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  2. svelok

    why ffg?

    What sorts of lists have you been trying? It could be that you're stuck in a 1.0 mindset and trying to re-create 1.0 builds, maybe.
  3. I'm guessing that FFG would sell Republic and Imperial Venators separately because of the different paint schemes, because an all grey Venator wouldn't look right in a Republic fleet, and the red stripes would be out of place in an Imperial fleet.
  4. That’s what the Corellian Conflict rulebook says to do. Leave it on the play area, but it no longer performs healing.
  5. The frill sinks are still there... ...in the backsplash image
  6. I'll bet the Venator will be a republic only ship, focusing on the two things we see it do... being a carrier, and being a line combat ship. We see it a few times where a Venator battle group engages as line combat ship and hold their own against a larger force, so thats what I would expect to see. Likely, a Carrier Refit, and a Combat Refit. Combat has more guns, Carrier has more squadrons.
  7. Once we see ion bombs back in some form or other, I can see a return of Genius for something like Kavil.
  8. I don't expect FFG to do dual faction or,at least, not in the same box. If they sell everything in one box to let you do all different variations of the ship then the lose out on the possibility of getting multiple releases out of it with each distinct enough (new paint jobs, unique upgrades) to get people to buy the ship multiple times. Sort of like what they did with the Chimera expansion.
  9. I have seen some conversions with a container in the space at the left of the engine and it looked awesome ( I don't know if it is coherent but nowadays who care? ) . I love the strange design of this ship. The sculp of the v1 was beautiful, don't think it needs much improvement. Actually, I would love to see a new paint job.
  10. Esteemed Leader is imo a must have on Krennic. He is only a 90 pt commander for that amount you can't expect him to be tanky. Keep him in cover and 2 corps unit close for esteemed leader. Also he is more of a support commander than a warrior so don't try to get him in range unless it is somehow safe. For your list problems: Guessing what your enemy will take is part of army building. Build balanced lists for that reason or face the danger of being countered by your opponent's list or victory conditions. A good way to avoid being countered by conditions or the terrain is to bid for blue player. That way you can exclude the worst conditions (if you have the priority supply expansion) for your army and you can chose on which side of the table you want to start on depending on what terrain suits you better. Rule wise there is no wiggle room to change your list after you know your enemies list or the terrain. But that's just for competitive gaming, if your opponent is ok with it you can change the rules however you want in a non-competitive game. Usually what i do before I start a game when we set up terrain is to make sure there is enough space for a huge base to move through, wether I have a huge unit or not .
  11. JJ48

    Inert Fat Han

    TIE Fighters are getting nerfed into oblivion? Why?!
  12. But this is Star Wars 😜 Idk how closely they’ll scale it but this thing will work fine. Even if it can’t get past certain terrain, it’s gun will certainly be able to cross-map stuff, I would think.
  13. Weikel

    Battle Card Deck

    Depends if you're playing a competitive or casual game. I bought Priority Supplies and play casually, so I use all of them. I paid good money for those cards, they're going in the mix!
  14. "Mockery: 'Am I all right?' Oh, yes, master, why, I am fine. Statement: I mean, I have only just been re-activated, only to find out there are sub-standard duplicates of me running all over the galaxy, corroding my good name." - HK-47 "Correction: No[.]" - HK-47
  15. Don't get me wrong, I'm merely playing devils advocate. Little big of disappointment...little bit...but I am okay either way about the whole thing.
  16. I hate swarm meta. In my opinion this game works best with 2-4 ships on each side. Also, cost efficiency of generics means that more often than not we will see spam of one most cost-effective generic ship (5 Y-Wings, 4 Phantoms, 5 A-Wings). Games filled with swarms are long, are often called to time, also flying with more than 3-4 ships is tiresome.
  17. I wasn't saying it had anything to do with you. I was Just saying that I was in on the discord for this region and no FL stores asked for one, which was odd to me.
  18. Jike

    Fixing the Empire

    It's 4 I4, very manoeuvrable ships, 3 of which have Juke, which means they will strip your Focus tokens and push damage through very efficiently. They are extremely unpredictable and remarkably tanky with a Focus and Evade token each. The weakness of a single Phantom is that it usually doesn't want to spend its free Evade token because it wants to cloak at the end of the turn. With 4 you can spend your Evades a bit more freely because you can disengage with an uncloaked Phantom while the others keep the pressure up. It's a very strong list, but it does require a lot of good decision making to make it work as well as it can. If you make a mistake or two your 5 total health can disappear very quickly. Most lists I've seen will start in the opposite corner if they have the Initiative advantage, or in the middle if they have to deploy first, but it really doesn't matter too much. With all the hard turns available and the ability to decloak forward in order to run and reposition against someone who sets up for a favourable joust, you can easily adjust for a bad set-up. 4 Phantoms is probably a little bit too good. Unfortunately I think the best solution would have been to limit them to 2-3 of the I4s per list, but that ship has sailed. I think an adjustment to the Sigma's points cost is the most likely and best change. I don't think Juke should go up again as it seems about right on the other ships that currently take it but I have no problem with an advanced, experimental ship not being something you can spam.
  19. CT-2022 - Crasher He's an expert at light vehicle's but he wasn't always. Early on in his career he had his fair share of incidents but always managed to walk away from it and learn from it. It's made him a better scout and the name just stuck. CT-1784 - Needle It may not sound like an impressive name for a sniper but not only can he find the needle in a haystack at 2 clicks, he can 'thread the needle" with a shot at that range as well. I don't have anything for Hawk or Spanner but will edit the post if anything comes to mind.
  20. Today
  21. Well, 300xp is about 200 xp given in story awards, meaning about 10 sessions of 20xp each or 8 sessions of about 25xp each. Most stories/campaigns run about that number of sessions for those playing on a weekly basis. We play 2x's a month and campaign fatigue hits about that time, as well. That's probably more about the story and players than the system. I push to keep going but the players usually want something new at that point. But I agree, its just starting to begin at that point!
  22. That is just weird. It doesn't even look like they've been photoshopped out very well...
  23. Coca-Cola has a pretty good colour choice, Pepsi too, there are numerous colour choices that FFG could have gone with.
  24. Looks like good names for Clones to me. Clone names might key of their serial number, their role in the squad or be something simple 3 to 6 letter name or a personal nickname given to them by an outsider.
  25. Ah but they were. They stabilized the ship well enough to have white right turns. By taking them away they’ve nerfed it’s dial into complete oblivion.
  26. In the show, Cad Banes stun gauntlets clearly required him to deliberately make an attack with them. Also, automatic passive effects which penalize an active opponent are lame game design in my book. I'd make it an action or an optional effect for an attack.
  27. Can't be that important!
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