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  2. hour drive without traffic for me. I lived a couple of miles away when I lived in Anaheim (watched fireworks from my front yard). first ride will be the Disneyland RR which they moved the tracks to got around Galaxy's Edge. I think I will get a glimpse, but not sure about how much.
  3. Wow. I mean, these boards are like public, ya know.
  4. Okay yeah it makes sense now. But I do disagree Definitely agree that I want more stuff for the older factions though. SERIOUSLY. Just not ambitious enough to think that a significant number of upgrades (other than maybe configs/titles, and crew/gunners/astromechs) would be included in that. I'm guessing just pilots
  5. Honestly that is such a huge point sink into one ship that it starts to become horribly inefficient.
  6. Thanks! @Tramp Graphics, @KungFuFerret, @SithArissa, wondering if you 3 r interested?
  7. No, you pretty much get what I'm saying. You just don't like the idea (and fair enough). As for why not, I guess the only real reason would be is the I would prefer new material in card packs over simply moving cards around factions.* *Down the road, when we are not stuck in All Prequel All The Time mode. I guess I look at it this way: If Spare Parts Canisters were to be limited to Republic expacs, would become a common feature of Republic lists and not for other factions. This makes it a flavor feature for the Republic faction without actually banning it from other factions, if you happened to have the card second-hand or purchase across factions. I guess I don't consider it "unfair" to have cards that I could use but don't need not in "my faction." But I also don't collect or play the game that way.
  8. My Saw/Wulf/Kullbee list would beg to differ. It's a dumb list but so much fun. 😛
  9. Interesting...I favour some variety in my decks so tend to only have one of any Ally...so pulling Leo DeLuca early is pretty useful, as is switching out a low-sanity Esprit and bringing her back full next turn.
  10. I kinda dont just because there is precedent for it. The way i see it (*personal view disclaimer*), if FFG wanted to lock you into picking a ship, they would have (and have done so in the past) worded it differently. For instance, R4-P So, if they wanted to lock Vader into spending the charge, then forcing to him to choose a ship, he could be worded.. At the start of the Engagement Phase, you may spend 1 . If you do, choose 1 ship in your firing arc at range 0-2. That ship suffers 1 damage unless it chooses to remove 1 green token. ^ That wording forces you to decide to use his ability before measuring. Which is the same type of wording as R4-P. So, given that, it is my belief that with Vader, you can check ships first, then decide to spend the force or not. I think its less fun that way, but that's how I *personally* interpret his wording.
  11. That's EU stuff, not mouse-canon, isn't it? In the movies it's clear that the Jedi haven't acted as a military before.
  12. Yes for a game in progress I personally would just kill the game if the players had any problems with such a change.
  13. Getting 1st player does hurt with Fangs and Guri. They need to be able to range control or they're some of the squishiest aces around. For many points. There are a lot of I6 competitors for Fenn atm too. I can't really recommend taking a Swarm Fenn or Teroch and Recruit any higher. It gives you that leeway on one of your 3 'aces', if you trade, you trade that one. I1 and Swarm means you can throw in for blocks, if you fail, you can still Init kill, if you die, it's 44pt and the other 2 are now in. The bid it gives you, means it's possible to make that target choice for your opponent more often. I do want to try, Fenn, Teroch and AS Guri myself, but it feels a bit more fragile. It's not hard to block a stressed Fang, so I feel safer with one of mine laying the path with a guaranteed action, or 2. Plus, my Recruit, (or Guri), can help Fenn Init kill Teroch in the mirror match For Boba and Guri, just give her all the toys and Boba the scraps. Even with just PerCo and Slave 1, Boba is still a monster.
  14. So far I've found it to be a very solid card, but not necessarily game-breaking. Maybe it's just our group composition lately, but I've found there are few tests that I can voluntarily fail for the sake of resources, or that I'm confident enough on passing to take the +2 without risk.
  15. Krydil tries to keep an eye out on the corsec chasing them, however as Zara takes off a dust cloud of sand and dirt keeps him from seeing much at all.
  16. Targetting Computer is SUCH a mistake. The whole flipping point of taking the ability to get free locks off FCS was to prevent them getting rerolls AND juke.
  17. Did slavery in the Republic suddenly appear? My long game strategy idea may be no good because of this, but I realized the Jedi and Republic go back a long way (15,000 years?) and at one time the Jedi even had military ranks and a mission that was militaristic as well. Why did this moral bill you speak of only come due in the Clone Wars era? Also shouldn't the Jedi have eradicated the Hutts because they are pretty much the definition of evil? How could the Jedi be associated with the Republic when the Hutts were allowed to operate their slave trade and all of their other evil doings. The Republic should have been mobilized to eradicate the Hutt domain. This idea that a government of free citizens can fix everything is a childish notion. Also the Galaxy would have been a boring place to set stories if this sort of Utopian ideal were realized.
  18. It’s like Dedicated. There is a place and a use for it. It’s just the opportunity cost seems too high. Granted this is more self evident for Dedicated given the constraints. Struts are much more affordable at only 3 points instead of 7.
  19. 16/32 lists (16/21 Imperial lists) have Bossk. I wonder if he's any good.
  20. Hi there guys, My App developer is becoming Free next week and going to start 2.0. i still have 3 characters to complete, but i thought why she is building the code, i can finish the sketches. she will have 18 characters worth of implementation so it gives me some time. As i am building a blueprint for her to work off, I need some feed back of things that could be a bit more intuitive, or things that could be stream lined. If you want to download the app, just to give feedback you can here, or if you are current user, feedback is appreciated. Thanks
  21. of course, targetting computer is also coming out soon and while invariably be cheaper than passive sensor so... there's that. However, just for the lulz : Whisper - Juke + fifth brother + passive sensor + stealth device have colonel jendon with palp somewhere in your list, you can take your TL early, so if you shoot first, you enter the fight with : 1 focus, 1 evade, 1 TL, 1 force you make one attack fully modded and hit, then you have : 3 evade die, 2 evade token, either 1 focus or 1 force, and another force charge from palpy somewhere. If you're not throwing 4 attack dice, you're not getting through this!
  22. It could be interpreted to mean that, but that would be an intentionally bad interpretation when the card offers clarification. Actively trying to wreck the rules is unhelpful. (As with most such things, it definitely COULD be clearer, but it's not, so let's agree to treat it as if it works in the non-broken way until they inevitably clarify that it in fact, does work in the non-broken way)
  23. Cool. A lot of time people are misremembering. Cognitive bias and all that. Then others you legitimately roll 2 evades in your first 40 defense rolls and are ready to go full fire and blood.
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