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  2. Yeah you didn't suffer facedown damage...you suffered face up..at least that's how we played it. Not that it mattered..we were slaughtered over and over. Last stand is a cruel joke.
  3. So I am planning a tournament in a bit using quick build cards. My plan at the moment is to treat each threat as 4 points. 32 points for a list. The reason I am doing this is because it should always divide into a whole number. So if a 2 ship, 3 threat quick build has 1 ship at half health, it would be worth 3 points to his opponent.
  4. They can the monsters traits as well in the app and that can change the encounter difficulty.
  5. So the threat build up is insane with four players. We used Legolas, Aragorn, Elena and Gimli....there were a few difficult challenges that just bogged the whole thing down and the board was quickly overrun with almost every monster in the box? We were all about to die....many had last stands and I guess the threat dial saved us? So the dungeon part starts....and we carry all wounds over into the place? I replayed solo and it was a lot worse....whats the secret to managing threat? I think we gained up to +14...it was over in 4-5 turns but the wounds from double warg or the 3 armor goblins was just too much. It seems like just one failed search and its over.
  6. ...wait, is that supposition on supposition?
  7. That story arc made as much sense as a bag of bricks and the pay-off was a steaming pile of horse manure. I mean it was probably better than Hidden Emperor, but that's a low bar to clear...
  8. I like them for a few reasons 1. They are tanky little space mechs 2. They are 25 pts 3. They Talon and K Turn good 4. They get ignored and set up locks/blocks 5. They can Link Roll Evade 6. They look unique 7. They can move slow 8. They are Clone Troopas
  9. 100% agree with @emeraldbeacon. basically, yes, you played it right. doesn't matter if the ship has shields to resolve suffering the (crit). fuel leak still triggers off the ship suffering the (crit).
  10. Does anybody else's copy Allies & Adversaries show that Jawas are not silhouette 0? Table 6-6 on page 212 of the Edge of the Empire Core Rule book states that they are silhouette 0, but my copy of Allies & Adversaries doesn't show their size.
  11. And yet your username is UndeadGuy.
  12. It really depends upon what you're looking for. We're still talking about a top tier performance. And I think a skilled player can win with quite a few things against other good players. It is only at that highest tier where you're looking for margin against the other highest tier of players that the effects of the admirals really begin to show.
  13. Somebody clearly plays on Survival mode
  14. I feel violated. I don't log on for weeks and I come back to 1 notification that's a necro 💀
  15. Now that we have the Jedi career, would you say that it is more powerful that the careers presented in Force and Destiny?
  16. O good, I was worried I'd have to buy another core set 🤣
  17. Today
  18. Anything from the Expanse. In order: Morrigan Donnager Corvette (Tachi/Rocinante) Anubis Canterbury Strident Raptor Behemoth Scirocco Leonidas Demeter Nathan Hale
  19. ….nice...really nice werk!...
  20. Nice feedback! The AT-ATs are only a slight threat against Rebel ships and a slight advantage to the Stormtroopers by boosting their dice pool.
  21. In every cannon case we have seen of an outcast they have actually grown in strength in seclusion. Yoda, Maul, Dooku, Ahsoka, etc. so I am fine with the FR1. It also means munchkin players won't spurn it simply bc it doesn't offer them a power advantage. Narratively I think it opens a lot of opportunities and I like that.
  22. If, it ever came down to it, the only other RPG company I’d like for the license should FFG ever lose it or give it up (which is unlikely), would be R Talsorian Games, the makers of the Cyberpunk RPG.
  23. Quoting just to Like it again!!
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