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  2. I like the Force Aces. Hate Vader will not gain immensely from Palp, since he'll restock his large force pool himself, when getting in the mix. If he isn't triggering Hate, he'll not run on fumes quite so much either. The Grand Inquisitor on the other hand, will absolutely love that support, running low on Force is a bit of an issue for him. Coords from the shuttle will be just marvellous for him too. The list in the OP may have more flexibility though.
  3. Can you skip the extra dice and get one of them as a PDF? Otherwise I would decide if you want a Fantasy or Sci-fi game and pick the appropriate book. Personally I love Realms, but I have all the Star Wars books so plenty of Sci-Fi inspiration material.
  4. I’ll second this to make sure it’s really seen as important. Some talents in Star Wars exist only once, and only deep into a talent tree with a lot of do required to pair it with other unique talents found in other trees. If everything is available to everyone then you end up having talents that should never be together ending up breaking the game.
  5. Hello guys ! I have a question for you. The card "Merchant's District" of "The Battle of Lake-Town" has the shadow effect : "Deal 1 damage on Lake-Town. (4 damage instead if undefended.)" But, for a player to defend against an enemy engaged in combat with us (with sentinel), we must declare this attack undefended. So, does the Lake-Town take 4 damage or just 1 ?
  6. No offense, but both edge cases, which have little to no bearing in the current environment. The first is literally based on an assumption of future content, which has absolutely no bearing for playing right now, and can't be predicted to shift balance in a negative way - consider the idea that you "reign in" this ability on the prospect of events that never occur; not fun. In short, deal with that when it happens, not now. The second is ... well, very limited in scope and I would submit almost a straw man argument. A Katana, frankly, does not have superior range to unarmed attacks - Punch is 0 and Kick is 1, which means you actually have more versatility in range with unarmed attacks than you do with a Katana. As we are basically discussing Edgeless Sword here, the profile of the unarmed attacks in terms of damage and deadliness is irrelevant as they are replaced whole-cloth. Some Kata cannot be performed with unarmed true ... but really would you argue that as a basis here? There are really only 5 Kata used with non-ranged weapons that I would see as not being usable unarmed and two become questionable when you add in the specific scenario of using Edgeless Sword. Soaring Slice technically only states a readied weapon in a 1 handed grip is needed, but unless you are cutting your hand off and throwing it at your opponent, I wouldn't allow it. Rushing Avalanche states a "blunt weapon" with Martials Arts [melee], so even though we would commonly ascribe fists as a blunt weapon, it doesn't count in this case. Iron Forest Style straight up requires a Polearm, so it is right out. Both Iaijustu Cut techniques require a sheathed, razor-edged weapon, but considering Edgeless Sword does affect your unarmed profiles, and specifically adds razor-edged, you do find yourself in a strange place of questioning if you can have a "sheathed" unarmed attack - that is up to your GM but if they decide putting your hand in your pocket or some such could count as sheathed, then you're good to go (probably because you are rank 5 at this point or so, it is an extreme corner case, and it is hilarious). The rest, and frankly the vast majority, either explicitly call out Unarmed as usable, or simply state a "weapon" and using the appropriate skill to that weapon. The sidebar on page 237 gives us the information required for this case, in stating that you can use unarmed attack profiles explicitly as weapons for use with techniques. Now, Shuriken I had never really thought of - but again, 1 specialist weapon, with negative associations, combined with 1 school ability, and 1 rank 5 Kiho is part of your argument against a more generous reading of the entire schools ability? Why not simply rule that you can't use it with Shuriken, or more broadly, ranged weapons at all, as that is obviously in keeping with the theme as presented. To sum up, this seems like some pretty far reaching to me - again, no offense intended and you and your group should play it how it works best for you all to have fun but I can't help but read that and think the position doesn't make sense.
  7. The only proper solution to them defecting is to have Stele hunt them down and eliminate them by the end of it. The Imperials are not mustache twirling villains, that's just what the terrorist propaganda would have you believe. The Empire brought peace and stability to the galaxy, something that the corrupt republic failed to do. The Empire is the lawfully elected government, chosen by the people and their representatives. If the rebel terrorists crave power so much then maybe they should work within the system like everyone else if they think they can do a better job. Here's the thing though, they tried that, and their ideas were rejected by their peers. So what did they do? They went straight to political assassinations and suicide bombings. Some role models.
  8. As they have said these write ups are not complete. They are distillations of the essence of the character in a form usable by GMs. Not a complete player style write up for them. A GM would not find a pc style write up useful.
  9. Drew this enemy card... http://hallofbeorn.com/LotR/Details/Hobgoblin-TWoR And the card from the top of my deck was a trap. Is it considered attached to him as a trap? Or I have to defeat him first, then I can play it later as a trap?
  10. VEHICLE SPEED CODE CONVERSION This works just like the conversion for starships above. Simple look at the 2E vehicle stat Atmosphere speed in kph. Find that specific kph on the chart and see the corresponding Speed code. Adjust the Speed code using the Vehicle Type Chart. You've got some wiggle room on these. You may want to drop modifers and go with solid dice (i.e. drop 2D+1 to a simple 2D Speed code). This should get you close to what is represented in the 1E game. kph/Speed Code 10/-4D 15/-3D+2 20/-3D+1 25/-3D 30/-2D+2 40/-2D+1 56/-2D 60/-1D+2 70/-1D+1 75/-1D 80/-2 90/-1 100/0D 130/+1 160/+2 200/1D 230/1D+1 260/1D+2 300/2D 330/2D+1 360/2D+2 100/3D 430/3D+1 460/3D+2 500/4D 530/4D+1 560/4D+2 600/5D 650/5D+1 750/5D+2 800/6D 850/6D+1 950/6D+2 1000/7D 1050/7D+1 1150/7D+2 1200/8 D 1250/8 D+1 1300/8 D+2 1350/9D 1400/9D+1 1450/9D+2 1500/10D VEHICLE TYPE CHART +1D Landspeeders -7D Cloud Cars +1D Sail Barges 0D Skiffs 0D Speeder Bikes 0D Swoops +3D+2 Walkers +2D Tracked +1D+2 Wheeled +2 Glider +2D Hover -2D+1 Airspeeder So, 2E says and AT-AT has Move 60 kph. We look up 60 on the kph chart and get -1D+2. Then, we add in the vehicle modifier type, which is +3D +2. We remove the +2 pips and 1D, to get a Speed code 2D. One more example: I'm going to use the Bespin Motors Storm IV Cloud Car. The reason I picked this one is because the stats written in the 2E core rulebook do not match exactly those in the 1E Sourcebook as all the other examples have. This happens. Consider it variety of different models--maybe different model years of the same type of craft. First off, notice that Crew and Passenger ratings are slightly different between the two sets of stats. Body strength is vastly different. Maybe there's a typo in the 2E book. The 1E version seems more likely. Or, maybe the 2E version is just an armored model. Damage from the double blaster canon is vastly different. And, the flight ceiling (altitude range) is vastly different. But, let's figure a Speed code. The speeder's Move is 1500 kph, so that's a starting point of 10D. Using the Vehicle Type Chart, we reduce that by -7D, making the Speed Code 3D. Which is spot on with what the 1E Sourcebook says.
  11. Today
  12. If you have no dice, the attack is cancelled, unless I missed an FAQ. I put CQT on my archers, because many times in the past they just get pinned and slaughtered. CI is good, but when I'm doing 3 threat I usually consider damage over blight. They would have been better switched with the wraiths like you suggested, but it's likely church would have put maro on the other side of the map then.
  13. Go read Orks response about halfway up the page, then, watch some of the streams (especially the High Command ones) to get an idea of what competitive legion is actually like. Thank your our lucky stars we didn’t all have to run the literal exact same list (Specter cell in IA). I’m sorry, but with how few units we have in the game, there’s going to be repetition. At least the 8 lists aren’t actually copies of each other like what I saw next to us at the IA Worlds. I also don’t agree with the discredit this post does to the 6 months of practice I put in with my list to earn a spot at worlds. I didn’t run snipers because of a spread sheet, I ran them because they’re an efficient tool that did the job I needed them to do (which was mostly activate hunter on Boba Fett!). They had very little to do with my game plan. Lastly, you don’t have to buy multiple non cores to be competitive. The core units that come in the starter set are still going strong, and may early units and upgrades are still valid. Instead, I challenge you to be like Lupo who saw the sniper meta and directly challenged it, and engineered a solution that also earned him a spot at Worlds. Be the change you’d like to see in Legion - and hold on tight, because this game is changing all the time.
  14. While the current limit is 4 or 5 kiho, they could easily and likely will introduce more kiho that are applicable in future books. I can imagine a Earth/Fire 'Steel Fang' kiho that increases the bite profiles damage and deadliness by Earth+Fire/2, an Air/Fire 'Lightning Fist' kiho akin to Chidori, an Obsidian Claw maho kiho that makes your punches Razor-Edged and Unholy, a Viper Fist kiho which applies the effect of a chosen poison to your unarmed attack profiles and quite a few other possible 'kiho' that would qualify from a wide variety of eastern fantasy. A narrow reading allows them to control which future kiho are accessible without needing to write exclusion clauses. But some kata can not be performed with unarmed strikes and the ability to give a weapon both Durable and Razor-Edged can't be underestimated. Also a Katana has a superior range and you can also use Edgeless with Shuriken.
  15. This is fun to me: BTL-A4 Y-wing - •Drea Renthal - 56 •Drea Renthal - Pirate Lord (42) Trick Shot (2) Ion Cannon Turret (4) R4 Astromech (2) Veteran Turret Gunner (6) Scurrg H-6 bomber - Lok Revenant - 53 Lok Revenant - (43) Ion Cannon Turret (4) Veteran Turret Gunner (6) Scurrg H-6 bomber - Lok Revenant - 53 Lok Revenant - (43) Ion Cannon Turret (4) Veteran Turret Gunner (6) Quadrijet Transfer Spacetug - Jakku Gunrunner - 37 Jakku Gunrunner - (32) Pattern Analyzer (5) Total: 199/200 View in the X-Wing Squad Builder
  16. Apparently not how super expensive it would be to do to a whole print run that would be unsalable. Also they would be legally required to sell them as refurbished at a mark down. Where as the Printers insurance will pay for a new print run given the print run was bad. So much as with computers you often could de-solder the bad component manually and repair it. it is often cheaper to just buy a whole new computer.
  17. Black Suns are super nice with a cheap ept. I'm a Z-95 fan as well. Z-95-AF4 Headhunter - Black Sun Soldier - 29 Black Sun Soldier - (27) Trick Shot (2) Z-95-AF4 Headhunter - Black Sun Soldier - 29 Black Sun Soldier - (27) Trick Shot (2) Z-95-AF4 Headhunter - Black Sun Soldier - 29 Black Sun Soldier - (27) Trick Shot (2) Modified TIE/ln Fighter - Mining Guild Surveyor - 27 Mining Guild Surveyor - (25) Trick Shot (2) Modified TIE/ln Fighter - Mining Guild Surveyor - 27 Mining Guild Surveyor - (25) Trick Shot (2) BTL-A4 Y-wing - •Drea Renthal - 58 •Drea Renthal - Pirate Lord (42) Trick Shot (2) Dorsal Turret (2) R4 Astromech (2) Spare Parts Canisters (4) Veteran Turret Gunner (6) Total: 199/200 View in the X-Wing Squad Builder Or if you're really aggressive: Z-95-AF4 Headhunter - Black Sun Soldier - 30 Black Sun Soldier - (27) Fearless (3) Z-95-AF4 Headhunter - Black Sun Soldier - 30 Black Sun Soldier - (27) Fearless (3) Z-95-AF4 Headhunter - Black Sun Soldier - 30 Black Sun Soldier - (27) Fearless (3) Z-95-AF4 Headhunter - Black Sun Soldier - 30 Black Sun Soldier - (27) Fearless (3) Z-95-AF4 Headhunter - Black Sun Soldier - 30 Black Sun Soldier - (27) Fearless (3) M3-A Interceptor - •Serissu - 45 •Serissu - Flight Instructor (40) Fearless (3) Tractor Beam (2) Total: 195/200 View in the X-Wing Squad Builder
  18. On the front page all they need to do is state: “not for profit, fan-project” and some stuff about how they don’t own any of the characters etc and it should be fine.
  19. Does anyone know of, or have the know-how to create, a plug-in for strange eons for our wonderful game?
  20. A card that lets you deploy at-te walkers on asteroids would be cool
  21. Title interested me and was initially excited but the blurb in the book hinting at defection has cost them any interest of mine.
  22. tsondaboy

    What is an "NPE?"

    You want to know what NPE is, let me tell you what NPE is. NPE is to play the random guy that picked up a meta squad off the internet but has no ability to analyze its potential and play to its strengths and have him whine throughout the game that the list your are playing is OP and his list cant beat it. Then when he get his **** whooped make vitriolic comments about the state of the game and create an account on these forums just to whine more and hopefully find moral support. THAT's NPE my friend!
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