board. Have you considered pairing him with a Ion&VTG Horton Salm? It is rather effective.
  18. Boom Owl

    Inert Fat Han

    In my book all it really requires is this: Make Luke Gunner 32+ Points Again ( There is no reason for this to be 24 pts or to exist competitively ) Fix the Kanan Dampener Rule Interaction on the Official Forum Post or Remove the Illicit That leaves Han with tons of extremely powerful combo tools, specifically ( i6, white big boost, infinite rerolls, and infinite Regen ). Possible that R2D2 Crew should scale in cost for Han but they worded that entire card wrong to begin with by not making it charge based so I dont know what they can really do there.
  19. It would be interesting to play Separatists against the Empire, or have a Republic vs Rebel game, but how to balance the 4 factions against one another sounds difficult while also giving distinct playstyles to the new factions.
  20. Canon ISD: 72 fighters Canon SSD: Apparently “thousands” of fighters. Dafuq? Legends SSD: 144 fighters. Canon Venator: 420 fighters Since commanding 72 is a squadron value of 4, then the venator should be 5. Since squadron command of 5 also represents commanding “thousands” of fighters, Venator should solidly be Squadron 5. Command 3 ranges from 5000 crew (MC80) to 46000 crew (ISD), it should be command 3 at 7000ish crew Engineering 4 is probably fair. Wookiepedia has the max speed for ISD and Venator. Similar in size and shape to the interdictor, but with a huge hangar bay along the top. So 8-9 Hull. The big guns were similar to an ISD. 8 of the heavy turbolaser. But the smaller guns were nowhere near as numerous. So I’d say take the ISD1 and remove a few dice. Maybe the blacks. So 5 dice out the front, 3 out the sides? Shielding probably a bit weaker than an ISD as it’s primary weapon is squadrons, not the ships guns. Also, it was meant to fight in a fleet with ships supporting its flanks. If ISD is 4/3/2, then Venator might be 3/3/2 or 4/2/2. So, Command 3 Squadron 5 Engineering 4 Hull 8-9 Shields 4/2/2 Max speed 3, but we can make maneuvering garbage at that speed to let the ISD still be the best there. 5 (or 6) dice out the front, 3 out the sides, 2 out the back.
  21. Crashed for us at the exact same point. Using iPad Pro, iOS 12.2
  22. It does not say anything about discarding it, so yes it would remain. A pretty strong card!
  23. Basically, they are still working on it. So they wont be 100% sure how they are going to handle it yet, so its anyones guess at this point.
  24. You get two new factions. They can battle against any other factions. Ready, set, fight!
  25. In X-wing any faction can play any faction regardless of time. As for Armada, ships don't just suddenly disappear when the calendar turns over a new year. You will certainly get to play against any faction just as you do now. As has been documented in many official cannon sources, older ships are still capable of holding their own against never ships. However, with being said, different races design and political philosophies and shipyards will turn out wild variations in quality and power. Cannot even begin to tell you how the different eras will match up but it will work out fine. FFG wants your money and they want you to play absurd games where a Lucrehulk slugs it out with an SSD while both side swat all of the other puny vessels aside.
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