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  2. Thanks to everybody! 4x threat level is a smart, clever and elegant solution, and it covers all the possibilities of a double qb card! Have a nice day
  3. In my opinion the reason for no win condition on 2B is the nightmare version.
  4. I came across a bug while playing chapter 4. We picked the wrong person (hobbit) but we should have picked the dwarf. We got the new objective (fire) and the app told us to remove all person tokens. But the dwarf token remained in the app (bug) and we still would have been able to ask him questions or grab him.
  5. Ketsu Onyo (70) Perceptive Copilot (8) Shadow Caster (6) Ship total: 84 Half Points: 42 Threshold: 5 Kavil (43) Dorsal Turret (2) Veteran Turret Gunner (6) "Genius" (2) Proton Bombs (5) Ship total: 58 Half Points: 29 Threshold: 4 Old Teroch (56) Predator (2) Ship total: 58 Half Points: 29 Threshold: 2 Total: 200 View in Yet Another Squad Builder 2.0: https://raithos.github.io/?f=Scum and Villainy&d=v6!s=200!126:,54,,,,160:;85:,137,,90,1,69,,:;98:127,:&sn=Unnamed Squadron&obs= i know, another variant... this one has a hail mary bomb attack coming into the first engagement. 4 K-Turn Kavil and drop a proton bomb. if uv rotated ur turret to the rear u can also get in a shot with ur turret. The bomb is going to hit Kavil too but hes got shields and they probably dont. Especially good against swarms.
  6. Seen other Scum lists do well in the Uk. Mining swarm. Boba,Fenn/Teroch, Escape. Fenn tercoh lando. The options are there. Dooku Maul finished 2nd in a 70-80player US HSTrial. Only losing to Duncan Howard in the final. Also, the other Separatist build of 5/6 + maul/wat is excellent. Finally, Resistance are killing HS. Happy to agree to disagree on our differing assessments of Hyperspace. 😇
  7. Continued the four-player Saga runthrough from yesterday. Played Barrow Downs (which got tense when all the other players were stuck in Barrows at one point but we somehow squeeked through), Knife In The Dark (which seemed to go well. I'm not sure since I'm no good at judging how games are going in four-player yet. Merry got Valiant Warrior) and Flight To The Ford (which went interestingly, no-one died but we got a lot of burdens added to the campaign pool). All in all, the fellowship got to Rivendell and we'll probably start The Road Darkens next weekend.
  8. Perhaps but after the PT it looks closer to Lincoln then Hitler to me for the reasons I stated in my first post. The biggest change comes at the end of the US Civil War for Lincoln and the Clone Wars for Palpatine with Lincoln dying and Palpatine living to become Emperor.
  9. Btw. Why is quad phantom so strong? Also whats the opening play? 4 in the center, decloak to one side?
  10. Blail Blerg

    Inert Fat Han

    We Xwing players, tcgplayer website Magic players, Street Fighter players reacting to the first "Play to Win" memorandum have finally come to realize we were all duped. Abusing the crap out of a game and trying to get it to its highest level of brokenness/powerfulness-in-"something-more" in the sake of winning more leads to a bad game. Not a good game. Variation of open list choices, ability to counterplea through skill (not list, not Luke-gunner shift) is what makes games more interesting. NOT the 1.0 Fat Han do everything abuse everything with ALL of the hallmarks of everything that was bad with 1.0. Want more evidence, look at modern starcraft 2. This example here, shows why kris' idea that lists need to be nutty degenerates is nonsensical and bad for the game. Nerf the utter bejeezus outta this combo. Its not even the matter of it doing well. It just makes the game unfun and dull. Maybe even consider completely rewriting some cards. Most of these cards are nutty busted for one ship, Kanan, Luke, they have NO possibility of being fair in 2ship lists.
  11. If the old canon still holds true here then IIRC the Lion was always more meritocratic and allowed people from all four families to become Clan Champs if they were awesome enough. By the way I think the artist overdid this piece a little. It is hard to take that Power Rangers mask seriously .
  12. A lot of us expect to see Leia go back up in price, which will reduce the Rebel manoeuvrability or reduce their power. Meanwhile, in Hyperspace, 6 TIE Fighters or 4 plus Vader, or Vader Maarek and Vermeil are already good, competitive lists that can win Trials. Scum are in a much worse position, relying on multiple Fang Fighters, Republic is being worked on but 2 aethersprites plus 2 Torrents has won a Trial, whilst Separatists pretty much only have 8 Vultures. So, Empire is currently 2nd for quantity of competitive Hyperspace lists.
  13. Cool, I liked this. Didn't actually rate Vader or Seventh Sister before, because of very limited experience. But now.... Vader- 9. His strengths and weaknesses are well known. Not much need to go into them. Hard to kill, hits like the most powerful evil Jedi in the Galaxy. Kinda cheap for his Init and full on mods. Seventh Sister- 8.5. Keep her cheap and she is a ridiculous bargain. Can be a little limp and squishy, needs to be flown very well to get the value. However, kept basic and well flown, your opponents will gag, choke and pass out when they discover the half points they got on her is 23. Fabulous dial. Great action bar. Half shields. 2 force. Sweet upgrade options. PLUS FULL ARC RECHARGABLE CRACK SHOT. How she doesn't see more play is beyond me. I don't think she needs Hate and FCS, the things she'll most commonly have. Both will add to her early impact, but they also make her more liable to attract attention and lead to a more aggressive approach. Just sneak around at R3, evade plus force makes her very hard to hurt there, and at 46pt, it's not worth them trying. Then suddenly she sticks like glue at R1 with repo+focus, things start dying and her value skyrockets.
  14. I'm currently about a quarter of the way through a Clone Wars campaign, and we've recently introduced two new players. One of them is playing a Clone Trooper, specifically an ARC Trooper Captain. At this point, the players have mostly been going on covert missions, reconnaissance, or investigating events that were only tangentially related to the actual war itself. However, with two characters playing Jedi, one about to be promoted into the rank of a Knight (and subsequently becoming a Jedi General), and an ARC Trooper, I figure now is as good a time as any to dive into the actual nitty gritty of the Clone Wars proper. In the next session or two, the players will be experiencing their first large scale combat. With this upcoming large scale combat, I thought it would be fun to finally bring in a Clone Legion (the 135th) for the players to fight alongside. Naturally, the Jedi player's Jedi Master (A Cerean historian) is the current general of the legion, and the first Jedi player is currently the commander. With the introduction of the Clone player, we now have a captain for the legion as well. Now that we're diving into a large scale battle, I figured this is as good a time as any to introduce more Clone NPCs and give more personality to the 135th for the players to connect to. This gives the characters a few underlings to send on side tasks while the party meets the main objectives of whatever missions they go on, and some decent back-up when the players are put in a tight spot. At the moment, I have eight Clone Trooper "Rivals" statted out, with a bit of personally for each. I've got some temp names on each of them, however I'm really not satisfied with a couple of the names. I've never been great at coming up with names. I'll confess, I rely very heavily on random name generators for a lot of characters. But I wanted to give each of these Clones a more personal touch for this campaign, so hopefully my players will bond to the characters more (Which will make it that much more traumatic when these random NPCs suddenly wind up dead due to dumb luck or poor planning). CT-1101, Sergeant Patch, field medic CT-1356, Strut, armor pilot CT-1913, Bigshot, heavy weapons specialist CT-2022, Swoop, BARC trooper CT-1784, Deadeye, scout CL-1836, Lieutenant Graze, Grey Leader CP-2187, Hawk, Grey Two CP-2294, Spanner, Grey Three The four names in bold are the ones I'm most lukewarm about. Swoop is the party's light vehicles expert. He's typically going to be a scout and light cavalry in combat. I've been struggling to come up with a good name, and hence, a good personality (due to how heavily Clone names are typically tied to the Clone's traits). Likewise, Deadeye has a pretty straightforward name for a sniper character. Originally, he was going to be called Longshot, until I renamed the group's heavy to Bigshot. While I can come up with a fitting personality for either name, I still feel like Deadeye is just too cliche of a name. That said, I can't think up a good alternative. Hawk and Spanner are the two most additions, and I'm not at all satisfied with either of them. Hawk is supposed to be a rather by-the-books pilot, to contrast Lieutenant Graze, a more daredevil-type. As for Spanner, he's more of a gunner/mechanic than an actual pilot, who constantly stresses over how often Graze damages his ships during risky maneuvers. With all that said, I'm looking for suggestions for new names to give these four clones in particular. And hey, if you have other cool suggestions for new Clones, run 'em by me! I'm planning on having a relatively full cast of Clone NPCs for the players to interact with depending on the mission, and when one clone dies, there's always going to be a need for replacements!
  15. Don't worry You have been crying enough, so FFG is going to nerf that ship yet again. I am pretty sure that we won't see the most iconic ship of Star Wars on any tournament table in late summer or fall. Mission accomplished! Now you can go back watching the Episode 9 trailer.
  16. only a little cuz what other colors could they use for star wars games. But you do have a point
  17. I think this happen before counterattack. The ability say: After you attack, no after your attack action.
  18. I am aware. The 6-0 non meta one was mine. So i do speak from a level of understanding of precisely what the power level is. And the Rebel power level is too high.
  19. We've played Krennic twice now (with Boba in 500 point army) and he sems to go down very easily. We dont have Deathtroopers yet, so are we missing a trick or is he reliant on deathtroopers to be any use? Also for army building, it seems like the rules want you to have a list in place before any of the battlefield, terrain and victory conditions are defined. This being the case does this incur situations where a potential list could be useless depending on the game parameters itself? Is there any wiggle room after setup or your opponents list being revealed? We dont play competitively, just at home so usually allow flexibility. Ie say you turned up with an ion heavy army list that was upgraded to deal with difficult terrain, only to be met with an opponent list with no vehicles and a game with little difficult terrain?
  20. Yeah as someone who doesn’t buy all the things I’m really happy about this pack.
  21. They remain in the play area, and continue to work as before. Strange, but that's it.
  22. So anyway. Tried this build. 2 Golds, Ahsoka and Anakin, vs Feethan+Kraken and a bunch of grapple shell vultures. Deltas... are a crazy ship. You can't take shots like regular aces, you gotta be really careful with them, but they're quite murderous at R1 with 4 dice TL Force. Generally takes two attacks to down a Vulture also (considering normal dice). The golds were utterly underwhelming. They did basically zero damage the whole game. And then died. Yes it let me get into end game with two one health Jedi but still.
  23. Hey all, just a few more qs for clarification For regular scout trooper unit with detonate x, if the unit loses all minis except the leader, can charges still be detonated, or does the upgrade become void? I get it in the case of a gun, but the leader not the upgrade seems to be the one who lays the charges. Does spending an aim token count as modifying dice? We had a situation where two attack dice were rolled, scored regular hits but heavy cover cancelled them. The book says heavy cover "removes" two dice, rather than alters dice. Could the aim have been spent before cover was applied? We also had a situation whereby almost all of an ATRT was in view but no los to the centre of the base. Is this mini benfitting from cover then? It was about 80% visible.
  24. Super pleased to read this. Very similar to a build I'm rather keen on. I felt the Bat Med direction had legs but have yet to find anyone who agrees In our case, we have 7th Fleet Gunner rather than ProTorps. So that Anakin can be powered up instead, when the situation arises. Not flown it much so far, I also have Imp lists I like to practice with at our casual nights, but the variations have seemed decent. Thanks for the report.
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