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  2. Oops. Missed that. I looked at the fleet support and saw the Ion slot. That makes some difference. I think double redirect would be a lot less effective for this ship than double brace. Hm. Comparing the MC80c to the Venator SD. - Double brace but 3 less HP is probably even value to me. Maybe favoring the Venator -Dice are close enough that the difference isn’t huge. -Ion for ordinance. This is pretty even to me. Ion is probably better in general, but speed three, ordnance, and weapons team slots reminds me of what the MC75o can do. So ordnance slot is a lot more useful on the Venator than it would have been on the MC80c. Maybe slight favor to the MC80c. -Speed 3 Venator. Speed 2 MC80c. Sure, engine techs, but that is 8 points and burns up command tokens or dials. Advantage clearly to Venator to me here. I’d probably put the Venator SD you listed in the 110 range with that comparison. Your Venator Command should probably also be right around the 110-112 point cost. You have slightly better battery, slightly worse flak, and squadron 5, which should have a decent cost attached to it. I also put a HUGE asterisk next to my points evaluations. If commander Anakin Skywalker has an ability anywhere near commander Darth Vader, then this ship gets a pretty serious boost in combat.
  3. I see. This make the game a lot harder than it already is...
  4. JJ48

    Inert Fat Han

    Also, with Han's ability, modding dice becomes a little less of an issue, anyway. Really? For me, Heroic tends to trigger a couple times per game!
  5. How come this list is so popular at the moment? Are the A Wings strong enough to compete, even though they have only got a 2 dice attack? I would have expected that a 3 ship list with Poe, a second T-70 and just one A Wing (or triple X) would be better, but as it seems, A LOT of people out there go with 2 T-70 and 2 A-Wings at Ini level 5. What do you think? What's really good about this? What's the trick here?
  6. Definitely true but I really like Hera for I5 (plus I just like her character). Sitting at I5 (plus an enormous bid) and waiting for your opponent to move, then changing your dial, barrel rolling, evading, and blasting them out your back with an ion turret is just the best feeling. My Kanan/Ezra build was super fun because basically Kanan gets both Hate and Sense, he can keep Ezra safe, and he has 3 force points (and extra emergency force regen) with Maul so he always has focus mods and he's free to lock or reinforce as necessary.
  7. Yeah torps on the ghost are weird. It's basically paying 6-12 points for a crit if you already happen to have a lock. Definitely not worth it. The only thing I could see is splurging for the Ion torps for a 4-die Ion attack at R3 if you really need that for some weird reason. Also turns off VTG so still probably not worth it except at R3
  8. A month ago I asked for your most-wanted basing tutorials. When the Death Star was up at the top, I was confused - wouldn't you just do a glossy black surface? But after some thought, I've handcrafted a printable template for a really unique Death Star look for your minis! Hope you enjoy. https://imperialdiscipline.blog/2019/04/23/how-to-create-a-freshly-waxed-death-star-base/
  9. Just one small correction. 🙂 The ship damage from overlapping is NOT at the same the asteroid overlap damage. The ship damage (the “ram” damage) comes first - during the maneuver ending. Then AFTER the maneuver has ended, comes any obstacle overlap effect. Its really technical, but it is how it is 🙂
  10. This is what I love about Xwing! Thanks for the write up!
  11. Name: Sloane double isd1 Faction: Imperial Commander: Admiral Sloane Assault: Close-Range Intel Scan Defense: Fighter Ambush Navigation: Superior Positions Imperial I (110) • Admiral Sloane (24) • Boosted Comms (4) • Leading Shots (4) • Quad Battery Turrets (5) • Avenger (5) = 152 Points Imperial I (110) • Admiral Chiraneau (10) • Boosted Comms (4) • Leading Shots (4) • Quad Battery Turrets (5) = 133 Points Squadrons: • Maarek Stele (21) • Mauler Mithel (15) • Valen Rudor (13) • Whisper (20) • Howlrunner (16) • Zertik Strom (15) • Saber Squadron (12) = 112 Points Total Points: 397
  12. Not necessarily, Sabine and Bossk have different sets of arms but are not on sprues. Grievous's body, legs, and head appear to be in the same position, so FFG could have just put extra arms into the box without a sprue.
  13. Rulebook 1.3 "When using an ability on a card with multiple abilities, only one can be used unless an ability specifically states that it is used before, when, or after the other ability is resolved."
  14. According to the Legion Wiki, that is not true. Almost every month has had at least 1 release of some kind (excluding the April immediately following the release), and they are typically in the last half of the month, but not always the third Thursday. Sometimes it has been the fourth Thursday, some have been on a Tuesday.
  15. I second this. 8 hull, speed 3, rogue, counter 1, and they have good anti squad and anti ship dice? So much fun to run 6 of these bad boys at a time. It's a bad case of the VTs.
  16. Grievous was obvious (I forgot to mention) since we have seen at least 2 different poses in previews.
  17. Grievous is also on sprue according to the article and announcement.
  18. The Limited List On a general level I am . . . intrigued. They are not full out changing the cards via errata (which would be "interesting" in terms of future reprints of sets and such. And the changes are clearly in response to players - of a generally non-competitive game. So on a theoretical level it is fascinating just for that. For those specific cards: Higher Education - Given the hype, what is wrong with a cost of 8? That puts it on a level with Gold Pocket Watch. In fact looking at it that way, if they change was to add 1 xp to the cost plus the Exceptional keyword to the text it would cost the same 8 xp. And for other cards costing more than 5 xp, we have Ace in the Hole, Borrowed Time, and Stick to the Plan, all with an effective cost of 6, in addition to Gold Pocket Watch at 8. Oh, and the newly mutated Key of Ys is now 6 xp. As such, the 5 xp "limit" has been broken for awhile and gets grown. Scrapper - Well, people wanted a high cost Survivor card, and now they have one. Streetwise/Keen Eye - Streetwise also gets the Higher Education treatment, but Keen Eye doesn't. Uh huh. Not that I mind, I love Guardians. But is Streetwise really as "bad" as Higher Education? Switchblade (2) - Is now Switchblade (3). That seems almost unnecessary for a +2 Fight, +1 Damage (limited) weapon. As printed it is equal to the revised Machete (2) and Blackjack (2). Between this, Streetwise, and revised Elusive (2), Rogue are getting rogued. The Mutated List So Milan Christopher gets taken down 2 notches, and Rex Murphy's cluevering follows right behind. Combined those make the new Fingerprint Kit and Connect the Dots a LOT more relevant. You can't Delve that Deep anymore, which will cause issues with the Limited List for some, and for Mystics upgrading their spells, which boosts Arcane Research.. Also, no more Sleight of Handing those Chicago Typewriters. (Aka, Highlander Goes Rogue.) And no "50 Actions in a Single Round" Ace in the Hole theoretical mega-combos. Seriously, are Rogues truly that berserk? Maybe I need to build and play more. And the Key of Ys only works for a player once, and costs more to use that one time.
  19. @Caimheul1313 indeed; been helping me slowly gather max units of everything.
  20. To be fair, the article has the intended quarter for release. FFG have pushed releases back before for various reasons, and I'm sure it will happen again. Whether or not this is the case with the currently announced releases, we'll see.
  21. Max actually said it was GMs prerogative with the default being that the TN doesn't change, commenting that allowing for the TN to be modified made Fire opps more powerful. He did end that it was more important that the GM be consistent.
  22. So are destroyer droids; there was a pic from the initial adepticon announcement floating around for a while of the way the frame was laid put
  23. With the way the points and upgrade slots work (both variable), I think that card packs are the missing piece of control that FFG is lacking in. They are necessary for getting all seven (freaking SEVEN now) factions on the same page as far as generic upgrades [FFG stated that in 2.0 you would not have to hunt down a particular expansion JUST to get your hands on that one upgrade that would complete your list]. However, the card packs really shine in terms of releasing new content for expansions that are already out. This could mean new pilots, configurations, and titles for ships that we have had for some time. Side note: I honestly think that the only way to fix the TIE aggressor and defender would be new pilots.
  24. In regards to machete: It Can’t be included from start unless you have some starting xp. If a person wants it in their deck, they pay 2 xp when upgrading cards. The level remains the same so someone like Carolyn could still take it if they wanted to spend the xp.
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