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  2. I've taken demo w/ and w/o engine techs, and everytime I've taken demo w/o engine techs I've wished that I had em. It's an expensive upgrade at 8 pts, but I believe its worth it. If you're taking tua on demo I'd go with RBD's over ECM. I'd consider Most wanted over Opening Salvo for your red objective. Drop IG88 for Zertik. He'll synergize better with Soontir, he's cheaper, and he'll stay alive longer buying you more time/better coverage.
  3. "Adaptive Ailerons: Before you reveal your dial, if you are not stressed, you must execute a white [1 left bank], [1 straight], or [1 right bank] maneuver." "Networked Calculations: While you defend or perform an attack, you may spend 1 calculate token from a friendly ship at range 0-1 to change 1 Focus result to an Evade or Hit result." 🤔
  4. Any chance of opening up some options on the character sheet printout? Mine has a whole lot of white space for notes and I've love to be able to pull out sections or even re-arrange what section follows what. It looks like they're all little self contained modules. For example, make the attributes block come before the characteristics block on the front page, or move the description block to the first page, etc.
  5. PSST, @drainsmith, this is when you pimp your Patreon! Let people throw money at you for your hard work! 😉
  6. Its a glaring problem at present. With the comparative failure of jyn and pathfinders compared to death troopers rebels sometimes appear to really have only the cheese above to rely on. Having said that, Nick Freemans list at adepticon was pretty effective. But generally rebels have a lot less good options. Hopefully sabine will help, although bossk just seems to double down the dominance imps currently have
  7. To piggy-back on this: the keyword is threshold. Thresholds are meant to be crossed. That being said, if you want to raise both ST and WT by 1 and just go with equals, that's cool too. Or, crazy thought, just ignore the +1 and still do the 'meets or exceeds' the FFG police won't come knocking on your door. 1 point either way won't make or break the game. In the 13+ months I've been running my current game, the number of times that 1 point would have made a difference can be counted on 1 hand. GLHF! (good luck, have fun!)
  8. This is grammatically equivalent to "After you roll or reroll your dice while you defend or perform an attack", which is more clearly two opportunities. The "while you defend or ... attack" bit merely clarifies she doesn't work when rolling dice for things like obstacle or bomb damage. And the reason FFG had to go the verbose route and say "rolling dice while attacking" instead of simply "rolling attack dice" is because the red dice are always named "attack dice", no matter what they're used for. [Rules Ref.]
  9. Out of curiosity what conclusions did you come to? It occurred to me that Dutch might get some use out of After Burners: Slow roll in, then jump forward+AB if you need to get up close and personal.
  10. I believe Favreau and Filoni are genuine fans, and The Mandalorien is going to be a big thing and will be done right. Fans are going to feel the nostalgia and be hooked on this series.
  11. Thank you, Sadgit. You've helped a lot by providing this intel ))
  12. Yes, and? If a player is choosing to play a Zeltron, be it a male or female character, yes, it is likely that they want to play a sensual, fun-loving character. However, They could play that type of character without choosing Zeltron as the species. There is a reason why Zeltrons act the way they do, aside from simply liking it. They're Empaths. They feel other people's emotions as if they were their own. No one wants to feel negative emotions. As such, Zeltron society developed around pleasure. No, Zeltros is not near Hutt Space. It's in the Inner Rim at galactic coordinates O-10[1] near the Trellen Trade Route[2] Lesser Lantillian Route[2] and Great Kashyyyk Branch[2]
  13. I was thinking about this earlier. M9G8 is a good idea. In a similar vein you can get defensive rerolls from saturation salvo. Assuming you have magic dice that always come up hit/evade, you can also pump up the numbers with an APT (8 hits), or r3 defending through a rock with Stealth Device against saturation salvo with Serisu nearby (8 evades) Edit: Heck, if you want to get really silly you can get up to 10 evades by stuffing two tactical scramblers into that squad too. Edit Edit: You can get to 11 evades if the attacker is an Andrasta Firespray with saturation salvo and Zuckus crew.
  14. Yes that is true but the output is the real problem despite my description of the intentions as I perceive them. Plus is that planet any where near Hutt Space? It's a prime target for the best trafficking victims you could want.
  15. One player in a very short-lived solo campaign played a bounty hunter. With a Firespray patrol craft. Almost as much of a crime as a smuggler pilot/scoundrel with a YT-1300. But no YT-1300. 😉
  16. While it's certainly important to be aware of the potentials of a any given card, I personally will not deem a card game-breaking or overly strong if it requires intensive set-up and combo restrictions and synergies to cause any significant damage to the play experience. Firstly, I just won't choose to break my game (which is all the solution I personally need since I don't really have to worry about competing players trying to break the game to 'beat' me). Secondly, there absolutely should be rewards for critically thinking, analyzing, and constructing niche decks. That is part of the appeal of coop deck construction. If such niche and situational combos did not offer anything useful, decks would fail to be interesting to build. I have absolute faith that Matt and others are paying attention to these conversations, and that's really all the assurance I need that they aren't going to break the game and would likely issue errata or something if it would. As Buhallin pointed out, Survivors rarely even need resources. Until they do, Drawing Thin is a good card to splash into other factions and has some unique combos that can be powerful. At the end of the day, resources and cards in hand do not win scenarios unless you leverage them with other combos to pass tests. When you can fail a test, gain resources from Drawing Thin and then use them to forever prevent doom from being added (thereby stopping the internal timing mechanism of the game) WITHOUT relying on specific niche card synergies to do so, I will call Drawing Thin game-breaking.
  17. And, as a Phantom lover, hopefully this doesn’t ruin what makes them fun, by causing a points spike that removes the low upgrade Echo I love to fly from viability. Because one or two Phantoms are good, but absolutely not busted. Honestly as someone who loves a lot of the mid I ships, I despair so much of the meta is just 3 I5/6 ships. And I don’t want a points spike on the lower I Phantoms to push them out from my mixed squads. I like lists like my 4 I4s, and don’t want changes that push me to join the high I meta crowd.
  18. Kairos, U-Wing Pilot, Alphabet Squadron
  19. All defensive retrofits are "meta" upgrades as well. At the moment, large dice pools with the potential for accuracy generation are definitely in the meta. If you have any kind of big asset with a brace, it pays to be able to protect that asset with ECM. And even if some builds have neither large dice pools nor much accuracy generation, the fact that some good builds will exist in the meta that do mean that you are incentivized to take ECM. The central questions strategically are: 1. What ships am I interested in using for which this would be a good upgrade? and 2. How does this upgrade help me eliminate some or all of those ships? 3. Are there other upgrades that help me answer questions posed by the meta more cost efficiently and more consistently? It isn't merely about doing maximum damage. It is about doing the right kind of damage at the right time, and about having the tools in your list to deal with lots of different situations. Best candidate I can find is the MC30 Scout. Ackbar can make your Sensor Team valuable on your red dice shots. The large pool means you have a much higher chance of spending a blank to change a blank red to an accuracy. External Racks can increase your die pool. Red dice are also a bit more second player friendly. While we are all used to OE, they help specifically to trigger ordinance. I've just seen more ER builds lately. Some of that is fear of the hit/crit being Brunsoned away. Some of it the fact that you might only get 1 round of black range, so why not save points? In that case, OE helps you by .25 per die. That's probably 1.75 on most games, spiking as high as 3. So the damage question is whether the presence of an ACC can be worth more than 3? Against the right target, the answer is yes. You're basically talking 10 more points than a Torpedo, while gaining some relevancy for more turns through your red dice. Burst damage can be surprisingly even between the two variants.
  20. The **** did you say Republic is amazing CIS, good weird
  21. Changed the link since its not working - https://drive.google.com/file/d/1KJjYannqcKUU2WBCvdoW-qFtO7Mv14U9/view?usp=sharing
  22. Funny. I always had a problem with wookiees. The few people, regardless of their own gender, who I have seen playing a wookiee never seemed to get more out of it than a very angry raging barbarian with a serious spot of PMS thrown in there, incapable of intelligent speech at all. And those were just the Jedi-wannabes who had a serious moral standard to uphold. Then again, look at the average art of Google image searches for "female twi'lek". Heck, even in the movies we see Jedi Knight Aayla Secura... not wearing flowing robes or anything like that, but showing off bare belly, bound bossom, and tight, tight pants. And judging by all that fur which is visible, do ewoks (or wookiees for that matter) even wear pants at all? I do understand your point, however. In the old Marvel comics the zeltrons were often portrayed as free spirits, party animals to a fault, Most were indeed depicted as lithe lingerie models who wanted nothing but... well... That. To an almost comedic level, they were capable of organizing a party that evening, just to celebrate having planned a party the next day, all day long. Even their monarchs were depicted like this. The most interesting zeltron, to me at any rate, would be Dani. She had normal clothes on most of the time, professed a genuine interest in Luke Skywalker in the comics, not just some hormone driven lust, and over a couple of comic issues she really made character progress even to the point of being somewhat more down to earth (sullen even, losing her lover Kiro, being abducted and tortured by the nagai, and more such setbacks). My guess is, that they became so popular for being such a sensual, yet light-hearted addition to Star Wars. The seriousness of a black, grey and white Empire on one side, bright purplish-pink party aliens on the other side. Colour defines a lot, which is also why I think the rebel flight suits are bright orange, deep red, or green, opposed to grey and black in the Empire all over again. In an exaggerated way, they represent the joy of life instead of oppressive existence. Freedom (including sexual one) opposing very strict moral and ethical rules. The zeltron way of life as portrayed in the comics kickstarted a lot of young (geekish/nerdish?) men into puberty, and together with average comic artwork resembling lingerie models, this made them appeal to men very overtly. Very interesting to note here, Mary Jo Duffy was a female Mervel writer and editor who was (in part) responsible for creating the zeltrons for the comics. I'm not certain she was also responsible for Jahn, Rahuhl, Bahb and Marruc, four male zeltrons who made Leia's life justa tad more complicated with their antics. Zeltrons even now still live in canon, in the name Lorica Demaris who joined the Resistance against the First Order. Perhaps due to Disney's influence here, this zeltron seems to spread pheromones that make her seem more attractive (no change here) and that calm down others (contrary to the interpretation of them arousing other species).
  23. yeah phantoms may be an issue Hope they don't ruin the fun for the ships that could really use sensors
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