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  2. My wife comes with me to most tournaments of any game I play (Legion, Xwing, L5R, that sort of thing). It is completely her choice. She brings stuff with her to do (she makes jewelry) and for the most part, I leave her be. She figures she can either do work at home by herself or be out around other people who are having fun and being creative. That is what works very specifically for us. As for males losing to females, in the card games I play two of the best players in my area are a particular young lesbian couple. You either get used to getting wrecked by them or you don't play. The males in the play group are used to it.
  3. That one is aimed at the straight, male gaze, and the other is aimed at a different gaze. To be fair, by virtue of her circumstances and her personality, her outfit is clearly meant to be demeaning to her. The dudes in that comic image seem to be ready to party. That the attractive young woman (who is one of only three or so female characters with speaking roles in the whole OT) is the only prominent character to be put on display for the audience like that is a whole other can of worms.
  4. soviet prince


    so you buy the vault and that is your deck? no customizing or anything? it seems kind of luck based on who ends up getting the best combination of cards
  5. Because no one is going to go through all 240 for me? And sorry, I do have other stuff to do with my time, so I haven’t developed a good system for collecting them all yet. I don’t need 96 people PMing me on discord every round... If you would like to do something useful for a change, I’m on discord and we take volunteers to help run it! That being said I usually take people who play the game to help me, and it’s really hard to tell if you do anymore.
  6. That also allows it to be used on move like Luke did in Empire badly
  7. Yes, it's within the rules, but don't recommend it for story purposes.
  8. What I'm worried about is my local game stores. If many products see a jump up in price; we could see stores that operate on a small margin just not make it. Losing game stores is losing a space pulling new people into the hobby.
  9. @EliasWindrider, due to the fact this guy is very much in combat (and to be honest actively looking for trouble), this isn't really a scenario that you will be able to seduce your way out of. This guy is looking to fight, not ****.
  10. Korath strips his surcoat down to his waist then removes his shirt, showing the burns from when the Dark Sider pulled the very life energy from him, along with the recent injury to his arm.
  11. Part of the problem is that it's also the only really worthwhile Force Power at the moment. Supernatural Reflexes was nerfed out of the game, and everything else is so niche or situational that you're better off not spending the points.
  12. @Rabobankrider Aris is going to try to diffuse the fight by flirtatiously offering to let the mando buy her a drink, with possible off screen non reproductive copulation. She's wearing performer's attire which grants a boost to attract attention and perform. What should I roll?
  13. That works. As for a reason for joining, that's easy. His contract with Kamino is over, and he re-enlisted in the army. Simple.
  14. I literally had the worst dice I ever have seen on Saturday at Campaign against Cancer. I well and truly lost because of it. I rolled 2 evades, and 10 paint total, in my first 40 evade dice of the second round. This a round after I rolled 6 evades all game. It was literally 1 in 5 million odds. I was ready to get the blowtorch out! It was real rough to keep from being all salty about things after starting 0-2 despite good play simply due to dice giving me the finger. Then my next two rounds I won 200-22 and 200-0 in about 30 minutes each. Figures.
  15. While we're on the subject (well, sort of)... anyone had a crack at spec'ing the Squamatan race from the Poe Dameron comics? https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Suralinda_Javos
  16. @Shlambate, just as well you got a saving hand there 😛 With the advantage I'd say you can add a black dice to Ari's check (nearly running over a passenger will promote caution here and there). @Jonas Shaaf, I will need your check tomorrow or I will have to do it on your behalf.
  17. @Tramp Graphics, I mean, if you really want to you can. It does come with some stipulations however: Your character will have to have the same xp as the clones despite being a trainer (the only character given additional xp is the jedi to try and capture the clone wars feel). The title does not give you automatic control over the squad, all authority must be earnt the hard way. You will need a good ic reason for your character to join the 712th assault battalion instead of being on Kamino. In terms of creation, as your character is effectively a mercenary, I will give you 9,000 credits to spend on equipment (restricted equipment will have to be run by me first), and for xp you will get 55xp on top of the starting xp. You also receive the recruit universal spec for free, same as the others. If you still want to join your character will be introduced on the Ithorian herdship, so I will need to see a sheet as soon as possible. @player3333902, you can tell that the rings when activated are effectively a single use item. Unfortunately the fail prevents you learning anything else, but you can try again later when you have some down time.
  18. @Shlambate, you would see a little rubble lying on the ground here and there (it's a rough neighbourhood) outside of the speeder. You could throw this if you want from short range (it will count as a small improvised weapon). @Tramp Graphics, there is a squad of 4 and a squad of 5 at long range, but you cannot see them currently from your location in the speeder.
  19. @Tramp Graphics, I will need your post for the doctors to progress that section. @AtariAssasin, I'm going to say that if you want, your master character would have been able to reach the park by now if he wants to look for the source of the disturbance he sensed (it will also give that group a chance to spot your character if that makes life easier).
  20. fyrm

    Kaito procedure

    This is exactly what I was looking for, thanks! All of that makes sense.
  21. Sorry, what’s the difficulty in collecting lists for an online tournament??? That’s next to nothing in terms of record keeping. Yes, I’ve seen the limited data collected from LVO. As for strike teams: 44 points to deal the same damage as a naked corps unit from longer range... their flaw is they simply don’t do much, and can’t be upgraded for any real lethality. 1 damage average...yay. That maybe eliminates one corps unit for the entire game🙀
  22. Has to come with the Krayt bounty for least health left on a points fortress "oh look my Vader has 1% of a hitpoint left...."
  23. I’ll be in Atlanta for the System Open this weekend. While in town, I’d like to find a well stocked selection of Vallejo Model Color paint. Looking for a store that would have the full line of colors. The only local game store in the area I’m familiar with, Giga-Bits, doesn’t carry Model Color.
  24. I think it should be all 3. It could be the first card with 27 values.
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