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  2. As well as Ahsoka Tano (who per her solo novel linked up with Bail Organa's fledging resistance not that long after Order 66) and Kanan Jarrus (though it took him more than a decade to decide to stop running and fight the good fight prior to the official formation of the Rebel Alliance).
  3. That perception is just incorrect, again, as the movie itself states. If other Jedi didn't survive O66, then there would be noone for Ben to send out that warning signal to. Just by basic logic, SOMEONE had to survive, to receive that message. It's left intentionally vague yes, in order to easily milk the "Jedi/Padawan Survivor" trope, because it's pretty much mandatory if you are going to tell a Post O66 story with Jedi in it. It's a franchise based thing, done for further content reasons. But I also think it's pretty reasonable, just like you said. You don't think it makes sense that ALL the Jedi died in O66, and neither did Lucas, or Revenge of the Sith. The fact that a lot of fans didn't take a few minutes to actually think about the follow up lines in the film, isn't a flaw in the film. They clearly set it up for some of the Order to theoretically survive the purge. But left it intentionally vague for spinoff reasons.
  4. Hey, I love that scene. >😕
  5. @Oldpara That's code for "We screwed up the results and blaming it on someone else." SOP for so many. Thanks for the helping an uninformed.
  6. I vote against it being the standardized starting spec. I'd be okay if it was one of possible starting specs, or if it was for free. I think if we all had the same spec to start, we'd run into issues with starting with 4 pilots, or 4 politicos, or 4 technicians... etc.
  7. Again, it depends on how you define the success of Order 66. If you define it as "unilaterally wiping the Jedi from the face of the galaxy and that nobody survived" then even in the films it's an abject failure, because we've got at least four Jedi in the current canon that survived, those being Yoda, Obi-Wan, Ahsoka Tano, and Kanan Jarrus. And probably more as future writers need them, such as the lead protagonist and his mentor in the upcoming Fallen Order game. If the success is defined as "break the Jedi Order so that it's no longer an organized source of opposition and denying them the support and resources they'd become accustomed to while driving any immediate survivors into hiding" (which is how Palpatine, who orchestrated the whole thing seems to have defined it), the Order 66 was an absolute success, as there was no serious opposition from the Jedi for close to two decades.
  8. Yes, sorry. 2eD+1eC. Go ahead and remove the Setback, for the confusion, if you go with Coordination.
  9. Flyingbrick

    N1 Article Up

    I was also thinking of the Corvette as well. But not sure how it scales with the C-ROC.
  10. Was about to bring this up - the question of whether or not your revealed dial can change post factum has been relevant ever since 2.0 stared, through the aforementioned niche combo. I'd go with the reasoning that the revealed maneouvre is the maneouvre selected on your revealed dial. That would make the N1 pilots' ability work positively with the speed-altering abilities, something clearly intended by the devs. On another note, if you think about it, the whole situation is hardly a new threat to the sportsmanship of the game. We could technically take away damage cards, discretely adjusting our figures or obstacles, flipping shields ever since day 0 of the game, also with no hard proofs for the judge to base on (I flipped a card? Nosense! I never got a crit at all!). Hakuna your tattas, we're all going to be alright.
  11. Perhaps, "It's no longer creative, but the execution can still be fun" is closer to what orkimedes meant?
  12. Difference between a meta with good big ships in, and a meta dominated by big ships. A majority of the X-Wing community has probably never seen either build in person, which cleaves between institutional and personal knowledge. (AKA, what percent of a blogs readership shares the authors understanding of a topic?)
  13. Refusing to acknowledge there is always more to learn.
  14. I agree that this makes sense, but would it not make sense also that given the size of the galaxy and the fact that not all Jedi would have been assigned to clones as well as the fact that Jedi are kind of about getting out of traps (as movie serial type heroes) that a bunch of these guys got away and maybe even worked behind the scenes to do things in the interim. Imperial propaganda would certainly never admit to such a thing but I feel like the Jedi who survived would not all have had to disappear completely. There is a lot of material that just keeps adding on to this situation to the point where now I am questioning the original material. Seems like each year we find out more and more Jedi survived. If the trend in this direction continues maybe the original O66 effectiveness should be questioned. By 2022 we may find out that there is a Jedi colony somewhere that nobody wrote about before.
  15. The whole notion of the Jedi Purge as being "100% effective outside of Ben and Yoda" had been debunked long before Lucas even gave serious thought to producing the prequels. WEG had a couple of Jedi templates that were build around the PCs having survived the purge (back then, nobody knew the details of how the Jedi were wiped out, probably not even Lucas himself), and in various stories and media there were Jedi survivors, many of whom got wiped out long after the purge, if only to reinforce the notion that Luke didn't have anyone to turn to for additional training either prior to or after Yoda's passing. Prior to the canon reset, even Legends had an ever-increasing number of Jedi who survived Order 66. Granted, compared to the number of Jedi that existed prior to the onset of the Clone Wars, that number was incredibly small (maybe a couple dozen at best), so while Order 66 may not have been 100% effective, it was pretty close to 99% effective, especially since it accomplished the notable objective of removing the Jedi Order as an organized force of opposition to Palpatine's shiny new Galactic Empire. So in that at least, removing the Jedi from a position of authority and turning them into fugitives with minimal support, Order 66 was a roaring success. Edit: And a for how many Jedi did actually manage to survive Order 66, the answer is the same as the one I gave in a thread in the AoR forum: However many your campaign requires there to have survived. If your campaign requires that it was only Ben and Yoda, then for your campaign characters such as Ahsoka and Kanan are SOL. But if your campaign requires several dozen of Jedi survivors of various ranks, then there were dozens of Jedi survivors of Order 66.
  16. Well, two of my friends (husband and wife) still play the game with each other, and I don't think they'd want to sell. My other friend may or may not want to sell. He probably hasn't played a single game this year, but he's also about to finish grad school and will have more time afterwards. He also seemed excited that I got the Pelta, and wants to play a game soonish. But yeah, maybe I could ask him if he'd be interested in selling something at least.
  17. Fastred is 3/3. I like Fastred a lot, but like Rossiel he is fragile. Rossiel's 4 defense is conditional, but she's same sphere with ABB and her access to Cloak of Lorien is better than Fastred's access to Golden Shield in three ways -- it doesn't exhaust, it's not restricted, and it's in the same sphere. Theoden has Sentinel, but Golden Shield gets him to 4 for only a single attack. For a SuperDefender target, I'd rather have LoAragorn, who also has sentinel, has an extra hp, and is the right sphere for ABB. Frodo has incredible survivability (at least for one attack per turn), but I'd prefer not to routinely raise my threat. I'd rather rely on Treebeard or Denethor or Radagast, despite the lack of defensive abilities. YMMV.
  18. I’ve got a good group of guys here in Tampa, FL that I play with regularly but I’m moving to Germany in a couple months. Specifically the Kaiserslautern area (Ramstein AB). I obviously love the game and want to keep playing if I can. Wondering if there were any groups in the area already? or if I will have to get busy converting folks when I show up? Or if I just have to drive for a bit to find someone?
  19. I did. I got that they are different. But i didnt get how they are different.
  20. I saw the samurai jack style cartoon as what holowood planet would put out during the clone wars. Which of course the holodramas disappeared after order 66
  21. N1 is also great with sensors, just full throttle away! Anakin is probably the top pilot for it though since he lacks juke. His ability can really help with positioning, but it's also a passive modifier. With r2-c4, his ordnance is gonna hit HARD if he's ignored Since my gut tells me only I 5 and hand maidens will see play (because of their abilities, and also I5's....I 5), I'd rather focus on Padme and Anakin Padme is a bit wonky, but we've got the obvious juke synergy and a faction with Lumy. Might be something there
  22. I envy you. My original organic group is all over the world so even online isn't an option because of timezones. I agree that given a normal organic group some of this stuff would just be vulgar, but man the stuff I have seen in recent years has been kind of disheartening in many ways. I have found some people to be diamonds in the rough and just victims of bad groups, but there is a lot of anti-social behavior out there in community groups because these people are displaced and some for good reason. I have built a small but positive group from people I have gamed with who are of a like mind, but the struggle is real lol. Thanks for your input.
  23. It's been addressed why Order 66 was as fast and as effective as it was. The Jedi have never been omniscient, even well before they became attached at the hip to the Republic Senate, and it's been established (particularly in Legends) that a normal person can kill a Jedi, provided they use the right tactics (see HK-47's thoughts on the dos and don'ts of killing Jedi in KOTOR2). Prior to Filoni's Clone Wars introducing the bio-chip to enforce compliance with Order 66 the moment it was given, it was cited that the clones were so well-trained that they'd respond to orders with minimal emotional content, being likened to a knife sharpened to a very fine edge, enough so that the knife would cut with only the slightest of pressure, and with the various General Orders (up to 150 if I remember right) being drilled into them during their flash-training. As someone else pointed out earlier in the thread, the Jedi had become accustomed to the presence of the Clone Troopers, to the point that once the clones' generally violent thoughts turned to killing the Jedi Generals, the Jedi in question really didn't have a lot of time to react. Ki-Adi Mundi was probably one of the few that had much time to react (outside of Yoda), but spent much of that being dumb-founded at the clones with whom he'd fought for years suddenly doing an about face in the middle of a firefight. At no point in the films is it stated that the Jedi are infallible beings, with Qui-Gon coming right out and correcting Anakin's false presumption that nobody could kill a Jedi. In the Revenge of the Sith novelization, Sidious even muses about how the entire war was the perfect trap for the Jedi, using their general attachment to the Republic (it wasn't the best system of government, but it certainly beat all the other alternatives) to draw them into a protracted conflict and get them so used to being in danger that when Order 66 came down, it'd catch them off guard. He also didn't plan on Order 66 being 100% effective, and for there to be Jedi survivors, but as long as those survivors stayed hidden and didn't try to oppose his new Empire, he was perfectly fine with letting them be as it symbolized his victory to the extent that the Sith's greatest enemies were now so cowed that they wouldn't dare to resist his rule; it was really Vader that had a mad-on for totally wiping out the Jedi and would go actively hunting them down.
  24. If someone has a different opinion than you do, it can only be because of some inherent character flaw that they have. Don't you know that? Have you been living under a rock since 1990 or something?
  25. I guess what I am really after is the idea that Order 66 was as effective as it is sometimes depicted. I think in recent years the idea of more Jedi escaping is commonplace as Lucasfilm is needing to mine the idea that some of the Jedi survived in GCW era. I do remember a lot of discussion about this in earlier years after the movie in which my perceptions was that people generally felt that the Jedi were gone in that 4 minute sequence except for Yoda and Ben.
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