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  2. For a lot of local gaming stores, the volume of sales that they do with Magic largely keeps them open, with just enough allowance to sell plenty of other games where there is less margin or volume.
  3. Bumping this thread up, because it’s so full of many good things....
  4. No kidding. I go for what effect do i want to achieve for the style of character i want to play
  5. Whoa. ****. Now I know not to complain about those tourneys where I get 1/3 the greens as paint on every roll that matters.
  6. Has anyone ever suffered any wounds from running their Speederbikes into terrain? Anyone? The compulsory move seems like its supposed to be part benefit, part drawback, with a real danger of losing control of your speederbike and ramming it into a tree. I mean, the first two things you think of when you think of speederbikes is that they're super fast and they slam into things easily. But in practice it seems nearly impossible. My primary opponent and I play on pretty dense terrain. I was surprised to see that he never seemed to have any problems maneuvering his bikes. In fact, at first I was convinced he was doing it wrong. But after reading the rules I saw that unless you're using pretty tall terrain theres very little chance that that your bikes will run into anything. And even with tall terrain that the bikes simply can fly over the chance of actually crashing is super slim. I spent an evening practice flying the bikes (and the T47) and it was actually pretty difficult to crash into anything, even when making pretty pretty poor choices. So has anyone ever had a problem with this? Has anyone crashed before? Any cool stories about accidentally slamming into a building, or maybe forcing your opponent's bikes into a wall or something?
  7. Where’s Joe Boss? Is he not Calling It (tm) any more?
  8. sometimes I would flat out ban all tier-1 units just for fun, I want to see elite Stormtroopers shooting at Obi-Wan
  9. For a minute there I thought that was Edward James Olmos and got excited. Okay, more like 18 seconds.
  10. Allies and Adversaries is a good book but you should know it is primarily for GMs. The Rogue One characters in it are NPCs which in this system is very distinct from PC characters (e.g., you can’t just play Cassian from the book unless you’re in a very unusually run game).
  11. Well that's helpful though, because it does kind of make me think that maybe this is largely a non-issue. If you don't apply your own filters to those games because they are not campaigns then it's probably not really a consideration worth evaluating.
  12. Speed up and haul. Flee The Beach: 1eP+2eA+2eB+1eC+1eD+1eS 1 success, 3 advantage
  13. Jonas sees the fight, stops short and looks intently at the combatants for a moment. Then he says to Aris, "Five credits on the big guy."
  14. Ok I was wrong. Check your email. Ffg premeir play email just hit.
  15. It has been a puppet ever since. That is why it took so long to get the prequels and they had issues...
  16. Today
  17. @Rabobankrider, here's my sheet so far. I still need starting Duty in order to finish out the sheet.
  18. Both Firefly and Outerrim have their good selling points. I own both and love them both for what they are. However, Outer rim is much easier to learn, plays in half the time and has so far always been close matches that come down to the last turn with most players neck and neck. Outer rim fits nicely into an evening of fun gaming with family and friends. Whereas Firefly usually requires a full day. (if played with all its expansions)
  19. Yeah I ended up cutting it and a lot of my shugenja. Posted my deck in the Unicorn FB group of you care to take a gander
  20. That's way too restrictive for my tastes. I'm not even sure how some of that would work. If a Hired Gun goes to get a IPKC do they somehow cast detect career on him/her and say, "Nope, you'll never be a bounty hunter since you're not a Bounty Hunter" or something? Likewise, can a Commander (Squadron Leader) never achieve ace status regardless of kills just because they are not an Ace? The only one I can see (but even then don't wholly agree with) is limited the Clone Soldier career to Clones and the Jedi career to current or former members of the Jedi Order. Just about everything else released before that is supposed to be a broad generalization. Further, matching Career to metamechanic doesn't matter to me as much as matching metamechanic to campaign. My games always include Obligation for everyone along with Morality for Force-users. Duty might exist along with those for some games (when dutybound Obligation isn't quite right), but it never replaces them.
  21. I actually agree with these points on principle. A lot of faulty logic is being used to discount them. I often nerf my army in order to learn tactics for dealing with difficult units. I’ve had 120 point deficits and won. I’ve seen friends have 50 point deficits and win - but they had a plan. I also agree that the data sets on lists are not really reliable due to low sample size and too many variables. Terrain, player, opponent, opponent’s list, time limits, and unfortunately cheating, can all handicap an otherwise good list. The only way you get better is by playing and I think it’s important to play with and against a diversity of units. There’s not a silver bullet in this game (not even from a sniper team). I prefer to think of the “top” lists more as the safest lists. They are good at dealing with combinations of these variables. Still, I recently beat a good player playing Wonder Twins with Veers, Boba, 4 DLT squads, and a fully loaded AT-ST. It was my first play with any Imperial list but because of this I knew how to deal with different Rebel threats and how to protect my own units.
  22. Someone in UK, has ordered the Playmat via an agency and a middle men in China, and got delivered as well (English version), he even made pictures, so it seems reel enough. This proof that the Playmat has been produced and is gathering dust in a warehouse, ready to be shipped whenever FGG, has clear the issues they have with shipping or the custom or even the Chinese government. Here the article from BoardgameGeek. https://boardgamegeek.com/article/32048776#32048776 I guess that we can only bombard Customer Support with the same question over and over again, till they get tired, and come up with an update 🙂
  23. I’m super big on doing wounds to 400 points of units at the same time. Please do this!
  24. Good job spotting that. I had not mentioned that earlier 👍
  25. The torrents not of gold squadron definitely need help. I could see the I3 generic arc getting help too. I think Oddball is the only named one that is probably too high
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