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  2. I hope that the release of Wave IV sees a tweak to CIS points overall, in particular to make Grappling Struts free for Vultures even if it means increasing the cost of the basic Vulture by 1.
  3. I think the main reason they won't do an emergency update is two-fold. First, I think it's not an emergency. Quad Phantoms are too good, but they've been too good since before January. It's a popular list and it wins a lot, so it'll almost surely get knocked down a peg or two, but is it the kind of thing shutting down play and driving lists out of the game due to unavoidable first-turn shenanigans? Also, Triple Upsilon got the nerfhammer hard because it was mostly just shenanigans, rather than a more traditional "just plain good" list. That one gimmick of plastering an opponent on the first turn, even if there were a decent number of ships/lists which could beat it, entirely closed the door on a lot of strategies. Phantoms aren't like that. They aren't some exploit or one-trick-pony sort of list. They're just strong ships for the price, with more firepower and maneuverability than they should be able to afford. They're too popular and too strong, and probably almost no one thinks Phantoms will go without nerfs. But it's not an "X-Wing could be literally unplayable for 5 months" situation. It just isn't. Second is timing. They have to release a new wave pretty soon, and we're not long off from the scheduled points update in July. Triple Ups nerf came like pretty shortly after the update (so 5 months before the next major revision). Since the July update and Wave 4 releases are coming up fairly soon, and we know FFG is going to address things in that time-frame, I think players will wait. If FFG had regularly scheduled nerf updates when Triple Jumps were an issue, the Forums probably would have been a quieter place. At the latest, there's going to be a major metagame shake-up in like a month and a half. I also am not sure it's the right to call it a 'precedent.' That word tends to carry with it an expectation not just that it happened once, but that it serves as a guide for their future actions. Here's their statement at the time: "X-Wing players should expect relatively few of these intermittant [sic] updates as we remain focused on the two yearly updates in January and July." It's pretty clear they don't intend to do Upsilon-like nerfs often. They're trying tell us that it almost surely won't happen. I'll add this: if FFG does ever add bans, I hope they're pretty few and far between. The only two I can think of off the top of my head would be R2-D2 and Inertial Dampeners together, and Leebo/C-3PO.
  4. @Sharkbelly @Alpha17 @Mep Thanks a lot guys. Appreciate it @Alphabonnie101/TheHeroking No magnets this time. Did for the Speeder, but couldn't be bothered for this guy haha
  5. Tallarn Sand I believe, with Agrax Earthshade wash & highlights.
  6. Yeah it’s one of the limitations of the forum. You have to upload the image to imgur and copy the forum link here.
  7. Just playing around with this, liking so far. Question though. How would you handle Reverse Engineering (spend T on a Mechanics check to add 1 HP)? Would this only be allowable during assembly or per phase? I have my thoughts but am hoping to get the groups first.
  8. The other cool thing my friend was using: one or two copies of Swarm Tactics. Going for even THREE Swarm Tactics might be pretty sweet. Everyone shoots at 6 for some nasty Init-kills? Starting with Wedge/Cassian/Braylen, you'd have 43 points for the 4th ship (46 if they're carrying Swarm Tactics themself, rather than on Cassian). Dutch or Horton Salm with ICT (no gunner) seems like it would be decent, or Jake, or maybe an Init 3 generic B-Wing. Would a generic B-Wing even be better than Jake? The B can hit harder, and Cassian/Leia obviates any issues with it's dial, but Jake adds a lot of flexibility.
  9. I think you have some great suggestions, especially your explanations on how to “ban” certain cards on certain ships and still possibly allowing the card still to be used on other ships. As you mention I think using the app this type of removal or ban should be able to be able to be accomplished easily and make setup of lists easy to navigate without those cards showing for those pilots/ships. As to the estimated points release FFG has set a precedent to do emergency changes with Upsilon Shuttles. Do I think they will, I don’t know but if they don’t tweak some cards/pilots then the meta will remain stale and fall into the trap 1.0 did during Wave 8 with Triple Jumps. I’m looking at you Quad Phantoms.
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  11. To use a lightsaber? To use the mindtrick? To move things with the Force? I'm curious to see how this is handled in your game. Do you have training required for anything? What about practice?
  12. I will give it a try this week , Once done with the debris, I also understand why you dont want it in versatile. Yes this is sumthing I m seriously thinking about, If a get a printer it's going to be around the end of this summer.
  13. apply republic Arc point-scaling to name pilots with potent (re: dice modding) abilities! provided we aren't talking about fodder ships, ofc
  14. My guess? Whenever the Wave 4 ships get points (probably not before 13th June, since the 6th release date has been squashed). I know FFG has discussed doing twice-yearly updates (six months from the last major revision would be late July), but there's enough data that it probably wouldn't be too early to drop the points in mid-Juke (hah! Freudian slip!) mid-June with the Wave 4 release. I don't think it'd be too soon in terms of either FFG having enough insight into over- and under-performing cards, as well as not really far off the "every 6 months" schedule they appear to be on. This is a list which cannot be addressed by points alone. Rebel Beef and Quad Phantoms all need a few tweaks (I'd send probably all the standard pilots in both lists up by 2 points, plus Leia up 4-6 points), but are easily fixable by points. So while Han like most Init 6 ships could use a small bump up in price, I don't think any adjustments are really needed to most of the core upgrades in that list (R2-D2 should go up some... he's got power more like in the 10-12 point range). Han's Inertial Dampeners is kind of just too strong of a combo. If it's up to me, I ban the combo of R2-D2 crew and Inertial Dampeners on any ship. Ban lists are something they haven't done yet, but I think it'd be a nice tool in their pocket. They've done something pretty similar in L5R and other card games, and I think it'd be nice here. It will always happen a few fundamentally broken combos slip through the playtesting cracks, and banning specific combos will, in some cases, be just better than removing slots or pricing upgrades into oblivion. Those destroy a lot more than the combos. For instance, C-3PO should be banned on Leebo, and Leebo should get his crew slot back. I can't think of any other crew I want to run on Leebo, but the fact that he can't run *any* is kind of an insult, when C-3PO and only C-3PO was causing issues. That doesn't mean every point or slot change they've made should be undone in favor of a ban. TIE Phantoms are probably better off with Gunner over Crew, however, rather than just a Ban on Vader crew. But it would be nice to see a few more gunners which actually do something on a front-arc ship. The thing about a banlist which would work really well is that it'd be a tool for FFG to use in balance that would be pretty quick, nearly as quick as points adjustments, as opposed to longer and more difficult stuff like errata and rules updates.
  15. So I’ve been playing with this list still and came up with a new variant, one which I think might have some promise My thinking on the hlc’s is that with reasonable initiative and the ability to br and get mods out the wazoo, the b wings will be able to take advantage and get that extra early damage through that can be so crucial. They also won’t get crits to trigger selfless vs Rebel beef lists BB Han (47) Braylen Stramm [A/SF-01 B-wing] (3) Selfless (4) Heavy Laser Cannon Points: 54 (46) Ten Numb [A/SF-01 B-wing] (3) Selfless (4) Heavy Laser Cannon Points: 53 (82) Han Solo [Modified YT-1300 Light Freighter] (8) R2-D2 (2) Leia Organa (1) Inertial Dampeners Points: 93 Total points: 200 (I do wonder if a regen/proton torp Luke would tie in better than Han here though..?)
  16. It should also be noted that this question is hard to answer as no competitive LCG (except Netrunner) had enough cycles released to phase some out. The most recent to almost get that far (to my knowledge) was the Star Wars LCG and once it released its 6th cycle and would introduce a 7th one that phased the 1st cycle out they instead said the game was finished. I think the 1st edition Game of Thrones LCG might have gotten that far too, it started as a CCG then converted to an LCG but I don't know how many cycles came out or if they did any phasing before starting it over as 2nd edition. Even Netrunner, if it did phase outs, would have only done 1 full process where the first 6 cycles phased out for the second 6 before it was declared completed. I would hazard a guess to say there's your minimum timetable for the game. I would also hazard a prediction that the game will go longer than that looking at how long the CCG went. I mean it's essentially a Rokugan parallel universe so you know there's a long way to go story-wise. I'll also type the word hazard one more time just to be safe. I think I started this post as a zinger to be like "haha no one knows because FFG has never stayed committed to a LCG long enough to find out" but honestly considering that timetable for competitive and casual play I'd say the game should have a good enough lifespan.
  17. So back in 1.0 my favorite list was Omega Leader, Carnor Jax, Dark Curse/Wampa, and Zertik Strom. Not very strong offensively but SUPER annoying to play against. I won a few times but lost quite a bit also. But when I lost my opponent would give me this look of frustration and annoyance as if to say 'why...just why???'. Which said to me that my job there was complete. Suffice it to say I was very sad when I found out I couldn't fly it in 2.0. So I took to the good ol' Squad Builder to see if I could make something of similar annoyance. This is what I came up with. TIE Advanced x1 - •Zertik Strom - 44 •Zertik Strom - Pitiless Administrator (42) Fire-Control System (2) Lambda-class T-4a Shuttle - Omicron Group Pilot - 57 Omicron Group Pilot - (43) •Darth Vader (14) TIE/ph Phantom - •“Whisper” - 68 •“Whisper” - Soft-Spoken Slayer (54) Juke (5) •Fifth Brother (9) TIE/ln Fighter - •Seyn Marana - 31 •Seyn Marana - Inferno Four (30) Marksmanship (1) Total: 200/200 View in the X-Wing Squad Builder Like the original list it isn't meant to be hugely competitive, just a huge headache. Whisper is the main damage dealer while the other ships give gray hairs to the opponent. I did play one game with it so far against Ani and 2 ARCS. Went pretty well. The TIE didn't proc at all (mainly due to my flying) but Vader was an absolute clutch player. So what are your guys' thoughts? Anyone else come up with lists to annoy your opponent to death? Doesn't have to be competitive...just as annoying as possible.
  18. Bunker with Jake seems like the strongest possible version of the list that can fit within 200 points and (probably?) not just still be busted. If you can still fit a generic B-Wing in that 4th slot after July, does the list even go anywhere? But that means it has 11 points of absorption. Leia + 4, Cassian / Braylen + 3, Wedge + 2, would be the absolute minimum to at least force people to take Jake over that B-Wing.
  19. Fleet Exercises is now accepting list submissions. I'm looking forward to seeing what you lot have dreamed up.
  20. Not every upgrade needs to be "good." The only thing it needs is also having Range 3, since that would greatly expand it's potential role. I guess it has a small one in being able to remove Reinforce tokens before swarms shoot, but it could do a bit better. A longer-range Jamming Beam can be used by a higher Init ship to strip Lock tokens before folks fire off Torpedoes. That's not a great or powerful role, but it'd at least be a bit wider of a niche. However, without Range 3, it kinda doesn't function as a Lock-stripper.
  21. I don't think I've ever seen another list that screams "yolo" quite so loud, or so frequently.
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