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  2. Thanks for the storage suggestion and pictures. Followed your plan.
  3. I am very new so take every thing I say with a grain of salt. Troopers with surge hit on on 3 in 8 with the the white dice, and rebel troopers with surge resist about 1 in 3. On the flip side, black attack dice hit about half the time without surge and troopers resist half of the time without surge. The dodge token on the troops is more of an advantage than pierce on the imperials. It does add up. The fact that the Z-6 give the rebels the equivalent of a squad of stormtroopers shooting with them. To answer this I like Keldoth's advice of keeping the troopers back and moving the elites in with Vader. It is counter intuitive, but using the extra reach on the DLT is way more effective than relying on the red dice armor. Based on everything I have read here, a second commander to help the troops (Imperial commander until I get Veers or Krennic) and use your stormtroopers as a long range fire base. Use armor or elites to soak the hits. I will let you know how it goes as soon as I can.
  4. Here is a interesting one to help generic squadrons Swarm tactics 6 points Squadron command if you activate only generic squadrons during this activation you may add 2 to your squadron value.
  5. No. It says it's "to block damage equal to" that. So if you added "up to" then it could be interpreted as I take 3 damage, I have a die showing 2 melee, I decide to only block 1 damage and take 2. No you MUST block the 2 damage. Anything over is still taken, so the 1 damage goes through. People always want to look into stuff too much. ~D
  6. You guys are overthinking it. Taoist sword works with water fist, and death touch. If they wanted to have a specific list of kiho like that the wording wouldn't have been so vague. It is clear that all that affects unarmed profiles, in the big picture of things, like death touch "affects" your punches and kicks. But anyway, just make it more tedious than it already is if you want.
  7. I'm (genuinely) tossing between Doji Courtier or just Worldly Ronin that leans towards courtly skills. Background would be legitimately a ronin, not a former clanner, but was thinking about having a disgraced Doji Courtier as my mentor/sensei. With that rough background, would you permit "fallen samurai" for Doji school, or should I just go for the Worldly Ronin?
  8. This would be sweet. Could do Imperial ARC's and even a Vader ETA-2 and it would still fit in-universe. There's always home-brew though.
  9. These are Fantastic! I just ordered a few of the things I don't have to follow your guide. Thank you so much for making these videos! I hope you will continue to do them through the expansions as well!
  10. Nice! I’m curious, what custom rules are you using? Matt
  11. I'd drop Dooku and Scimitar over Impervium. Dooku can be useful but holding onto Impervium means you have two ships that are a durable threat while the flanker does their flanking. Keeping Dooku over it puts your eggs in one basket for tanking.
  12. There's a low level data entry employee somewhere at Amazon who's been waiting all month for someone to notice this
  13. "You have no idea," Korath responds sardonically. "I trained him." "Elias" Korath says, turning to his former apprentice. "Your name is, among others, on a First Order Dossier I acquired, That's why Mathis Karr was after you. And, yes, The Jedi Star is parked at the space port. There's room for everyone."
  14. Parakitor

    Inert Fat Han

    Woah, woah, woah. Inertial Dampeners is definitely a relatively new development here. But everything you just mentioned about "not being a new thing" are SPECIFICALLY things that Second Edition was supposed to get rid of. Right? Boosting large bases? Well, my Decimator is sad, but Han gets to keep on squeaking out of arcs. R2-D2 crew? We've seen R2 Astromech and R2-D2 Astromech have high costs for regen (weapons disabled token) along with charges that limit the amount of times they can get shields back. Being able to shoot any direction? Come on. Literally EVERY ship in the game moved to the mobile arc mechanic (now called "turret" in 2.0) specifically because the 360 degree area of firing was oppressive. Moreso now because Luke is limited to a single faction. Yes, this version of Han is virtually unchanged from previous versions in First Edition. But that's what makes them so out of place. Look, I was with you, Estarriol. When I first heard about it I thought, "Gosh, can these people ever stop whining about whatever wins a big tournament?!" But I did some research and some introspection, and I'm not pleased with what I see. As I said before, it acts like it's from a completely different game.
  15. Looks like there are other typos and weirdness as well. Why capitalized "Cloud"? Lower case Delta-7 Aethersprite. I wonder if the text was scanned from something and no one did proofreading.
  16. I have played against that Jedi list 3 times each with a different player. Twice I crushed it and once I was beaten 200~120ish Anakin was left. I believe that list needs a good player to be flown well, in the right hands it's very difficult to beat if Anakin moves after you, if the player is not as skilful or if you move last with something that can reposition well, you have a good chance to beat it.
  17. Omg I am literally watching this episode right now with my son. 😂
  18. That's a given. The only thing that would change is exchanging one spec for a Jedi spec, and exchanging the same XP value of talents for the equal XP value. No change in total XP, no change in gear. If a skill stops being a career skill, you have to take those "extra" XP out of your talents to pay for it. For example, IF I were to do Korath, (and I'm not saying I am), I would replace Sentry with Knight. As a result, I would lose one rank each in Grit, Toughness, and Reflect (reducing his WT and ST down to 16 each), as well as the talents, Dodge, Uncanny Reactions, Sleight of Mind, and Commanding Presence (that last one to pay for Stealth becoming an Out of Career skill and thus costing 5 extra XP per rank), and gain Jump Up, Circle of Shelter, and Guardian of the Republic. The cheaper cost of Improved Reflect in Knight vs Soresu Defender (15 XP in Knight vs 25 for Soresu) offsets the higher cost of Saber Throw (25 XP in Knight vs 15 XP in Sentry). Swap the 15 XP Parry from Soresu with a 10 XP Parry from Knight, and everything equals out to the same XP. Up to you. I just figured you guys might actually want an actual Jedi spec for each of our Jedi characters, now thatactual Jedi careers and specs are available.
  19. Are they selling it? I think its just like a mod for a video game. Maybe I missed something.
  20. Was browsing the Guardians of the Republic set on Amazon and noticed that whoever was writing up the listing just. Didn't. Care. Also, that recommended age. When you turn 36 you have to switch over to watching golf or the authorities come for you.
  21. I have a question. Are the stats for Vader the same as dawn of rebellion? Thanks
  22. I'm about to start my first playthrough of Arkham Horror LCG and i'm not sure how to handle the "Return to"-scenarios. Are they upgrades or variations of the original scenarios?
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