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  2. armor something like this, but probably more brightly colored and ornate. Maybe considered Lacquered?
  3. My edge/age game got put on hiatus about 600-700 when my son was born (21 months ago) and another guy in the group took over as GM and started kotor era campaign where we're at about 600 xp now
  4. HAHA, yeah.. I'm not good with the eyes yet.. Check out my Han "Demon eye" Solo I just finished! Thank you! Everything posted here is my newest paintings. I will post at some point my very first one from january 2019.
  5. I'd just buy the premade faction decks if you're not planning on building a big collection. They're listed as House Intro Decks below... https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/products/a-game-of-thrones-the-card-game-second-edition/
  6. I could see a Master spec (prereq of FR 3 does seem very likely, and might offer two Force Rating talents as opposed to a Dedication and Force Rating that most non-lightsaber-centric Force user specs offer) and perhaps Temple Guard as well, maybe even a General or perhaps Battle Master. Padawan and Knight already cover a lot of what an Archivist role would offer, plus Archivist seems pretty narrow.
  7. Biophysical

    Arc Dodge 101

    Right, it's very context specific, but not terribly hard to work out if there's a good option available. I'll also add 4.) Try to engage from a position that requires some kind of commitment to counter. This usually means you have to pull a red move, because that's where you get pointed at someone from a significantly different angle that you're starting position, but it can also be a difference in a hard 1+ roll vs a bank.
  8. In addition to the previous post I would add the following: Frodo's ability is limited to once per round, so if a shadow effect deals lethal damage like the one of Wolves from Mordor, you need to use Frodo's ability to survive the shadow effect only to be killed by the attack itself. Dúnedain Warning for me would be at least a five star card, one of the best cards in the whole cycle. Every leadership deck should include three copies, Beregond is still a few cycles away. Second Breakfast can be used to get some cards back after discarding them to Éowyn, the more cards discarded the better. In later cycles there will be many more attachments worth getting back (Cram, Miruvor, Ranger Provisions etc). The Beorning Beekeeper can be brought into the game with a Skin changer from the latest cycle, but that is a long way to go. The best use of him would be in conjunction with Sneak Attack, when you need a damage on many low health targets, so probably rather in a 4 player game of the Seventh Level from the next Deluxe expansion, though the Longbeard Orcslayer would be a better target, as he stays for the rest of the phase and can be used for other effects. Éomund once saved my butt by readying my other Rohan characters due to dying to a Necromancer's Reach, so the following Exhaustion whiffed. His willpower to cost ratio is also better than most questing allies from the core set and mirkwood cycle, as I have written before. Burning Brand does not make Dark Knowledge useless: When you are attacked by several enemies and your torch wielder can only defend one attack, you might check whether one of the shadow effects can be savely defended without cancellation or even be taken undefended. Hatred Rekindled from the Woodland Realm and Blazing Grip from Shadow and Flame Nightmare would be the only cardd I know of, of which the shadow effect can never be canceled. Apart from that shadow cards dealt to the Balrog of Journey in the Dark are immune to player card effects.
  9. I propose BDE. Bad Design Experience. To focus on the fact that it's the design issues causing the bad experience. Also so I can say "Fat Han had BDE all over him"
  10. " Victory is achieved when a player controls more than half the sector or when all remaining players acknowledge one player's supremacy." I don't remember if this has been asked before, but could you define "half the sector"?
  11. This seems like the best place to put this, although it's more of a rules question... How come the app does not allow a Scum ship carrying Maul to equip Dark Side Force abilities? The card specifically states "You can equip Dark Side upgrades". Is there some way of enabling this slot?
  12. Fan fiction is an extreme category to equate it to, given how much of the post-Disney canon it created. That's like saying a bunch of older licensed merchandise are "essentially folk art". The problem that is sort of unique to SW is, it began as a movie first and foremost. Unlike, say, Batman. You can make a good or bad Batman movie and you can have a do-over for Batman later on. I can't think of anything else in the nerd pantheon/multiverse, that has this level of success, that began as a movie. TV shows, comics, etc. can be adapted and re-adapted. But SW was a movie series first, with a narrow storyline. This is also why the fans get so mad when directors mess it up. If they make a bad Batman movie, we can get another real Batman movie. If they make a bad Luke Skywalker movie, that's it, no second chances. That's who or what Luke is now. Whereas you CAN make a bad Luke Skywalker comic, it's fine, we can still theoretically get a do-over later with a different Luke comic. I mean what else began life as a movie? Aliens and predators is all I can think of but that wasn't made for a broad age range. Jurassic Park was close, since most people forget the Crichton novels even existed, but everyone forgets about JP for awhile about a year after its latest film. Mad Max has more of a cult following honestly, and Miller kept pretty impressively close control over that as it developed, and openly states that there is no continuity in it. Something along the lines of "These are all stories [of the past] told by a future civilization, which may or may not be true". Whereas with Star Wars it began as a movie. Indiana Jones began as a movie but never took off the way SW did anywhere near to the degree of Star Wars. You can cast a young Han Solo but Harrison Ford is still the "real" one, unlike James Bond who was adapted from books and so can be endlessly re-adapted. So now that the movies aren't even a precedent, what's left? What IS Star Wars if the movies can't be trusted? And I suspect this is why people ignore SW comics, novels and cartoons they don't like, and flip a table over a SW movie they don't like.
  13. Deployment, conditions, and objective play into the usefulness of vehicles as well as board setup (terrain size, amount of blocking, and placement, etc.). I played a game recently where an AT-ST completely shut down one side of the map allowing my opponent to capture supplies and run away while I got chewed up in pursuit.
  14. Gsp is useful because they take whatever the mynocks said and talk about it at the level of the general community. Mynocks are good because they take whatever the krayts said and try to say it more politely. Krayts are awful because they (typically) say the right thing but in such an antagonistic manner that no one listens. 186th is great because instead of hot takes they release a nuanced discussion, it just comes out a month after everyone else is done talking about it.
  15. How impartant is "Heroic" for this built? I have got a feeling that it doesn't trigger very often, and if it triggers at all, it will most probably be on the two dice rolls, hardly any 3 dice rolls. How about putting "Advanced Optics" on all four ships? That doesn't leave room for any other upgrades, but it brings this list of four ships to 200 points exactly.
  16. Ambigatos

    New Epic

    This. I feel like the Y, A, B, X should have gotten the scum treatment like they did with the Scyk and Z. The Empire I understand is more uniform, but perhaps they can offer the models that used to be in grey ( e.g. tie advanced v1 ) in blue, or vice versa and that sort of thing. Fortunately I have a ton of models still from first edition and my Imperial variety is quite nice. Between the regular releases, the aces, the huge ( with alternate tie advanced scheme ) and buying two core sets for 2.0... I have a neat situation where i can basically field a full squad of navy blue, imperial grey or royal red. That's kinda' neat me thinks. But yeah, new ship new livery IMO. I hear yah.
  17. Boom Owl

    Arc Dodge 101

    So #1 here makes a ton of sense to me and is something I have done in games before. Essentially the only risk is if they "call you" on the bump lock move turn and k-turn behind you early. Which is risky for them to begin with and super rare. #2 I think is something I am really interested in trying to define. That range that makes it work feels awfully specific in terms of angle and starting points + dial options. i.e. if they have a 5 straight that range becomes super limited and you almost have to jump into range for a shot a turn earlier than feels correct. Seems like really aggressive play basically, to put them on the backfoot.
  18. ...almost right after Han says to Rey and Finn, "My friend's got a bag full of explosives...Let's use 'em."
  19. Yep. Found it at 1 hour 42 minutes 47 seconds. Vober Dand says it.
  20. Biophysical

    Arc Dodge 101

    It's not always possible depending on the opposing ship, but I try to do a few things to put the odds as much as possible in my favor, although it's only trying to make the most of a bad matchup. 1.) Initially, I try to move where the opposing ship can't have an arc, at least not without a really questionable move. I use this turn to get a lock. It helps your few quality shots to matter, and makes red moves more useful. 2.) I try to engage at range where it's harder to get out of arc. 3.) I try to engage where there are some limitations due to obstacles, to make it easier to guess an opponent's moves and make repositioning less effective.
  21. Ah, I had missed that. Buzz Droids are classified as both type Remote and type Device. That makes me wonder why that line is in the DRK-1 rules then.
  22. I've been flying Obiwan and Mace + either Wolffe or Sinker. Sinker's range is ridiculously good (so you don't have to just joust with them) and allows for the deltas to focus up (and then make use of Obiwan's ability if needed) and hit hard. Wolffe allows the list to be act more independently. Three key cards in the list: 1) Sense. The ships all have strong maneuver and blocking options, so Sense facilitates that as well as allows the mid tier Init list to function. 2) Intimidation on Wolffe. It makes him a great blocker (especially in conjunction with Sense) and creates some no fly zones. It makes up for the missing rerolls on Sinker, essentially. 3) R2: I can't believe how many times this makes the difference, not between losing a ship or not (though it does matter), but winning and losing. It's essentially been a card worth 37 points on Obi-wan as there are several games where he's used the card to get above half health. I'd categorize the list as strong but not elite, but it's a lot of fun to fly and has tools to deal with anything.
  23. I did notice plans on Thingiverse for a hamerhead..
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