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  2. Ya got me. I'm currently attempting to beat them with any non-meta thing (Madine preferred)
  3. OMG YES. Can't wait to gather some more news about this.
  4. Do you know people that already play the game, or do you have a local gaming store with players? If yes, ask to try out different ships and factions until you think you have found a faction you want to play. If your answer was no, watch some streams (search the likes of Gold Squadron, First Earth, Weekend Warlords, VTTV on Youtube), to see what ships you like the look of. Once you settle on a faction buy a few ships for that faction. I would advise sticking with second edition ships for now, as you won't require a conversion kit.
  5. I started during 1st edition, by collecting ships from both the Empire and Rebels, got Scum (and FO and Resistance) later for the necessary upgrades, but i've converted only the Empire and Rebels to second edition. Wasn't sure what i'd like back then, nowadays i'm mostly Empire player. I would recommend getting a bit of both the Empire and Rebels. They offer options from swarms to arc dodging aces to synergistic abilities to more tanky ships, letting you try things out and if you have enough ships, you can play with friends with your ships. It is easier to select a faction once/if you try all factions, if you have local scene at local gaming shop, you could go play with them and ask if you can try others' stuff out (either whole lists or borrow ships to complement what you got already). If you do find a favorite faction, you can probably sell or trade other ships if you have no interest to keep them.
  6. I'm definitely not a two ship.list person, but when I do fly them I tend to do pretty well. Here's one I had good luck with and felt like there was a good balance: TIE/D Defender - •Rexler Brath - 87 •Rexler Brath - Onyx Leader (82) Juke (5) VT-49 Decimator - •Captain Oicunn - 111 •Captain Oicunn - Inspired Tactician (78) Intimidation (3) •Darth Vader (14) •0-0-0 (5) Proton Bombs (5) •Dauntless (4) •BT-1 (2) Total: 198/200 View in the X-Wing Squad Builder I definitely depends on the list you want to fly, but I prefer two big threats to something like a fat Han.
  7. I don't expect them to shift, really (except for maybe Oddball?). They pretty much do what they're supposed to do as cheap cannon fodder in the 25-35 point range (depending on your pilot and upgrades. N-1s I expect to start at 30-33 (34 if they deem 6 N-1s is too good).
  8. Will you be writing that up as well? I'd be interested in the Ani/Obi build. Got to have balls to play a small 2- ship list.
  9. You're in luck, I don't usually keep my decklists, but I do keep a quest log of all my plays at home 2-handed solo, wins and losses. That records the heroes I used, and I happened to have saved these two decks on ringsdb. I won in a single attempt. I'll link the two decks first: https://ringsdb.com/deck/view/54982 (direct damage deck) https://ringsdb.com/deck/view/50636 (willpower "direct progress" deck) And here is the writeup from my quest log: June 17, 2017 Danny played: Thalin, Mablung, and Argalad. 2nd deck: Aragorn (Leadership), Arwen, and Lanwyn. Long game, 2 hours and change. Played solo 2-handed. I had a pair of decks meant to deal direct damage and direct progress, although the direct progress deck was mostly a willpower deck with progress effects peppered in. Mostly it was blocked by the Blocked Passage encounter card effect. During this game all possible encounter cards came out at least once. All 3 side quests came out and were defeated. The questing deck got set up faster than the damage deck, but both took a good long time to get set up. I purposefully lingered on stage 2. Dunedain Remedy did a good amount of healing, bouncing between Aragorn (with Steward) and Mablung. The Brood Mother survived one round longer than needed to, because the On Track Forced effect failed to find me an "On Track" card, which meant the objective got flipped and I lost all progress on quest stage 3. That made the spider immune to damage for another round. I nearly lost a hero 1 turn as I did not have a defender and the attacker had 5 attack. I used up Lanwyn's final resource as I planned to let her die, spending it on an Elven-light in the discard pile. Lo and behold, this drew me a Sneak Attack, which I used to play Gandalf and kill off the enemy (which already had 1 or more damage on it). The Brood Mother died with exactly the right number of damage -- if anything had gone wrong I would have gone 1 more round. Good thing I didn't, too, as the damage deck had 48 threat at the end of the game.
  10. I tried this list in my LGS' Hyperspace Tournament. While the Wedge, Braylen, Jake, and Cassian list has merit, it will take much practice to execute because of the nature of the ships. I will try this list again in the future because it has the potential of being a tough but fun to fly list. The major change is substituting Arvel for Jake because Wedge is a better flanker than Jake. For now I will use Ten, Braylen, Arvel, and Cassian because it would been more effective today and I enjoy flying it.
  11. It wasn't meant to be a threat, it's just we expect that somebody will break the peace eventually. But we don't plan to be the peace-breakers.
  12. I haven’t gotten to play much since Republic dropped - is there a consensus that the V-19s are priced correctly? Do people expect them to shift in the next update?
  13. @EliasWindrider Yes, the LAAT/i carries 4 bikes The LAAT/v carries 16 bikes.
  14. My son and I have been playing for about 6 months and we have a small collection of three different factions. We mix and match as we please and just play with the ships we like. We aren't going into tournaments or anything so just build our squads how we feel. Rebels: 2 x T65 X-Wings, 1 x Y-Wing, Sabine's Tie Fighter, The Ghost, The Phantom ii, The Phantom Scum: 1 x Slave I, 1 x Fang Fighter, 1 x Mining Guild Tie Fighter Imperials: 2 x Tie Ln, 1 X Tie Advanced X1
  15. I now use the Bitterman card editor now, but that was sitting in my Photobucket from long ago.
  16. I like to imagine Shore troopers can be siege specialists with the mortar. As another option to why they are there.
  17. When I started a month or two ago, my first purchases after the core set were the TIE, TIE Advanced X1 (Vader's ship), X-wing and Y-wing expansions. It meant I could play casually with friends using full-size squads that still have a surprising amount of options, and meant I could try out the rebels and imperials before deciding which to invest in further. I'd thoroughly recommend any new players doing something similar.
  18. I had an odd bug several of the pc's I track changed their race to Aleena, some other pc's did not. For all of these characters the only things I have been editing are Skills, specializations , Equipment and force powers. I have not been able to reproduce the bug or determine what I did to cause it. So this is not much use as a bug report
  19. What's the big four? Is it Raddus, Ackbar, Rieekan, and Dodonna?
  20. Right? 😁 Hopefully FFGs use of the license continues to please their overlords within the House of Mouse long enough for us to see that day to come.
  21. Ehh on the comic. Building a decent new round of lore around 789 is going to be rough. I'll just fire back up and play through again. Its time to bring Peace and Stability...
  22. Well, those ships are all different factions in the game (there’s far more than two sides - seven I think now?). If you prefer “Dark Side” and like the idea of using force powers, you’ll want either Imperial (They have Vader and will soon be getting reprints iof Inquisitors) or Separatists. They’re new (and their new faction set would be a good second purchase) and have access to some Dark side force users like Maul and Dooku.
  23. Hi. Try as I might I cannot beat this quest. I've played all sorts of decks 2 handed solo and single solo. I really want to beat it 2-handed but have no idea what decks will work. I've used decks of my own and from rings DB. I think it's harder than difficulty rating 5. Can anyone give me some pointers or list decks that are successful against this quest for me to try? Thanks PHIL
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