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    Inert Fat Han

    Vader, Soontir and two Scimitar Bombers with Proxy Mines. It was supposed to be janky but the Bombers are really good - think of the Torrents in the Jedi list, only with more hull, better dials and bombs. I was top MOV out of the swiss. And the reason I say he held all the cards is for many reasons, but I would sum up that turns 1-3 went pretty much exactly as I wanted them to, positioning wise. Turn 1 I traded shots with Han at R3, taking 2 shields off him for no damage back. Turn 2 is the critical turn because he can go Left, Right, Forwards or just stop dead. I placed my ships where if he went Right I would bump Han (possibly onto a rock) and he'd be in arc of a Bomber and Vader, if he went Left Vader and the Bomber blocked his boost out and he'd take R1 fire from both of them then potentially have to fly out past a Proxy Mine on turn 3, if went straight he'd take a Proxy Mine the next turn and then be separated from Jake and committed to taking a route around into where I could drop another Proxy Mine to ensure he stayed separated for several turns. On top of this if he stopped dead I had 3 shots on him, and I had called Jake's move correctly and had positioned Soontir (who was blocking a 3 bank Right) and the blocking Bomber to have shots on Jake while Vader was also in position to race over he middle of the table to follow up and chase Jake on Turn 3. After all this careful planning and ensuring I had answers for all his options he went forwards, took 1 damage off a Proxy Mine and dealt 4 damage to Vader firing through a rock, Jake lost a shield to my two attacks. Turn 3 I dropped Proxy Mine to cut Han off from looping around the central rock to stay engaged, pushing him out into the corner, then jammed all my ships around as fast as possible to try and catch Jake. Jake 5 fwd lol-boosted clear with full dice mods, which I simply couldn't cover, then Han stopped dead with Inertial Dampeners to avoid dealing with the Proxy Mine and he finished Vader off. After those turns Han and Jake were loose in the wild having slipped the net, my biggest gun was off the board and all I'd managed to do was chip a few shields off. And that was all from what I felt had been pretty optimal work on my behalf to get the shots I needed on Han while reducing him to only firing with Han and my having 4 green dice against each shot. The game was SO uphill in Jack's favour that I'm not sure there was anything more I could really have done... it all went to plan but no plans I could lay were good enough short of dice variance going hugely my way or pushing a lucky crit.
  3. I rarely play any way other than solo, but I will say that even though some quests scale up in difficulty for each player; the player decks also function more powerfully. Since there are more decks, each one can focus better on its specific role (questing, combat, support, etc.)
  4. So when you have say four Lore, all the items that require that much Lore "level up?" You don't have to spend them to chose an item to upgrade? That's pretty sweet.
  5. I was thinking about the AT-ST and the Repulsor Tank a bit, having just painted the AT-DP. I think the AT-ST is over-costed, but one simple change can make it far more effective - give it a free surge. If Awkward is still considered too large a penalty, then you could lose the free surge for adjacent figures, but still attack them. For the Repulsor Tank, I was thinking about the Scorpion Tank in Halo, where nearby friendly infantry would hop on board and you could transport them, and that an ability like that might give the Tank a unique niche. I also like the free MP at the start of activation idea. So something like this: Mechanized: At the start of your activation, gain 2 MP. When you enter a space adjacent to friendly small figures you may push up to 2 such figures up to 1 space in the direction of travel of this figure. That last part is meant to be the tank "carrying" the infantry types, but perhaps it's a bit wordy, and could be simplified to a simple 1 space push, like Onar's Rush ability.
  6. Tlfj200

    Inert Fat Han

    I think the answer is probably yes, and even if the answer is also ID is a problem, infinite regen R2D2 crew is underpriced for what it brings, even OUTSIDE of Han, but in particular with Han Pilot.
  7. Still it's trash they haven't said anything at all. The Super Star Destroyer for Armada was delayed and they made an announcement. I've been in PR for a long time, ain't nothing wrong with "Due to problems in transit the release date for 'Cold Steel' a sourcebook for Mandalorian undergarments has been pushed back to Q4 of 2020. We're sorry for the inconvenience." It's really a kick to the meevonks that a lot of us preordered before Christmas and they sold it over the counter in Chicago to whoever got there first. I get why they did it, but it's still kinda a poopy move. Though as I mentioned earlier, that also would support the rumor that many of the books were somehow damaged in shipping, and FFG just sold what could be salvaged rather than do partial orders or waiting till the new shipment arrived.
  8. I agree with your assessment, but dampeners also is just one of those upgrades that fundamentally isn't good for the game. Removing the illicit slot from Han takes away the combination of that plus R2, but leaves it as a possible option elsewhere as the emergency button it was meant to be, and maybe people are wrong in not putting it on Scum Han. Its still possible that R2D2 is also a problem, because infinite regen is bad.
  9. Weirdly enough I first read the title as "Jedi Pranks".
  10. Arguably not. Iirc the fortressing rule specifies that all ships must have execut3d manoeuvres in such a way as that none moved wh3n they could have. Grappled droids don't execute manoeuvres...
  11. Wookie warriors melee is black and white not two black and 1 red.
  12. Just the Battle Droids are on sprues this time.
  13. I would also go for list #2 This. Not to mention that whilst Juke messes with enemy green dice, taking evade instead of focus means you're basically stuck with unmodified red dice, so the benefit is a lot lower than you might think unless you have another way to modify your attack. Paired with someting like Full Throttle or Stygium Array to generate the evade for free it's amazing. On its own? Less so. This. A thousand times, this. Focus is the default action which makes everything better. Remember that a 'good' shot (which is range 1 or not obstructed or whatever) without a focus token is rarely much better than a 'bad' shot with one - but the ship which focuses will be better defensively if it gets shot before it fires, and/or will not have to shake off stress or figure out how to move without colliding next turn. Silly manouvres are more justified if you can roll into a position where you have a shot and your opponent doesn't, and you still have a passive modifier of some kind - "Duchess" can barrel roll at initiative 5 and may do this quite a bit - but a generic striker is best off flying sensibly and conservatively (be warned! Adaptive Ailerons means you move a lot faster than you think you should!) and just massing range 2 focused attacks on an area likely to contain enemy ships. It's far more crucial with Maarek Stele. Marksmanship vs Crack Shot vs Ruthless is all much of a muchness and all boil down to "make the primary weapons attack a touch better" but it's the Fire Control System which is critical. If Maarek can't get a target lock he's flying a TIE/ln with delusions of grandeur and categorically will not pull his weight considering his not insignificant cost. The only reason you should ever be doing anything other than target locking is that you already have a lock from last turn - and whilst you have 5 ships in the early engagement, you should be expecting to turn your initial target into scrap metal in one engagement phase.
  14. You forgot the new third case. Grappling struts vultures staying on rocks.
  15. They are on sprues now. Pose complaints are not going to hold much water. Just fix them yourself.
  16. There wasn’t much to actually develop in Allies and Adversaries. The vast majority of the information is reprinted from previous books, some with a few minor tweaks. To quote Captain Malcolm Reynolds, that’s a long wait for a train that don’t come. Very few companies will publicly air such internal problems. The most they’ll do is acknowledge a delay, and leave it at that. It’s frustrating on the customer end, but it’s pretty standard operating across the board not just for FFG, but most companies out there.
  17. These were just recently spoiled on Reddit if you really want to know. I think maybe by Mythos Busters?
  18. Never trust the upcoming page. broken clocks are right more often. That said, bossk and sabine seem like an intentional drop in cost to "make up" for the high costs of the tank and speeder. Another game company I used to buy from did this as well. It tries to keep the average amount of money you spend on the game about the same. So tanks and speeders will be followed up by bossk and sabine to give your wallet some relief. Then the releases after that should feel "normal" again.
  19. Flavor-wise I'd love if the Mystic version no longer took up a hand slot. Then it could be like Alucard's psionically controlled sword from Castlevania.
  20. This. Maybe Boba will be far from the medical droid but it is so easy to keep the deathtroopers near a unit of stormies with DLT and medical droid.
  21. Are you certain of this? Nothing in the rules implies that discard effects takes timing priority over other effects (passive in aforementioned case). Also, under the timing section, a point says: "If multiple abilities resolve at the same time, the party determines the order in which those abilities resolve." Also, another interesting point in the rules: "If multiple abilities have the same cost, a hero cannot resolve the cost once to resolve each of those abilities. Only one ability can be resolved per cost. Example: If a skill card has two abilities that require the skill card to be discarded—one text ability and one keyword—the hero cannot discard that card and resolve both of its abilities." - In our case, only one ability has the discard cost requirement, the other is passive with no cost. I would assume that since none of both abilities has the wording "before", "when", "after", or other similar timing keywords, both likely happen at the same time, hence giving me the choice for order of effect. Passive first, then discard effect. That's how i interpret it but since i only played up to the 3rd adventure, i am still quite new to the game.
  22. Yes. You could still go pseudo-last/first, but would require 1 more activation than before, and kick Pryce totally down from her pedestal.
  23. In the US, there has been a new release on the 3rd Thursday every single month since the game launched a year ago.
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