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  2. During the Engagement Phase ships are removed at the end of the Initiative in which they were destroyed, were your other ships I3?
  3. Thanks! I'll be giving the list a try tomorrow, I'll report back
  4. Saying it's a matter of your preference is perfectly fair, and much more accurate than saying that applying a similar element that a previous film used is a problem. Two things I'd point out, though: In 1980, Luke wasn't "the son of the Chosen One," because that concept of the Chosen One wouldn't be introduced to the Star Wars tapestry for another 19 years. The notion of Rey also being more than "any Force-sensitive" was brought up by Snoke's assessment of "dark rising, and light rising to meet it" as well as Luke comparing her raw power to Ben's as something out of the ordinary. I'd have to try to find it again. Meanwhile, there have been many a discussion here and elsewhere centered around reasons for and against such a tactic. No point in rehashing them here. And Poe didn't go on a solo mission, either. He had fighter and bomber support. He succeeded in taking out the dreadnought's guns solo because, as the dreadnought's own commander stated, they should have launched their own fighters earlier. Overall, while the dreadnought was destroyed, the Resistance took heavy losses. So, one Poe Dameron wasn't enough. Don't get me wrong. If you didn't like it, you didn't like it, and pointing out that some of what you didn't like isn't inconsistent with what's come before isn't likely (nor intended) to make you change your mind. Sometimes, a movie, tv show, even a meal can be assembled with elements that you typically enjoy, but the result just doesn't work for you.
  5. On the brightside, we finally have the last ship that Oddball flies being released. That means that we can finally get different clone I5's. Don't get me wrong, I like me some Oddball, but Team Slayer is the superior format.
  6. I wish FFG would let those of us who have been collecting this line at last finish off the set, or at least make an announcement about what's happening.
  7. Correct, I will try to reproduce, but the scenario was that my Inquisitor (I3) shot and killed Boba Fett who is I5 but he was not immediately removed from the board and I was still able to target him with my other ships. He wasn't removed from the board until the combat phase ended.
  8. If I'm trying to Treat or Repair a unit, does the target of my Treat/Repair need to be at Range 1 of the unit with my Helpful Droid, or at Range 1 of the Unit Leader of the unit with the droid?
  9. What you describe sounds very much like the original Android board game. Some of the plots in this game (especially for Flint and Blaine) have a noir touch to them. I was thinking of playing SotB in this original, investigative style, too. One of the adversary decks contains most of the original characters (Beckmann, Flint, Floyd, Nisei) so maybe that's a good point to start. Edit: Also, in SotB they stress the importance of social encounters especially in this setting, so they seem to have considered this playing style as a viable option.
  10. Would the Gate of Storms prediction be "if the remaining squads just jousted this is what would happen?"
  11. I am desperately hoping that the Gozanti will be cheap enough to fit 2 loaded out Bombers and 2 TIE l/n onto it. I am _very_ happy to hear that they revamped the Huge ship maneuver template. Frankly, I never found moving those ships around the battlefield to be all that interesting. Don't get me wrong- I loved having them on the table! But they didn't _move_ very interestingly. I'm also hoping that Huge ships get things like permanent reinforce (so they are sturdier than other ships!), but also that you can target and destroy hardpoints separately. Let TIE L/Ns strip off the guns so the bomber can move in and destroy the Hull.
  12. https://www.dropbox.com/s/73j5xnd3fqnhs7a/20190331_115403.jpg?dl=0
  13. If those three game systems were being played each week, maybe wins give advantage to another game next time its played. So for example, Armada secures the system for assault. X-wing wins give squadron bonus to Armada and or air support to Legion. And maybe Legion gives advantage to the strategic resource of the system. Those points gained get carried over to the next round of games in the campaign.
  14. I think JediPartisan did it correctly, actually. Critical X means that X number of surges across the entire attack pool are treated as hits. So in this case 2 additional faces across the entire pool count as a hit. I believe the calculation is fairly simple because all dice have the same number of surge faces, so it doesn't matter which die you put the extra chance on. It would be more complicated if, say, white dice had 2 surge faces or something.
  15. My only hesitation at all of the "sub-faction" bonuses are the added complexity to a relatively simple game. I'd rather see inbuilt synergies or Entourage to encourage specific builds without making them mandatory. Stuff like a unit with Nimble and their associated commander has "Take Cover," or Jabba having "Entourage: Gamorrean Guards."
  16. Do You Own Huge Ships Already? Yes, the Tantive IV and the Gozanti (I bought two of these for some reason and since sold one) Did You Play Epic in 1.0, or Were They Dustables? Never played with the large ships, still don't actually know how they work! Do You Plan to Play Huge Ships in 2.0 (in Standard/Huge/Epic battles)? Maybe, depends on how they implement the rules. I have Armada for my fix for larger scale battles though. Do You Plan To Play Epic Missions? Likely, depends if it's similar to HOTAC or just the old missions, which never really inspired me much to play them. What is Your Biggest Draw to Epic 2.0? Campaigns, possibility for squadron-level play.
  17. Jim already asked me in a PM, but I figure for the benefit of others I would share how I post pictures to the forum. I use Flickr, but it's a little tedious, so I tried Instagram, and that's worse, so I am back to Flickr. 1) After you've uploaded your photo to Flickr, open it on the website and click on the little arrow to 'share' your photo. (Don't try this on mobile. I think it's possible, but it's even more of a headache). 2) A window will pop up with 4 options. You want "embed." On the "embed" tab, you can see a dropdown menu from which you can choose the size of your photo. I usually use Medium when posting to the forums. There are different sizes of Medium, so it's kind of trial and error to find the size you prefer. I like the smallest Medium usually (500 x 400). If I post a bigger picture, I usually put it in the 'spoiler' tag. 3) Copy the link in the box 4) On the FFG forums, when you are making a post, select "Insert other media" -> "Insert image from URL" at the bottom right corner of the page. 5) Paste your link into the field BUT THAT'S not all! ... 6) This is the stupid part that makes it a little tedious. The FFG forums don't recognize anything that doesn't end in a file type. So you have to delete a bunch of stuff so that only the "https://blahblahblah.jpg" remains. I usually scroll left to find the .jpg part which is usually close to the end, then delete everything after it. Then I find the part in quotes where the "https" is, and delete everything before it. Example: When you paste the link, it should look like what I've pasted below, but I've bolded the part you need to keep. Everything else must be deleted or the forums will not recognize your photo link. I hope that helps!
  18. No need to be a jerk because I missed them in the corner of one scene when the focus was on someone else entirely. Like: yes. Thank you for the heads up. Yes: you are correct. And yes: I am legit glad to know something I didn't know before. But there are _definitely_ different ways to say it. For instance: you can acknowledge that it's easy to miss, but if I look off to the side in the hanger, it's there.
  19. Truth Dropping 2 hired guns groups (1 regular, 1 elite) down on heroes that like to one shot everything has never been a bad choice for me. It's unlikely that they kill all four in one activation. Whichever group has both units left can get 2 attacks off, then get 2 more when they're destroyed. That's 6 attacks for 10 threat, and both unit types have a decent dice pool with better than average surge abilities. As for ISB infiltrators, I agree with your assessment. The elites can have a place, especially against white die heroes. But they need to be deployed in such a manner that they both stay alive until their activation, and that is often easier said than done.
  20. Parakitor

    Happy Friday

    I've played in 3 Epic tournaments, all of which were amazing fun. One of them was Team Epic, and there was WAY more laughter in those games (on both sides of the table) than any other time I played X-wing (except maybe Heroes of the Aturi Cluster). Multi-player Epic X-wing is just a good time! I've played through the Tanitve IV campaign 2.5 times, and the first Raider mission, but those are the only Epic scenarios I got to play. Really hoping to have more chances this time around.
  21. Hey guys. I have a question about the Genesys SotB setting. My groups and I are huge fans of the noire investigative genre and cyberpunk/transhumanism esthetics. So we have been looking at the SotB setting. Genesys has been a huge hit with my groups and we have very little interest in other systems. We have a distinct dislike for gear porn, hacking and huge combat encounters. We prefer more subtle tech, tech that plays less of an integral part - the mystery and characters are more important. Something like the French movie Renaissance (2006). So I guess my question is - Can you do more noire investigative futuristic scenarios or are there other settings that is more suitable for this type of gaming? Thank you in advance.
  22. C Vic20

    Happy Friday

    I think I would like a mix of scenarios and an objective system somewhat like Armada has. This would allow for random games at stores and more narrative play at home. Looking forward to not having to wipe out all enemy ships to win.
  23. Taking cover is part of being suppressed though.
  24. You know, I really want to see Epic in competitive events. I don't know how others feel, but I think it'd be cool, I'm still looking forward to other play modes, but for me XWMG competition is a big draw for the social aspect and Team competitive play I feel would just reinforce that. We'll see what happens.
  25. But a points drop doesn't actually fix anything with the ship. Making it more efficient but still garbage doesn't fix anything. It just makes it more likely that somebody will want to start flying 5 of these around and may start winning because of attrition. So isn't my suggestion the perfect solution for this? A version of the R4 that is specific to the Jumpmaster. The ship is so far away from being competitive right now. It's obvious that FFG has messed up with this ship yet again. In first edition they made it way too powerful. In this edition they made it way too weak. Maybe they will actually play test this ship a few times before sending it to print in 3rd edition. Do you really want to spend 91 points on a ship that has a hard time turning right, 90 degree turret, and has to stress to rotate its turret. Surely there are better options out there for 91 points.
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