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  2. That tasty second shelf. Does that mean you have all of 1st edition. I envy you. Please FFG find some excuse to bring the missing minis over Although I have now a big Sweetheart, just need to use something else on the board. Mind you I do have Sea, Tomb and Well, if i can find some bits that are still packed somewhere from a housemove (I hope). Every gamer should have a Descent shelf
  3. I feel like it's hard to state one overall best squadron because it's very dependent on what you need squadrons to do in your list. For sheer generalist ability I do like TIE Advanced, It has a passable anti-ship and an admittedly weak anti-squad but its speed durability is hard to match for INP squads
  4. Where are people seeing Obi-wan's stats? Was there a leak?
  5. I had far more luck with 2 Torrents than 1 ARC. Small sample size though.
  6. Turn 4 orders submitted. Happy Pascha to all, and Happy Pesach to others.
  7. The “I split a core set” challenge.
  8. I think the hyper-strict interpretation would effectively limit any applicable kiho to those that modify damage/DLS, range, or predefined qualities. Otherwise, you'd get tortured wording like, "Modify your punch and kick unarmed profiles such that they have the quality of ignoring an amount of your target's physical resistance up to two times your Water Ring." I don't see a lot of evidence that FFG went to great lengths to make sure to cover their semantic bases as unambiguously as possible, readability be damned. I wonder if FFG thought they were being "more precise and consistent" by liberal use of the legalistic-sounding term "unarmed [attack] profile" to mean either--depending on context-- the stat blocks of your unarmed "weapons" or your unarmed "weapons" themselves (punches, kicks, and sometimes bites). "Profile" generically in L5R seems to basically mean the description of something's characteristics, which is presented in a concise standard format. So I don't think it's at all unreasonable to interpret wording like "any kiho that affects your unarmed attack profiles" to "any kiho that affects your punches, kicks, and/or bites" (i.e., "willy-nilly to any and all kiho that affect unarmed attacks"). This has the added advantage of just making more intuitive sense and probably making everyone involved at the table happier, without causing any obvious absurdities or breaking the game.
  9. I agree, given the more expensive clone troopers backing him up, I think you’re better off slapping on force reflexes and calling it a day. (Unless we get a new force power totally worth it on him).
  10. Telekinetic Lightsaber combat is not throwing a lightsaber. I have no clue why people keep bringing up Lightsaber throw which is when you literally throw your lightsaber as a ranged attack at someone and hope you got enough pips to bring it back into your hand. Telekinetic Lightsaber combat is when you are using the Force as an EXTENSION of YOUR BODY to attack people. It can be far away or people engaged with you. People do this when they A. Want to look Cool B. Have so many lightsabers they can't wield them all at once.
  11. So to make a long and rather complicated story short, we’re finally having our first legion tournament next month. We’re using prizes from the Q1 kit(?)(At-rt, snow trooper/fleet trooper double sided alt art). As I don’t want it to be our last, what are some basic for running a successful tournament? I’m going to be our walking goldenrod, so FAQ rulings are going to be mostly covered, but I wanted ask for some clarification on how do I approach things such as AT-STs height? Some other questions, Deployment? (Should I do set scenarios for each table or play as normal?) should I go cover light or cover heavy? How do I create a “fair board”? Thank you in advance!
  12. Correct, although i did play a two player with an AI as the third opponent. We felt we could have added a second AI using the same deck just to make things interesting. Creating a bounty hunter AI would be interesting.
  13. Funny, having played both I tend to agree that there are elements of Corellian smuggler in Outer Rim.
  14. You can come up with an explanation for anything. A friend's dad once told us (with irritation) how he once found himself yanked out of military service in Vietnam and rapidly re-deployed to guard some cold war hotpsot in northern Europe. He and his friends were just put on a plane overnight and sent to stand around in snow wearing jungle fatigues. I gathered that it was quite uncomfortable for the first night until they got them proper gear.I mean sure you can say "these guys crash landed here/got redeployed". And besides, ordinary stormtrooper armor will keep you alive in SPACE. Compared to space, any habitable planet is fine. You can survive to fight on Hoth in regular stormtrooper armor, you just won't be optimally equipped with ice-cleats and stuff. But is coming up with an explanation what you want? I want Star Wars armies, not the "one of each" approach that comes from collecting action figures. Making up a reason for why I was using a snowtrooper on Bespin is over now that I'm not a kid anymore. Hence I have 6x Snowtroopers, 3x E-Webs, 2x AT-ST's, a medical droid, an astromech droid, Veers, and Vader for my Hoth armies. When I want to go to Endor or Tatooine, I have 3x Stormtropers, 1x Speeder Bikes, and an Imperial Commander & Comms Technician. These Desert/Forest/Wherever Imperials can "borrow" as many points as needed in the form of AT-ST's and droids to fit any climate. If you're not a Hoth junkie consider the opposite. 3x Snowtroopers so you can legally play a snowy-themed army when you want, and "borrow" points from models like Vader to bulk it up. Then have 6x regular stormtroopers for all other environs, salt and pepper with shore troopers as you see fit. Or exactly 3 of each so you can always do whatever theme, legally. As for this side debate on West End... even if you never played it, all SW fans owe a debt of gratitude to WEG. And a ton of their ideas are constantly being used by people who don't even realize it. Like how all native-born English speakers quote Shakespeare and the Bible whether they know it or not. The influence of West End is incalculable. If you call them "Twi'leks" or like the ISB, you're using West End's work. Anything Aurabesh comes from WEG miniatures game. That was a dead license in 1987 and an awful lot of what came out later was because people saw West End's success and regained their personal interest/financial faith in Star Wars. I find it entirely unlikely we'd have FFG Star Wars games without West End's D6 game. George Lucas had notable respect for their work and Pable Hidalgo got his start writing freelance for them, so, it's not like we're citing Planet of the Hoojibs here. "Medpac" even jumped from RPG origins into an actual Star Wars movie. So... yeah. People who think it's not important, must be uninformed. It's sadly true that they did a lot of simplistic stuff like making Rodians natural bounty hunters*, but a lot of that is overstated by modern Geekdom looking back at them. This can also be forgiven of WEG as it was kinda par for the course for both Scifi/fantasy films and RPG's at the time. It is very common for games/stories of these genres to divide characters up into laughably rigid "guilds" or "houses", and to use very cut and dried fantasy races where personality and profession is tied closely to race. This was only 1987. A few scant years prior, "Elf" and "Dwarf" were still character classes in DnD. The whole hobby was literally in its teenage years, since gaming as we know it has mostly only indirect influence from pre-1974 sources. DnD became a prism that filtered everything that came before it, and cast its influence far and wide on everything after. But I digress. *Disney doesn't seem to be shying away from the odditiy that is the Star Wars economy. Second perhaps only to condensing air moisture into liquid water, chasing down criminals for rewards would appear to be the most common way to earn a living.
  15. A warped cover though wouldn't delay a book this long. It's been what 9 months?
  16. It wouldnt surprise me if the Jedi dont actually know. And multiple incarnations and catastrophies likely lead to lost histories. And possibly the truly early stuff was oral tradition. Kind of like a lot of societies have a flood myth but no one really knows what happened. There are theories but little in the way of facts.
  17. I'd go a little beyond that. I don't think commanders are good for every player. I've shown time and gain to be pretty mediocre with Rieekan and squads in general. I'm good with Raddus squadless. That's because he suits and often rewards my rather reckless style of play. Above all, I've noticed duck is at her best when she's able to be flexible. Madine is the epitome of that and the rest of that list is equally flexible. She's an excellent player all around, but I think Madine lets her play the way she wants in a way no other commander does.
  18. Today
  19. Now I know that the Emperor will rise again...I actually agree with Tramp 😶🤨😜 I think R.Tal would do a good job. Not that I'm jockeying for it, but IF it happened...
  20. Pretty much what I argued, glad I was right.
  21. So in an encounter where you suffer like 6 wounds and already have say 4...some are up and some are down....Do you just last stand again...because sometimes we died with enough wounds to die again because all of the wounds are not removed
  22. Yeah you didn't suffer facedown damage...you suffered face up..at least that's how we played it. Not that it mattered..we were slaughtered over and over. Last stand is a cruel joke.
  23. So I am planning a tournament in a bit using quick build cards. My plan at the moment is to treat each threat as 4 points. 32 points for a list. The reason I am doing this is because it should always divide into a whole number. So if a 2 ship, 3 threat quick build has 1 ship at half health, it would be worth 3 points to his opponent.
  24. They can the monsters traits as well in the app and that can change the encounter difficulty.
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