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  2. The gaming area closes at 5pm, so anything after 4 would have to be played at hyperspace speed. As of today and including yourself, there should be 4 of us there around noon.
  3. Fel's Wrath always stayed on the board until the following *round* regardless of when he died.
  4. I'm secretly hoping FFG pulls an FFG and makes the Phantom legal.... yes I just want to watch the world burn.
  5. "Well, I did ask to spar!" Hekasu bows and takes the offered bokken. "I suppose all that threw me off was your reference to armored bushi." He chuckles as he sets aside his meager traveling pack and gestures to the travel-beaten clothes he wears. "But armor or no, I will do my best to assist."
  6. One issue I have with rebel beef and its varients isnt the points. I will agree the Leia is way too cheap. 6 points sounds good to me. It is the range of the abilities. 1-3 for Dutch and Cassian. And Liea ability = board. It is too much. 1-2 for ranges. Other factions are limited on ability range use. It would chamge alot of the dynamic of the list if they had to stick close.
  7. Are you sure? I was sure this behaviour was exclusive to Fel's Wrath (TIE Interceptor) but on the other hand, my memories of the dark age of 1.0 are getting blurry...
  8. So by the end of the year we should have the minimum pool of cards for the rotations. I am a bit sad that it is only 1 clan pack as they seem to bring more fun toys than dynasty packs, but I also suppose we don't know the actual release scedule for clan packs as they have been speed up. 2-3 a year was what it was going to be right? They need to release them in the same order other wise some clans won't get to use their packs for long and it would suck to buy one only for it to rotate out in less than a year.
  9. I'm not articulating a few things well so I will post some examples later when I have more time. 😀
  10. Afraid that this doesn't work if you have I3 Jendon, as Systems Phase stuff happens from lowest to highest Initiative. Your I2 bombers would have to drop mines before boosting. You should upgrade to I3 Gamma Veterans, or drop the shuttle to an I1 Omicron Group Pilot.
  11. I totally agree with you on that ship. Top of the list for ships I hate. Just made a post about modding it. The paint job for the MC-80 Home One is just gross. Though the winged liberty is gorgeous. Love it! Favorite rebel ship. If they could just make the third one from RotJ it would be great!
  12. I must have forgotten what they look like on that mission. Its been a while, since i played. And its impossible to record that game for me at a decent resolution.
  13. Are coming in the Decimator expac next month. If they are going to be made Hyperspace legal they could be then.
  14. @Senjius "First of all, please make some effort to use the quote tool correctly so everyone can read your post easily. Take a look at everyone else´ s posts please." I'm copy-pasting from notepad, because I'm taking the time to compose my thoughts, rather than just doing it off the cuff. Hence using actual quotes marks instead of the tool. I did take the time to backtrack and redo the names, purely for your convenience, you're welcome. @Senjius "Second, do not distort what I have told you. You said that listbuilding does not matter. I told you that was not true. Listbuilding is important. Can you win with a bad list? Yes. Can you approach with a mediocre list to a big tournament with top tier players with top tier lists (or at least people with your level of skills) and expect to win? Fast answer, no. Maybe you can get some wins due to dumb luck or big mistakes from your rival (even top tier players made mistakes sometimes) but at the end of the day, you are going to be mopped a lot. I am sorry to bring it to you but listbuilding is **** important in this game. Is it better to be a good player than having a good list? Of course. But when you arrive to a BIG tournament you need to be good and to have a decent list at least." A) You didn't actually answer my direct question about what the 50% efficiency / 95% means. B) I mean, you just said a player using a "mediocre" (again, whatever that means to you?) list can't win against players using "top tier" (whatever that constitutes) lists. That's literally what I suggested you were saying, here: “@Senjius seemed to be suggesting that taking something 'other' than the top player list could expect bad results." Where's the difference there (Are you disagreeing with bad results == not 5-0)? C) You also did not address my direct question: How do you reconcile your stated position with scenarios where the 'non-toptier' (whatever that means to you) list runs the board against the 'top tier' lists? Do you just replace the definition of top tier in your own mind to include the newly winning list, or do you dismiss it as an aberration? Or what? @SailorMeni "Ok, lets say this good coach gets a bunch of toddlers as a team. Will he be able to win any game in a major (or just amateur) league? Being a good player is one element of improving your chances to win. And so is having a good list/team. A good player has a higher chance in winning with any list than a bad player. And any player has a higher chance of winning with a good list opposed to a terrible one. Add them up (actually multiply them since we are talking about probabilities) and the best chance of winning is being a good player having a good list." I mean...if toddlers were able to succeed in the training camp; sure? These super toddlers able to field a ball wouldn't be able to meet the basic NFL eligibility requirements however, since they'd have to be 3 years out of high school (meaning, not toddlers anymore). @SailorMeni "One generic Rebel Commander with 3 naked Fleet Troopers is a legal list. Are you seriously arguing that this list has any chance of winning against any normal list against a player that is not gagged and blindfolded? If you want you can fill that list up with the worst units and the moste terrible uprades (targeting scopes, Comms Jammer, ...) and you'll find a list that not even the best player will have any success against any half decent opponent." Ok, previous question toddler silliness aside; I'll try to take this one seriously: My unstated assumption was a near 800 point list (meaning, I'd consider sacrificing maybe 1-2 units (i.e. upwards of 100 points) worth of points if being blue player made card selection and starting locations that important to my overall strategy) Tiny caveat? That being said, it's at least theoretically possible to win on something like Recover the Supplies, if you can burn every activation on move to reach those supplies and then bug out with them, playing hide and go seek around terrain until the clock runs out (either through time, or rounds). Seems unlikely to work if your opponent realizes what you're going to do, however. @SailorMeni "What you are searching for is a perfect answer to everything without question. But that's not how statistics work. It is scientifically legitimate to draw conclusions already from a few datapoints, as long as you state the margins. And actually in Legion we have lots of data to draw from. Be it people statistically analizing attack outcomes, evaluating efficiency of upgrades, lists brought to tournaments and of course play experiences and results. If every list has 2+ sniper teams since months, this is statistically significant, as well as the complete absence of upgrades like targeting scopes or comms jammer. For other units it might be too soon to draw final conclusions but you can find trends and have findings with larger margins. It is for example absolutely reasonable to assume that bossk is probably more useful than the occupier tank, just based on the fact that more people bring it to the field and more successful players have it in their list. I'd say like a 75% probability. Statistics is all about taking the data you can get and making the best out of it. Of course you can always argue that you need more data. With that, you'll never be able to draw any conclusions whatsoever because the perfect answer simply does not exist and with new releases every month, you'd need to start gathering data from start. The point is collecting what we know, drawing conclusions and use them to maximize chances in the next game. If you don't like doing that, fine. But you cannot reasonably argue that any analysis is worthless unless thousands and hundreds of thousands of tests have been done. That's just not how statistics work ..." Your statements are very misleading. Anything less than 95% confidence (p value 5%) is saying that there's a greater than 1/20 chance our results were a random anomaly. Right now what we have from the invader league partial data is low-power; Low-power studies are not helpful; and yes, arguably we want a 'minimum' of a thousand plus data points (ideally tens of thousands). And there's a difference, a very big and meaningful difference, between more data is good, and ...bare minimum data required to make a meaningful claim. What we have right now doesn't meet any of the basic thresholds. Drawing conclusions on Bossk from 0 data is less than helpful. And in case you missed the entire thread, as to the question of Bossk let me remind you that there's no data, none, zero, zilch, zip, nada, that tells us what the seed lists were for the invader league. All we have is the outcome, and we don't have any way of knowing what that means absent the starting point. 0 certainty. Aside: to the popularity of strike team snipers; it apparently bears repeating: Popularity is NOT, I repeat, NOT an indicator of quality. It may corrolate, but there is no causal relationship there. Socrates is a man, does not mean all men are Socrates. Now...if you 'want' to start gathering meaningful data, one way to begin would be to actually capture the start (i.e. Get the lists of everyone who goes into Invader League when they sign up! Then you at least figure out what player (and their list) defeated what other player (and their list). Absent the ability to recreate the same conditions over and over again (i.e. control for the same players match-ups with the same lists using the same OCD card results), there will never be meaningful data to support any theory that's been expounded.
  15. So I'd like to do a repaint for the AF MK2. Looking to take the paint of an A-10 warthog with the Shark mouth. Probably do a grey tone overall. Add more engines. To be honest I hate the ship design. One engine?!? Come on! The wings are just dumb. Some intern just took a Nebulan B distorted the scale of the front & back, curved the bottom pods and added some wings. If anyone has some mods/repaints to their AF MKII please post! Should I strip the paint first? If so with what? I've heard FFG's paint is hard to get off.
  16. I'm getting there a little before 12, but if the store is amenable I'm happy to wait around past the 4pm cutoff to get more games later?
  17. Those dozens of ships and hundreds of pilots still end up needing to be rebalanced... just on a piecemeal basis as different things become the new flavour of the month and people demand more points increases. A single rebalancing exercise encompassing a wider range of ships is a more efficient and effective solution in the long term.
  18. Only that those guys are dressed much more conservatively, and that Lucas is a bit of a “dirty old man.”
  19. I just flew Daredevil + Advanced Sensors Dalan Oberos, and it was absolutely hilarious.
  20. 2E : He stays on the board until all ships of the current initiative have engaged. 1E : If he has NOT had an opportunity to attack yet, he stays until he does have an opportunity. If he has already, hes removed immediately.
  21. What's the big difference between this and Leia in a metal bikini, though?
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